Chapter 3


Mikine lays in bed while coughing. "Ugh . . . I don't feel so good," she groans as she pulls out her thermometer from her mouth. It read "103.2". "As expected, a fever." She wasn't feeling too well yesterday either when she and her sempai, Yukiji, were talking with Yachiyo and Suzu at the biology club room. Yukiji suspected something was wrong with her childhood friend, but Mikine denied it, saying that it was just her imagination.

But to her surprise, the next morning, Mikine's head felt like it's boiling hot and wasn't able to get out of bed easily as usual. That's when she knew that she had a slight fever today.

"Haaah . . . and I have class today as well," the mouse like girl says to herself. "Maybe I'll ask Inugami-san for some help when I get better. Or maybe call in Yuki to bring in the homework so I can get started once school ends." Figuring that her second choice is a better idea, she pulls out her phone to call in her childhood friend and tell her the bad news.

"Didn't I tell you to go to the nurse's office sooner?" Yukiji says, sternly.

"Yes . . ."

"Mm . . . well, I'll make sure to get your homework from Inugami-san after school, okay? I'll make you your favorite beef curry, too, if you want."

Mikine blushes as she looks down at her sheets. "That . . . would be nice."

"Alright then. See you after school."

"Okay. Bye."

Mikine hangs up the phone and lies back in bed while looking up at the ceiling. Haaah . . . I miss Yuki already . . . she thinks to herself. As sleep starts to take over, she closes her eyes

Biology Club Room

Yachiyo and Suzu enter the club room and meet up with Yukiji who is resting her head on her hand with a sad expression on her face.

"Ushiwaka-sempai," Yachiyo says. "Have you seen Nezu-san? I haven't seen her since this morning."

"She called in sick," Yukiji replies. "And I was wondering if you can make some copies of the homework you received so that I can deliver them to her after school."

"Oh, sure," Yachiyo takes out the homework from her bag. "I actually haven't started them yet, so it's a perfect time to make some copies. I'll be right back." She plants a quick kiss on Suzu's forehead, which makes her blush and goes off to make some copies.

Both Suzu and Yukiji remain silent until the cat-like girl speaks up.

"S-so . . . how is it going with you two being a couple?" she asks.

"It's going fine," Yukiji replies. "Both of us are just enjoying ourselves as we're dating. Though, we haven't really come up with anything special yet."

"I see."

"How's it going with you and Inugami-san?" Yukiji asks.

"It's been okay," Suzu replies with a blush. "Both of us haven't really done anything special either."

"Mm. It's hard to come up with something special when you're a couple, right?"

"Mm-hmm . . ."

"Well, don't give up now," Yukiji says while patting Suzu's head. "I'm sure both of us will do something fun, even for a double date, too."

The cat like girl smiles. "You're right."

Just then, the door slides open and Yachiyo enters with the copies of Nezu's homework and hands it to Yukiji.

"Here you go," she says. "Sorry it took so long."

"Oh, no problem," the cow-like girl says with a smile. "You've been a big help. Thank you."

After school

Yukiji packs her things and heads over to her house to get some ingredients to make some beef curry she promised Mikine, which took about 20 minutes, plus making sure she had everything she needed. She leaves the house and arrives at Mikine's house and walks up to her room to knock on the door.

"Come in," she says, softly.

Yukiji opens the door to greet her quiet kohai and sits beside her. "How are you feeling, Miki?"

"I'm feeling a little better," Mikine replies. "My head still hurts, though."

"I see." She says, giving her a worried look before standing up. "Well, I brought the ingredients to make some beef curry for dinner tonight, plus some medicine to help you feel better."

"Thanks, Yuki," Mikine says.

The cow-like girl nods as she opens the door again and looks back at her lover. "It won't be long. The curry takes time to cook, okay?"

"That's fine. You go on ahead."


"Oh, before I forget . . ." She digs into her school bag and pulls out the homework Yachiyo copied. "I asked Inugami-san to give me the homework, so that I can deliver it to you after school. You can work on it while I cook the curry."

Mikine smiles as she takes the papers. "Thanks, Yuki. And tell Inugami-san thanks as well."

"I will."

With that, Yukiji closes the door and a small smile appears on the quiet girl's face while blushing. Yukiji arrives in the kitchen to get started on the beef curry, which took about a half-hour to make. Once it's done, she stirs the curry to mix in the ingredient once more and serve them on 2 plates, one of then being on a tray. She then, carefully carries the tray upstairs to Mikine's room and gently places it on Mikine's lap.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Yukiji says. "Well, enjoy."

"Thanks, Yuki." She takes a bite of it after blowing it a few times and smiles. "Mm. It's really good."

"I'm glad," Yukiji says.

There is silence as the two eat curry together until Mikine finishes and hands the tray to Yukiji. But before she can take the tray, the cow-like girl pulls out the medicine and pours the liquid on a spoon.

"Miki, say 'Ahh'~!" she coos.

The quiet girl eats it and swallows it. Giggling, the cow-like girl gently strokes her hair and stands up while holding the tray.

"Miki," she says. "I'm going to head back to my home in a little while."

"Alright," the quiet girl says, looking down at the covers.

Yukiji's expression softens a little as she sets down the tray and comes over to her bedside. "What's wrong, Miki? Do you want me to stay longer?"

"Th-that's not it . . ."

The cow-like girl smiles at her lover as she kisses her on the forehead. "Hey, once you'll feel better, both of us can walk together like we do every day. You can count on that."

After a few seconds, a small smile appears on the quiet girl's face. "You're right. Thanks, Yuki . . . for taking care of me."

The cow-like girl strokes her hair and kisses her again as she takes the tray and heads downstairs. I"m sure Miki will feel better by tomorrow, Yukiji thinks to herself. The medicine I gave her will definitely work.

The Next Morning

Ding! Dong!

Mikine opens the door to see her childhood friend standing by her door with a smile.

"Hey, Miki," she says. "You look better today."

"I am," the quiet girl replies with a smile. "And it's all thanks to you." She comes over, leans in and plants a quick kiss on the lips.

Yukiji giggles. "I'm just here to help out my childhood friend and lover. After all, Inugami-san and Nekoyama-san missed you yesterday. I'm sure we'll have lots to talk about at our biology club today."

"Mm-hmm." Mikine links arms with the cow-like girl and rests her head on her shoulder. "Shall we go, Yuki?"


With that, the two start walking to school together with smiles on their faces.

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