TITLE: S is for… Someday


SUMMARY: Beka Valentine dreams of 'someday.'


DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to someone else, and I am merely giving them some exercise since Sorbo keeps neglecting them!

NOTE: Thanks to Deanie, who looked this over for me and corrected my spelling of Tamerlane. Anything else is my own doing. Feedback is definitely welcome!

Time seemed to pass so slowly when one was waiting for something, Beka decided, and she doubted that would ever change. Deciding that a different view would be a good thing, she turned away from the window and stared around her room. She still hated being planetside, but had realised long ago that there was very little she could do about it. When presidents called and asked for you to instruct the future pilots of the Commonwealth there was little choice as to how you responded.

Her gaze fell upon a bookcase and, more specifically, the row of pictures that stood on the top shelf. Those were the days; she smiled as she remembered the circumstances of each picture. There had been good times onboard the Andromeda, even if they had lived on the edge far too often. But Beka had craved the danger, the excitement. There had never been a dull moment under the captaincy of Dylan Hunt.

But Dylan was dead now, killed in battle ten years ago, and his crew had gone their separate ways. Andromeda had undergone a refit; her avatar was now her own first officer, quite an achievement for an artificial intelligence. Harper was still messing with engines; somehow he'd cleaned up quite well over the years and was now a chief engineer on another Commonwealth ship.

Beka smiled at the next picture. It was of Trance, before she had switched places with her older self. A smaller, later, shot of her was inserted along the inside edge of the frame. Trance had forged her own path upon Dylan's death, and Beka wondered idly if the girl had been more upset by his passing than she had let on. Instead, the golden being came and went as she pleased, often surprising Beka by letting herself into the Valentine quarters unannounced.

The final picture brought a sad smile to her face and a tear to her eye. It always did when she caught sight of the long, dark, dreadlocks and the beautiful smile. Tyr was something special. He had been for a long time. But he'd left her as well, even though he promised that someday he would return. He had won the position of Alpha in a pride just before Dylan's death and had done his duty in providing heirs. And then there was Tamerlane Anasazi, out of Freya by Tyr, who had a promise to fulfil.

Tyr had told Beka, before he left for the pride's homeworld, that someday he'd come back for her. She had clung to that promise for over a decade, longing for the day when he would consider his duty done and come for her. She would never be a wife with all the demands that went with the title and she did not wish to be. But she had given him her own promise – that she would be waiting, for the only man she had ever totally loved.

His soft smile when he left her, his own whispered declarations of love, came to her each night. Each night she had dreamed of him coming back to her. And each morning she awoke with his name of her lips and the thought of 'someday' pulsing through her mind.

The knock at the door shook Beka from her reverie and suddenly all she could feel was the racing of her heartbeat. She closed her eyes briefly then opened them again as the knocking repeated. Gathering courage she walked to the door and flung it open, stepping straight into the arms of the man she had dreamed of for so long.

For that 'someday' is today.