~September 23, 1995 (approx. 7:32 p.m.) — the home of Diane and Frank Robinson~



The young girl with long black hair, known as Shia, was at home sitting at the kitchen table; enjoying the company of her mother and father. The family hummed to the tunes of the radio as they prepared for dinner.

"Just a small town girl

Livin' in a lonely world

She took the midnight train goin' anywhere

Just a city boy

Born and raised in south Detroit

He took the midnight train goin' anywhere..."

Shia felt the breeze of a the fall day hit her cheek as placed the plates of the table. She sucked in her breath, not liking the cold. She quickly walked over to the cracked window, closing it swiftly.

"Why aren't you singing anymore, love?" Diane asked her daughter, noticing her harmonies were no longer clashing with hers.

"Did either of you open this window?" Shia asked, mostly out of curiosity. She knew that someone had to have opened it.

"I didn't," Frank said as he looked up from his newspaper.

"I didn't as well," Diane added. "Maybe Gina, the maid, left it open. She tends to do that at times."

"Oh, makes sense." Shia mumbled. "Tell her to close it next time once she leaves. Burglary happens a lot more now..."

"Shia's right. Be sure Gina knows that, Diane."

"Alright. I'll mention it to her in the morning." Diane said with a sweet smile. "Dinner is ready."


"And I told coach Diaz that I would be much better as a goalie this season...she told me she'll think about it. Can you believe that?" Shia said as she ranted to her parents about the events she goes through at school daily.

"I'm sure she'll make the best decision for you and the team. Honestly, I think you'll do fantastic in the field. You were great last season." Diane told her daughter before stuffing salad in her mouth.

"She's great at the sport in general. Whatever Diaz decides should be fine."

Shia nodded at her parents. "So, dad, how's the business going?"

"Well, we took a hit in stocks but as of right of the stocks we invested in are hitting the sky limits. If we sale it early tomorrow morning, I'll be able to pay for your college." Frank said as he playfully winked at his daughter.

"That's a relief." Diane should with a chuckle.

The family continued to share their thoughts on work and their day for thirty more minutes. Shia laughed and talked for most of time, but then her stomach started to churn.

"Darling, are you okay? Your face is going green." Diane asked.

"I don't think so, mom."

"You might have out done yourself with the food. Head on to bed, I'll bring you some medicine in a few minutes."

"Feel better, sweet pea." Frank told his daughter as she left the kitchen.


Shia closed the door to her room, sighing as she took her jersey off and her blue tank top on.

"Hopefully I'll feel better just in time for tomorrow's game." She mumbled to herself right before turning off her lights. She got into her bed and snuggled into her pillow.

Suddenly, her door slammed.

Alarmed, she quickly lifted her head from her pillow.

"Mom?" She called into the dark room. "Mom, turn on the lights."

"Are you sure you want me to do that?" An unfamiliar voice responded. The young girl gasped softly as she backed up to the wall.

"Who's there?"

"You're in danger. You must come with me."

"What the hell? I'm going insane. This must be some weird, vivid dream." Shia mumbled to herself.

"I'm afraid not." The voice said as the lights in the room came on. Shia could now put a face to that voice. It was a woman with dark hair and dark skin. Her face was in a shape of a diamond, her brown eyes sparkled in a god like way. Her beauty was undeniable.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Athena, goddess of wisdom and war."

Shia sat there with mouth opened wide. "You've got to be shitting me."

"No...I'm not...shitting you."

"Okay, well, if this is not a dream. Hopefully, it is. What do you want?" Shia asked. "I have to be honest. I'm seconds away from screaming."

"Please don't," Athena asked softly, "you're in danger."

"Why does my safety concern you? How am I in danger?"

"They never told you..."

"What are you on about, lady?"

Athena looked up at the child and took a breath before uttering the words, "You're adopted."

Shia's face showed she was shocked but she couldn't grasped the news. "I'm what?"

"Adopted. You see, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl fifteen years ago..."

"That doesn't mean I'm the little girl you gave birth to." Shia said as she shook her head.

"I named you Shia. Shia Sharaye Colten." Athena informed the girl. "You took their last name once they adopted you."

Shia stayed silent. She thought her being adopted explained a lot of things. Like how she didn't look like either of her parents or how none of them could give her blood when she needed emergency surgery one year. Shit, it was true.

She was adopted.

"So, you're saying–"

"That you're a demi god? Yes. You must come with me. You're in danger."

"Who's trying to hurt me?" Shia asked as she slowly climbed out of bed.

"This being, it calls itself Azazel. Filthy little bugger."

"What does it want with me?"

"To change destiny. And I cannot allow that. Grab your things, darling."

"Just wait a minute, will you?" Shia said as she sat on her bed.

"We don't have a minute, he'll be here soon."

"Will I ever see them again?" Shia asked, referring to her par– adoptive parents.

"No. After tonight, they'll have no memories of you." Athena told her daughter. The goddess slowly walked over to the teenage girl. "This is odd news, I know. And you take it so well but I will not allow your death to happen so soon. You're my child and I love you. You must understand that I have to look out for you. It's my duty as a parent."

"Isn't there some law forbidding you to help me?"

"I'm sure there is but I've always been a rebel. There's a reason why I love war." Athena said with a smug smile. The same smile Shia had, that's where she gets it from. "Come now, you must meet with an old friend of mine...Bobby Singer. He shall teach you the light of things. You will be safe."

"Okay. Let me grab a few things."


"So, how am I supposed to get to South Dakota?" Shia asked the goddess, Athena.

"I will take you there."

"With what car?" Shia asked looking around to see no car in front of her house.

"Close your eyes." Athena said as she placed a hand on Shia's cheek. Doing what she was told, she closes her eyes.

"Now, open." Shia heard Athena whisper. She opened her eyes to see a house in front of her, a house that she has not seen before.

"How in the–" Shia started. "This is all crazy. I'll play along though."

Shia cautiously walked towards the front door. She noticed a car, it was a '67 chevy impala. It was in beautiful condition and it was all black.

Shia whistled, "Damn. Nice car."

Seconds later, Shia found herself at the front door. Taking a deep breath, she knocked. There was no answer, so she knocked again but a little harder. "Come on, it's getting a little cold out here."

The door opened quickly, the person who opened it was a boy; maybe a few years older than Shia. He had short blonde-brown hair and green eyes. His skin was tan and he was a few inches taller than the girl he stood in front of him. He stared blankly at Shia. He noticed the glasses on her face and that her hair was in a ponytail, she looked a lot younger than him.

"Uh, kid, don't you think it's a little late for selling candy or whatever?" The boy asked Shia. Shia was a little lost for words, she was confused as to why she couldn't speak.

"You mute or something?"

"What?" Shia asked, finally gaining her speech.

"What do you want, kid?"

"You're only a few years older than me, don't call me a kid." Shia snapped at the young man. He gave her a shocked look, then he smirked. The girl had guts, he liked that. "I'm looking for Bobby Singer."

He gave her a hard look, "What do you want with him?"

"Don't you think it's rude to answer the door of someone else's home, you idjit?" An older man asked from behind the young man. "Dean, go on to the kitchen and eat."

The young man, Dean, gave Shia once last look over before leaving.

"Um, Bobby Singer?" Shia asked as she subconsciously played with her fingers. She was hoping that the man was a lot nicer than he looked. He had a resting hard face, coated by his beard. He looked dirty, as if he's been working all day.

"Yup, that's me. What can I do for you?" Bobby asked. "Chocolate or mints?"

"I'm not a Girl Scout." Shia quickly said. "My name is Shia–"

"Say no more. I know who you are." Bobby said with his gruff voice. "Athena told me everything. You're her daughter and she needs me to help you survive while taking on the role as your father."

"Pretty much."

Bobby nodded, "Come on in, there's some food waiting in the kitchen. Let me get your bags."

Shia gave him her two duffle bags before walking into the kitchen. She wasn't hungry but she could really use something to drink.

She walked in on a conversation between Dean and two other people. As soon as the older man noticed her, he stopped talking. All eyes were in her.

"Uh, hi." She greeted them awkwardly. Dean's eyes stayed on her.

"Who are you?" The youngest boy in the room asked. "I'm Sam."

"My name is Shia." She said avoiding the gazes coming her way.

"John, Sam, and Dean...this Shia, I adopted her. She'll be here every time you come over. So, get use to her." Bobby said from behind Shia. He made things less awkward, Shia was grateful for that.

"Why don't you come over here and eat something, Shia?" John told the girl. "I have to have a word with Bobby."

Shia glanced up at Bobby, he nodded at her. She walked over and sat beside Dean, it was the only chair available at the moment. John and Bobby walked into other room to more than likely discuss the new person in the house.

"They're probably talking about you." Sam told the girl in front of him.

"Shut up, Sam." Dean said in a hush tone.

"I agree with him. They're probably talking about me."

"You don't know that. Dad's about to leave for a hunt. We're gonna be here for a few weeks."

"Really?" Sam asked, his eyes sparkling. Although, he wouldn't be with his dad...Sam always felt somewhat normal when they would stay with Bobby rather than traveling all the time.

"Why else would we be here?" Dean asked his brother rhetorically. He eyes then went to Shia who was stabbing at her steak. "You gonna eat that?"

"You can have it."

Dean smirked before grabbing her food, "thanks. I can get use to you."


~April 19, 1996 (approx. 3:17 p.m.)~

The months went by quickly, and Shia learned about everything quickly. She knew that if her mother was real that other beings had to be real as well. She started to get close to Sam and Dean, they were her friends. Sam was like the little brother she always wanted. But with Dean, it was different. They connected on another level. It was easy for him to talk to her. She made him laugh in ways that he didn't think anyone could make him laugh.

If she had a problem with someone at school, Dean was there to handle it for her. They would train together.

"If you're going to punch me, you better mean it." Dean said to Shia as she got ready for her afternoon mixed martial arts training session.

"I'm a trained professional, Dean. I don't want to hurt you." Shia said with a smirk. Dean chuckled.

"You hurt me? Come on sweetheart, not a chance."

Suddenly, Shia swung her hardest at Dean's face, he easily blocked it. Then she started to kick at him, to which he grabbed her leg, spinning her around and putting her in a position to where she was on the ground and he was hovering her.

"You were saying?" Dean asked with a cheeky grin. Shia countered him to where she was on top. "I love it when you take control like that."

Shia rolled her eyes, "you wish, Winchester." Shia got up and started at her punching bag. Dean stopped her as he inched closer to her.

"I'm not the only one who wishes." Dean said with a wink before leaving her alone to train. Shia watched him leave, her face getting heated from blushing so hard.


"The hunt was alright. It was a ghost, we dug her up. Quick salt and burn." Dean told Shia as she made him a sandwich.

"That sounds exciting." Shia said as she spread the mayo on the bread. "You know, I wish I could hunt more. I wouldn't want it to be a constant thing...just whenever I needed to get steam off...I want to hunt."

"We should hunt together." Dean said as he took a sip from his drink. "I mean when you're old enough to leave the house without Bobby's say so."

Shia turned around to look at the young hunter. "I'd like that."

"Yeah?" Dean asked. Shia gave him a small smile. "You and me...against the world."

"That has a ring to it." Shia said as she handed Dean his ham sandwich. Dean took it from her, his free hand lingering on her skin.

Dean's eyes went from her eyes to her lips. Shia sucked in her breath as Dean inched closer to her lips. Then, their lips touched, the sparks between them was unbelievable. Shia missed his lips as soon as they left hers. Dean felt the same way.

"Dean..." Shia whispered.

"Dean! Shia!" Sam called out. The pair split from each other as Sam walked in. "I'm not feeling so hot."

Shia reacted to his words instantly. "Oh Sam." She felt his head, he was very warm. "Okay, let's get you to bed."

"Feel better, bud." Dean told his little brother as Shia guided him upstairs.


"Your powers are growing," Bobby said as he flipped through the pages of his book on Greek mythology.

"I would assume so." Shia said as her brown eyes went to a blue, white color. Her eyes could be compared to the eyes of Storm, a fictional character in the DC comics. She began to manipulate the object in front of her, allowing it to levitate over the table it sat on. "I mean, I'm getting older."

"When you want to tell the boys?"

"When it'll be absolutely necessary for them to know." Shia guided the object back in place before looking at the man she now calls dad. "I don't want them to think I'm a freak."

"You ain't a freak. I don't want to ever hear you say something like that again!" Bobby snapped. The older hunter wanted to protect his daughter from her own insecurities. He knew she wasn't a freak, she didn't ask to be born. As long as she use her powers for good, he'll never think less of her. "You need to understand that you're wanted and you belong." Bobby walked out the room, getting ready to start dinner for him and his kid.

Shia watched him walk off. He was right, she was wanted and she belonged.

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