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AN1 – KITTEN:  Not really an important plot point, just something cute thrown in.  If you really must know, the cat's name is Morgana.

AN2 – VALIANT AND THE UNDERGROUND:  Another point which was resolved in "The Chamber."  Harry refused them, and they left.  They are no longer needed, which means they are probably disbanded and returned to their families.  Think Men in Black.

AN3 – OTHER STORIES IN THE MAKING:  I'm currently working on another fic.  It'll be sort of an AU.  The prologue is in the time of the Marauders, then it goes to Harry's time at Hogwarts.  The reason it's an AU is that Lily stopped the Marauders from pranking on Severus, so he eventually, through Lily, became an acquaintance.  I wouldn't say friend, unless you talk about Lily.  I'll try to post it.

About The Last Sorcerer...I'll try to work on the sequel.  I don't know about it though.  Please read it and tell me what you think.  I have some ideas for a sequel, but I'm having the worst case of writer's block on that thing.