One Final Mission

A/N: This story will be A/U post Season 2, with a dose of canon. The story assumes Operation Bartowski ended at the conclusion of Chuck Verses The Ring. The many "Sarah leaves" themed stories I have read have fascinated me, so I thought I would throw my own version into the mix.

I do proofread, but if you see an error, grammatical or technical, my apologies in advance. I haven't bribed anyone yet to serve as a beta.

The story will not be a very long one, but I do hope it is enjoyable. Between work and family obligations, I simply don't have a lot of time on my hands to undertake a large project.

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Prologue: The Phone Call

It began with a phone call.

So many ways to disrupt someone's life, and it was a simple phone conversation that disrupted Chuck Bartowski's life yet again.

The call was an answer to a question. A question Chuck asked himself every day for the past year and a half.

What happened to Sarah Walker?

And now, he knew.

General Diane Beckman called Chuck personally to deliver news Chuck feared the most.

Sarah Walker was dead.

Chuck grew silent as sadness washed over him. Deep down Chuck prepared himself for the possibility of Sarah's death. He never counted on finding out about it. Sarah was a spy, and the government wasn't in the habit of informing retired intelligence assets their former handlers were killed in the line of duty.

Beckman offered her condolences and gave Chuck instructions to fly to Washington at his earliest convenience.

The call was official. Every spy leaves behind a Will. Sarah listed Chuck as her next of kin and left him her Spy Will.

If Chuck's heart wasn't shredded at that moment, he would have found Beckman's demeanor quite nice.

After the call ended, Chuck stared at the apartment door. The door he dreamed Sarah would one day walk through again. The door Sarah walked through many times in the past, never failing to cause Chuck's heart to skip a beat each time. And now, Sarah was gone.

Chuck's knees weakened as sadness and tears consumed him. Chuck stayed on the floor for several minutes, crying in agony.

Chuck composed himself and headed to the bathroom. The logical side of his brain willing his body to move. He rested his hands on both sides of the sink, not daring to look in the mirror. He turned on the cold water and splashed his face several times, drying off with a towel.

Chuck entered his bedroom and sat at his computer, booking a red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Reagan International. He packed a few changes of clothing, toiletries, and his phone charger in a single bag. On habit, ingrained in him from his days as an intelligence asset, Chuck packed his Passport.

An hour later, Chuck arrived at the LAX domestic terminal and walked stoically through the concourse. He checked in and sat near a window, waiting for his flight to board. There weren't many passengers this time of night flying to the East Coast. That was fine by him. Normally a social butterfly, Chuck welcomed the silence.

Chuck's thoughts drifted to Sarah. He remembered her beautiful smile and angelic laugh. Most of all, Chuck remembered her eyes. Sarah could speak volumes to Chuck with her eyes, without saying a single word. It was Sarah's eyes that often gave Chuck a glimpse of the woman, not the spy.

Chuck imagined Sarah sitting in this very terminal waiting for her own flight long ago. That thought alone made the simple act of waiting for a flight seem very surreal.

After his time as the Intersect ended, Chuck decided he wouldn't wallow in self-pity. He refused to allow a repeat of past mediocrity. The ghosts of Stanford, Bryce, and Jill no longer haunted him. Chuck was now firmly in command of his own destiny.

Sarah taught Chuck to believe in himself. It was Sarah's voice that prompted Chuck to leave the Buy More and start his own company. It was Sarah's memory that calmed him in tough times.

Chuck would never hear Sarah's voice again. He would have to settle for her memory.

It was time to say goodbye to Sarah Walker.