Chapter 1

The nurse looked at the student ID card, then at the student, then back at the card again. She studied it diligently, though what exactly she was looking for was anyone's guess. Maybe an excuse to turn him down, send him away?

She stewed silently. It was obvious he was a delinquent. Blonde hair and a sneer on his face in the photo. Who was he, anyway? Family, maybe? A brother? The name's didn't match up, and there wasn't any physical resemblance. If not family, then...

"Here to visit your girlfriend?"

The delinquent grunted noncommittally.

She clicked her tongue in annoyance. This is why she hated kids like this. She drummed her fingernails on the counter, before lazily checking the visit roster again. His name was there, he was authorized, but she didn't recognize the signature signing off on him.

"...Who told you that you could visit, again?"

Blondie shifted his weight, glowering at her. "...Tachibana-san should have made the arrangements."

She shook her head. Now she had him, she knew there was something fishy about this, "There's no doctor here by that name. I'm sorry, but you'll have to-"

"That's quite alright, Serei-san," a voice broke in from behind her, "I'll take it from here." A tall doctor with a pair of cheap-looking spectacles stood behind her, smiling placidly.

"Uh-er- Kotou-sensei, I was just-" the nurse stammered.

"It's quite alright. Juuzawa-kun has made special arrangements to visit a friend of his, isn't that right?"

"Mm. Yeah." The delinquent shrugged his shoulders and headed towards the inner door.

"It's alright, go ahead and buzz him in." The doctor reassured her through his teeth.

She screwed up her face a bit but obeyed. The door buzzed for a few seconds and then swung open. Juuzawa gave a little non committal wave and ambled through into the facility proper.

The doctor reappeared next to him, "A minute, if you don't mind, Juuzawa-kun. These halls can be a bit windy, and I wouldn't want you to get lost."

"Mm. Okay. I'm here to see-"

The doctor cut him off cheerfully, "Oh, I know. That lawyer made it quite clear, despite my repeated protests."

Juuzawa glared up at him, "You're not gonna try and stop me, are you?"

The doctor waved his hands, "Oh, heavens no! That would certainly create problems for me if I tried to get in your way, even if I thought this was a horrible mistake, and the last thing my patient needs is to be visited by you."

Juuzawa walked down the hall, following the doctor, his back hunched over a bit, "Hm. Lucky thing it's not up to you, then."

The doctor turned and stopped in front of a bland, beige door, "Of course. So lucky for you, Juuzawa-kun. Unlucky for my patient, but I suppose there's no helping it." Still smiling, he gestured to the door, "She's right through there."

"Mm." The blonde young man moved to turn the handle, but again the doctor interrupted him.

"One last thing, Juuzawa-kun. Be sure to say a proper goodbye. I doubt you'll be able to visit again once I submit my findings to the court." With a wave, the doctor turned and walked off down the hallway, humming happily to himself.

Juuzawa grumbled a bit to himself. He couldn't blame the doctor. Even he could tell that it probably wasn't a good idea for him to be visiting her. Still, he had promised. He just hoped she didn't end up hating him for it. Or worse.

He breathed a quick sigh to clear his head, knocked twice, and opened the door.