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This story is NaruSaku with one-sided SasuSaku and NaruHina.

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Also, Koi no Yokan in English is Premonition of Love. What does it mean? It means the sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall into love. This is different than "love at first sight," since it implies that you might have a sense of imminent love, somewhere down the road, without yet feeling it.

Lastly, if you seen this * next to a word. I'll be having a list of meanings at the bottom so you're not confused.


Chapter One:

Downfall of the Haruno

It was the twenty-eighth day of March. Everyone was celebrating the welcoming, beautiful season of Spring. Cherry blossoms had bloomed all across the country, spreading their beauty; coloring the world in every sense of nostalgia and grace while reminding everyone that Cherry blossoms were the symbol of human life. Though the Haruno clan had celebrate spring's arrival like everyone else, they were also celebrating the day that their princess was now sixteen. Yes, today was the day Sakura was now a fully bloomed flower.

"Happy Birthday, Sakura-hime."

It was all she heard throughout the day as she walked down the halls in a slow yet elegant stride. Her head lowered in a nod of gratitude, giving smiles as everyone in the castle was celebrating the sixteenth year since her birth. Behind her were her ladies-in-waiting, carrying some of her kimono that was too long and would've otherwise dragged on the wooden floor. Even when Sakura demanded independence, they did as they wished and Sakura couldn't help but feel somewhat enamored with the fact that they liked to dote on her.

Her pink hair, that matched the cherry blossoms that had greeted them this season, was tied into a high ponytail as her bangs were neatly combed and stopped at her thin brows. Sakura always hated how long she let her hair become, but she had kept it like this in hopes to gain a certain boy's attention. She had heard that he liked girls with long hair and so she grew hers out. It felt like it was for naught since she hadn't seen him since she was but a small child. Sakura was the determined type however, he would notice soon enough or so she hoped.

Scurrying down the hall was a familiar face, a face that made Sakura smile. The obsidian hair had waved like a banner as she ran, reaching down her back and to her waist. It was usually kept in a low ponytail due to how troublesome it was during battle, but since they were in the castle and were relatively safe, she could see why the girl kept it unbound.

"Sakura-hime," The girl spoke up, her lilac eyes meeting the princess' emerald ones. Sakura had stopped walking, giving the girl her full attention.

"What's wrong, Kirita? Is something bothering you?" Sakura questioned, her brow rose in curiosity as there was a hint of worry in her pupils.

"Ah,, no." Immediately the female warrior shook her head to further prove her words, "I wanted to tell you that your father requested that you see him in the meeting room. He has something important to tell you."

"And my mother?" Sakura asked.

"She will also be there. They are both waiting for you." Kirita quickly answered, watching the princess look away in thought before looking back at her. "I assure you that there's nothing for you to be concerned about, Sakura-hime."

"I told you to stop calling me that when it's just us." The girl jumped slightly, a bit startled by the annoyance in the princess' voice. "We're friends. You can just call me Sakura, y'know."

"I…" Kirita sheepishly looked down at her feet, feeling somewhat embarrassed as she fiddled with her thumbs rather awkwardly. "I forget…"

With a smile, Sakura grabbed the dark-haired girl's hand and forced her to walk alongside her to the meeting room where her parents were waiting. Kirita rather awkwardly walked alongside her, her hands looking at Sakura's hand with a small smile. Sakura had always been so kind to her ever since they first met. She was never sure how to repay the princess for it. It was why she served the girl so diligently, willing to give her life up to make sure the Haruno heir continued to smile.

The guards had opened the doors upon the sight of them and both of them had entered the meeting room without Sakura's servants behind her. "Sakura," Mebuki, Sakura's mother, had said in delight as she quickly made her over to her daughter. Sakura had let go of Kirita's hand once she was greeted with the warmth of her mother's embrace. "I can't believe you're sixteen now. Not too long ago, you were just born and so small... "

"Haha-ue*, please." Sakura mumbled, feeling bashful of her mother's affectionate actions.

Just then, she heard her father's rumbling laughter not too far away as he came over with a rather confident stride. "Remember we couldn't get her quiet for days? She cried and cried all because we wouldn't let her feed the koi fish?" Kizashi teased, making his daughter puff her cheeks and look away with a red face.

Kirita smiled upon the display of the loving family, watching them before slowly making her way towards the door to guard it. This was not her place to step in and she was sure that Lord Kizashi had brought his daughter in for a serious matter that did not involve her.

"So, why did you call me here, Chichie-ue*?" Sakura questioned, greeting him a with a polite, slight bow at first before standing up straight.

Kizashi had looked at his wife, watching her absentmindedly rub the side of her daughter's hair. He knew that just from those actions alone that Mebuki was leaving all of this up to him. He would have to break the news entirely on his own. "Ah, well, you know marrying age is typically twelve, right?

Sakura nodded, "Yes, I know."

"And I was reluctant to give you away... Despite the many offers." Kizashi's arms moved behind him in a rather authoritative stance.

"More like I told you no to each and every one of them." His daughter replied, Mebuki chuckling at her daughter's words. The woman was proud that her daughter was strong and confident, even though sometimes it meant they had to fight with her ox-headed ways.

Kizashi nodded, "That too. Well, we decided to have a marriage alliance. Actually, I have already agreed to it."

"What?!" His daughter's voice rose in shock and anger, "To who?!"

The hairs on the back of his neck were beginning to stand; Kizashi was a man that fought many battles, but he was still more afraid of his daughter. Even though he tried his best to keep her happy, he knew this was an offer than he could not leave up to her or refuse. "To Naruto Uzumaki."

"Naruto Uzumaki…?" At first, Sakura was confused. Her brows were furrowed as she looked down in thought, trying to recall who the boy was. Suddenly, the look of familiarity washed across her face as her eyes widened in what looked to be a mixture of shock and horror. "Wait, you mean that knuckle-head?!"

"That knuckle-head is the son of the Shogun*, Minato Namikaze, and Lady Kushina of the great Uzumaki clan." Her father's voice had gotten rather stern, wishing his daughter would show the slightest bit of respect. "You can't just insult our Shogun's son, Sakura. I've taught you better than that"

"But he is an idiot! Why do I have to marry him? Why not Sasuke-kun, he's a prince? And—"

Kizashi interrupted, "I know you have feelings for Sasuke of the Uchiha clan, but Minato-dono has come to me for your hand in marriage with his son. This alliance will keep us safe for centuries. I cannot put your feelings above our clan, Sakura."

Mebuki watched as the girl's bottom lip began to tremble, tears pooling at the corner of her eyes. Despite how upset she was, she knew Sakura more angry than she was sad. She could tell by how her brows knitted together and how her petite hands had balled up into tight fists; her knuckles were practically white from how tightly bawled they were. The girl was seething with rage, but trying to respectful to her father.

"Fine." Sakura swallowed her hurt and nearly all of her pride, "If it is for the clan than what would I look like putting my feelings before my people?" Even though she did not mean the words—in fact she desperately wanted to because she did care about her clan and the people that lived in their fiefdom—she knew that there was no reason to argue. It would be fruitless to do so since it was already a done deal without her permission.

"Sakura, I did not make this decision to hurt you. You know I always think of your best interest." Kizashi tried to plead with her, hating the fact that his daughter was going to resent him for this decision.

Sakura couldn't stop her tears, they poured down her face without so much of a warning. Her throat tightened, holding in a wail that was threatening to claw out of her throat. She shook her head, immediately done with talking and quickly turned away as Kirita step aside and let her walk out of the meeting room as the doors opened.

Mebuki sighed, looking at the doors that remained open upon Sakura's exit before the guards slowly slid them closed. She glanced at her husband, who was staring at the floor in guilt before closing his eyes. "I'm sure she'll grow to like Naruto." Mebuki tried to reason, "Naruto is a good boy and I know he would take good care of her."

"We need this alliance, Mebuki. We can give them horses and they can give us an army." Kizashi sighed, "I'm pretty sure the Hyūga clan will be infuriated about this. They've been trying to get Naruto to marry Hinata-hime for months. Its not going to be an easy feat having one of the four great clans angry with us."

"Kushina-chan adores Sakura as well. When you and the others gathered at Minato-dono's home after the betrayal of the Yamata clan, Naruto and Sakura have met. That's why she insults him so freely. Its been years since they have seen each other, but whatever he has done still seems to irritate her." Mebuki sighed, "I wonder what he did."

Her husband drew closer, placing his arms on her shoulders. "It doesn't matter. Sakura's happiness does mean the world to me, but her safety comes first. We need these soldiers, we need all that we can get."

"I know, Kizashi…I know."


Small legs had ran as fast as they could, a smile adorning their chubby cheeks as their arms were outstretched towards the sky. They desperately tried to catch the monarch butterfly before them, but it was a little too quick for them yet the chase was still quite a thrill. "C'mon, butterfly. Let me catch you."

"Why do you want to catch the butterfly?"

The voice seemed like it came out of nowhere, startling the young girl as she ended up stumbling to stop her run. She quickly turned to the dark-haired boy that stood there, hands in the sleeves of his kimono as he seemed genuinely curious.

"Ah, because it was pretty and just to see if I could catch it." She said rather shyly.

The boy didn't seem satisfied by her answer and merely shrugged. It was as if he no longer cared, "Whatever." He mumbled, turning away from her and walking away.

"W-Wait!" She yelled, her hand out as she tried to stop him.

He looked over to her, gazing at her from over his shoulder. "What?"

"I-I'm sorry…Its nothing." She couldn't remember what she wanted to say. And that seemed to further agitate him as he sucked his teeth and kept walking forward, leaving her behind.

Young Sakura had watched as the boy's form had gotten farther and farther away, her young heart quickening as she wondered who that peculiar boy was. "Caught ya!" She jumped, startled by the loud voice.

She turned to see a boy with spiky, blonde hair and a big grin on his face. "You hurt my ear!" She yelled at him, but it didn't stop him from blinding her with that smile of his. "What did you catch anyway?"

"That butterfly you wanted." He slightly pried his hands apart, bringing them closer to her face so she could see the orange, majestic butterfly was unharmed. "You still want it, don't you?"

Sakura looked away from the butterfly and up at him, blinking a few times as her pale cheeks were now colored with a shade of red, "N-Not anymore!" She huffed. A pout adorned his face as he let the butterfly go, both of them watching it fly away from them. "Did you know who that boy was?"

"Who? Sasuke? Tch, what about 'im?" He seemed annoyed by her question, but also willing to answer.

"Sasuke…? That's his name?" Now growing more interested, she decided to ask more question. "What clan is he from?"

"The Uchiha clan." He answered rather reluctantly. "Why do you wanna know?"

"I'm going to ask him to marry me, that's why." She smiled at the idea, "Do you think he'll say yes?"

The blond folded his arms, his eyes that matched the ocean she could see from her home were averted. "No, you shouldn't even waste your time worryin' about him. I'm better than him."

"Oh? And just how are you better than him?" Unimpressed, she folded her arms across her chest as well as she waited for an answer. "What makes you better than Sasuke-san?"

The boy piped up, a grin on his face. "I'm stronger, better looking, and just overall better. Besides, I want to marry you."

"You want to marry me?" She scoffed, surprised at how bold his statement was. "What makes you think I want to marry you, idiot?!"

He pressed his thumb to his chest, "For one thing, I'm gonna grow up to be big and strong and there'll be no way you'll not notice me."

Her eyes softened upon his declaration, a small smile adorning his face. "Alright, if you become cooler than Sasuke-san then I'll marry you."

"Tch! Promise?" He held his pinky out and she wrapped hers around his.

"Promise." She nodded, "But what's your name?"

"My name? Its Naruto! Naruto Uzumaki! You better remember that! After all, I'll be your husband when we're grown up!"

End Flashback

Sakura sucked her teeth as she remembered her first meeting with the Uzumaki. She was just a kid. There was no way that promise had any validation. Not just that, he definitely wasn't cooler than Sasuke since then. In fact, he just became more annoying. Even though she was angry, there was something warm about that memory that made her want to smile. "I can't believe I'll have to really marry that idiot."


Her head turned towards the door, she watched as Kirita slowly slid the door open and let herself inside. "Are you alright? Do you need some time by yourself?

"I'm fine, Kirita. And what did I tell you about the whole hime thing?" She pouted her lips in annoyance, which made Kirita sigh and give a small smile.

"Sorry, Sakura." She lowered her head apologetically before standing up straight. "You seemed really upset when Kizashi-sama mentioned the marriage alliance. Is this Naruto guy a bad person?"

The princess sighed, running her fingers through her bangs to calm her nerves. "He's loud, annoying, and tends to stick out like a sore thumb. I swear, marrying him is probably the worst thing that could ever happen to me, Kirita."

"He can't be that bad… Can He? And besides, Sasuke-san isn't really the best husband material either. He's pretty… arrogant yet also withdrawn." Kirita tried to lighten up the situation.

"That's the amazing thing about him. I mean, I hate that I never know what he's thinking or how he feels. In fact, being around him is like stepping on glass. I want to know more about him…" A dreamy haze covered her eyes, leaving Kirita a little bit confused with Sakura's infatuation for the onyx-eyed boy.

The female warrior merely sighed, "That doesn't sound like fun to me honestly. I thought when you loved someone it was supposed to be… easy? Like, you feel comfortable not like your feet are stepping on a bunch of shards of glass. But if that's what you like then… that's what you like, I suppose?"

Easy? Sakura never really thought about that. From all the romantic books she read, love always seemed very complicated. It felt like a lot of hardwork and effort. Maybe it was because Sasuke posed as challenge that she liked him so much. "Oh yeah? And what do you know about love? Have you ever been in love before, Kirita?"

"I was in love once."

The admission caught the princess off-guard, her eyes widening upon Kirita's flat out answer. "What? Who were you in love with? Are they alive? Do you still have feelings for them?"

"It was a long time ago and I was just little girl." Kirita admitted bashfully, "You know the Azai clan is no more, right?" Sakura nodded, "I thought I was going to die like most of my clan, but… this man saved me. He carried me all the way to a neighboring village and stayed with me for five days. He never left my side, not even once. He let me hold his hand until I would fall asleep." The girl then reached into the pocket inside her tunic and pulled out a small black comb. "He gave me this with a line written on it."

Sakura took the prized memento and looked at the comb with the writing inscribed, "Yielding to a love that recognizes no bounds." Sakura said aloud, "Wow, that's beautiful. And it has a Akaibara* on it."

"I don't remember his face or know his name, but I'm eternally grateful to him. I decided to wait for him as well." She sighed, Sakura smiled slightly at the devotion Kirita displayed for this unknown suitor.

"That's pretty romantic." She walked towards Kirita, giving her back the comb. "I wish I had a memento from someone I liked. Sasuke-kun doesn't seem the type."

Deciding not to prolong the conversation about the Uchiha, Kirita changed the subject. "Well, you should be looking forward to the sky lanterns we're going to send off for your birthday."

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about that." She smiled at the thought. It was her favorite part of any celebration they had. They would place a note with a wish and send it off into the sky. Sakura didn't believe the wish would come true but it was always a nice thought. "I should probably take a nap. I feel a bit exhausted from hearing Chichi-ue's news. Wake up me on time, alright?"

"Of course." Kirita bowed slightly as Sakura walked towards her futon. Just a little rest wouldn't hurt, and then they would walk through the town and eat some of her favorites foods.

Even though she was just another year older, everything still seemed the same.




"Sakura, I want you to run."

"Run where?"

"Away from here."


"Its not safe. Get out. Get. Out. GET OUT!"

With a yelp, the princess rose from her futon. There was sweat beading down her brow that she quickly wiped away with the sleeve of her kimono. Her eyes looked around her room, which was dark now much to her surprise. "Did… Did I oversleep?" She asked, mostly to herself. Slowly, she removed the blanket from her form and walked closer to the window. She could hear the sound of rain and even thunder in the distance. "I guess Kirita didn't wake me up because of the storm."

The answer didn't calm Sakura's nerves however. Everything seemed quiet. Too quiet. The castle was never quiet like this, even at night she could hear samurai walking in the halls guarding them and even a few maids chatting with hushed voices. Yet, for some reason, Sakura could not hear anything but the sound of the rain from outside.

Curious, Sakura had inched closer to her door and pressed her ear against it.

. . .

Nothing. Sliding the doors open slowly, peeking her head into the hall, she didn't see anyone. Not a samurai in sight. There should be two guarding her room while others were making rounds. What exactly was happening? Scared but drowning in inquisitiveness, Sakura decided to walk down the hall. If anything was wrong, Kirita would've been at her side. So, maybe everyone was just sleeping.

Her walking ceased, her body freezing when she heard a shrill scream from down the hall. Her eyes widened in fear as she wondered what was going on? "W-Why did they scream like that?" She asked herself, not wanting to believe in the worst but her mind couldn't help but think it.

"Chichie-ue… Haha-ue… Kirita… I have to find them." Immediately, she turned around and decided to look for her parents and her best friend.

It was hard to run in this kimono. It was entirely too long for her legs to run as fast as they could go. The sleeves too heavy for her to move her arms much and so they stayed limply at her sides. Her eyes frantically looked around the dimly-lit hall, but it felt as if the castle was completely empty.

Down the stairs and to the left, the third door to the right was her parents room. She She hurriedly made her way to the door, forcing the doors open. "Chichi-ue! Haha-ue!" She yelled as she ran in, and to her surprise she had seen her parents set up as hostages. Her father's hands were tied behind his back, his feet bounded as well, and her mother beside him in the same position. Both of their heads immediately shot up, with their eyes full of fear; not for themselves, but for their only child.

"Sakura?! Get out of here"! Kizashi yelled, "Get out of here NOW!"

"What's going on? Why are you two…?"

She couldn't say more since from the shadows of the corner of the room, a form was walking towards her. "Ah, the infamous princess of the Haruno clan." The man's bright, slit golden eyes stared directly at her. Just his stare alone nearly made it impossible for her to move.

She took one step back and then two, until her back was pressed against the wall behind her. His long, black hair wisped with each of his movements. It nearly covered his face until it just show one eye, which made him look even more frightening. His pale skin made him seem like a ghost, and Sakura couldn't find the strength in her to run.

She was completely petrified.

"Sakura! Please, you have to get out of here!" Her mother cried, fighting against her restraints in an attempt to save her daughter. "Leave her alone, Orochimaru!"


"... of the Yamata clan...?" The princess whispered, her fears doubling over upon the fact.

"So you have heard of me?" Just hearing him speak was enough to give her goosebumps and make the hairs on the back of her neck raise. "Your family helped destroyed my clan, and so it is about time that I return the favor. The Haruno clan will be no more after tonight."

His thin hand slowly reached to her face, grabbing her chin to force her to look at him. "Get… Get your hand off of me!"

"My, my…. Such a rude child."

"Get your hands off her, Orochimaru! Its me you want, she's innocent and so is my wife!" Kizashi pleaded her case, "And you won't live long; your days are numbered. When Minato-dono finds out your alive, he'lll—urgh!"

A white snake emerged from the flesh of Orchimaru's back and pierced through Kizashi's chest. Emerald eyes widened in shock and quickly filled with tears, "C-Chi… Chichi-ue!"


"I suggest you listen or else there'll be another." The threat was not empty, Sakura could guarantee it. Yet, her eyes were now narrowing into slits. She wanted to kill him, but how? He obviously had abilities and she had none. She had no weapon. She had nothing. There was nothing she could do. That feeling of helplessness only enraged her even more.

Suddenly, the man screamed as the snake was severed from his body. It disappeared from Kizashi's wound, but the damage was already done. Sakura looked to her right to see Kirita, sword in hand. She was covered in blood and out of breath. "Kirita, please, get Sakura out of here, I beg of you." Mebuki pleaded, "No matter what you do, don't even look back. Promise me to keep her safe!"

Kirita looked at the two, Kizashi was barely hanging on but his eyes were pleading the same. She did not want to give up on them, she wanted to save them but Orochimaru wasn't an easy opponent. He wasn't just someone she could slice and dice. This was a battle that she could not win. Before the man could get himself together, she grabbed Sakura's wrist and dashed forward, dragging the girl with her.

"We can't leave them! Kirita, stop! We have to save my parents!" Sakura cried, but Kirita kept going despite the girl's struggles.

"Sakura-hime, your parents are long gone. Orochimaru isn't someone we can fight and win, we have to get out of here! Your mother begged me to keep you safe and that's what I intend to do."

The princess shook her head, not understanding how all of this was happening. "Why is he here? Why is this happening, Kirita?!"

The dark-haired girl tried to remain focused again but her heart was breaking each time Sakura spoke. The hurt was there, she couldn't ignore it but she couldn't distract them now. She had to get Sakura to safety.

Now out of the palace, Kirita looked left and right for a horse. The Haruno clan were infamous for their strong cavalry unit because they had good enough land for horse breeding. However, she couldn't focus solely on their scape. A sword came crashing down towards them, which made Kirita unsheathe her own to block the attack.

A young man with short, black hair that was in a messy fashion with one, single amber eye ( the other was covered by an eye-patch ) had decided he wanted a fight. Sakura looked around to see many of her father's men fighting to the death. In fact, the whole fief was a battleground. There were limbs and dead bodies everywhere. The mud was even running with blood. It was bad enough that it was raining and the ocean behind them was unsettled, crashing against the back of the cliff to make things feel much worse.

How did her birthday change from the calm, warm spring day to a thunderstorm warzone? It was getting to be too much to soak in. And Kirita was engaged in a heated battle beside her. She couldn't stand around and do nothing. She had to help them escape. Sakura ran towards the nearby stables while Kirita managed to outmaneuver her attacker.

The sound of metal clashing against each other rung in the air second after the loud crackle of thunder. "So, Orochimaru has been planning this attack for months, huh?" Kirita questioned, wanting to know the truth. "He was too coward to face Kizashi-sama head on and so he settled for this? What a coward."

In the stables was one of Sakura's favorite horses. Her eyes widen upon the sight of it as she had climbed onto the saddle, "Alright, Yumi, we have to get Kirita and get out of here." She looked over to the castle entrance where Kirita was still fighting the one-eyed boy, she had to look for the right opening to swoop in.

"When are you gonna stop playing around and actually fight me?" The boy asked, panting heavily and he raised his sword, the sharp end pointing towards her.

Kirita's eyes narrowed, gripping the handle of her katana with with deliberate purpose. She couldn't keep stalling, he would pose a problem for Sakura's escape. Even if she couldn't run off with Sakura, she could at least give the girl an opening to leave without her. Kirita had launched herself towards him. With all her weight behind the blade, she swung the sword towards the boy's neck, but he had effortlessly flicked his sword upward to catch hers.

She applied pressure, making sure she could overpower him since the position was of her advantage. He gritted his teeth, eyes shooting upward to glare at her. She couldn't let this opening go to waste. Kirita pushed forward, her sword hissing back and forth through the air as if it was possessed due to her desperation. Sakura was important to her. She promised Mebuki and her life as a samurai meant she would serve them until her last breath.

Her blade slammed against her opponents over and over, each hit becoming stronger than the other as his face contorted with frustration in surprise. In her eyes, there was anger and desperation; anger that she could not save Kizashi and Mebuki and desperation to keep Sakura alive.

Kirita's sword had hummed and flickered through the air with unparalleled ease, far faster and far smoother than what she had let be shown before. The boy found himself in a position where his only choices were to anticipate and block her strikes, leaving her no time to try and land and offensive blow of her own.

The male samurai threw his full strength behind his sword, and lunged at her. The girl anticipated his blow easily, and twisted to the side as the boy's blade swept past her. The girl's hand snapped out and his sword fell, clattering to the training area floor.

The girl lifted her sword and pointed it at him. "…This is the end for you." Her mouth curved up into a cold, confident smile. Suddenly, she felt herself moving up, Sakura's arm around her waist to hoist her up on Yumi and began to speed away. Kirita looked to Sakura, who kept her eyes straight ahead.

"You should've let me kill him! He's Orochimaru's subordinate!" Kirita yelled, surprised Sakura didn't let her exact vengeance..

"We'll have another opportunity, but now we need to get out of here before more of Orochimaru's lackeys come."

Kirita averted her gaze and nodded, sheathing her sword and adjusting herself so that she could sit comfortable. "Sakura-hime, let me take the reigns while you rest. It'll be a while before we find a safe place."


Chichi-ue - Honorable father

Haha-ue - Honorable mother

Damiyo - Feudal Lord of a clan and fiefdom

Fief - an estate of land, especially one held on condition of feudal service.

Shogun - A General/Military Commander that governs all of Japan. They are de facto rules of the country, but they are officially appointed by the Emperor.

Akaibara - A red rose