Hello all! This is just where I'm posting some crossover ideas. I very much doubt I'll ever make any of these into fully-fledged stories myself, but anybody's welcome to take them as inspiration for their own crossover stories. Anyway, the basic idea for most of these is that, during the battle against Echidna, when Tattletale made the portal, the world created lead to another fictional universe, and various Worm characters (the Undersiders, usually) were forced through during the portals creation and stranded there.

Taylor surveyed the battlefield before her. Some mile or so ahead of her lay what must usually be a beautiful city; surrounded by high walls and mountainous terrain, the city seemed to have grown around the castle that loomed overhead menacingly. It was not the most lovely sight now, of course, because it was clearly under attack by what appeared to be several different nations armies: as enemies of the city-fortress crawled up the walls like so many ants, a veritable army of robots marched towards the front gates, each one at least several stories tall, all the while, a zeppelin the size of a small town loomed overhead along with several of its apparent brethren. As she looked on, making good use of the spyglass her new...friends had loaned her, she noticed a young man wearing a badass longcoat and the scariest "mad scientist" face she'd ever seen emerging from the town...right in the path of the robot army. He appeared to be carrying some sort of technological rod of who-knows-what, and was waving it around as if he was threatening the army of robots.

Hearing a snap next to her, she saw one of her new friends stowing his spyglass in one of his many pockets. The green-skinned, jagged-toothed monster man turned to her. "Hyu saw heem too, den? He look to be fallink over, don't hyu tink?" He gave a half-nod in the direction of Bitch and the rest of the Undersiders, where Rachel's dogs were currently grown to full battle-size. "Perhaps ve could get a ride? Vouldn't vant to be a burden, ov caus..."

"Sure," she replied tersely, still rather put-off by the monster man's odd accent and manner. "Let's ride," she called out, slinging herself onto Brutus, where Rachel sat scowling. One of the other monster men, this one seemingly made entirely of the color purple (hair, skin, clothes, hat...), came up behind her, muttering an apology as he did. As they set out towards the obviously insane young man, she called out behind her "So...let me get this straight. It's sometime during the 1800s, Europe is being consumed by a perpetual war between mad scientist-style inventors, and this Baron guy is waging war against an insane maybe-goddess who controls people by stuffing alien bugs down their throats."


Up ahead, the young man thrust his makeshift rod skyward, calling down a bolt of lightning in a wondrous display of power that almost completely decimated the approaching army. Slightly unnerved, she continued: "And recently, the long-lost heir to an ancient line of the maddest, science-iest mad scientist families of all has returned, and is currently trying to repair her castle and city while two princes fight over her hand in marriage."

"Eh...sort ov?"

"...right. And you three are part of a group of monster men who willingly served this family?" she asked, even as she noticed the remainder of the robots try to attack the boy...only to get blasted a second time. They didn't get back up.

"Monsters? Vell...mebbe a leetle bit. Hokay, a lot a bit. Very exciting, though, vouldn't hyu say?"

Taylor ignored that for the time being, as they were quickly coming up on the young man and his nifty toy. He noticed their approach and spun towards them, pointing his literal lightning rod in their direction. As he did, he screamed "THIS IS NOT A TRICK! I DID NOT GET LUCKY! I AM GILGAMESH WULFENBACH-AND I AM IN CONTROL! The young man's tirade was so loud and attention grabbing, Taylor just barely heard Rachel's muttered reply:

"Fucking Tinkers."

So...yeah. Worm/Girl Genius, anyone? It's the kind of crossover I'd love to see, but it's also the kind of thing I could never really write out in full myself. Hell, writing out this little blurb felt forced (mostly because writing dialogue for Da Boyz is a pain). Hopefully, the idea came across well enough that someone could build on it, whether by bringing Worm into GG or bringing GG into worm. So yeah...please R all constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!