"Good feeling

Won't you stay with me just a little longer

It always seems like your leaving

When I need you here just a little longer

Dear lady there's so many things

That I have come to fear

Little voice says I'm going crazy

To see all my worlds disappear

Vague sketch of a fantasy

Laughing at the sunrise

Like he's been up all night

Ooh slippin' and slidin'

What a good time but now

Have have to find a bed

That can take this wait." – Violet Femmes


No Rest For The Wicked (3x16)

~April 6, 1997~

Shia was at her high school prom, her date ditched her for the head cheerleader who looked "lonely."

"Every guy grab a girl. Let's think about that good feeling." The DJ said before playing the track "Good Feeling" by Violet Femmes.

Shia sat there thinking that her date would actually walk over to her and ask her to dance, but of course, that didn't happen. Shia sighed as she played with her fingers.

"You come here often?" A familiar voice said from behind her. Shia immediately recognized the lame pick up line. She turned around to see Dean Winchester dressed in a suit and tie. Shia couldn't believe her eyes, the guy cleaned up nice.

"What are you doing here?" Shia asked coolly, she was trying her best not to sound excited.

"I-l was invited a few months back..."

Shia invited Dean to her prom as her date a few months ago but she didn't hear from him.

"It's a shame. I already have a date."

"Doesn't look like it." Dean said with a small smirk. Shia shifted on her feet. She looked from Dean to her date, who was having fun without her. Her brown orbs landed on Dean once more. Giving in to his offer, she sighed.

"Okay. I'll dance with you." Shia told him. Dean grabbed her hand and guided her to the dance floor. His hand then grabbed her waist. He pulled her close. Shia felt her breathing become uneasy as she was pulled into Dean's embrace. The duo swayed back and forth to the punk folk music.

"Thank you...for coming." Shia whispered to the oldest Winchester brother.

"I wouldn't have missed it for the world." Dean told her. "You look beautiful by the way."

"Thanks, Dean. I say you look pretty damn good yourself." Shia said with a grin before lifting her head off his chest. His eyes were on hers. Dean's eyes flicked from her lips to her eyes.


"Yeah?" He asked.

"Do me a favor," she whispered, looking into his green eyes. "don't hurt me."

"I would never do that." Dean said before leaning down to press his lips against hers.

Good feeling. Won't you stay with me just a little longer. It always seems like your leaving when I need you here just a little longer.

~May 2nd, 2008 (Bobby's House)~


Shia watched her small child sleep while she thought about the final hours she had left with Dean. Her ached for not only Dean but for Sam, her daughter, and people who cared for Dean. Shia pushed off her feelings for so long. She was scared as to what was going to happen to Dean in hell. She knew deep down that there was no saving Dean, so in a way...she made peace with his death.

Shia slowly made her way out of Lynx's room and to the next room.

"So if we do save you... Let's never do that." Shia heard the younger Winchester say as he snickered.

"Yeah..." Dean said.

"Do what?" Shia asked as she entered the room the brothers were in. Dean looked at Sam and shook his head.

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"Hmm." Shia hummed as she walked over to grab some books and started searching for ways to "save" Dean. Dean looked down at the books as Sam sat down next to him.

"Hey, Dean." Sam said with a sigh. "Look, we're cutting it close, I know. But we're gonna get this done. I don't care what it takes, Dean. You're not gonna go to hell. I'm not gonna let you." Dean looked over to his brother. "I swear. Everything's gonna be okay." Dean's hallucinations were starting but he didn't want to alarm his brother or wife.

"Yeah, okay," was Dean's reply.


Bobby opened a map of the United States, placed an old tracking device over it. The ball had a flat, metal piece going around it with symbols on it. Further down the legs there's another metal piece, only bigger. From the ball hanged pendulum device that was sharp on the end so that it can pinpoint a specific place.

"So you need a name, that's the whole kit and caboodle. With the right name, right ritual, ain't nothing you can't suss out." Bobby told the three adults in the room.

"Like the town Lilith's in?" Sam asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Kid, when I get done, we'll know the street." Bobby said confidently. Shia smirks as she shook her head. Dean stood beside his wife, his hand held her waist. These last few hours will be the only hours that he'll ever have to express his love for her.

Bobby began the ritual, started the swing for the pendulum and then chanted in Latin. As Dean, Shia, and Sam watch, the pendulum began to search over the map until it suddenly stopped.

"New Harmony, Indiana." Bobby told them. Dean looked up at him from the map. "And we have a winner."

"Alright." Sam said as he pushed the pendulum away and looked at Bobby. "Let's go."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Let's all shut up there, Tex." Dean said.

"What's the problem?"

"What's the problem? Come on, where do I begin? I mean, first of all, we don't even know if Lilith holds my deal. We're going off of Bela's intel? Now when that bitch breathes, the air comes out crooked. Okay. Second, even if we could get to Lilith, we have no way to gank her. And third, isn't this the same Lilith that wants your giant head on a pike? Should I continue?" Dean explained to his brother. Shia shifted on her feet, taking in what Dean just said.

"Dean has a point." Shia said as she wrapped her arms around herself.

"Ain't you just bringing down the room." Bobby commented.

"Yeah, well, it's a gift." Dean retorted.

"I'm sorry, so then what are we supposed to do, Dean?" Sam asked his brother.

"Just 'cause I gotta die doesn't mean you have to, okay. Either we go in smart or we don't go in at all."

"Okay, fine. If that's the case I have the answer."

"You do?" Shia and Dean asked in unison, their eyebrows raised. Shia had an unease feeling in her stomach, somehow she knew that this was not going to end well.

"Yeah. A sure-fire way to confirm it's Lilith and a way to get us a bona fide demon-killing ginsu."

Anger appeared on Dean's face. "Damn it, Sam, no," he said.

"We're so passed arguing. Dean, I am summoning Ruby."

"The hell you are! We have enough problems as it is."

"Exactly. And we've got no time and no choice either."

"Come on, man, she is the Miss Universe of lying skanks, okay. She told you that she could save me, huh, lie. She seems to know everything about Lilith but forgot to mention, oh right - Lilith owns my soul!"

"Okay, fine. She's a liar. She's still got that knife."

"Dean," Bobby said.

"For all we know, she works for Lilith," Dean continued, ignoring Bobby.

"Then give me another option, Dean," Sam countered. "I mean, tell me what else."

"Sam's right," Bobby told him.

"No! Damn it," Dean exclaimed, catching them all of guard. He took a deep breath. "Just no. We are not gonna make the same mistakes all over again. You guys wanna save me, find something else."

Shia sighed as she watched Dean walk back over to the table and sit down. Bobby grabbed his jacket.

"Where are you going, Bobby," Sam asked.

"I guess to find something else," Bobby answered before walking out of the house.

Sam turned to Shia and she shook her head. "I'm staying out of this," she said softly. She shot him an apologetic look, then walked upstairs to her daughter's room.


Michelle, Shia's half-sister, was sitting in Lynx's room. Making sure the child was sleeping well. Michelle's heart ached for Shia. She couldn't imagine how she must feel. Her husband is going to hell, literally. And big time demons are after her baby.

There was a stir and whimper coming from the crib a few feet away from where Michelle stood. Walking over to the crib, Michelle noticed a very much awake Lynx staring up at her.

Michelle smiled at her niece. "You took a nap, huh?"

Lynx stood up on her feet, her small hands placed on the crib handles. Lynx wheezed at her aunt, not really knowing how to say the words she wanted to say. The baby wanted to get out of her crib.

"Someone's awake." Shia said, entering the room with a sippy cup full of milk. Lynx squealed, seeing her mom was now in the room. Michelle looked at the baby with awe, very happy to see the relationship Shia has with her child.

"Um, I'm going to go to my room. Look through some more books." Michelle told Shia. Shia gave her sister a small smile, before nodding.

Shia walked over to Lynx, picking her up. The baby rested on Shia's waist, holding on to her shirt, pulling it down slightly. "Hi, bugga! You have a good nap? I know you did."

"Can't believe she's about to be a year old." Dean said, leaning against the doorway. He loved watching his wife and daughter interact with each other.

"Yeah, in just a few days." Shia said, turning to Dean. As soon as Lynx took in Dean's presence, she started squealing and jumping on Shia's waist. Dean and Shia chuckled as he grabbed his daughter from Shia's arms.

"Always happy to see daddy, huh?" Dean asked Lynx as she wrapped her tiny arms around his neck, gripping on his short hair. Shia gave Lynx her sippy cup, which she took happily. Lynx faced her mom's direction, laying her head on Dean's shoulder.

"She barely took a nap." Shia told Dean, while she played in Lynx's hair.

"Lynx, you need to start sleeping longer." Dean playfully scolded the baby. She smiled at him, her face went red. Feeling a little shy under her parent's gaze, the baby hid her face in Dean's neck.

"Such a daddy's girl. I'm jealous." Shia said with a grin.

"Yeah, she's a daddy's girl. Lynx, say "daddy". Come on, say it." Dean encouraged his child as he blew raspberries in her neck, making her go into a fit of laughter.

"Micheal said that she'll say her first words when she's ready." Shia reminded her husband. They have both been working on word development with their soon to be year old. Concerned with her lack of vocabulary, they went to seek advice from Shia's brother, Micheal, who told them there was nothing wrong with the baby...she'll talk when she's ready.

"I know, I just want to hear something before..." Dean began to say, referring to his deal coming to an end. Shia sighed, her gaze locked on Dean. For a moment, she forgot about everything. Somehow, Dean always make sure she's brought back to reality.

"Yeah, I know." Shia replied. Lynx decided she didn't want her cup so she threw it on the floor before she started crying. "Dean, take her downstairs and get her something to eat."

Dean nodded, walking away with a very fussy Lynx. Shia watched them go. As she picked up the sippy cup, Shia couldn't help but let out a silent sob.


~May 3rd, 2008 (BOBBY'S HOUSE)~


Shia leaned against the doorway to the makeshift dining room with Lynx on her hip; playing with one of her toys, not paying too much attention to the adults in the room. Weapons were spread out on the table. Sam and Dean were silently loading weapons, while their backs were towards Shia. She had heard the fight with Ruby earlier as she looked through the many books on the table with Michelle while Lynx slept in her lap.

Sam sighed. "We're just gonna let Ruby rot down there," he asked.

Dean doesn't look up from his gun. "That's the idea. Don't want her roaming around while Lynx is here."

"Dean, what if, uh, what if Ruby's right? What if I can take out Lilith?" Dean looked up at him. Shia didn't need to see his face to know that he was angry. "Quit looking at me like that."

"What? Are you gonna give her the Carrie stare and Lilith goes poof?"

"I don't know what Ruby meant. You know, maybe we should just go ask her."

"Sam, you wanted the knife. I got you the knife," Dean argued.

"Dean, just listen to me for a second. Last time Lilith snapped her fingers and put thirty demons on our ass and all we got's one little knife? I mean, like you said, we go in smart or we don't go in at all."

"Well, this ain't smart."

"We got one shot at this, Dean. Just one. So, if there's a surefire way then maybe we should just talk about it."

"Sam. We are not gonna make the same mistake all over again."

"You said that but what does it even mean?"

"Don't you see a pattern here? Dad's deal, my deal, now this? I mean every time one of us is - is up the creek the other is begging to sell their soul. That's all this is, man. Ruby's just jerking your chain down the road. You know what it's paved with and you know where it's going."

Dean walked around the table. He saw Shia leaning against the doorway with Lynx, silently watching them. Lynx changed her position on her mom, she was now wrapped her mom's abdomen with her head on Shia's shoulders, playing with her mommy's necklace.

"Dean," Sam said, causing him to look away from his girls. "What do you think is gonna happen? This is me, I can handle it. And if it'll save you..."

"Why even risk it?"

Sam glanced at the table, then looked up. "Because you're my brother. Because you did the same thing for me."

"I know...and look how that turned out." Sam looked away from him.

"All I'm saying...Sammy, all I'm saying is that you and Shia are my weak spots when it comes to hunting." Sam looked at him, stunned. Shia wasn't shock to hear about Dean's weak spots, it was obvious. "You are. And we're yours."

"You don't mean that," Sam argued. His voice laced with emotion. "We're...we're family."

"I know. And those evil sons of bitches know it too. I mean, what we'll do for each other, you know, how far we'll go? They're using it against us."

"So what? We just stop looking out for each other?"

"No, we stop being martyrs, man. We - we - we stop spreading it for these demons." Dean picked up the knife he had stolen from Ruby. "We take this knife and we go after Lilith our way. The way Dad taught us to. And if we go down, then, uh, then we go down swinging." Sam just stared at him. "What do you think?"

Sam glanced at the floor. "I think you totally should have been jamming Eye of the Tiger right there."

"Oh, bite me. I totally rehearsed that speech too."

Sam smiled. "So, Indiana huh?"

"Yeah, where Lilith's on shore leave."

"Yeah, I guess."

"Tell me something. The hell's a demon do for fun?"

"Well, I'm guessing it's not a trip to the Bahamas," Shia said, pushing away from the doorway, switching Lynx on her hip again. Sam looked at her, shocked that he hadn't noticed her before. "So, what's the game plan?"

Sam glanced at Dean, then back at her. "Look, Shia, maybe you should..." He trailed off at the glare she sent him. Sam turned to Dean. "So, what's the game plan?"

"We pack up and hit the road," Dean answered.

"Okay." Shia turned and started out of the room. She paused and looked back at them. "Don't think about leaving without me. I'll be on both of your asses."

Dean watched as she left the room. He glanced at Sam, then continued packing up the weapons. "Take care of her. Take care of both of them, Sam."

Sam nodded, not wanting to start another argument about how he'll see his baby again. "Of course. You already know I will."


Shia was giving Lynx's baby bag to Michelle. She was making them head to Julius' apartment for a couple of days. Mainly because she didn't want Lynx and Michelle alone in a house with a demon.

Lynx was standing up, playing with her toys on the coffee table when Shia walked over and gave her a kiss.

"Mommy is going to miss you. We'll be back soon. Okay, bugga?" Shia said to her toddler who wasn't paying her too much attention. "You and Aunt Michelle are going to visit Uncle Julius for a couple of days."

Lynx looked at her mommy for a moment, then went back to playing with her toys. Shia smiled softly at the little girl before walking over to the men in her life. They were standing in the doorway, waiting for Shia to say bye to Lynx.

"Okay, let's go." Shia asked, walking past the men. Everyone started to walk off. Michelle was about to pick up Lynx before Dean stopped her.

"Wait." Dean said walking over to his child. He got on one knee to level with the toddler, he ran his fingers through her soft dirty blonde, curly hair. "Hey, chunky monkey."

Lynx's big hazel eyes were locked on Dean, but her attention wasn't kept long, she turned back to one of her toys putting in her mouth.

"Hey, I just wanted to let you know that daddy loves you so much." Everyone heard the crack in Dean's voice towards the end of his sentence. It's been said that the love Dean has for his daughter is unexplainable. "You're going to grow up to be an amazing little lady. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and your mom. I've done a lot of things that I regret but you...I don't regret you, not for one second. And I never will. Daddy has to go but I want you to know...there will never be a time that I'll stop loving you."

Dean blinked away the loose tears in his eyes before giving his daughter a kiss on her small lips, then a kiss on her forehead. He stood up, giving Lynx look before walking off.

Lynx looked at father walk away. She grabbed her favourite block, which just so happen to have the letter "D" on it. Lynx wobbled quickly behind the adults but she felt like she was loosing them because they were so much faster than her. So she did something that no one expected.

"Dada!" Lynx said loudly, which came off as a small scream. All the adults froze. Dean and Shia turned around to see their baby follow behind them. "Dada!"

They weren't dreaming, she said her first words. She called out for her daddy, just like Dean wanted.

"Dada!" Dean got on his knees, pulling his toddler into a tight hug. Her small arms wrapped around his neck, her free hand ruffling through his hair. Lynx pulled away from Dean, giving him her favorite block before walking back over to Michelle.

Dean was on his feet again, smiling proudly to himself. Dean looked at Shia with a grin to which she returned.

Then their faces turned serious again, they had business to tend to. So, they left.


Dean glanced in the backseat to see Shia still asleep. He chuckled to himself softly. He was always amazed at how much she could sleep through, like him and Sam singing along to Bon Jovi.

A siren went off and Sam looked at Dean, confused. "We getting pulled over."

Dean glanced in the side mirror. "I've got a busted tail light. It's not like we're in a hurry or nothing."

Dean pulled the Impala over and the police car stopped behind them. Sam grabbed a fake license and registration from the glove compartment as Dean rolled down the window. A police officer walked up and shined the flashlight in the car. "Problem officer," Dean asked, not looking at the officer.

Shia then slowly opened her eyes, she then noticed that they were stopped by a cop. But something in the pit of her stomach did not feel right.

"License and registration, please," the officer replies. Dean handed over the papers. "Do you realize you have a tail light out, Mr. Hagard?"

Dean looked at him and stares for a moment. "Yes...yes, sir. Uh, you know I've been meaning to take care of that. As a matter of fact..." He shoved the door open, hitting the officer in the stomach.

"Dean," Sam shouted, climbing out of the Impala.

Shia followed Sam in suit. She was confused as to why Dean was taking down a cop but she thought that Dean had a good reason. At least, she hoped so.

Dean punched the officer a few times, before pulling out the demon killing knife. Sam ran around the Impala. Dean shoved the knife in the officer's throat.

They watch as the officer flashed orange before falling to the ground. Bobby pulled up behind them and climbed out of his car. "What the hell happened," he questioned, looking between the body on the ground and Winchesters.

"Dean just killed a demon," Sam answered, stunned. He turned to Dean. "How'd you know?"

Dean was panting and staring at the body. He looked up, worried. "I just knew. I could see it's face. It's real face under that one."

Shia's eyes went wide. Her and Bobby shared a look. They both knew what it meant.


Shia practiced her hand motion for her use of power as she watched the guys covered the police car with branches.

"So what, now you're seeing demons," Sam asked, dropping a branch on the car.

Dean rubbed his face. "I've seen all kinds of things lately but...nothing like this."

"It's not too weird, you know," Shia comments, shoving her hands in her jeans back pockets. The boys looked at her.

"How's it not weird, babe," Dean asked.

"You've got like five hours left, Dean. So...you're moments away from getting deployed." Shia tried to explain, by wanting to freak Dean out too much.

"So, what are you saying?" Dean asked, his voice hinting a lace of annoyance.

Shia rolled her eyes. "You're about to be one of Hell's bitches, Dean. So, you can see all of Hell's other bitches."

A surprised look appeared on Dean's face. "Thank you," he mocked. "That's helping my nerves to calm down."

"Well, actually it could come in pretty handy," Sam said.

"Oh, well, I'm glad my doomed soul is good for something."

"Damn right," Bobby replied. "Lilith's probably got demons stashed all over town. We can't let them sound the alarm. She knows we're here, we're dead before we've started."

"Well, this is a terrific plan. I'm excited to be apart of it. Can we go, please?" Dean said sassily. Dean walked away. Bobby sighed and followed him.

Sam walked beside Shia as they headed back towards the Impala. "How'd you know that," he quietly asked.

"My dad is Bobby Singer, little offended you expected me not to know," Shia said with a hint of humor. It was always Shia to try to get through pain and hard times with humor, it was her way of dealing with things. She stopped for a moment, making Sam turn to her. "No matter what happens, Sam, we'll be fine. I promise." Shia shot him a soft smile as they continued their path to the cars.


Shia sighed and leaned against Dean as she stared at the house across the street.

She had looked through the binoculars to see a family celebrating a little girl's birthday. Except that the little girl had a dead body laying on a birthday cake sitting at the table and the girl's parents were terrified.

"Soooo fucked up." Shia whispered, mostly to herself but everyone heard her. They agreed with her.

"It's the little girl. Her face is awful," Dean commented.

"Alright then, let's go. We're wasting time," Sam replied. He turned and started to make his way downstairs, but Dean grabbed his arm.


"For what? For it to kill the rest of them?"

"Yeah and us too if we're not careful. Look." Dean pointed the mailman slowly putting mail in a mailbox. "See the real go getter mailman on the clock at nine pm?"

Dean pointed to a different man, this one sitting on a porch smoking a pipe. "And Mr. Rogers over there."

"Demons?" Bobby asked.

"Yes." Dean said with a slight nod.

"So, we just sneak past them," Shia suggested, pulling her hair in a ponytail. And adjusting the tape she put over her knuckles to prevent bruising if she ended up doing some hand combat.

"Then what? Give a columbian necktie to a ten year old girl? Come on!"

Shia let out heavy breath. "Look, Dean, babe, we know it's horrible."

"You think?"

"This isn't just about saving you, Dean," Sam continued for Shia. "This is about saving everybody."

Bobby nodded in agreement. "She's gotta be stopped, son."

Dean glanced out the window, then he sighed. "Damn it."


Their plan was distracting a few of the demons and killing them behind the houses. Dean would make a noise and the demon would follow him to where Sam was waiting. Sam would grab the demon and Shia would stab the demon with the knife.

As Shia and Sam made their way through the woods to the next house, they see Dean get slammed into a fence. They quickly run over to him and see that it's Ruby. "I'd like my knife back, please. Or your neck snaps like a chicken bone," she coldly said.

Shia tightened her grip on the knife and walked up behind her. "Well, he doesn't exactly have the knife on him at the moment," she replied, placing the knife on Ruby's throat. "Get the fuck off my husband."

Ruby backed away from Dean and Shia moved to stand by Sam.

"How the hell did you get out," Dean asked.

"What you don't know about me could fill a book," Ruby replied.

Dean's gaze suddenly widened.



Dean looked away, but glanced at the demon then quickly looked away again. "Nothing. I just...I couldn't see you before, but you're one ugly broad."

Ruby stepped towards Shia, ignoring Dean. "Give me the knife before you hurt yourself, demi bitch," the demon demanded.

"You'll get it when this over," Sam answered for Shia. Shia glanced at Sam before making her way over to Dean, only to make sure he was okay.

"It's already over. I gave you a way to save Dean, you shot me down. Now it's too late. He's dead. And I'm not gonna let you die too."

"Yeah, well, if you try to stop us, bitch, I'll kill you," Shia snapped. "Something I've been wanting to do for a while."

Ruby glared at her. "Hit me with your best shot, baby. I will drag your ass."

"Please, bitch, I will dog walk your ass. No hesitation—" Shia started.

"Girls, girls! Hey. Have your little cat fight later," Dean interrupted, motioning to the group of demons watching.

"Oh shit." Shia muttered.

"So much for the element of surprise."

"Go, go! Run! Run," Sam said, pushing Ruby forward. The four of them took off running towards the house that Lilith was staying in.

Shia didn't look back to see the group of demons chasing them. Sam reached the house first and kneeled down to pick the lock.

"What the hell is taking Bobby," Dean asked as he and Shia joined Sam and Ruby on the porch.

"Sam, move your ass," Shia said, watching the demons getting closer.

"I'm trying," Sam replied. Suddenly the sprinklers turned on. A couple of demons on the lawn screamed as the holy water hit them. Sam got the door open and entered the house with Shia and Ruby. Dean stood there a second, laughing at the demons on the other side of the lawn.

Shia rolled her eyes. "You think making fun of them is a good idea? Come on." She turned and jumped at seeing the dead body in the hallway. "Fuck."

Sam grabbed the demon killing knife out of Shia's hand. Dean closed the door and turned to see the body. "You think Lilith knows we're here," he questioned.

"Probably," Ruby answered. Sam took the lead as they walked through the house.

A door creaked behind Dean and he turned to see a man middle aged man. He quickly grabbed the man and covered his mouth as Sam, Shia, and Ruby turn to them.

"We're here to help. Okay," Dean whispered. "I'm gonna move my hand and we're gonna talk nice and quiet, okay?"

The man nodded and Dean removed his hand. "Sir, where is your daughter," Sam asked.

"It's not...it's not her anymore," the man replied.

"Where is she?"

"Upstairs. In her bedroom."

"Okay, okay, okay. Listen to me," Dean said. "I want you to go downstairs to the basement. Put a line of salt at the door behind you. Do you understand me?"

"Not without my wife."

"Yes, without your wife." Shia said to the man, giving him a stern look.


Dean quickly punched the man and he fell unconscious. Dean picked him up and tossed him on his shoulder. He looked at the other three, then walked out of the living room. Shia walked towards Dean to follow him but he nodded for her to follow Sam and Ruby.

Silently, Sam, Shia and Ruby made their way upstairs. There were two rooms at the top of the stairs. Ruby took the one on the right while Sam and Shia entered the one on the left.

The room was light pink with a canopy bed in the middle. Toys were scattered along the floor.

Shia stood back as Sam made his way towards the bed. He pulled back the curtain to reveal a middle aged woman with a blonde girl wearing a pink dress. The girl was asleep. The woman looked at Sam.

"Do it," she whispered. "Do it." Sam raised the knife and the girl moved, slowly starting to wake up. "Do it. Do it!"

The girl opened her eyes and screamed. Shia was confused as to why the demon didn't try to escape the child's body before Sam killed her.

Sam lunged but someone grabbed his arm. He looked to see Dean.

"It's not her! It's not in the girl anymore," he said. Sam looked unsure for a moment.

"He can tell. Remember, Sam?" Shia reminded the vengeance seeking Winchester.

The small group made their way downstairs, helping the girl and woman walk on their feet. Shia felt bad for them, seeing how they were still spooked.

"Alright, no matter what you hear, you, your husband, and your daughter stay in the basement," Dean explained to the woman, leading them to the basement.

Shia sighed and glanced at a clock. It was nearing midnight. "Well, I hate to be a 'told you so,'" Ruby commented.

Shia clinched her fists before turning to the demon. "Then tell us where she went."

"I don't know."

"Good for nothing, bitch," Shia mumbled to herself.

"So, maybe she got past the sprinklers." Sam commented.

Ruby scoffed as they entered the living room. "Her pay grade, she ain't sweating the holy water."

"Okay. You win," Sam said causing Shia to look at him. "What do I have to do?"

"What do you mean," Ruby asked.

"To save Dean. What do you need me to do?"

Dean grabbed his shoulder forcing Sam to look at him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Sam pulled himself out of Dean's grip. "Just shut up for a second. Ruby!"

"You had your chance. You can't just flip a switch. We needed time," Ruby replied.

"Well, there's gotta be something. There's gotta be some way, whatever it is, I'll do it." Dean moved to grab him but Sam pushed him away. "Don't, Dean! I'm not gonna let you go to Hell, Dean!"

"Yes, you are," Dean exclaimed. Sam stared at him. Shia looked at the ground, blinking back the tears. Her heart beginning to ache. "Yes, you are. I'm sorry. I mean, this is all my fault. I know that. But what you're doing, it's not gonna save me. It's only gonna kill you."

Sam looked away for a moment, then turned back to his brother with tears in his eyes. "Then what am I supposed to do?"

"Keep fighting. Take care of my wheels. Take care of my girls. Make sure Shia doesn't get herself killed since she has Lynx to raise. Sam, remember what Dad taught you...okay?" Sam nodded. "And remember what I taught you."

Dean looked over at Shia. She avoided his gaze. Dean didn't want this part to happen. Saying goodbye to his wife hurt a little more than saying goodbye to Sam.

"I know you've been avoiding me because you hate goodbyes." Dean said, placing his on Shia's cheek. Brushing away her tears with his thumb. "But I want you to know that I love you. I love you so fucking much. I'll never stop loving you. Take care of Lynx. Watch out for Sammy. Okay?"

Shia nodded reluctantly before pulling her husband in for one last kiss.

A ringing caused them to pull apart and see the grandfather clock in the corner. It was midnight.

Shia sobbed, knowing what was coming next. Sam allowed his tears to flow freely. Dean forced a smile, trying to hold back his own tears.

He turned to Shia, kissing her once more...for the last time.

"I'm sorry, Dean," Ruby quietly said. "I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy."

Shia watched as Dean's face became emotionless. He stared at the front door. "Hellhound," he said.

"Where," Shia softly questioned. Dean motioned at the door. "There." Dean stood there for a moment, then ran out of the room with the others behind him.

They entered a small dinning room, Shia slammed the doors shut after Ruby entered the room. The hunters and demon held the banging doors shut as Dean poured some goofer dust on the ground.

Shia let out a relived breath and moved herself from the doors. Her readings about hell hounds in the back of her mind.

"Give me the knife," Ruby said. "Maybe I can fight it off."

Shia looked at her confused, eyeing her with suspicion. "What?"

"Come on! That dust won't last forever."

Dean turned and looked between Sam, Shia, and Ruby. Sam took out the knife and started to hand it to Ruby.

"Wait," Dean shouted.

"You wanna die," Ruby asked him.

"Sam, that's not Ruby. It's not Ruby!" Shia stepped back, her suspicion was true. The demon in front of her was not Ruby.

Sam was flung into the wall being held up by invisible bonds. He dropped the knife in the process.

Shia's eyes went to her power color, using her force to attempt to harm Lilith. Lilith mocked Shia's ability by coughing, laughing at Shia's attempt.

"Oh honey, I've been training to kill you..." Lilith then flung the demi god into the wall, a spot right beside Sam. Shia struggled against the demon's force as Lilith forced Dean onto a table.

"How long you been in her?"

The entire facial expression on the demon changed. "Not long," Lilith replied, examining the body she was in. "But I like it. It's all grown up and pretty."

Shia noticed at the demon's eyes. Instead of the normal black, they were white. "Where's Ruby," Shia asked.

"She was a very bad girl, so I sent her far, far away."

"You know, I should have seen it before," Dean taunted. "But you all look alike to me."

Lilith glanced at him before moving to Sam. "Hello, Sam. I've wanted to meet you for a very long time." She grabbed his chin and forcefully kissed him. "Your lips are soft."

Sam tried jerking his head away, but it was no use. "Right, so you have me. Let my brother go."

"Silly goose. You wanna bargain, you have to have something that I want. You don't."

"So, this is your big plan, huh? Drag me to Hell. Kill Sam and Shia. And then what? Become queen bitch," Dean coldly questioned.

"I don't have to answer to puppy chow," Lilith snapped. They silently watch as Lilith moved over to the door. She grabbed the handle and opened the door. "Sick 'em, boys!"

Shia watched in horror as the invisible hellhound dragged Dean off the table. He let out a strangled scream.

"Stop it," Shia screamed. Tears were streaming down her face. "Make it stop! Fuck you! Stop it!"

The hellhound ripped into Dean's chest and legs. "Stop it," Sam shouted.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" Shia screamed. Lilith stood there with a smile on her face. Dean managed to roll onto his stomach, the hellhounds started to tear into his back. Then he's flipped onto his back again, the hellhounds feasting on his stomach . "No!"

"No," Shia whispered, her voice cracking. Blood was pouring out the gaping wounds on him. Dean stopped moving. "No."

"Yes! My next stop...that pretty little baby of yours. I figured, if I can kill you, I know I can kill that semi god that everyone seems to be so afraid of." Lilith said. She held out her hand and a white light shot through her fingers.

Shia closed her eyes. She groaned when she landed on the floor. Sam was on the floor as well, stunned.

Lilith seemed just as shocked. Shia slowly started to crawl over to Dean as Sam stood up. He took a step towards the demon. Lilith held her hand out.

"Back." He took another step. "I said back."

Sam picked up the knife off the floor. "I don't think so," he angrily said. He raised the knife, ready to kill the demon. Suddenly, black smoke flew out of Ruby's body and it crumpled to the floor.

Shia tentatively placed a hand on Dean's chest. Sam kneeled down next to her.

"You think she'll go after Lynx?" Shia asked the younger Winchester brother, her eyes still focused on Dean.

"She couldn't kill you. I doubt she'll go after Lynx."

Moments passed by, then Shia sobbed out this terrible, heart aching wailing cry. Sam placed his arms around his sister in law. They were both openly crying. Shia buried her face in Sam's chest, soaking his shirt. Sam held on to her, soothing her by brushing his fingers through her hair. Sam was just as hurt as she was...but he remembered what Dean told him months ago.

'You got to hold it together, Sammy. For Shia. She's going to be a wreck. Let it all out when she's not around through. Just...be strong.'

Sam closed his eyes, when he decided to open them his face and eyes was laced with one motion.


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