Warning contains murder, language, rape (tentacle rape) and boy x boy. Don't read if you don't like.

Jeff found a young teenage girl just wondering around in the woods.

"It looks like she need help. I'll help her..."

Jeff smiles to himself with a knife in his hand beginning to follow the girl. When ever she walk, he walk. When ever she stop, he stop & when she runs he'll be glad to follow.

"Hello!? Is someone there? Will you help me please?"

(Shit! Why!?)

Slender Man appears behide the girl.


Slender Man tips his hat to the young lady.

(Why is he here!?)

The girl thinks this man is friendly, but she is a little scared of him because he doesn't have a face. She walks closer to him trying to take his hand.




Slender 's tentacles shot out from his black suit attacking the young girl's arms and legs.

"Please don't kill me!"


Jeff springs from the bushes.

"Slender go find your own fucking kill! That one is mine!"

Slender turns he's head to Jeff and waves his hand for Jeff to come closer. Jeff walks over and Slender moves the girl to Jeff's face.

"Please don't kill me!"

Jeff really didn't care about how humans feel. He quickly thrust the blade into the girl's chest 7x. Slender drops the girl's life less body and begins to walk back into the woods.

"Hey Slender!"

Slender stops and turn to Jeff. Jeff look at him trying to read him, but it's hard to read someones who doesn't have a face. Slender has always like Jeff. He's a young boy who can't age. He is forever 17 years old. Slender has forgotten how to touch humans (men), but he could always relearn.

"Hey the fuck man!?"

Slender grab Jeff with his tentacles and cock his head. Jeff can't really move. Slender has him in a death grip.


Slender rubs Jeff's junk with a tentacle.



Slender shoved a tentacle down Jeff's thorat. Jeff was starting to enjoy sucking on the tentacle. Slender removes Jeff's clothes. He remove the tentacle from Jeff's mouth and push it into his ass.


Slender gentle let's Jeff go on the leafy ground. Slender thens unzip his pants to show Jeff his cock.

"It's so big... and slender. Is this why they call you Slender Man?"

He nodded. Jeff slowly started to lick the head of the cock. Moving his tounge back and forth on Slender 's huge rode. Jeff begins to suck on the cock and Slender drills into Jeff's ass with his moist tentacle.


Jeff could only make small sounds of pleasure. Slender push Jeff's head down on his cock. Jeff rest his hands on the back Slender's legs. Slender was fucking Jeff's head.

(Too rough and... I love it.)

Jeff trys to pulls away. Slender shots a load into Jeff's mouth.


Jeff drank all of Slender's cum. Slender let's go of Jeff. Jeff falls on his side because the tentacle was still drilling in his ass and sliding itself against the walls. Jeff was just moaning in lust and pleasure.

(Wait he has a mouth and a... purple tounge.)

Slender removes the tentacle from Jeff's ass.

"Aah...no!" Jeff crys at the lost.

Jeff got on all fours waiting for Slender to take him. Slender shoved his cock inside Jeff without warning.


Slender keeps ramming inside Jeff.

"Mmff don't stop please!"

Slender shoved 3 tentacle in Jeff's thorat because for fun. Sucking on the tasting the salty tentacles. Feeling them slip up and down his thorat. Slender pulls on Jeff's balls and rolls them in his hand and moves a tentacle to stroke Jeff's cock. Slender has everything he wanted to make Jeff he's sex slave. To be cruel Slender push his other 4 tentacles in Jeff's ass to widen his hole.

(This feels amazing, but I think I'm about to faint.)

Slender erupts inside of Jeff.

(The tentacles can cum too!?)

2 tentacles shot Jeff in the face as the other cums in his mouth. Jeff's ass is fill with cum.

(I'm over flowing and I can't move.)

Slender Man quickly disappeared. Jeff just laid there cover and fill with cum like a little whore.

(I hope I get to see him again. Fucking dick.)


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