Disclaimer: Last Blade is the property of the deceased SNK (now Playmore) and as such, so are all of the characters, moves, and plotlines associated with them. This is not done for profit but merely to entertain thoughts about favorite characters, etc…

This is also a Setsuna-centric fic. I love his soul-crushing SDM!


Pathetic human. I sneer as I watch your face contort in pain, in maddening agony as the darkness of my demonic grasp twists your soul from your body. You writh, you try but you cannot break an immortal hold on your mortal flesh. I see you through the transparency of the glass pane, of the mirror that doubles you and lets you see your own demise. A reflection does its work, does it not? Your eyes grow wide as you witness the smearing of your own blood on that hard canvas. Blood is so beautiful when it's shed from a dying mortal. It's even more exotic and disturbing when it becomes part of this dark rite I am about to perform.

Transfixed as you are, you cannot do much. You can only watch.

As an emissary of Hades' Gate, I, Setsuna, shrouded in the flesh of a young man, plunge my hand forward through the glass and into the softness of your body. Your mouth opens in a silent scream, a scream that will never be heard; you will soon be nothing but a fallen corpse lying pitifully in the dust. Your clothes are stained with crimson and a trickle slips from the edges of your mouth like a raindrop of pain. I smile in malicious delight as your eyes roll in your head and refocus, blurred with pain and disbelief.

Never declare yourself a victor over a demon.

My, how weak are the souls of humans! You cannot fight my power; I catch the resistant but weak remnants of your spirit, clutching it in my fist with triumph. Your soul pulsates in my hand, gathered into its true form – a glowing blue orb that has been bestowed to you ever since the god and goddess created this island of Japan. As their enemy, as the vanquisher of mortals, I am here to destroy these spiritual gifts that give you life. I am here to cut you down, to obliterate your useless race.

Glass pane and soul shatter as one.

Shards of glittering beauty lie strewn around your pathetic form, now slumped facedown in the dirt. And you thought you could oppose me? Hah – what a joke you gave me! It amused me to see the astonishment in your face when your blade turned; it was even more of a thrill when I initiated the beginning of the rites, rooting you to the spot where you stood and elevating you so that you levitated. Mere mortals do not understand what they are up against.

Now you know, and your death is the last of your understanding.

I wipe my hands free of your blood, of your stench, and I turn away. So you thought you could avenge your master, Gaisei, eh? When I kill him, send him my regards…

Vessel of Seiryuu.