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Two big energy blasts met in the center of a battlefield which was now a wasteland as the two beams continued to push each other back and forth. The two warriors Gohan and Cell continued to push forward. The half Saiyan child Gohan was in his Super Saiyan 2 form fighting valiantly with one of his arms hanging loosely by his side with blood running down it unmoving. While his other arm was set out straight with an open palm and a blue energy blast flowing out of his hand.

On the other side of the energy blast was the green bio android and the ultimate creation of Doctor Gero, Cell in his perfect form with both hands stuck out.

Matching Gohan with his own Kamehameha wave "Having trouble with those injuries Gohan, I'm sure this makes them burn" said Cell as he let out a yell and poured more energy into his blast and started to push Gohan's blast back and dropping him to one knee.

As Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Krillin watched as the struggle went on between the two powerful warriors. Piccolo grunted in anger and took off into the sky to help Gohan with Yamcha, Tien and eventually Krillin following shortly behind him.

As Gohan continued to push back Cells energy blast, Goku encouraged from Other World "I know you can do this Gohan don't hold back" yelled Goku as Gohan started to push more power into the energy blast.

While Cell and Gohan continued their Ki clash Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Krillin appeared behind Cell and all started to charge up and launch energy blasts at Cells back. But where thrown to the ground by an invisible shock wave sent by Cell. The four warriors got back up and concentrated even harder than before as they started to blast Cell but seeming to have no effect other than to annoy Cell.

"Guy get out of their" Gohan yelled as he switched his attention to friends who were trying to help him in his battle.

"Gohan don't worry about the other's they can take care of themselves, concentrate and you can win" encouraged Goku.

While this was going on, a certain Saiyan Prince stood on the sidelines as he watched the two more powerful warriors continue their struggle. While the others were thrown to the ground once again with no energy left to stand up.

"It's time to die Gohan, but before you do I want you to remember one thing...I will live forever" yelled out Cell as he pushed more power into his Kamehameha wave and almost entirely overtaking Gohan's.

Gohan's feet started sliding back bit by bit as dirt was dug up and piled around his feet.

"I don't know how much longer I can keep this up," thought the half-Saiyan as the strain from the blast was becoming too much for him to take when he noticed something behind him.

Gohan gasped in shock as he saw it was Android 18, still unconscious from when he had punched Cell so hard in the stomach that he had literally coughed up the Android. Gohan didn't think about it for more than a millisecond as he continued to keep his concentration on his own Kamehameha wave. As Gohan struggled to fight back against Cells blast, an opportunity came from an unlikely source when suddenly a huge energy ball collided with cells side and causing him to be pushed and hurt a little bit. As Cell looked up, he saw a panting Vegeta with one arm out while the other holding his wrist.

"Gohan now is your chance, release everything" yelled Goku as he saw an opening from Cells distraction.

Gohan let out a fierce yell as he powered more and more power into his energy blast that continued to take over Cells. Slowly started to walk forward pushing Cell farther and farther back until the massive blue energy blast consumed Cell. As the energy blast consumed Cell the power being released by the half-saiyan caused a slight rip in the universe. As the lights died down a huge creator was seen in the middle of the desert and five warriors looking on at the scene before them. Gohan had defeated Cell and let a small smile grace his face as he dropped his Super Saiyan form and fell back in exhaustion. Letting the whole world around him go black, he lost consciousness falling into the small rip and disappearing before everyone`s eyes.

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