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Dragon, Lions and Horses, Oh My!

Tourney at Harrenhal

*** Harrenhal 280 AC***

"Lord Ranma, House Whent welcomes you to Harrenhal," Ser Wode of House Whent greeted the Lannister's heir and his retinue. The heir of Casterly Rock was dressed simply in red doublet and matching black trouser, he then looked to the boy right and gave a knightly bow. "Lady Cersei, your beauty is fame throughout the Seven Kingdoms."

The daughter of House Lannister, dressed in a light soft red dress that showed off the top of her cleavage was breathtaking to behold with her brilliant mane of gold, flawless face, and slim lady figure. The girl held out her hand for him to kiss it. Even her scent was amazing as Ser Wode regret not being able to give more than a peck.

"I have heard tales of Harrenhal, but I'd never thought the men guarding it would be so dashing," Cersei smiled as the other men of house Whent stood straighter at her compliment. Suddenly she yawned making Ser Wode gasped.

"I'm sorry, you must be tired from your journey My Lady, my men would show you where you'd be housed," Ser Wode motion to the retainers with him to show where the Lannister men should set up camp.

Dismounting from the their horses, the men of House Lannister began to erect a large Pavilion for Ranma alongside it would be one for Cersei.

"So what do you think Ranma?" Cersei asked of her brother as she saw him looking at the large castle in the distance. She made sure to switch to their secret language, she realized early on in life that it would give her a tactical edge over everyone else when it came to keeping secrets. Why her clever brother even help came up with a writing script for it.

"Wow, that's..." Ranma have seen castles before during his ten year training trips with his father, but none were ever the size of an actual modern day city. He tensed as he felt his sister looped her arms around his elbow and rest her head on his shoulder.

"Oh please, I won't try anything here," Cersei smiled mischievously. "There are far too many people although that is part of the fun, I think I shall give you peace of mind for the next couple of days. After all, you must win for House Lannister."

Ranma sighed in relief. Cersei have made her intentions toward him cleared, ever since King Aerys refused the pairing between his sister and the Prince along with their father subsequent resignation from his post as the King's Hand, things had been strange with her.

Cersei initially had been inconsolable for weeks after learning she was not to wed Rhaegar. Most thought it was because the famed handsome prince rejected her. Ranma however knew it was because the position of Queen was denied to her. Of course the next House that was worthy to wed Cersei in their father's eyes was House Martell, but he refused their overtures. Tywin Lannister had explained to him that he would not give the Martell's ties to two powerful houses. The next person that was worthy of Cersei was Robert Baratheon of Storm End but he was engaged to a Stark. Now their options became limited and rather than give High Garden any inroads to the Westerland, his father was beginning to debate if it wasn't better for Cersei to marry one of his bannerman.

"So what will you be doing while I'm off winning everything?" Ranma asked his sister with his trademark cocky grinned and saw his sister rolled her eyes.

"You act as if it's a forgone conclusion brother," Cersei huffed but was also wearing a knowing grinned. Her confidence in her brother abilities were unwavering.

"Well, you know what they say, Ranma S- Lannister doesn't loose," Ranma thumbed his chest and saw his sister face took on a playful look. He knew he was in trouble then.

Cersei ever so slowly, tipped toe and whispered into Ranma ears. "When we get back to Casterly Rock, I'm going to make sure you lose something. That's a promise Ran-ma."

Ranma gaped at his sister in shock.

"What language is that? I never heard something so exotic." A smooth silky voice interrupted the two Lannister's.

Ranma and Cersei turned at the same time and it was Cersei who fell into a curtsey first. Seeing Ranma still standing, she tugged at his sleeve even as she let Ranma know who they were in front of.

"Prince Rhaegar, It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

Ranma eyes widen as he realized the white hair man in front of him was the fame prince and he probably should be on bended knee. The Prince was tall, broad shoulder, handsome, with white-ish silvery hair tied into a short braid that hung over his shoulders. He was wearing a simple black doublet much like Ranma himself only with fancy gold and red embroidery on it. Behind him were two knights in pure white armor and cloak.

Resignedly he kneel and put a hand across his chest. "Your Grace, you honor House Lannister with your presence."

The silver haired Prince, simply waved his hand and motion for them to stop with the formalities.

"The honor is mine, I have heard of the fame beauty of House Lannister but to see her in person,; I must say the rumors does not do you justice My Lady." Rhaegar said as he took Cersei's hand and kissed the back of it softly making the girl blushed crimson.

"Y-you are too kind My Prince," Cersei demurely replied as she kept her gazed averted.

Ranma looked at his sister in shock, for the first time in a long while, Cersei was blushing like a shy maid! Maybe Rhaegar would have been good for her, the pretty boy didn't carry himself like a Kuno or Herb. The Prince attention on Cersei finished he looked at Ranma up and down.

"And you are the rumored Black Lion of Casterly Rock, I must say, you look nothing like your father or mother," Rhaegar said without guile as he gazed at the pony tailed boy in fascination.

"It's not the first time I heard someone told me that, Your Grace," Ranma replied. It was true, had he been a single child, everyone would had suspected Joanna of infidelity, but because he arrived seconds after Cersei in a room full of gossiping mid-wives, they knew Ranma was born true of Lannister stock.

"Might I inquire about that language you and your sister was speaking in? I haven't heard anything like it before and I have met many from Essos," Rhaegar said curiously.

"Ah, that is because it's a self made language your grace," Cersei spoke up and boldly strode forward to the prince.

"Really? Who made it?" Rhaegar asked in fascination as he step closer to the daughter of House Lannister.

"My Lady Mother created it but it was my brother who expanded upon it," Cersei bragged and turned to give Ranma a proud smile.

Ranma coughed delicately into his hand and averted his eyes. Most would think he did that because he was humble, but it was because yet again he was credited with "inventing" the Japanese language. Only Joanna knew the truth of course. Then there was how he was able to pick up the languages of the traders from Essos so quickly.

"Amazing," Rhaegar stated as he looked to Ranma then back at Cersei. "And you use it as naturally as any other languages?"

"I believe I do," Cersei smiled prettily at the prince, that would have turned lesser men knees into jelly. "Although I couldn't hope to match Ranma skill in it."

"Well, he is the creator after all, it stands to reason," Rhaegar agreed with the pretty blonde before he looked at the Scion of House Lannister. "Perhaps you can teach me as well?"

Cersei however took this opportunity to lay her hand on the prince's arm and subtly jut her breast out show off their creamy expose cleavage. "If you do not think it troublesome, My Prince, I would not be adverse to teaching you. If my brother does not mind of course."

Ranma wanted to glare at Cersei, he did not want to let another person in this world know Japanese but this was the frigging Crown Prince of Westeros here inquiring. Which meant that he really wanted to know, which also meant that Ranma could not refuse or risk offending the royal family.

"I do not mind," Ranma replied through a false smile that his sister and Rhaegar saw through, but the Prince accepted anyway.

"Then would you care for a stroll My Lady?" Rhaegar extend his arms and nodded as Cersei looped her own around it.

Ranma watched his sister turned and gave him a sly wink before she walked off chatting with the pretty boy prince. Oddly enough, one of the two Kingsguard's stayed behind and gave Ranma a measuring look before he too walked off.

"What is that girl playing at?" he muttered to himself before shrugging. Ranma saw his uncle Kevan a distance away directing the men on where to put their things and went over to the older man.

"Need any help?"

Kevan Lannister looked at his nephew and smiled. "Nay lad, I got it, why don't you take a stroll like your sister did. Perhaps find you're betrothed Ashara, she's already arrived from what I hear."

Ranma blanched and saw Kevan laughed at his discomfort. He was officially engaged to Asahra Dayne, a very notable house with a special blade known as Dawn. Tywin had wanted Elia Martell for him but the girl was now married to Prince Rhaegar and there was no way in hell Tywin was going to give Olenna so much as a toe hold in the Westerlands. His father had tried for Catelyn Tully but was surprised to find that Lord Hoster had given her hand to Brandon Stark already. His father, next choice was Lyanna Stark but again they found that she already had an arrangement with Robert Baratheon.

Tywin had considered a match with House Whent daughter, but surprisingly gave Ranma a choice between the Whent girl or Ashara. As a Lannister Ranma was taught to look out for the betterment of the family, something he could respect. So after reviewing both girls potential he settle upon Ashara, as the Whent family was now bankrupted from holding this tourney. So that was how Ranma ended up with a fiancee that he haven't even met before.

"And just how would I know what she looks like?" Ranma asked sarcastically and saw his uncle Kevan smirked.

"Just look for the prettiest girl here, beside your sister of course, and that's her," Kevan smiled before he waved the boy away.

"Prettiest girls here... right, that's gonna be so easy," Ranma muttered as he wandered off keeping a look out for the girls around him. Several of his house guards made to followed him but Ranma held out a hand. They knew he liked his privacy so they kept a good distance away but they never let him out of their sight.

Looking for a pretty girl was hard, not to say the girls around weren't pretty but he had grew up in the Lannister Household. From Joanna, down to Cersei and all of his female cousins, were extreme beauties. The boost about the Westerland having the prettiest women does not seem so far-fetch now that he gotten a look at all the daughters of the other Houses. As such, someone that was pretty from another house would probably only be decent in Ranma's eyes.

Still, Ranma took a moment to admire the tourney set up, having already entered his name in the Joust and Melee the day afterward, he could only wait in anticipation. His father had said he would get a significant reward if he won, what that was, Ranma had no idea but the old man have always had an eye for good things. Case in point, his metal bo-staff was such a gift from the old man on his fifteen birthday-or as they call them here- Name Day.

Somehow, Tywin had found someone to cast a perfectly round bo-staff, that can be separate in two with a simple screwing mechanism. However, that was not all, Tywin also had someone used the finest shark skin and layered it over the middle giving Ranma's bo-staff a firm grip even if his palms were sweaty.

"Look at him on the ground Wallace! This is a fully grown man from the Bog?" a voice jeered loudly.

Ranma turned to the voice and saw three large plainly dressed squires wearing tabards from notable houses were standing over a thin scruffy looking boy, who was holding a trident looking spear.

"Look at it, I think it's trying to fight back Roger," the boy next to the first also jeered before he yelped as the boy on the ground stabbed his trident weapon at his face.

A quick scuffled later and the thin boy on the ground weapon was taken away and took several more shots to the guts.

Had it been a man to man fight, Ranma would have left well enough alone, even three on one was not so bad, after all he went three on one all the time. However, the boy on the ground was defeated and disarmed, there was no need to kick somebody when they were down.

At least, not like this.

Clearing his throat Ranma went up to the trio and saw that the boy on the ground was not a boy at all but a man.

"Yeah waddya want?" one of the boy, Roy, gazed at the newcomer suspiciously.

"I think you guys had your fun, he can't fight back anymore," Ranma tried diplomatically as he looked down at the man who was staring back at him in wide eyes surprised.

"And who do you think you are?" the boy that was called Wallace challenged and his two friend was also assessing their chances.

"Ranma of House Lannister," Ranma smirked as the three boy visibly paled. He wonder if this was how Nabiki felt like sometime when she mentions her names. Damn, it could be damn addicting. He deliberately turned to look at his guard details and saw the three boys grew even paler.

"M- Forgive us Milord!" the first boy, Roy, was the first one to apologize, however anything else he wanted to say was stopped as a rock struck his friend on his face.

Ranma turned to see a pretty dark hair girl – dressed in a nice blue woolen dress- charged the first boy and struck him full in the face with a tourney blade. The boys true to their training try to restrained the girl or defend themselves, but the dark hair beauty must have had training because she got passed the second boy defenses easily and struck him across the face also. Twirling with grace she hit the last boy across his stomach. The other two boys looked between Ranma and the girl and took off with their companion.

"Well I- woah! What are you doing you crazy girl?!" Ranma dodged the swipe from the tourney blade by ducking his head easily.

"My lady!" the man who had been the object of the three boys torture spoke up but was ignored as the girl redoubled her effort to hit Ranma.

Ranma lazily dodged the girl strikes and decided to pass the time to critique her. "Hmm, not bad form, your quick slash is nice and fast, though a bit sloppy on the footwork. I'd say you were better than a lot of the knights gather here."

Apparently his critique was not appreciated as the girl snarled at Ranma and wrapped both of her hands around the hilt.

"Oh, going all out now?" Ranma asked but like before the girl was more interested in hitting him than listening. He looked to his guards and held out a hand for them to remained their distance.

Baring her teeth the girl steady her breathing before swinging hard and fast at Ranma only for him to dance around her effortlessly. Truth be told the girl was very good, one of the things he underestimated in his new life was the martial skills of the people here. Everyone wearing heavy armor was weight training, holding a metal sword was also weight training, combine that with quick speed, and that made for a deadly combination. The warriors of this world were to be respected, they weren't as good as he was but the skilled ones were quite difficult to deal with.

Eventually Ranma had enough. The dark hair girl was starting to get sloppy with her swings. Evidently, the girl was letting her passion take over whatever training she was taught. So on her last swing he grabbed her by her waist and held her close to him making her yelped in surprise. He then grabbed her blade, and yanked it out of her hands.

"I'm taking this for your own good," Ranma grinned at her as he flipped the blade in his hand and grabbed it by the hilt. With a smooth motion he released her and smiled at her.

"Give that back!" the girl shouted at him as reached up to claw for the weapon. By this time the thin man had gotten to his feet and was trying to get the girl attention. For some odd reason he didn't seem to want to touch her.

On her last swipe through, he grabbed her wrist making her eyes widen. He watched as she tried to pulled her gripped free but of course he was stronger than her. Using her own tourney blade Ranma pat her cheek with the flat part.

"I'll give it back if you promise to behave like a good girl," Ranma smiled with a cocky grinned. In retrospect maybe he shouldn't have smiled because that girl- like Akane- didn't deal well with being told what to do.

"Rarggghh!" the girl tried to gouge Ranma's eyes! Luckily he leaned back out of her reach in time but had it been anyone else, they would have been blind. Whoever this girl was she needed to be taught a lesson. Yanking her forward so that she'd be off balance, he took her tourney blade and smack her bottom with the flat of the sword; hard.

"EEEK!" the girl let out a pained squeal as she held her bottom as laughter reign all around them. Apparently she just realized that they had gathered an audience. At least she looked embarrassed as various knights and smallfolk giggled at her.

"What's going on here?!" another voice made itself known. A moment later a handsome man, probably in his late teens with dark hair and eyes like the girl pushed his way through the crowd. Behind him was another young man with the same look only more reserved. The last person with the man was a young boy, their looks all spoke of familial ties to the girl.

"Brandon!" the girl looked at the newly arrived man and face flushed in shame. "He was picking on poor Howland with three other boys!"

Brandon immediately look at Ranma, and even his younger brother narrowed his eyes at the girl declaration. Without waiting for another word her charged, he charged at Ranma with his sword drawn.

Ranma eyes narrowed, just because he didn't like to fight using a sword does not mean he wasn't proficient in it. He locked blade with Brandon before he kicked at the man shin causing him to go down to one knee. The man immediately counter with a quick swipe making Ranma dance out of it's reached as he got back to his feet.

Ranma made a taunting gestured at the man and saw Brandon face twist in anger as he body coiled for another charge.

"My Lords!" the thin man, Howland, finally spoke up his head bowing in shame. "I- This young man had nothing to do with it, it was a misunderstanding!"

Unfortunately before Howland could explain, Ranma personal guards showed up with swords drawn.

"Lannisters!" Brandon spat in disgust. "I should have known."

Somehow other men made their way next to Brandon, base on their rougher mode of dress, they were from the North. "Lord Stark, is there a problem?"

"Lannisters, Greatjon," Brandon replied as if that answered everything. Apparently it did as the giant of a man next to him nodded and glared at Ranma.

Ranma however groaned. So these were the Starks. Tywin was right, Lions and Wolves do not get along.

"Lord Ranma, what do you wish to do?" one of the guard asked not flinching away from the giant Northman.

"Nothing," Ranma said surprising Brandon and his men. "We are here for a tourney not a brawl."

His men simply nodded but did not let down their guards. Looking at the girl Ranma grinned. "This belong to you I think."

Ranma approached the Starks and saw their men tense but made no move to attack him. He embedded the sword in front of the wild girl making some of the North men growled and threw curses at him.

"T-Thank you Lord Ranma," the thin man Howland spoke up just as Ranma started to walk off, surprising his present company but looked guilty for doing so.

"It's fine," Ranma smiled at the man and gave an uncaring wave at the Starks before he left first. He was always down for a good fight but this would have probably started a war between their two Houses. So Ranma backed away first.

"Hmm, Looks like I'm maturing in my old age," Ranma mused as the guards resumed their long distance guard from him. With his good deed done for the day and Cersei off flirting with Prince Pretty Boy, Ranma distracted himself with the local stalls which sold some pretty flavorful cooked mutton- something Tywin hated.

It was an hour later when Ranma was eating by himself that he felt a light tap on his shoulders. Turning around his jaw almost dropped at who had done so. The girl was simply breathtakingly beautiful like Cersei but unlike his sister, who he had gotten use to, this girl was completely new. The girl skin was a light bronze and tone, her long straight hair was not Lannister's gold but midnight black with a haunting pair of pretty crystal violet eyes.

"Ranma Lannister?" the pretty girl asked with amusement.

"Uh... yeah?" Ranma said before gatherings his wits. "And you are?"

"Ashara Dayne," the girl smiled as Ranma jaw dropped. "Your betrothed."


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