As Sarah walked out of Castle for the last time she was a whirlwind of emotion. Who am I, what am I, and so many more thoughts ran through her mind. Why couldn't he have said something? Just one thing to make me stop, to make me want to stay. As she walked to her car all these thoughts and emotions continued to run through her mind. There was only one thing that no matter which thought she was stuck on, or what action she considered next that continually came to the fore front and that was Chuck. If she was being honest with herself he had not left her thoughts much at all since all of this began. When she walked in to his apartment thinking that this was all an op she knew there was something more there. She knew in the intersect room when she couldn't pull the trigger. In the dream house when she saw the carving. Hell she even knew it in the courtyard at Echo Park when she left. There was something there with him. A connection that she just couldn't quite put her finger on. She could even start to admit to herself that she had lied that night in the courtyard. She did feel something it was faint, but there was definitely something there. That is what scared her the most. Sarah Walker doesn't fall in love, she doesn't set roots, but everything inside of her was screaming to run to him, wrap him in her embrace, and figure all of this out together. She couldn't do that she wasn't ready for what that would bring or what that would mean. As she started her car she took a deep breath and headed out to find herself.

She arrived at her hotel room. Sarah began pacing through the room debating what to do next. She could run, but where would that get her. She would be alone again, and this time with nothing. No CIA, no mission, nowhere to hide. It would be just her stuck with all these thoughts and emotions running through her head. She could stay, but then she would be forced to face everything that had happened, and that was almost scarier than the idea of being alone. As she continued to pace back and forth through the room she decided maybe she should get a bite to eat and find somewhere to clear her head.

After a quick bite to eat she found herself driving her Porsche all around Burbank. She didn't know what to think or do at this point. The next thing she knew she was at the beach. Something had drawn her here. She didn't know why but she felt like this place was familiar, safe, and peaceful. She walked up the beach and took a seat. Just staring out into the horizon watching the ocean move. This powerful thing in front of here seemed to have a calming effect on her. This calm allowed her mind to wander over the last couple of weeks. She reminisced on everything that had happened since Quinn had sent her on her op. The emotions she had been fighting since this roller coaster had begun. Her gut had told her from the very beginning that something was wrong, but for some reason she ignored it. She knew she wasn't the same person she was when she started at the CIA. She was no longer Gramm's wildcard enforcer. Something had changed she wasn't sure what it was, but she knew she was different. That Sarah would be long gone by now. She would have been buried in her next mission. She didn't want that. She wanted something more. She had never told anyone, but since she was a little girl on her first con with her dad she wanted more. Sarah had always wanted a normal life so to speak, whatever that means. She had longed for it for as long as she could remember. Was she really so close to having it here in Burbank? Had it really all been taken from her by Nicolas Quinn? The thought of that name shot anger through her heart. How could one man cause so much damage and destruction?

With all these thoughts running through her mind she lost track of time and space. It wasn't until she saw Chuck next to her that she realized that the outside world was still moving. As Chuck sat next to her she couldn't help but get lost in the moment. Here was this man that had been running through her mind almost nonstop. He had found her and was sitting across from her with a look of hope and desperation. "I was hoping you'd be here." Chuck said. Sarah heard these words and her thoughts of when she arrived at this spot flooded back. "This place is important isn't it." she replied. The little smirk on his face confirmed her suspicions about the location. "Ya Ya very much . This is where you told me I was going to be ok. That I could trust you, and that's exactly what I'm doing now. I am asking you to trust me. Sarah I don't want anything from you. I just need you to know that where ever you go I will always be there to help you. Someone you can call whenever. Trust me Sarah I am here for you always." As Chuck finished talking Sarah reflected on everything he as just said, and in this moment she made a decision to see what this was all about. To try to get an understanding of what force seemed to be pulling these two people together. "Chuck….Tell me our story." As she said these words she saw a smile come across Chuck's face she had fought hearing anything about them, and now on this beach she was finally ready. "Ya Ya. Were to begin. It starts with this guy who worked at a buy more. Then one day an old college friend of his sent him an e-mail that was filled with secrets. Then the next day his life really changed when he met a spy named Sarah and he fell in love." As Chuck said these last words something washed over her. She couldn't fight the tears back anymore as one slid down her cheek. Here sitting right next to her was a man that loved her for her and would do anything for her. He had shown her that much over the last weeks. Fighting for her, jumping in front of a bullet for her, and even letting her go.

As Chuck told her their story she couldn't help but catch herself laughing, crying, and just enjoying every moment of this time. All the parts of the story seemed so crazy, and so unlike anything she would do. She recalled her video log that Casey had shown her and it all seemed to line up with the emotions she showed in the video. The uncertainty she had felt, and the turmoil it had put both of them through. As Chuck neared the end of their story she knew she had a decision to make. She had to decide to run or to fight. Honestly it wasn't much of a decision. She was tired of running, constantly looking over her shoulder, and wondering where life would take her. If she was going to be truly honest with herself this man had broken down her walls for a second time. She knew what they had was real, and that now more than ever she felt it. She wanted to tell him to just blurt the words out that were running through her head, but she couldn't not yet. It scared her for someone to have so much power over her as Chuck did. She had never felt this way about any one. Not even Bryce. Relationships that she remembered were always ones of convenience, or ones for the job. What she felt for Chuck was different it was strong and most of all it was real. As they sat there looking out at the ocean she just wanted a way to show Chuck she wasn't going to run that she wanted to figure this out together. Than in typical Chuck fashion he gave her exactly what she needed. "You know Morgan has this crazy idea." he said. "What is it?" Sarah replied. "He thinks that with one kiss you will remember everything." Sarah looked out at the ocean upon hearing this and she knew exactly what to do. "One magical kiss." she said. "Ya Ya I know it's" Sarah interrupted Chuck. "Chuck…. Kiss me." With those three words her heart was able to tell Chuck what her brain wasn't ready to say. As he began to kiss her she knew that no matter if this kiss was magic or not she was finally where she belonged.