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Space Cases
"The Tribe"

Chapter One

"We need resources...." said Suzee. She was talking to Harlan as they walked down the corridors together toward Miss Davenport's Classroom of Hell. "We're running short on a few supplies."

"I'm not the one you need to be hassling, Commander Goddard is the senior officer!" Harlan growled. He had been listening to her gripe since breakfast and it was time for class.

"I just came from talking to Commander Goddard.... He told me to go to you..." Suzee said in an exasperated tone.

"Great... remind me to thank him later for that..." Harlan growled. He sighed. "Alright... after class, I'll ask Radu if he has spotted any planets in the area.... okay?"

Suzee took a moment to think. Then, she nodded curtly. She was really having some fun antagonizing Harlan like this. She was getting him back for the time he had put a sleeping Hunter in her bunk. She had not seen him and sat on him. Needless to say, she had scratch marks on her thighs from the selcar.

In the infirmary, THELMA was tweaking Freya's implant. Commander Goddard was keeping watch. "How is it coming, THELMA...."

"The implant is making it difficult for me to help...." THELMA said in her usually vacant voice.

Freya played with a small puzzle that Rosie had lent her. Commander Goddard watched as she put it together. When she was finished, she held it up to Goddard and gave a cheerful smile. "Mr. Goddard... I did it!"

Goddard smiled. He couldn't help himself. She sounded a bit like a child at the moment. "Yes... I see..." he said.

She took it apart again. Then, she started putting it back together again. Suddenly, an electrical surge hit her and she fell off of the bed. Goddard bent down to help her up. Bova hadn't been kidding, she was heavier than she looked. He managed to get her back on the bed as she gave a sudden twitch.

"Any more of those and there won't be enough data left for her to HAVE a personality...." Goddard grunted.

"She is an organic being...." THELMA corrected. "Her brain will recover as soon as we fix this implant."

"Says you... Right now, her mental state is that of a five year old." Goddard said gruffly. He ran a hand through his short cropped grey hair. These kids were giving him more grey hairs than he wished to have.

THELMA tweaked the implant again. Freya twitched slightly and opened her eyes. For a moment, they were red, then, they turned blue. Freya's eyes blinked and then, recognition came into them.

Freya's head turned to Commander Goddard and gulped. "H-Hello... C-Commander..." she stammered. "What happened to me....?"

"An electrical surge erased your memory for about a week and a half. We've kept you here until we could figure out how to fix your implant...." Goddard said.

Freya checked her arms and legs. Her hands moved as they should and her legs did so as well. "Well... It looks like I'm in good shape...."

"Good... you can join the others in class..." Commander Goddard said with a grin.

"Class? What do you mean...."

"Well... Miss Davenport suggested it.... She said that she would take you in class..." Goddard said. He shrugged at her. "At least you won't be bored..." he lied. He knew very well that Miss Davenport was a slave driver when teaching. He also didn't want a potential problem running around the ship loose.

Freya sighed. "All right... I'll go..." She stood up and stretched. "Where do I have to go?"

"THELMA will show you the way...." Goddard said as he gestured toward THELMA.

Freya looked to THELMA and THELMA started walking for the door. They walked to the jumptubes and THELMA punched the panel. "You will land on the level and go to your right..... I'm sure you will hear the students snoring away..." THELMA said cheerfully.

Freya jumped into the tube and slid down. When she landed on the floor, she dusted off her jumpsuit. She heard Miss Davenport's voice coming from the right. Freya walked down the corridor and found the classroom.

Miss Davenport was talking about thermal waves. Freya looked around and found Radu trying to stay awake. She grinned and walked into the class. Miss Davenport looked up and smiled in a satisfied way. "Miss Freya... will you take this compupad and take a seat?"

Freya smiled sheepishly and walked to the front. Harlan snapped awake and watched her. Bova was snoring and Rosie was nudging him in his ribcage. "Come on, Bova... wake up...." she whispered.

Freya took the compupad and walked over to Radu. She sat down on the column next to his. She was above him, actually. She could glance down and read his notes. She nudged Radu with her knee.

Radu just turned his head and looked up at her. "I was already awake... kind of hard not to be when you have ears like I do...." he whispered flatly. Freya's cheeks turned pink as she mouthed an apology.

After class ended for lunch, Harlan cornered Radu in the cafeteria. "Wh-What?" Radu stammered. "What do you want.... Why are you glaring at me like that...."

Harlan was glaring, though he hadn't realized it. Harlan breathed in a deep breath and let it out in a growl. "Suzee has been buggin' me to stop off at a planet to see if they have anything we could use for supplies...."

"Harlan... It's lunch time... I haven't even had the chance to EAT yet, much less get to my post to check the read outs...." Radu said as he gave Harlan a sour look. "Besides... the Christa has provided us rather adequately so far..."

"Ever since we crashed on that one planet, we've had problems, right?" Harlan said.

"We have problems on a normal basis...." Bova drawled just before stuffing a large sandwich in his mouth.

"The point is that to get Suzee off of my back, I'm going to have to get on yours...." Harlan said gruffly as he stuffed some of his sandwich in his mouth.

Radu gave Harlan a sour glance before taking a bite of his food. Harlan smirked. He had won this battle. The real battle was to see if the nearest planet had even any decent plant life that wouldn't try to eat them in the process.

Suzee walked in and went to food wheel. She turned it and out came a tube. She took a plate and sat down at the table. She poured the dehydrated substance onto the plate and dropped some water onto it. It became actual food that she could eat.

"Radu... could you go check the computer for any signs of any habitable planets in the area?" she said as she made an irritated side glance to Harlan.

"I already asked him, Suzee..." Harlan said flatly.

"Why do you want to find a planet near us, Suzee?" asked Rosie.

"We're running short on some supplies, Rosie.... I just want us to be able to go anywhere without dying of thirst, starvation or the cold of space...." Suzee said. Everyone stared at her incredulously. She glanced up. "What?"

Suzee finished her food and took her plate to the sink. "Well... if you think we're fine to go, that's up to you!" Suzee growled. Then, she stalked to the door, where she rammed her shoulder into Freya.

Freya stared back at Suzee as she stalked down the corridor. "What's up with her..." she said to the others.

"I think she's losing it...." Harlan said.

"Too late, she already lost it...." Bova said.

Freya walked up to the food wheel and stared at it. Rosie and Radu turned around and saw the confusion written on her face. "Is something wrong, Freya?" Rosie asked in a concerned tone.

"Er... What does this thing do....?" Freya asked sheepishly.

Rosie looked at Radu and he stared back at her. They both shrugged and got up. Radu stood behind Freya and turned the wheel. "You turn the wheel and, hopefully, you get something you can eat...." he said.

Rosie grinned sheepishly. "Sometimes it gives us what a different person wants... like Harlan will end up with Radu's food instead of his own food."

When the wheel stopped spinning, a tube popped out. Freya picked it out and stared at it. "This is food?" she said flatly.

"Come over here...." Rosie beamed at her. Freya followed Rosie and gave her the tube. Rosie took the top off of it and poured out some kind of powder onto a plate. Then, she dropped water on it and stuck into some kind of device. When she took it out, Freya had some kind of fish on her plate with odd looking vegetables. "Now this looks interesting...."

"It recreated terkil fish... and some other stuff...." Freya said as she poked it. "I think some of this is growing intelligence, though...."

"Just stick a fork in it... it'll die eventually..." said Harlan from the table.

Freya sat down at the small table and started eating. "IT tastes alright, I guess..." Freya said. "What was all that about finding a planet near us...?"

"Suzee thinks we're going to run out of supplies soon...." Bova stated.

"But I looked into the database of the Christa's computer and it didn't say anything...." Freya said as she took another bite.

"When did you get the chance today...." Harlan asked as he raised an eyebrow at her.

"Just before I got in here...." She saw the looks on Harlan and Radu's faces. "What... I was alone... Goddard only THINKS he's got me covered..."

"He doesn't trust you?" Rosie said.

"Why should he... I'm a newbie here and I'm a hacker... I could hack into the Christa's computer at any moment and steal information if I so chose..." Freya said. "Honestly, though.... He's too paranoid... First off... Why would I want to hurt any of you.. You all are so nice to me and take care of me when my brain goes on the fritz..."

"Because Commander Goddard enjoys finding out conspirators?" Bova drawled.

"How did you guys get out here in the first place..." Freya asked.

"I, Commander Goddard and Miss Davenport are from a planet called Earth. The rest of these guys are from planets in the same solar system...." Harlan started into his own version of the story. "Well... except cinnamon swirls for ears next to me..."

"Hey!" Radu protested.

"Anyway... We were all in a school to become Stardogs..."--Bova coughed something like, "Only you!"-- "and we found this ship docked outside of the station we were in.... When we went inside, Miss Davenport and Commander Goddard came aboard to find us... Suddenly, we broke away from the station and the Christa flew through a spacial rip..."

"Has Suzee always been this anal, though?" Freya said.

"Oh! You forgot about Cat!" Rosie gasped.

"Suzee came aboard when we lost one of the original members of this crew... She was from Saturn and her name was Catalina...." Harlan continued. There was something hidden in his dark eyes when he said her name. "She was the ship's engineer with the help of Suzee...."

"O-of course, we never saw Suzee..." Radu said.

"Yeah,... We thought she was Cat's imaginary friend..." Bova drawled.

"That was until a ship attacked us and..." There was a darkness in Harlan's eyes. It made his eyes darker for a moment, then he spoke again. "And Suzee exchanged places with Catalina."

"Meaning, Cat got to go to another dimension while we got landed with Suzee....." Bova stated.

"Then, we crash landed on a planet and stayed there for a few months. Commander Goddard had been put out of commission at some point...." Harlan said.

"We got to sample what it was like to be the other during one adventure...." Rosie said.

"I got to play the Andromedan...." Harlan said. "Michael Bolton hair and all...."

"I was a Uranian...." said Rosie. "It was very interesting to have that V on my forehead...."

"I was a Mercurian....perky and all..." Bova drawled.

"Suzee traded places with THELMA...." Rosie said. "And THELMA became a... uh... Yesnidian!"

"She nearly went nuts..." Bova said.

"I-I was a human...." Radu said as he wrung his hands nervously.

Freya stared at Radu. It made him even more nervous to have those eyes of hers boring into him. "You would make a very handsome human..." she said.

Radu blushed. Harlan gave a mock gasp of shock. "AH! Well, there you have it... Radu is better looking than me..."

Freya laughed. "You're not that bad looking either!"

Suddenly, the intercom sounded off. "Crew to the command deck!" It was Suzee's voice. "Crew to the command deck!"

"Why do things always happen at lunch time...." grumbled Bova as he dashed from his chair.

They filed into a jumptube and landed on the command deck. They ran onto the bridge. Suzee was at the engineering console, looking at the readouts. Harlan reached the helm. "What's going on, Suz... What's happening..."

"I was tired of waiting for Radu to get his ass up here, so I decided to find the nearest planet myself...." She glanced up with a wide grin. "I found one..."

Harlan was clearly annoyed. "Suzee... I told you that we would get to it when we--"

"Harlan! There's a planetoid coming up fast...!" Radu said as he read the navigation readouts.

Harlan gripped his console and glared at Suzee. She busied herself with her own console, not paying any attention to Harlan. He concentrated on stopping the Christa before he rammed into anything. He wondered briefly how she had managed to get the ship to steer without him.

Then, Harlan was able to slow down the Christa. On the view screen, he saw the planet. It was blue and green and brown. It reminded him of Earth. "Whoa...." was all he managed to say.

"A pretty planet, I might say...." said Freya. She was silent for a moment. "Is the Christa atmosphere capable?"

"Huh?" said Bova.

"Can she fly in an atmosphere....? Land on the planet....?" Freya clarified. "It might be fun to explore...."

"Even if Suzee's a brain case?" Bova asked.

"Come on... Freya's probably right.... It would be fun...." said Rosie.

"Don't you guys remember what happened the last time we tried to land on a planet...." Bova said.

"I can land us!" Harlan protested. "Just sit back...."

Then, the Christ flew towards the planet. Commander Goddard stalked in and saw the screen. "Whoa..." was all he managed to say.

"We're going to land on the planet and see if we can find anything useful!" Freya said cheerfully.

Goddard choked on something. "We'll use too much fuel! We can't do that!" He ran over to Harlan and slapped him hard on the shoulder. "We need to pull back!"

"Why, man!?" Harlan growled.

The Christa stopped anyway, due to Harlan's unwitting motions. Then, she plunged into the atmosphere. Harlan hung onto the console as he steered the ship through the atmosphere.

The Christa flew through clear blue skies. Through white, puffy clouds, it made it's descent. "Do you remember how to land?!" Goddard choked.

"Yeah! Like this!"

The Christa pulled up suddenly, then small feet came out of her hull. The Christa was getting closer to ground. Harlan kept his hands on the crystals, working them within an inch of their life.

Then, the ship landed. Harlan grinned at Goddard. "See? I did it..."

Goddard started strangling Harlan. Freya, who was closer, grabbed his jumpsuit and pulled him off. "Down boy! Down!"

"You could've killed us by doing that stupid move!" Commander Goddard growled.

"I said... CALM DOWN!" Freya growled. Goddard stopped shouting and looked to her. "We got here safely... okay? It was Suzee's idea in the first place...."

Goddard straightened up. He dusted his jumpsuit off and ran a hand through his short cropped hair. He glared at Harlan sternly. "Alright...." he said curtly.

"Good... then we can go down and check for things we can use!" Suzee said in an eerily cheerful voice.

Goddard stared at her incredulously, but didn't say anything. Rosie came up. "We could all use a vacation from the ship.... The readouts say that it's got an atmosphere and plant life similar to Earth!"

Goddard grunted. "Fine.... go on out.... but make sure you stick together..." He walked toward the door. "I'll go retrieve Miss Davenport."

Harlan gave Suzee and Radu a satisfied grin. "Let's get ready..." he said.