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chapter 1: flowers in your hair

Mia decided that it was probably better for someone to head to the hospital to see how the captain was doing and to ensure that no one else attacked him while he was there, she knew that he would have a police detail but still it was better if one of them were there to ensure that no other wesen or Verrat agents came to finish the job. Hank dropped her off at the hospital after letting the officers there that she was coming until Nick and Hank could switch places with her. The plan was for them to deal with the police at their house which was now a crime scene so that they could avoid Trubel going to jail for beheading a FBI agent then for one of them to switch places with her so that she could home and get changed out of her maid of honour clothes. Once she was in the hospital she notified the nurses that she was there for Sean Renard as part of his family as she lied to the nurse by saying she was his sister then sat in one of the chairs in the waiting areas as she thought about the file that was still fresh in her head. She pulled out her phone from her purse so that she could scroll through it till she found the number she was looking for

" bonjour Emilia , ce que je peux faire pour vous cette fois ? (hello Emilia, what can I do for you this time?)" he said in an amused voice as he pictured her doing her usually head tilt that she did whenever she needed a favour from someone, it was something she had learned as a teenager as she tried to figure out her escape plans

" Niklaus , je vois vos compétences de perception sont toujours aussi bon que jamais. Je dois savoir ce qui se passe avec Alexandre(Niklaus, I see your skills of perception are still as good as ever. I need to know what's going on with Alexander? )" she said trying to charm him before she asked him for the information that she needed from him, since she knew that if he could be closest to both Alexander and now De Groot if her beliefs were true

"I thought the whole point of you leaving here was for to live a life without the council, why must you place yourself in the middle of its drama?" he said in a tone she knew all too well from when they were training together, he used it whenever he thought she was getting herself into trouble by getting involved with things that had nothing to do with her

" well you know that trouble had a way of finding me everywhere I go and I'm guessing from your answer that there's drama in the council, that wouldn't have anything to do with Alexander leaving would it?" she asked trying to keep her voice low in case she was being watched or if anyone near by heard what they were talking about, she moved her dress slightly so that she was more comfortable on her chair

"and how would you know that?" he asked wondering how she would know about a problem inside the council that was yet to become public knowledge but he knew that she had her spies inside the council because there was people that still liked her and remembered how she used to be before she ran away

"someone told me that there was a council agent working with Prince Victor and he provided me with documents that showed Alexander was on his pay roll… he's being paid to deal with me" she said without actually saying the words kill, she knew that it would come to no surprise to him that she had done something to annoy the royals enough to use Alexander's hatred for her

" oh I see you're still making friends everywhere you go, he wasn't the same when he got from the case with you and the mummified Anubis then about a month ago he went into De Groot office to convince to punish you by death for being with a Grimm but he was having none of it so he beat him up and left the council" he said gravely as he thought about the recovering De Groot still laying in the sick bay bed as they treated his wounds

" I see someone tried to topped my leaving, according to the files I was given it looks like he's got a partner working with him. Is there anyone who left with him or around that time or maybe mysteriously disappeared?" she asked trying to get further information on who this other partner could be, she knew that there were people in the council who considered him to be a god among them or would do anything to get his attention that tended to only give to her

" no but he did start getting mysterious calls from someone but I don't know who and he began to take longer trips that weren't exactly sanctioned by the council" he told her everything that he had witnessed and observed over the last few months, it seemed that everything had changed once he worked with her again like old times

" any of those trips to Portland by any chance?" she asked wondering if he had been watching her or if it were someone that she had recently annoyed, she knew that there was no point writing a list of all her potential enemies since there probably wasn't a pad big enough for all those names

" I can check to find out, I'll call you with any information that might help or point to whoever his partner is…Emilia if I'm forced to take sides in this than I'm with you got it?" he said wanting her to know where his loyalties lie, he had always had a soft spot for the small skinny girl who people often overlooked before she beat them up and showed them who was boss

" thanks Niklaus, I appreciate it" she said before ending the call as she tried to get more comfortable on her chair as she felt her eyelids begin to get more heavier until she eventually closed them and drifted off to unrestfully sleep

When Hank got to the hospital an hour later since everything at the house and at the prescient took a lot longer than he would have liked, after getting a quick up from the doctors and the officers stationed around the hospital wing he noticed Mia siting on one of the waiting room chairs fast asleep. He almost felt bad that he had to wake her up to their unpleasant reality and he knew she would need all the sleep she could get before everything hit the fan once more. He kneeled down before gently shaking her wake as soon as her eyes open he could see the fear and panic in them as she tried to work where she was and what was going on, that was the first signs that there was something more going on with her inside than what they knew

" hey I'm sorry to wake up but you should get back to the house, the police are done with it and the others are waiting for you there" he said as he watched her carefully as she ran a hand through her curly hair trying to contain it a little since she knew her bed hair could be bad sometimes

" ok how did things go with the police and Trubel? did they believe her story?" she asked as she suddenly remembered they had decided to tell a half truth with the police about the headless FBI agent in their house and the bloody machete that was used to behead him

" we're not sure, there's this female agent who is convinced otherwise but for once the evidence in our favour since it all points to self defence and actually backs her story up so there's no reason for them to look into this further" he said as he stood up and held out a hand to her as he offered to help her up from her chair as she stood up and began to wrap her jacket closer to her as if trying to keep all the heat in

"thats good I guess, its one less thing to check off on our grimm/wesen worry list. There hasn't been any news on Renard, he's still in surgery as far as I know… oh if the nurses ask then I'm his sister, its the only way to get them to tell me anything" she said after noticing the confused on his face as they walked up one of the officers that she recognised as Franco from the night where they had dealt with the zombies with the help of the police

" well then I'll say I'm your adopted brother or something, hey Franco do you mind driving Mia home? Nick's car is still at the wedding venue and he has no idea how to drive her rust bucket" he said nudging Mia gently on her shoulder as he teased her about her car, he figured it might make her smile if only for a while

" yeah of course I will" he said as he gestured for Mia to follow him after she gave Hank a thank you hug then headed downstairs to the police patrol car where Franco was waiting for her so that they could head to her and Nick's house

Once Mia got home she noticed Monroe' car in the drive way as almost instantly groaned as she thought about the fact that Monroe and Rosalee must have missed their plane to take them to their honeymoon spot, she felt bad since she knew that they would probably there because of her. As she headed into the house she saw that everyone was already there like Trubel, Nick, Monroe and Rosalee so she took of her green coat then placed it down along with her purse before headed into the living room area where they were gathered if not spread out in different spots in the room

" you two are meant to be on your honeymoon, not here dealing with all of this" she said gesturing to the pools of blood on various different places on the floor as well as to the mess of broken pieces of furniture that had gotten damaged from the struggle, she walked over to where Nick was leaned on to on the wooden beams as she rested herself against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her waist

" we decided that we could go away and enjoy ourselves when there is so clearly something on here with you two so who wants to explain?" Rosalee asked as she stood with Monroe's suit jacket around her shoulders since she didn't have time to grab her jacket from the bridal room, she watched as Mia walked over to where Nick's jacket was and pulled out the file Renard wanted them to have

" well to cut a long story short Alexander has betrayed the council and had began to work with or for Victor in order to get to me, Renard was shot before he could give me this file filled with evidence. I think he's made with Victor, he will give him the baby if Alexander can be the one to kill me" she said handing her the file before deciding to take her shoes off since she now felt slightly over them and her dress since all she wanted was to get changed into something more comfortable like sweats and hoodie

" wait what baby? Adalind's?" Monroe said giving them all a look which made Mia realise that he was the only one that she hadn't told yet about her being pregnant since Trubel and Hank had found out by accident

" no, actually its my baby…. Monroe I'm eight weeks pregnant with Nick's baby" she said carefully as she tried to watch for his reaction since she knew that it could go one of two ways, either he could be really happy for his sister and best friend or he could anger at Nick for knocking his little sister up

"you completely and total dic-… you realise that you've just painted a target on her back right? the same target she's been avoiding since she was fifteen!" he said after punching Nick in the mouth causing him to fall down from the force as Mia gave him an eye roll before bending to check out Nick's lip to see that it was bleeding

" you think I don't know that, Monroe? that I'm the reason why she's in this situation in the first place?" he said standing up to lean on the dinning room table as Mia came back in the room with an ice pack from him to place on his lip to ease the swelling from the punch

" well thats not totally true, I'm the reason why I'm in this situation and Alexander would have came after me eventually so… according to Niklaus who's a friend of mine from the council, Alexander tried to get De Groot to sign off on killing me as punishment for something but he refused so he beat him up then left to be a mercenary I guess. Niklaus said he would find out more for me then call me" she said taking the pins of of hair before shaking it all out as that it was slightly more unkept then she had it for the wedding but at this point she was passed caring about her hair and the way she looked

" can he be trusted this Niklaus? How do you know he's not working with Alexander?" Nick asked thinking that he could be the partner that he was working with and was playing her into thinking otherwise to gain her trust, she turned to tiredly as she tried to think of a way to describe how she just knew that he wouldn't do that to her

"Niklaus wouldn't do that to me, he always has been loyal to me and I think he still is plus he knows that he can't trust Alexander after he did to De Groot. I mean it pretty much tops everything I did but I didn't tell him about the baby, he does about his connection to Victor which is more than enough reason to turn against him" she said knowing Alexander burnt more than enough bridges when he turned against the council and joined the royals, she figured even Harper would refuse to help Alexander now

" so now what do we do? Like what's our next move?" Trubel asked still not totally sure who everyone was since she only knew half the story and that was only what she had picked up along the way like the fact Mia used to be with the council and that Alexander was an agent for them or was now

" well for one thing you two go on honeymoon all of this will still be here when you get back and in the meantime I'm going to work with Niklaus to find out what I can I guess" she said not sure what else she could do since there wasn't precaution she could take that she was already doing as part of keeping her safe from any attacks the council might do to her

" I guess this is one of those times where we need to wait for the bad guys to make their move before we make ours" Trubel said saying the one thing that everyone was dreading, they knew that it was a risk since it meant putting them both in danger since they would prefer to get them before they moved against Mia

Mia's dreams were filled with images of Alexander trying to take her baby so that he could raise him to be everything she hated about him while the partner with no face who merely just a blur to her watched then laughed as she cried and screamed for child. Mia woke her covered in sweat as she panted away trying to get to grips with what was real and what wasn't, she knew that she couldn't just lie back down with Nick and go back to sleep since every time she closed her eyes she saw the images from her dream flashing in her mind. She decided to get up and clean the blood from the walls and floor where people had been shot or beheaded, she headed into the kitchen to grab a basin filled with water and some bleach then picked up some cleaning gloves then headed over to the pool of blood on the floor where Renard was shot. Mia wore a baggy green t-shirt, grey and white checkered shorts, green ankle socks and a slightly darker grey hoodie. Before cleaning she quickly grabbed her wavy hair into a messy ponytail to keep it out of the way, she had also taken all of her makeup off before going to bed that night. After a while Nick came down stairs to see where she had gotten to once he realised that she wasn't in bed lying next to him or in any of her usual spots in their room.

"so this is where you are, I was beginning to think that you had ran away… are you sure its okay for you to be around cleaning products like that?" he asked when he noticed the bleach bottle a small distance from her, he knew there was so much that he didn't know about babies and pregnancy like the dos and don'ts where as she would know more about development from her teaching degree

"yeah I checked already its fine, just the smell makes me a little nauseous but nothing too bad…I couldn't sleep, my nightmares are back" she said as a she placed the sponge back into the basin as she sat back on her legs as she answered his unspoken question that she knew he was dying to ask

" is it the same one or something new?" he asked as he headed into the kitchen with her closely behind him as she watched as he grabbed their special pan for warming milk, she smiled at the thought that he had remembered her story about her mom always making her warm milk to calm her down after a nightmare

" bit of both, I dreamed that I came home from work one day to find you and everyone else in Portland that I love died then I ran upstairs to our baby's nursery which beautiful by the way. Alexander had her and he was going to raise her to be everything I hated before stabbing me in the stomach" she said looking down at her feet as she tried to avoid looking at him in fear that she might see the image of him covered in his own blood as he stared at her through dead glasses eyes

" that is never going to happen, I would never let it happen and if it were fight between me and him then I can tell you now who would win… so we had a girl?" he asked deciding to focus on the good thing in her dream rather than dwell on the bad since there was no way to express how he felt without it coming back to the dreams

"yeah she was beautiful too, she had your grey eyes and my dark curls plus she was wearing the cutest onesie that had this little tutu around it" she said as she climbed onto the work surface as she tucked her legs underneath of her as she thought about the baby girl she had seen but tried to forget that she was in the wrong mans arms

" she sounds it and I bet she's a little mini version of her mom too" he said as he added a little bit of honey into the pan before poured the milk into two cups then handed one to her as she let her legs swings down so that he would stand in between them, making them as close as they could

" like you could handle two of me and anyway its going to a mini you… its so weird to think about us being someone's mom and dad" she said imagining their child calling on them as they left them to go into preschool or saying goodbye to them as they left for camp, she wondered if they would get to live the normal childhood that neither of them got

" yeah it does, I want you to know, I'm totally going to be a hands-on dad. Like if the baby needs a bottle in the middle of the night, I'll totally keep your side of the bed warm until you get back." he said making them both laugh as she took a sip from her cup of warm milk and honey as she gave him playful push as a away of telling him there was no chance of that happening

" oh really? I'm pretty sure after nine months of carrying this baby around that I'll be kicking you out of bed with very little chance of you talking back" she said kissing his shoulder as she leaned her head on it as her way of telling him that the milk was beginning to have an affect on her as she was becoming sleepier

" yeah like I'd try and get between you and sleep its like getting in between you and coffee, which you can't drink now… why don't we go back to bed babe?" he said noticing that she was beginning to fall asleep on his shoulder so he took now empty cup out of hands as he lifted her up bridal style since she was now in a deep sleep then played her down on the bed gently before slipping beside up her then covered them with the blankets as he snuggled next to her placing a hand over where their baby was

The next morning Nick got up before Mia did deciding to make breakfast for her for change rather her making it for him and Trubel yet again, he grabbed the pancake mixture from the cupboard then decided to chop up some fruit for her since he realised that she had nibbling bits of fruit that she normally wouldn't eat. He then made a pot of decaf coffee for her as the smell eventually travelled up the stairs to their bedroom where it gently woke Mia up as she remember the event of last night and the day before. After a shower she got changed into a layered navy blue tank top, a red checkered shirt with blue cuffs and collar, jeans and beige. Mia wore her hair in fishtail braid that rested on her shoulder with leaving pieces of her hair down in its natural wavy state, her eyes make up was lightly smoked with pale peach lip gloss. When she got down the stairs she could see Nick in the kitchen making breakfast for them all, just as she was about to speak to him she saw him picking his phone up as he began to call someone. She waved to him as she walked over to the bowl of fruit and began to pick at it as she waited for him to explain to her what was going on

" I'm calling my mom, if there's ever time where we need her help then it's now plus she might have information that we don't" he said to her as he pressed the speaker on his phone as he placed it down on the counter as she grabbed a bowl to fill with the fruit that he cut up for her as they heard someone picking the phone up on the other end

"Nick? how did you get this number and why are you risking calling me on it?" her mom asked as she tried to work out what could be a good reason for him risking someone tracing the call to where she was with baby Diana who was currently playing in her chair seat as they packed to move to a new location

" mom I need your help, its Mia… she's pregnant with my baby and there's someone after her, some rogue agent from the council who wants her dead so much that he's teamed up with the royals and a partner" he said giving her a basic summary of what the situation was, all the while leaving the minor details out like the fact it was her ex boyfriend or that fact that he had hit one of the most powerful men associated with the council before leaving them to deal with the fallout

" oh wow I'm going to a grandmother….so its fair to say you're been busy since we last saw each other , I'm guessing Mia's been in contact with her friends from the council to find out more information?" she asked as she tried to get passed the fact that she was going to grandmother and would probably miss her grandchild's life while she moved to place to place

" yeah her guy is going to find more information about what Alexander's been up to in the last few months and see if he could work out who his partner is" he said thinking it was probably better that she didn't know that Mia was listening in on their conversation plus she was currently feasting on the large bowl of fruit he had created for her to munch on

" ok well while you wait for that and for him to make his move what you should is ask your friend Rosalee for anything that would help with protection like charms and whatnot, do you have a Hexenbiest that you trust?" she asked as she began to think of ways for them to be take precautions to keep themselves safe since there was more than just them to think about now as Mia mouthed to him that Adalind would help them

" Mia should know one or two, why?" he asked wondering what a Hexenbiest could do to them that would make them useful, although he knew that his previously experience with them made him doubtful and ever so slightly weary of them since they only ever seemed to cause trouble rather than prevent it

"ok well see if they can help with protection charms around the house to prevent someone unwelcome from coming in and with any charms or spells that can ward off danger, I need to go now but call me if you need anything else ok?" she said before hanging up so that she could place Diana into the car safely so that they could begin to get on the road and head into their newest place to stay for a while

" really? Adalind! I'm not completely sure we can trust her yet, maybe we should put her to the test first" he said as there was a knock at the door causing Mia to place her bowl of fruit on the table as she headed over to the door as she thought about what kinda of test he had mind for her to prove her trust to them

" hi can I help you?" she asked as she opened the door to an older attractive blonde female that she had never met before, although there was something about her features that seemed familiar to Mia. Nick decided to join Mia in case this mysterious person was working with Alexander or might do her harm in any way

"Mia and Nick Burkhardt I presume?" she asked in a well spoken english voice that had them both questioning who she was, they also wondered how she knew their names since she had made a mistake by presuming that Mia was his wife like other people usually presumed when they first met them

"and you would?" Mia asked seeing no point in deny whether her name was burkhardt or not as she took a step back to allow Nick to protectively push her behind him in case she attacked them, he was still weary of the strange more so now that she had shown them that she knew who they were

" My name is Elizabeth Lasecelles, my son is Sean Renard and he sent here to help you with your current situation with a Mr Alexander Knightly. He told me to give you this as proof" she said as she handed them the key chain with Diana's name on it that Renard had began to carry with him as a way to show that he was always thinking about her and that she was always close to his heart