Title: Foxy Affection

Author: silrayn silverwolf

Pairings: Brad x Aya (Weiß Kreuz), probably Hakkai x Sanzo (Saiyuki)

Disclaimers: Weiß Kreuz and Saiyuki are not mine. The kitsune culture is partially mine. It is based on Foxtrot's research. Part of Ayan's personality is recognizably mine -- silrayn silverwolf's bouncy self is showing through.

Warnings: PG13 just to be safe

Teaser: The Sanzo-ikkou get a new pet, a small red fox who seems to think Sanzo is his mommy... Looking after the fur ball can't be too hard can it? After all, he's such a tiny thing...*foxy snickering*

Crossover Notes: This is only loosely termed as a Weiss Crossover. Since Ayan-kitsune is partially original for OOCness. One doesn't need to read Kitsune Bi and Kitsune Ku at this point to understand but it would be better in the long run. Kitsune Series - http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=514106

Want to see Ayan-kitsune? Look at blume-chan's drawings they're the best representation of Ayan. Here's two (I CG colored them):

Foxy Affection


Part 1 - Congratulations, it's a boy...fox?

"I see that you've healed quite well from the injuries Rikudo had given you." Kanzeon Bosatsu said arrogantly as always in her gauzy draperies.

"Aa." Sanzo said, ungratefully glaring at her. The Goddess of Mercy had transfused Gojyo's blood into him saving him from dying of his injuries but he didn't feel like thanking her.

After all, who sent me to this damned fool mission...with these three baka in the first place...?

"Is that how you treat a goddess who's come down from Heaven to aid you?"

"What do you want?"

"Nothing much. Just a small favor."

"And so's this trip west?" Sanzo asked skeptically.

"Nothing as monumental as that. Take good care of this for me." Kanzeon said rather nonchalantly. She gestured for one of her retainers to come forward and deposit a red fur bundle into Sanzo's arms.

"What's this?" Sanzo asked sharply as he peered down on the weight in his arms. As he did so, the red furry bundle kicked out a bit. Bright purple eyes stared back at him. Three black-tipped tails separated from the rest of the fur. Two fuzzy red ears perked up from a furry head.

"His name's Ayan. He's a fox kit. He's going to travel with you a bit." Kanzeon replied implacably.

"We are not menagerie or a nursery."

She ignored Sanzo's protest. Then the goddess and her retinue vanished without a trace.

Sanzo looked at the fox kit. It stared back at him with adoring eyes. The blond monk sighed to himself.

I suppose I can have Hakkai take care of him...


"Sanzo! Is the goddess gone?" Goku yelled.

"What is that?" Gojyo asked, diplomatic as always.

"Kawaii desu ne." Hakkai said, looking at the furry.

"Hai, it is cute. Are we going to keep it?" Goku asked in a begging tone. He knew well enough that they led a dangerous life.

"Kyuu." Hakuryu said. He flew close to the furry head and hovered almost nose-to-nose.

"Its name is Ayan, Kanzeon left it with us. Hakkai, can you take care of it?" Sanzo asked ignoring Goku's question. The answer was evident anyway.

"So we're keeping him! Kawaii!" Goku said scratching the little fuzzy head. The ham nuzzled his hand gamely.

"Hai. Such a tiny thing shouldn't be much of a bother." [1] The green-eyed youkai seemed quite eager for the task.

Ayan looked curiously at the flying dragon and batted a soft paw at it. The dragon made a surprised meep as he was given a tiny lick on the face.

"They seem to get along." Gojyo observed.

"Good." Sanzo said. He walked over to Hakkai to drop Ayan into the youkai's waiting arms or at least tried to. It seemed that the little red fox had fastened its claws onto his robes and the arm warmers underneath them and was refusing to let go.

"Umph!" Sanzo muttered after a moment. He can't seem to dislodge the fur ball.

"Ne, Sanzo, I think he's rather attached to you. It must be your violet eyes." Hakkai said after a moment. He assigned the person pronoun immediately to the little fox.

For all it's an animal, it's certainly showing signs of personality…

It didn't hurt that the tiny thing liked Hakuryu and he had the cutest purple eyes almost the same shade as a certain blond monk.

"Sanzo's a mama." Gojyo teased.

"Ne, Sanzo, it's too tiny to be bopped with your harisen." Goku defended the fox.

"Goku is right, Sanzo. He's too small."


Sanzo whopped the little fox despite protests.

"Yowch!" Sanzo yelped, surprising everyone. The little fox bit Sanzo's descending hand, all the while, remaining stuck to the monk's arm by his hind paws. Ayan was also making pitiful rumbles in his throat as he clung on, determinedly.

He's probably trying to growl...

Hakkai's heart went out to such display of courage.

He's several times smaller than Sanzo yet he's ready to fight... Such a tiny thing...

"I'm going to kill you, you little..."

"Sumimasen, but I think he didn't appreciate being bopped on the head with a fan. How would you like it if someone larger than you tried hitting you?" Hakkai said. Everybody wore a sweat drop. He came forward to get Ayan away from Sanzo before the blond could explode.

Really, there was no call for that... I doubt me that this kit could even stand against a dog much less a human fighter...


"If you're willing to take him, now..." Sanzo replied, irritated.

I guess it would be too much trouble to punish the little idiot with Hakkai looking ready to defend him...

It was not to be done to fight with Hakkai over something so vulnerable. The green-eyed youkai was very protective of the weak or so Sanzo told himself. He never questioned his capitulation whenever Hakkai gave him in that half pleading look.

Hakkai tried to extract the fox kit without luck.

Bothersome thing, why didn't he bond with Hakkai instead...for the matter why did that idiot Goddess give him to Hakkai instead of me... I hate babysitting idiotic pets...

"And how do you expect me to get anything done if he's stuck to me like this?" Sanzo asked. Ayan uncurled and licked the blond on the cheek. Then the little red fox extracted his claws from the leather. The kit got up on his small dark paws. He hopped off delicately to curl around Sanzo's feet.

"Well, that solved that problem. Let's go, we've spent enough time here as it is." Gojyo said, fighting a grin.

Idiot kappa...probably finds this thing funny...



The little fox watched in wonder as his new dragon friend turned into a jeep.


Small dragons turning into jeeps what a world…

Ayan looked around and settled beside his new guardian. He didn't like this situation one bit. He didn't want to be separated from his Brad-chan or his newfound kitsune family but he hadn't a choice, not if he wanted to find his littermate. The Lady of the Foxes had gotten him into Togenkyo to do so but he had to abide the rules as set by the gods of this world. The Goddess of Mercy had told him to stick to this group of fighters, more specifically to the blond. She didn't tell him what to do after that. Ayan decided cautiously to see first if they would take kindly to him before he announced his sentience. People tended to treat him better as a pet than as a person in most ways. Besides, these people smelt very strange.

There's something different about these people…

His thoughts went to his new "guardian". He really did not want anything to do with the blond.

He's certainly no prize...and he deserve the bite... Trying to hit on a small kit that I appear to be, when I was just trying to be friendly...

Besides the temper, Ayan noted the smell the scent of sickly sweet tobacco on the man, worst than any strange smell. That was something he was all too familiar with. One he was allergic to, a very annoying thing. Besides, the blond didn't look like he appreciated having a walking fox plushie as a pet.

Why didn't the goddess give me to that green-eyed guy? He'd make a good guardian...despite his strange smell… He doesn't smell of cigarettes and he's got that shape-changing dragonet to prove he's capable...

Annoyed, but nonetheless willing to make the best of a bad situation, Ayan was determined to stick to the purple-eyed blond until he was accepted.

Accepted or killed that is... Oh well, green eyes, I think will keep that from happening... First thing on my list is to keep him from smoking...

Ayan's tummy gave a growl disproportionate to its small size.

No, the first order of business is to get him to feed me... Time to turn up the cute-ness factor...


The growl resounded quite loudly even through the food argument at the back.

"Ano...I think he needs to be fed." Hakkai said as he looked down on the small fox that had two paws and head on Sanzo's lap. Bright eyes looked up in a hopeful expression, tails twitching a bit. The growl, considerably louder than the previous growls uttered by the little kit, was not coming from the little one's throat.

Those purple eyes are so like Sanzo's... And he's so adorable...

"Great! Another walking stomach to feed on this journey." Sanzo growled.

The fox stuck out his little tongue.

Funny, first he jumped down when Sanzo complained, now he's sticking out his tongue... I wonder if he's smarter than he looks... Nah.

Hakkai dismissed the odd thought. Though youkai can come in many shapes, there was no youki emission at all around the little fox.

It's probably just slavering for some food...

"Ne, Gojyo, Goku? Please hand us a piece of meat or something."

"Ne, Hakkai?" Gojyo asked as looked up.

"The little fox needs food, you red cockroach." Goku said as he handed out a huge piece of meat on an extra plate with a carving knife. He had swiped it from Gojyo when the redhead was distracted.

"Hey, that was my steak, you bakasaru. Give me yours."

"I've already eaten it. Beeda! I think it would do little Ayan more good than you."

"Why you!"

Then the argument lapsed back to its usual incoherence.

Hakkai sighed.

I wonder what they were thinking... I only have two arms and two eyes.

"Sumimasen, but I can't take my eyes off the road..." He handed the plate and knife to Sanzo before something unfortunate happened.

"If I cut my fingers, I'll come after you." Sanzo snarled but he did his best to cut up the meat in the bouncing of the jeep. The little fox was very appreciative of the care, giving blond monk many a lick as it was fed.

Good old Sanzo, never one to get mad about practicalities... He sure looks paternal...and they do look cute together...

"I think we need to get some milk and a feeder bottle on our next stop. He is a kit, after all."

"It has teeth." Sanzo said, grimacing at an affectionate but hard nip at his fingers.

"But he still needs milk, and, I think, a basket to sleep in, a chew toy and litter box."

There it is again…

If Hakkai wasn't sure the kit was all he appeared to be, he'd have sworn that Ayan was grimacing and had tongue out at the thought of having to drink milk.

"Yare, yare. Just charge it to the gold card when we get to the next town." Sanzo said, wincing as the little fox hopped onto him and started to climb on to his robes. He looked ready to murder the kit but didn't quite dare.

Oh, he's so paternal…

Hakkai thought rather amusedly as Sanzo stoically bore the fox's antics. The blond monk reached into his robe to get his fan but then aborted the motion when he saw Hakkai looking at him.

I hope he could manage his temper around the small kit… It is a child after all and an animal at that… It's a good thing that he doesn't quite dare slap the kit in my sight yet…


That night in their lodgings, the Sanzo-ikkou was sharing a large room in the in and a small problem...

Hakkai had bought a cushioned basket for the fox but the little thing wasn't cooperating. They had been at it for an hour. The green-eyed youkai would put the Ayan into the basket. The fox would hop out of the basket and jump onto Sanzo's bed. So, he would put it into the basket again and so on they went.

"Hakkai. It. Is. Definitely. Not. Staying. In. My. Bed." Sanzo said through gritted teeth. The purple-eyed rascal wagged all three tails and plopped sideways to lie on the bed.

He's as stubborn as his master is. Stubbornness to match his cute-ness…

Hakkai almost groaned at the situation that was escalating as the seconds passed by but he suppressed the urge.

"Sumimasen, Sanzo, I don't think it's subject to argument."

"If it's got to stay in a bed, it should stay in one of yours." Sanzo said determinedly.

"Wai! I want it to stay with me." Goku volunteered.

"Bakasaru, I'm sure you'd squash it when you shift in your sleep."

"Well, I'm sure you're afraid it's going to squash you, redheaded cockroach!"

"Who are you calling a cockroach?"

"Would you take it in your bed?" Sanzo asked Hakkai quietly, as the two noisy idiots argued.

"Hai, it would be my pleasure." Hakkai went over to the bed and picked the squirming fur ball. He got the little fox on his bed with the minimum of fuss but not until it gave Sanzo a thorough licking much to the blond's disgust. The little fox earned a little rap on the nose for that trick, not that Hakkai blamed Sanzo for it. Even he was getting a bit tired of the arguments that the affection was generating.

The young need to be disciplined, after all, but I hope Ayan will learn to transfer his affection to someone more appreciative of it… Sanzo's more likely to kill him in the attempt…


Ayan squirmed a bit in Green-eyes' grip giving the blond a good licking before allowing himself to be carried off to share the latter's bed.

Heh! That was fun…though I think I best not provoke them anymore than necessary…I hadn't had that much fun since Crawford and I reached an understanding…

The thought startled Ayan more than a little.

No way, no way am I going to be unfaithful to Brad with him…never…

To compound Ayan's worries, he saw in passing that the white dragonet was looking at him with a discontented look on its face.

Uh, oh…I suppose he's jealous that his master has another pet…and taking it to bed too…

Ayan and the little dragonet weren't really friends as of yet, more like friendly acquaintances.

This certainly puts a damper on things…

He was proven right when the dragonet flew from its basket with an annoyed "kyu". It darted forward so fast that Ayan didn't see where it went only the clamping pain on his right ear. Tears started out of his eyes but he clamped his small mouth, refusing to show weakness. He twisted around to get loose of the dragonet's grip, ignoring the droplets of blood and the pain resulting in the action. He flattened his ears to make them less of a target and then bit the white reptile's tail.

"Kyu!" The white dragonet squealed.

"Ayan!" Green-eyes snapped.

Ayan let go of the tail but raised his ear that bled for the man's inspection. He also let the tears flow from his eyes. Green-eyes sighed.

"Hakuryu! You did this, didn't you? You brought it onto yourself then." The man sighed, patting the small white head of the squealing dragonet.

After poking at the small bite wound with some liquid that Ayan assumed to be disinfectant, Green-eyes held a hand over him, or he assumed it was a hand. Suddenly, he felt warmth on his ear and a blue glow at the edge of his vision. Then, suddenly, the pain melted away.

"There, all better."

"Now, Hakuryu, maybe I should leave that until you know better but here you go." Green-eyes shifted to put a blue glowing palm over the small dragon the faint squeals subsided.

"Now can we get to sleep, we have a long way to go." The blond's deep voice floated from the direction of the man's bed.

Green-eyes settled down and put Ayan on his middle and let the dragonet down, presumably on its basket. On that tense note, they settled for the night.

But I don't think that's going to be the end of it…

Ayan was proven right, too, when the dragonet peeped from below the bed to give him a rather malevolent glare before disappearing back to the foot of the bed.

Oh, dear, I think I've made an enemy…

~ TBC ~

Author's Notes:

[1] BWAHAHAHAHA! That's what you think. See Kitsune Bi chapters and see how much of a bother Ayan can be. * Wolfy grins *

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