A/N-This will be based off of "Gilligan meets a jungle boy " . They never did explain where the boy came from, or how he got on the island.

This won't be the usual happy go lucky Gilligan story, it will be a dark comedy.

The radio announcement about the jungle boy had just gone off and every body was walking around in a dejected mood. Their latest hopes to be rescued was just snuffed out like the campfire. Even Gilligan who tried to keep everybody's spirits up was in a down mood.

After the radio was clicked off, everybody walked from Gilligan and Skipper's hut to the community table. They all sat in their usual places with frowns on their faces and and their hearts full of despair. Then finally Mary Ann said, "Oh, listen everybody...at least the boy was found safe and sound, that's what's really important."

Ginger , who usually thought about nothing but herself and her name in lights but lately, this situation with the jungle boy bought out her motherly insiincts...because the sad truth was that she would more than likely never have a baby if she remains on this island. She spoke up then said, "She's right! At least he is where he can get some help..."

Mrs. Howell, who had also been helping "Raise" the boy in her own way also spoke up and said, "Why, we did more for that boy than he ever could being left by himself on this little island."

Gilligan then spoke up then he said, "You know, it only proves that if we can help get that boy home, we can do it for ourselves one day."

The Skipper looked at his little buddy with pride, there was not many times that Gilligan said and did things that were right and for a moment he was ashamed of himself because he knew in his heart, that he didn't give his buddy due points. Skipper always wanted to be right but he then said, "Gilligan's right, let's quit moping around folks and let's think of the good we did!"

Thurston then spoke up, "By George, Mary Ann and Gilligan are right! And it's not often we can say that!"

Gilligan beamed with pride then he said, "Yes, you can put it down as one of the firsts."

They all laughed then started to get up to go their seperate ways then Mary Ann said, "Tho..."

Gilligan noticed how her face clouded then he asked, "What is it Mary Ann?"

Mary Ann looked at all of her friends then she said, "Well, we never did find out how or why that boy was on the island."

Professor Hinkley looked around then he said, "She's right, we were all so consumed by the fact that they boy was here that we never did find out where his habitat was."

Gilligan being Gilligan spoke up then said, "And also we never did find out where his home was."

Skipper looked at Gilligan then thought, 'That's Gilligan' then he said, "Come on, let's go look."

Mrs. Howell then asked, "Where do we look? Up in a tree? That's all where the poor boy ever slept."

The professor spoke up then said, "Mrs. Howell is right...we looked all over this island when we first landed here and we never did spot any sign of other life."

All Gilligan could do is nod his head in silent agreement then the Skipper asked, "Well, where do we look? The boy had to be somewhere hidden...and hidden well."

Everybody sat down in their same spot then Mary Ann spoke up and said, "Well, um, there is one place..."

Everybody looked at her then she took a gulp and a tint of light red came on her wholesome sweet face then she said, "There is one place...well, I never have mentioned it because I was embarrassed but that first day when we all went out...Ginger and I got separated..."

Ginger then spoke up then she said, "Oh, I remember! That's when I found that "Mirror" pond."

Gilligan looked at her confused then he asked, "Mirror pond?"

She nodded her head then smiled and told them "Uh huh, it was a round pond and when you looked into it, it was like looking in a mirror...I still like to go there."

Everybody sighed and thought the same thing, that they have never met any body more obsessed with her looks...it was worse than a stubborn child to get to her cookies. Skipper sighed then he said, "Go on MaryAnn."

Mary Ann rolled her eyes at Ginger then she said, "Well, while you were looking at yourself, I went on up ahead, there was some bamboo bushes and I went through them. It wasn't easy but when I got out of them, I found this cave...it was rather large and dark...well, I felt uneasy but I went in and I came across..." She looked at them all then she said in almost a whisper, "A skeleton."

Gilligan heard what she said but he asked her , "What?"

She spoke up then said it again, "A skeleton."

His eyes went as big the rocks in the lagoon then he said, "That's what I thought you said, goodbye."

Gilligan tried to turn to leave but the Skipper stopped him and said, "You stay right here! No skeleton is going to hurt you but I might!"

Gilligan looked crossed at the Skipper then the Professor looked at Mary Ann then asked, "Are you sure MaryAnn?"

Mary Ann nodded her head firmly then she said, "I know I'm just from the country but I think I know a skeleton when I see one."

The professor looked worried and thought about it then Skipper finally asked, "What do you think Professor?"

Professor Roy then said, "Well, it could be the work of some tribe that used to live on this island, we have found little things that proved they used to live here such as the outfit that Ginger is working on."

Ginger then spoke up then said, "It's going to be so great to have an actual native outfit to wear."

Skipper then spoke up then said, "Let's go check out this cave."

Lovely then asked a question that's on everybody's mind, "Do you think it's safe?"

Professor answered her question by telling them all, "Mary Ann said she just saw an skeleton, she didn't see anything or anybody else and we haven't seen any type of danger from anybody or anything so I have come to the conclusion that its perfectly safe...let's go."

They all start to get up and go to the cave when Gilligan said, "Well, I haven't so I vote we stay here, everybody with me say "aye"."

Skipper picked Gilligan up by the collar then he said, "I'll give you an "Aye", a black one! Now, go!"

He pointed to where Mary Ann and everybody else was following her. Then Mrs. Thurston asked, "Dear me, what does one wear to find a cave?"

Thurston then spoke up then said, "What we have on is just fine my dear, a cave is dark and they won't see last years fashions."

She smiled then giggled like a little girl then said, "Oh, that's fine...I just wouldn't want to disappoint any skeletons."

Everybody shook their heads but Gilligan who was still trying to get away from Skipper but finally just dropped his shoulders and went on walking sadly down the path.


They finally get in the deep of the jungle, they hear the birds singing and Ginger found the "mirror" pond again, she smiled and went over there and looked in it. It was just a little pond, no bigger than a purse mirror but you could plainly see yourself. Ginger enjoyed it as a child at Christmas so nobody said anything as she primped and primed herself. Mary Ann showed them the bamboo trees in the way so the men, except Mr. Howell, got out their axes that they carry in the woods frequently then cut them down.

After the back breaking work, the men looked at what they did and smiled at themselves then Mary Ann said, "There it is."

They all looked and it was a rather large cave dwelling, the professor entered first and he reached in and got the lighter out of his pocket, flicked it on. Mary Ann reached for him, clutched on to his shirt and followed him in. The Skipper looked around then saw a large stick on the ground, picked it up then reached in his pocket and pulled out a rag then asked the professor to light it. With it lite, he went on following the professor. Gilligan clinging to him like a piece of clothing.

Ginger and the Howells came in the rear, Mrs. Howell making her usual face then she said, "Oh Thurston, you are so right that we didn't change, this damp cave would do untold damage to or silk outfits."

He nodded his head then said, "You are so right my dear, maybe you can be the first to make "Cave clothes."

He laughed at his own wit and Mrs. Howell encouraging him then the Professor said, "There is is." Skipper then asked, "What can you tell about it Professor?"

Roy went over, did some inspection then said, "Well, not much...unfortunately, I never dived into the science of the deceased but I don't think this is native remains."

Ginger asked, "How can you tell Professor?"

He bent down and looked closely at the skull then picked it up causing Mary Ann to hide her face in the back of his shirt and Gilligan to turn green then he said, "It's the shape of the skull Ginger, different types of human beings...caucasians...negros...Japanese...all humans have different shapes in the nose, in the eyes...length of bones and such and from what I can tell...this person was caucasian."

He gently put the head back down then Gilligan said, "Oh, that's a relief...what's a caucasian?"

Skipper rolled his eyes then said, "Oh Gilligan, that's simple."

Gilligan asked, "Simple huh? Then what is it Skipper?"

Skipper thought about it then realized he didn't really know then the Professor answered for him, "A white person Gilligan."

Skipper said, "See there Gilligan, simple."

The Professor then said, "I suggest we look around and see if we find any other answers."

Everybody nodded in agreement and they all walked around then Gilligan walked maybe five steps then he started screaming like MaryAnn did when she was a child ! He was standing behind a small natural rock divider, he was trying to run away but the skipper kept hold of his collar then Professor asked, "What did you find?"

Skipper silently pointed down to the ground and even tho he was more of a man of the world than Gilligan and had been in a world war, finding bodies still unnerved him. Professor and Mary Ann looked over and they saw another skeleton. The Professor sighed then he said, "I can't say for sure but I bet this was a couple...one male and the other female."

With a tremble in her voice, she said, "Jungle boy's parents?"

Roy sadly shook his head and on the other side of the cave, they don't see that Thuston Howell, saw something behind a rock. He bent down and removed several small rocks then picked up a small book that you could call a diary then he said, "My word! By jove, professor! Skipper! Mary Ann, look at this!"

They all go over around the Howell's and Ginger and see that it's a small book Thurston is holding, the cover is a velvet green...in tattered shape...Mrs. Howell felt it then said, "That felt divine! So long since I felt the cool texture of velvet...even if it is in rags."

They all smile, shook their heads then Thurston opened it then came to the first page then said, "It looks like the poor souls here wrote June 4, 1953."

MaryAnn thought about it then said, "That would have been the year before he was born."

Everybody nodded then Thuston preened his eyes then said, "My eyes hurt in this horrible light, someone else read."

Professor took the book then said, "Why don't we all go outside in the sunlight? I don't think we need to be here anymore."

They all nodded in agreement then Gilligan said, "Just follow me everybody."

They all giggled at the swift movements of Gilligan but they do follow him then when out, Professor started reading, "Today is the first day we have landed on this island, Matthew and I were the only ones that survived the wreck that landed us here. The ship is beyond repair Matthew said so I have cried my eyes out most all day but I finally came to resolve that we will be here for just a few weeks or at worst, a few months."

They all look at each other and think of her haunting, empty hopes then the Professor continued, "I have to think that way because I have not told Matthew that I am with child. I cannot see having this babe on this island without doctors or nurses to help me. I do not know when to tell him because I know the news will help his spirits...maybe in a few days.

Matthew has gone to see what provisions he can bring back from the broken ship. I do hope he can save the box of oranges, since I do love the fruit so. But there is also trunks of clothes, and other important things to make this life that has been heaped upon us bearable. I will write more tomorrorw but now, I must go to Matthew and help him. Kathryn."

Roy Hinkly closed the book then after a few minutes silence Ginger said, "At least we know who they are." Ginger looked back to the cave then the Professor said, "Yes, Matthew and Kathryn...I think they deserve a proper burial, don't you Skipper?"

Skipper nodded his head then he said, "I sure do, Gilligan, go get the shovels!"

Gilligan gave a salute then said, "Aye aye Skipper!"

Gilligan turned to go back to the supply hut and get the shovels to bury Jungle Boy parents then the Professor said, "I suggest we read from this book each day, we might not only learn the identity of our young Jungle Boy but we might learn what killed his mother and father and in turn might save our lives and maybe help us in some way get off this forced solitude."

Gilligan came back with 4 handmade shovels and he heard the last of what the Professor said then said in his own innocent way, "Yes, and help us get off this island."

Skipper sighed then said, "That's what the Professor said!"

Gilligan looked at him then said, "I know but I said it in English."

They all look at each other then Professor, Skipper and Gilligan go to dig a proper burial for the man and woman while the girls go back in the cave to find the clothes.

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