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Chapter 102


HAME" yelled out the fused Super Saiyan 4 when he suddenly stopped confusing Buu.

When both Zangya, 18 and an unconscious Frieza suddenly appeared above him with Zangya holding the dragon ball in her hand and 18 held the Arcosian under her arm.

"What?" yelled out Buu in surprise that they escaped when 18 suddenly kicked his head launching him backwards while the two flew away.

"No, get back here," yelled Buu as he tried to chase after the two but was cut off by Gogeta "Where do you think you're going? We haven't finished yet," said the fused Super Saiyan 4.


Gohan watched in amazement as he saw Zangya and 18 fly back over and quickly took off into the air and met up with them hugging the two of them tightly.

"Look we got the," said Zangya when Gohan suddenly cut her off with a kiss surprising her as he made out with her for a moment before suddenly turning to 18 and doing the same surprising the two.

Gohan finally pulled back and sighed as a tear dripped down his cheek "I thought I would never see you two again" confessed the Saiyan, which they hugged him back for.

When the group finally separated, Zangya showed Gohan the dragon ball "Look what we got" shocking the Saiyan as they flew back to their friends and showed them the ball they had recovered. When the group landed 18 was quick to toss the unconscious Arcosian aside, none to gently.

Zangya gave the dragon ball to Bulma who put it back with the others in relief when Gohan asked the two of them what was on everyone's mind "How did you guys survive and defuse?" asked the Saiyan in confusion.

"I'm not exactly sure, but I think it was the barrier we had up," said Zangya confusing the group.

"We had a small barrier up the entire fight, with my ability to have unlimited energy, it seemed like a smart strategy. And when we were looking for the dragon ball it ended up getting destroyed and we separated" explained 18 which Zangya nodded to.

"Well who knows what Buu could have inside of him that broke the Patora fusion, whatever it was, it seemed to work out for the best," said Old Kai which the others nodded to in agreement.


"It's time to end you Buu," said Gogeta with a smirk as he stuck out both hands in front of him like before and powered up when he suddenly started to glow silver and suddenly separated into Goku and Vegeta.

"What oh no, our time must be up," said Goku in realization as Buu grinned at them.

"Well too bad for you. You were so close" said Buu with a grin as he suddenly charged at them when Gohan rematerialized in the air beside Majin Buu and kicked the monster back.

Buu tumbled over himself on the ground before getting back up shakily growling at the three in anger. The four fighters got into a fighting stance as they prepared to continue their fight when suddenly the entire area around them started to shake like a massive earthquake was occurring when they looked up and saw cracks like on a glass appear up in the sky and ominous green energy seemed to pour out of it.

"What's happening?" said Gohan in fear as the shaking didn't stop.

"Oh no, it's happening. The universe is cracking under the pressure, it won't last much longer if it is happening all the way out here" said Old Kai in fear shocking everyone around them but it caused Buu to start laughing.

"Oh and you were so close," said the pink monster with a crazy maniacal laugh as he suddenly disappeared.

"What the hell is he doing?" asked Vegeta in confusion.

"He's running. He knows if we can't destroy him soon the entire universe will collapse. He's trying to run out the clock" answered Piccolo understanding the monsters plan.

"That bastard," said Vegeta in anger.

"I won't let him get away," said Gohan suddenly as he had made sure to keep a firm lock on Majin Buu's energy signal and suddenly disappeared.

Goku watched his son go and was about to leave himself when he was suddenly stopped by Old Kai "Goku before you go. If you manage to defeat Buu, you will need to come back here. You and Gohan are dead and when the universe snaps back into place if you're not in Other World you'll be wiped out and will cease to exist" warned the previous Supreme Kai.

"Right," said Goku with a nod as he disappeared as well.


Buu grinned as he took in the planet he had teleported to. Hovering over a city that was in turmoil as he looked up at the cracks that spread throughout the sky "Yes, yes" said Buu in happiness when he was suddenly punched in the face as Gohan rematerialized with the punch.

Buu groaned in pain as he felt the attack hurt him far greater than he thought but turned to Gohan ignoring it "Ah Gohan, are you here to join me to watch the end" asked Buu with a grin as he opened his arms up wide motioned to the destruction around them "Beautiful isn't it" said the beast.

"No" Gohan replied quietly as he glared at his opponent.

"Well we both know that by yourself you would stand no chance against me," said Buu with a grin when his back was suddenly kicked hard by Goku who flipped over his opponent and joined his son "He's not alone," said the Saiyan as both father and son got into a fighting stance.

"So this is it. The last fight with the universe at stake" said Buu with a grin "I feel as though more people should be watching, to see if their greatest heroes can succeed… or fail and know that they will all die" said Buu with a grin.

"We will stop you," said Gohan as father and son got back to back before charging the pink monster together.

Both fighters threw a kick at Buu, one on each side of him that the pink monster blocked with his forearms. Buu the retaliated quickly by grabbing both Saiyan's outstretched legs and spinning them around tossing them one to the left the other to the right. Both Gohan and Goku fell backwards but turned and placed their hands down facing towards Majin Buu as they powered up and released powerful energy blasts at their foe.

Majin Buu was not suspecting the attacks as he brought his arms up as they slammed into him and exploded on each side of him as he let out a yell of pain. The pink creature didn't have time to recover from the attack as Gohan rematerialized in front of him and launched to powerful fists into his stomach one after another that created indents on the creature's skin. Majin Buu growled in pain and reacted quickly by punching Gohan in the face knocking the Saiyan away from him. Goku attacked quickly as he charged Buu and connected three punches to his enemies' face causing the Majin fighter's head to rock back and forth.

Buu recovered and brought both his hands up catching both of Goku's fists in each of his own before bringing his knee up into Goku's stomach, causing the Saiyan to hunch over in pain before he was thrown to the side. Buu tried to block Gohan's attack as the Saiyan shoulder charged Buu and smashed into him launching the pink creature into a building which he smashed through and burst out the other side. Buu flew up as he watched the building collapse and ignored it as he breathed in and out roughly while he looked at his opponents who had once again gone back to back and prepared to continue their fight.

Buu looked at the two Saiyan's in hatred when he suddenly disappeared surprising the two "That coward" said Gohan as both him and Goku followed suit and chased after their opponent.


Planet of the Kai's

The group had gathered around Old Kai's crystal ball that he had created and were watching the fight to the best they could on the small round ball. The group watched, with every punch and kick that Gohan or Goku took in worry and cheered as loud as ever when the two-dealt damage to their enemy. The group continued to watch the fight completely fixated on it when the crystal ball suddenly stopped working "What…what happened?" yelled 18 in anger.

"Give me a second," said Old Kai as he looked at the ball and tried to perform some of his magic to fix it before giving up and turning to Kabito Kai "Can you sense them?" Kabito Kai concentrated and stared off into the distance before shaking his head "No, it's far too clouded down below. Everything is in turmoil" answered Kabito Kai.

"Just as I thought. The damage to the universe is affecting everything" said Old Kai.


The group of three ended up on an entirely different planet with no signs of sentient life, this time, and were hovering over a jungle like place. "You're not going anywhere," said Gohan as he reappeared above Buu and went for a jackhammer attack that missed its mark.

Buu dodged to the left of Gohan and punched the Saiyan in the face sending him falling harshly towards the ground. Gohan managed to stabilize himself somewhat and turned so that he landed on his hands and knees when hit the ground hard cratering it slightly before looking up at his grinning opponent. Buu looked down and brought his hand out and pointed it at Gohan before releasing a storm of energy blasts at the Saiyan that followed his every movement.

Gohan pushed off the ground and flipped backwards repeatedly to stay one step ahead of Majin Buu's assault, as he was forced to turn right as a blast exploded to close to him and threw him off balance. Majin Buu grinned as he continued to unleash his fury on his opponent when Goku suddenly appeared to the side of him.

Goku charged Buu and landed a swift kick to the villain's side causing him to growl out in pain and cut off his energy barrage before turning and catching the foot against his body surprising Goku before punching the Saiyan in the face. Goku let out a yell of pain as he felt the powerful fist crash into him and fell backwards before recovering and landing on his feet. Gohan looked up and saw his father attacking Buu and knew he had time to attack as he flew up and dodged out of the way of Buu's energy blasts when he saw Buu turn away and cut his attack off.

Gohan snuck up on his opponent and landed a devastating uppercut to Buu's chin that launched him slightly higher into the air. Gohan didn't stop there as he caught up to Buu and flew on his same level before turning and spin kicking the pink beast in the stomach and launching him back. Buu was in pain as he was hit up and then left and tried to summon enough energy to level himself out when Goku appeared behind him and jackhammered him into the ground.

Buu slowly dug himself out of the crater that had just been created by his body and growled up in anger and frustration at the two "How are they beating me?" thought the pink monster when he suddenly disappeared, with the Saiyan following closely behind.


Planet of the Kai's

"So how are we supposed to know what happens?" asked Bulma.

"The only way is we will have to wait until we can sense King Yemma once again. When that happens, we will know that both Goku and Gohan have defeated Majin Buu" answered Old Kai to the best of his ability.

The group was quiet and the atmosphere was extremely tense as the group could do nothing but wait and hope that the Goku and Gohan could come through for them, like they had done before.

"I can't believe this is how it might end" said Krillin suddenly surprising everyone from his defeated voice.

"Don't give up Krillin. Goku's never let us down before" said Yamcha in response.

"I believe in him Yamcha. Both him and Gohan… I... I just always thought if it was the end of the line that I would be fighting alongside them you know. Side by side" said the balled monk with a sigh.

"Yeah" agreed Yamcha.

"We know Krillin" said Piccolo "We have all trained as hard as we could our entire lives. And while Goku and Gohan have surpassed our own power… to be unable to do anything" stopped the Namekian as he thought of his best friend and the person he thought of like a son being gone forever again, he wasn't sure if he could handle it, knowing he could do nothing to help.

Vegeta heard what they were saying and could feel his own anger at the helplessness of the situation begin to take over him when he heard a groan from his right, away from the group that caught his attention. The Saiyan Prince turned and almost gasped as he saw the unconscious body of Frieza on the grass. Vegeta took in the arcosians body and could tell he was still there and from the looks of it was about to regain consciousness any moment.

As Vegeta stared at the recovering arcosian the surprised look on his face slowly changed to that of a vicious grin. "This is it. What I have been waiting for, for the past 30 years" thought Vegeta as he thought of all the ways he was going to torture the Arcosian, how he was going to savor every broken bone, every cry of help, every scream of pain. As the Prince of all Saiyan's pictured all the ways he would enact his revenge on the tyrannical lizard for all the years of pain and degradation he had endured during his time under Freeza, a voice suddenly broke through his thoughts.

"Guys I know we should believe in Goku and Gohan… But… But this may it and… If anyone has anything they want to say or do" said Krillin putting it up in the air for the rest to think on.

Vegeta heard what the bald monk said and did his best to ignore the human fighter's words and focus on tormenting the being in front of him but he couldn't stop the words from continuously penetrating his thoughts "Why is his words affecting me so much" thought the Prince in anger and annoyance.

Vegeta tried to once again shake it off "I don't understand. This is all I've wanted since the day Freiza destroyed Planet Vegeta" thought the Saiyan.

Vegeta didn't understand his hesitation, If you had told him, that in the last moments of his life that he would be able to get his revenge on Freeza he would have happily taken it. But now that the moment had arrived he realized that was not how he wanted to spend the last moments of his life and sighed as he raised his hand and suddenly in a flash launched a powerful blast of energy instantly wiping out the arcosian forever.

The rest of the group which had been silent suddenly jumped as they heard the ferocious blast suddenly rip into the ground shocking everyone. Bulma who had been scared beyond belief by the suddenly action was quick to yell "What the hell Vegeta?"

Vegeta ignored Bulma as he slowly walked over to the blue haired women and gazed at her face taking in her ever feature confusing her as she saw a soft look on her husbands face.

Vegeta turned and suddenly called over to his son "Trunks come here."

Trunks was confused and walked until he was standing directly in front of his father when suddenly he felt Vegeta's arms wrap around his comfortingly "Trunks… You are my only son and yet I have never held you once since you were a baby, have I?

"Vegeta?" asked Bulma quietly shocked by his actions.

Vegeta then turned to his wife and put his other arm around her before suddenly leaning forward and kissing the bluenette lovingly surprising her and everyone around them.

Vegeta held onto Bulma tightly before they slowly broke off their kiss "I love you" Vegeta said simply shocking Bulma and Trunks who had never heard the Saiyan Prince talk so softly before.

Vegeta ignored everything around him as he simply held his family and knew that there was nowhere he would want to be and nothing he would want to be doing more in his last moments then spending it with his family and making sure they knew what they meant to him.


Gohan attacked Buu immediately as he re-materialized on the new planet having made sure to stay completely focused on his opponent's energy. Gohan came in with a flying kick and aimed for Buu's head but was dodged and was sent sailing past his opponent.

Buu reacted quickly after dodging Gohan's attack and reached out before the Saiyan was out of reach and grabbed onto his arm before spinning him rapidly around in a circle. Majin Buu grinned as he let go of Gohan and sent the Saiyan sailing into a hillside.

Goku re-materialized and tried to attack Buu with a double punch combo that the dead fighter from hell dodged out of the way of. Buu responded quickly by hitting Goku in the stomach causing the Saiyan to hunch over in pain. The pink creature didn't stop there as he drew back his elbow and launched it down into Goku's back. Goku yelled out in pain as he felt the attack land and was sent into the ground below where he crashed roughly trenching the grass and dirt beneath him.

Buu grinned as he floated down and landed by Goku walking over to the downed Saiyan before stomping on his chest. Goku yelled out painfully as he tried to get the foot off him but failed as he looked up at the grinning monster. Buu grinned as he pressed down even harder on the Saiyan below him when he suddenly sensed a power level shooting towards him and turned as he was tackled by Gohan.

Gohan shot through the air as fast as he could and tackled Buu off his father and flew them into a rock formation that was completely obliterated when they hit it. Buu looked down at Gohan and brought his knee up into the Saiyan's chest. Gohan released his grip on Buu as he was hit hard, but that didn't help him as Buu drove his knee up again into the Saiyan's chest. Gohan groaned in pain while Buu laughed above him before suddenly grabbing Gohan and throwing him to the side and dodging Goku, who came flying in barely missing a flying punch on his opponent. Goku quickly turned and skid on the ground gathering turn on his feet as he looked at his opponent with a glare.

Buu grinned as the two charged one another, with Goku's attacking with a power punch aimed for the psychotic pink being's face. Buu brought his hand up and caught the blow before pulling back his own hand and driving it into the Super Saiyan 4's stomach. Goku coughed and hacked up blood from the powerful attack but didn't have any chance to rest as Buu attacked again and again driving his fist into Goku's body.

Goku cried out in pain from each blow before Buu finally followed his attack up with a powerful uppercut to the Saiyan's chin that sent him into the sky. Buu tracked Goku's movement and entered super speed intercepting him before he pulled back his hand summoning a powerful pink ball of energy within it before catching Goku with it, letting the energy burn into the Saiyan's back. Buu then threw both his ball of energy and Goku forward as the ball dragged the warriors body into the ground below him before exploding in a large purple array of light.

Meanwhile on the ground Gohan groaned as he looked up into the sky and watched the beat down his father had taken "FATHER" yelled out the Saiyan in worry as he was about to blast off to Goku's position when he looked up and saw Buu grinning at him and suddenly disappeared.

Gohan looked at the position where his father was and blasted off towards it and landed in the crater the blast had created to see Goku had reverted back into his normal form with his top completely gone showing the scars and marks all over his skin, while his orange gi pants were ripped up but intact. "Father… It's best you stay here, I don't want Buu using you against me. But I promise I will end this, and get everything back to normal…. With or without me" said Gohan as he suddenly disappeared leaving to fight the monster on his own.


Gohan reappeared and looked around in confusion as he didn't see Buu when he suddenly turned around and saw the pink creature floating up high in the sky.

"Do you like what I've done with it," said Buu from the air as he gestured to the barren planet around them with buildings toppled over and the city they were in was destroyed and barren of life as the cracks in the sky spread out as far as the eye could see.

Gohan looked around in confusion before Buu elaborated "What's wrong you can't recognize your home planet" laughed the insane creature causing the Saiyan to gasp in surprise as they realized where they were.

"Earth" said the Saiyan in surprise which caused Buu to laugh.

"Yes. I thought I would end it all where it began" said Buu before continuing "This is it Gohan but this time it's just you all by yourself. None of your little friends to help you out like last time. This time daddy's not going to magically appear and fix all of your mistakes for you. Cause we both know that you could never do anything without Goku" said the Majin drawing the memories from Cell.

Gohan looked down at the destroyed planet below him before sighing "It's funny how you'll never understand or know…" said Gohan pausing for a moment before continuing "You'll never beat me. I am going to stop you right now. Maybe I won't make it, but you will lose. Do you want to know why? Why good always triumphs over evil. Why the light will always vanquish the darkness".

"Tell me Gohan. Explain how you're going to stop me and save the universe. Explain how you are going to overcome my power" asked Majin Buu with a laugh.

"It's simple really. What do you fight for?... Who do you fight for?..." asked Gohan as he felt a calm breaze blow through the air before answering his own question "Yourself."

"I fight for my friends, my family, for the trees, for the stars, for all those who cry out for peace. So, in a way your right I do need my father. But too bad for you I always have him with me, even when he's not fighting beside me. Because he along with everyone else I care about drive me to be my best. And that is why I'll beat you. How can one being beat the hope of the entire universe?" said Gohan finishing his speech with the utmost calmness in his voice.

Buu looked at Gohan for a moment staring at the serious but calm face of the Saiyan before breaking up into laughter "Great speech Gohan. But to answer your question, the reason I will do it is because I am not one being I am the ultimate being. I am death" said Buu as he raised both arms above his head and a red ball of energy was summoned above them.

The red ball crackled with black energy inside of it as it slowly grew bigger and bigger.

The Saiyan watched as the ball grew so large that he could no longer see where it ended "It looks like this is it."

The Saiyan crouched slightly as he cupped their hands at their side "KAAA…MEEE….HAAA….MEEE…" said the Super Saiyan 4's as he channeled all the energy he could into the attack.

"Yes, that's it… NOW ITS TIME FOR EVERYONE TO DIE" yelled Buu as he flung the massive energy ball forward.

"HAAA!" yelled out the Saiyan as the blue beams slammed into the red orb of energy slowing it down.

Gohan grit his teeth as the massive ball of energy pushed back his energy beams slowly "Come on, I need more power" thought Gohan as the fighter dug deep and unleashed everything he had but still it wasn't enough as the ball of energy continued to come closer to the Super Saiyan 4.

"I'm all out," thought Gohan in worry as he felt himself cap out.

The Saiyan fought the energy ball the best he could as Buu laughed above him "Is that all you've got Gohan, cause this time daddy isn't going to come to your rescue. The entire universe is resting on your shoulders and you're letting them down. You're going to fail everyone."

Gohan ignored Buu's taunts as he kept complete focus, as he strained his energy as he tried to push the ball back but found it utterly useless as it was soon getting so close that his Kamehameha Wave was almost entirely depleted.

"What do I do now?" Gohan thought to himself.

"HAHAHA" laughed Buu as he saw him struggle "How about I make that burn," said Buu as he suddenly released a shockwave that slammed into the massive ball of energy shooting it downward with even more force.

The Saiyan yelled out in pain as his feet ripped apart the ground and got stuck into the earth as he felt his energy was beginning to give out on him.

Gohan grit his teeth as the ball of energy completely ripped through his energy beam and grabbed onto the massive energy attack himself.

The Super Saiyan 4 could feel his hands burn and his muscles protest in agony as he tried to push back the ball of energy that threatened to swallow him whole "No, I will not give up. I will do this" thought Gohan in determination as he got better leverage on the ball of energy but still couldn't force it back an inch and was barely holding his own position.

Buu watched from above laughing maniacally as he saw the struggle of his opponent "What's wrong Gohan, I thought you said you were going to stop me. What happened to the hope of everyone in the universe" laughed Buu taunting his foe.

Gohan heard Buu before realizing that he only had one technique left he could use but knew there was no coming back from it "I'm sorry mom, dad, grandpa, Goten, Piccolo... Everyone… But I do this for you. To keep you safe…" thought Gohan as images of all his loved ones came to his mind as he finally pictured both Zangya and 18 and couldn't suppress the tears that rolled down his cheeks "I know you can't hear me right now, but I hope you both know that my time with you was the best time of my life and you got me through the thought of never seeing my family ever again. You may think I saved your life's but the truth is you saved mine" Gohan sighed as a sad smile adorned his face as he pictured all of his loved ones together "Goodbye everyone."

The Saiyan tensed up his muscles as he prepared himself "KIAOKEN" yelled out the Saiyan as his aura suddenly burst a violent red around him as his muscles bulked up and he began to push the massive red orb back.

Buu was shocked as he saw his attack suddenly slowly start shifting towards him and put his hands up and caught it as it rammed into him and tried to push it back and only got it to a stalemate, where the ball stopped moving altogether with neither fighter letting up an inch.

"How is he doing this?" yelled out Buu in frustration.

"It…it… just won't budge," thought Gohan realizing he had to take to the next level.

"It's now or never," said Gohan "KAIOKEN TIMES 2," yelled out the Saiyan as his aura burst even larger and pushed forward and began to gain ground as the massive red and black ball of chaotic energy was pushed towards Buu.

"No, No. I won't let this happen" yelled out Buu as the ball began to push him back and no matter how much energy the pink creature exerted it seemed unable to overcome the Saiyan's strength. Buu suddenly could no longer hold his position as his hand was suddenly absorbed into the massive ball of energy.

"You won't win. I am invincible" yelled out Buu as he suddenly concentrated and summoned a thin layer of energy around his body as the ball started to absorb him.

Gohan could feel his body already beginning to break down as he forced back the massive sphere of energy as he looked up and was in disbelief as he saw Majin Buu was now completely inside the red and black ball of crackling energy but seemed to be disintegrating as fast as his regeneration could keep up, in an endless cycle where the protective barrier was giving him just enough time to survive the burning energy.

Gohan could feel his energy draining at a rapid rate and knew he only had a few more moments before he became too weak to keep the energy ball at bay and had to make a move now.

"I'M COMING AT YOU WITH EVERYTHING I GOT" yelled out Gohan as he concentrated all his power and focused it in one fist which he drew back from the ball as he did his best to fight the ball off with one hand.

Gohan suddenly pushed off the ground as hard as he could, cratering the entire ground underneath him and he launched his fist forward "DRAGON FIST" and suddenly was encased in golden energy that resembled that of shenron and penetrated the ball of energy.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" yelled out Majin Buu as he couldn't move and was in enormous never-ending pain as his body was being broken down and rebuilding at a rapid rate while his energy reserves keeping him alive where completely taxed.

The golden energy dragon sliced through the massive sphere of energy before suddenly slamming directly into the pink monstrosity known to the universe as Majin Buu before ripping right through him and exiting out the other side of the ball.

Majin Buu screamed in pain as that's all he knew as he could feel himself disintegrating completely as the saiyan's attack had destroyed his last line of defense and was helpless as the energy ball he was at the center of detonated ending the life and legacy of one of the greatest destroys the universe had ever known.

Gohan hovered in the air behind the ball of energy for a moment completely taxed when suddenly the massive ball of energy he had just cut through exploded and sent shock waves through the air. Gohan was helpless as the force slammed into him and sent him crashing into the ground, creating a trench several miles long.

When the dust settled and the visibility cleared up Gohan could be seen lying face up in the trench broken and beaten but the biggest changing being he had lost his Super Saiyan 4 transformation and returned to his normal form.


The group waited in silence for the two Saiyan's and any sign of Majin Buu's defeat when all the fighters who could sense energy look up "He's back. They did it" Krillin yelled out with a huge grin as everyone began cheering.

"Yes, King Yemma is back. We must move quickly now" said Old Kai, which the others nodded to.

Bulma dumped out the bag containing the dragon balls out onto the ground as the group stood back "By your name I summon you forth Shenron" yelled out Bulma as the dragon balls glowed and the sky darkened above them as a bright light shot from the dragon balls and Shenron appeared before them.

"You who have summoned me I shall grant you any one wish," said Shenron to the group below.

"ONE!" yelled out everyone in shock.

"I thought it was changed so he could grant two," said Bulma turning to the group who looked around in shock.

"It's all my fault," said Dende suddenly getting everyone's attention.

"What do you mean?" asked Krillin in confusion.

"Ever since Gohan had disappeared and Shenron said he couldn't bring him back I thought if I increased the dragons power he would be able to do that. So… So I doubled Shenron's wishing power by making him only grant one wish instead of two. I didn't think we would need it. I'm so sorry" said Dende as he looked down in disappointment.

"It's alright Dende," said Piccolo "You were trying to do the right thing" which the others agreed to.

"But how are we going to fix everything," asked Bulma before she was answered by Piccolo "It doesn't matter we need to wish back King Yemma first so the universe can go back to normal. We can figure out everything else from there."

Bulma nodded in understanding and was about to make the wish when she was stopped by Chi Chi "Wait, we still need to wait for Goku and Gohan" which the others nodded to.

"Well I don't know how much longer we have," said Old Kai as the cracks around them started to get worse.

"We wait… as long as we can" said Piccolo.


Lying on his back, blood boring from his many wounds and his clothes ripped to shreds lay the still form of Goku, still on the jungle like alien planet he had been defeated on. The Saiyan was shifting in and out of consciousness "Chi Chi" muttered Goku as he pictured his family, "Krillin" continued the Saiyan as he pictured all his friends before suddenly having a flash of Majin Buu and suddenly woke up from his daze.

Goku looked around his surroundings rapidly and quickly remembered where he was "Gohan" gasped Goku realizing his son was in danger and needed his help.

Goku tried with every fiber of his being to force his broken body to co-operate with him and get up, but couldn't move a muscle "It's no use. Even if I could get to my feet, I don't nearly have enough energy in my body to use instant transmission" thought the Saiyan dejectedly.

The Saiyan lay still on the ground when he suddenly heard a noise from his right and turned his neck. Goku was surprised to see 3 squirrel-like figures, where 2 where older clearly adults and 1 was a baby. The Saiyan watched as the two older ones did their best to take care of their child as the world around them fell apart. As Goku watched them it reminded him of his own kids Goten and Gohan and how they were when they were babies and immediately knew he couldn't give up and that Gohan and Goten were counting on him.

"I need more energy" thought Goku as he thought of the best way to get some when he suddenly had an idea.

"Come on please be enough" said Goku as he struggled and slowly lifted his right hand with his palm up and closed his eyes and concentrated.

"The land… The sea… and all living things… each of you, share with me just a bit of your energy. Please. I beg of you" muttered out Goku as he focused on collecting as much energy as he could from the world around him.

"Please… Give me whatever you can spare" said Goku as slowly energy from all around the world slowly poured into the saiyan's body.

Goku did his best to concentrate but could feel himself nodding off, but did his best to shake it off and stay conscious.

"Please" muttered out Goku again weakly when suddenly he felt the rush of energy as a baseball sized ball of energy suddenly formed within his hand.

"Thank You" muttered out Goku weakly as he closed his hand around the ball and focused as the ball of white energy suddenly shrunk and disappeared.

"I will do this. I can't fail… Not again" said Goku defiantly as he slowly got to his knees using the energy he had absorbed from the mini spirit bomb before getting to his feet.

Once the Saiyan warrior arose from the ground and found his balance he immediately concentrated to where he had last sensed Gohan and Majin Buu's energy.

"Come on, where are you?" thought Goku in worry as everything around his senses felt clouded and twisted.

"There" said Goku as he suddenly found the massive energy output of Gohan and Buu through the haze around the universe and disappeared.


The group waited 5 minutes and still nothing, and even had Kabito Kai trying to locate the two fighters but found nothing.

The group waited and waited until the cracks grew larger and the entire area started to shake "We can't wait any longer" said Old Kai.

"We have to. This is Goku and Gohan were talking about," said Krillin when he was stopped by Piccolo.

"Exactly and they would not want us to waste our only chance after everything they have done to keep us safe," said Piccolo shocking the group as he gave Bulma the okay.

Bulma hesitated but knew she had to do it "Shenron I want you to bring back everyone and thing destroyed by all the fighters from hell in the last few days."

Shenron looked at her before stopping "Do you know what you ask of me?" said the dragon.

"I know Shenron, but the entire universe is depending on you" called out Dende.

Shenron paused and nodded "I will try," said the dragon as his eyes glowed a bright red.

The group watched as the cracks suddenly disappeared and the destroyed planet of the kai's slowly rejuvenated back into the beautiful untouched planet it had once been.

Shenron continued this for a moment before his eyes stopped glowing "Your wish has been granted" said the dragon as the he disappeared and the sky cleared up before the 7 dragon balls shot up into the air and in a random direction.

"Where are they going?" asked Bulma in confusion before Dende answered her "There going back to earth," said it's guardian.

The group was quiet as they all mourned the loss of the two warriors who had given up everything to save the universe "Damn you two… I will never get a chance to prove myself… the way you already have" thought Vegeta in acceptance while the others cried and wept for the loss of their own.

The group was silent expect for a bunch of sniffling when a voice suddenly called out to them "What happened?" said a voice.

The entire group turned and saw Goku supporting Gohan, who had his arm over his father's shoulder as they were back in their normal forms grinning at their friends.

"What you didn't think you could get rid of us that easily did you?" said Goku with a grin as everybody approached them.

"Goku, Gohan" yelled out Chi Chi with happy tears in her eyes as she hugged her husband and son.

"AHHHHHHH" yelled out both warriors in pain immediately causing Chi Chi to let go of them and apologize profusely.

"It's okay…. But can someone take him. Cause I think I'm about to fall" said Goku referring to Gohan who had been leaning on him.

18 and Zangya immediately came forward and gently shifted Gohan's weight onto the two of them while Goku immediately collapsed onto the ground.

"We were so worried about you" said Zangya while 18 nodded in agreement.

"I'm sorry. But I had to. I would have rather sacrificed myself if it meant you two were safe" responded Gohan.

18 shook her head with a smile while muttering "Idiot."

The blonde android then leaned up to whisper in his ear "After this I think you've earned the right to break in this new body, you can even use your new transformation, I would love to see how… big you get" said the blonde causing Gohan to blush heavily.

The two were healed up by Dende and Kabito Kai till they could stand on their own and Goku approached Goten and Chi Chi, who he held close.

While Gohan smiled as he had both arms around 18 and Zangya as they hugged him back as the group talked about the past few crazy days.

"So, what happened down there how did you guys beat Buu?" asked Krilin curiously.

"Well I can't take credit for that" said Goku as he motioned to his oldest son.

"Wow Gohan. So how did you do it" asked Yamcha.

"Well I actually had to use one of dad's attacks, that I saw him trying to create in the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber" said Gohan with a grin while scratching the back of his head.

"Oh that one. I guess you figured out how to use it properly huh" grinned Goku which Gohan nodded at.

"Man, I can't wait to get back to earth. I know it's been only a few weeks since the tournament but it feels so much longer, like everything has changed" said Yamcha.

"We have all been though a lot and everything has changed" responded Piccolo.

"Yeah no kidding." muttered Krillin.

"It makes you think sometimes" said Krillin with a sad smile "How things would have gone if Gohan never disappeared."

"Gohan you ever think about that?" asked Krillin staring at his friend.

Gohan smiled at Krillin as he looked over at Bardock who was holding Fasha from behind and then turned down to look at the two girls he loved more than anything and turned back to Krillin "I used to wish I never went back to the past, but now…. Now I wouldn't change a single thing. Everything turned out perfect" said Gohan with a grin.

THE END... for now

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