When Suze is attacked and the only fingerprints found at the scene are ones identical to a bunch of dead gang members, it's bound to raise some questions. So Dr. Krantz(who leads a team of what he calls "specially abled" agents) is called in and, when he doesn't get anywhere with stubborn Suze, he calls in his best agent, well, former agent "Lightning Girl" Jess Mastrianito get some answers.


I woke up to bright, white lights and have to quickly shut my eyes, groaning. Why were hospitals so bright? For the amount of time I've spent in them, one would think they'd remember to turn them off, but no, I'm supposed to suffer. It's not like I'm in enough pain or anything. I groan again as I fail to get off the bed to turn off the lights. My head spins. Ugh, needles. I have a bag of some clear fluid and a bag of – uh – blood running into my arm at my elbow.

I sign and try and hide my face into my pillow, blocking out some of the light. My day, or last couple of days, or the last several days, depending on the unknown amount of time I'd been both captured and under sedation, have been absolute Hell.

After finding out that they could touch me, a gang who had recently died in a shootout, had decided to make their whole "we're not leaving" decision more "clear" to me by kidnapping me and beating the crap out of me. I fought, of boy, did I fight. But five against one is a little unfair. Especially five huge DEAD guys against one smaller, very much alive and not-so-quick-at-healing, girl.

I'm not quite sure what was broken or bruised. I had had to wait to send them to the Shadowland as I knew if I started taking them up one at a time they'd catch on, meaning I wouldn't be able to return, because there wouldn't be any body to return to. Literally. My struggling had intensified when one of them had begun to cut down my chest so they had all had to grab me to hold me still. It had given me the few precious seconds I needed to take them to that astral plane. From the feeling though, I still had a small cut near my collar bone, not as big as it could of been, but it still hurt. A lot.

I had lifted my hand to trace it when a nurse came in.

"Y'you're awake"? Oh my God! Doctor! Doctor! She's awake."

I look to the door where the nurse had run out of. Huh, maybe I looked as bad as I felt. I paused to think about that. Jesus, I hope nobody gave me a mirror, or pointed out any reflective surfaces.

I had just snuggled back into the pillow, when I thought invaded my drugged mind. Jesse! Where was he? How long had I been out? He'd be worried. Nope, he'd be furious! He always was when I got into trouble. He never seems to get that I don't actually ask for the trouble, it comes to me. Though, it is nice when he looks after me, like the cut on my wrist from the window after escaping Heather, when I'd burnt my feet, when I had got a cold, when I had twisted an ankle...yep, it doesn't happen often enough.

Just as I was tempted to claw out the needles and reach for my clothes (which had unfortunately been removed when I had arrived) which held my phone, the gorgeous man himself walked in.

"Susana – "

"It wasn't my fault." I blurt out quickly. I would have said more but the nurse and doctor had just arrived.

However, my face replicated their expression of shock when Jesse, instead of yelling at me for interrupting him or being 'stupid', grabbed me and kissed me. The pressure on my bruised arms hurt a little, but nothing would ever stop my from kissing Jesse. It was the best feeling in this world, to date.

I'm not sure how much longer it was but we heard the nurse clear her throat and Jesse pulled away. Stupid nurse. Probable just jealous. I thought nurses were supposed to allow you to get better, and Jesse, well, Jesse was my personal drug that ALWAYS made me feel better.

Jesse's eyes told me everything I needed to know as the doctor began to walk forward and – ahh! Stupid light! What is it with hospitals? And Doctors! And Nurses, too! Was there anyone nice working in hospitals?

"Miss Simon," the doctor scolds like I'm a three-your-old, "you have had a mild concussion, lost a lot of blood and fluids and well as have many cracked, shattered and even a few broken bones. If want any sort of help I suggest you..."

He trails off as I glare at him from between my fingers, four of which have been bandaged. How dare he!

"Doctor," Jesse says in a dark tone, "my querida has just woken up. I'm sure she would behave...nicer...if you were to give her a little warning before you do something that directly affects her or could cause her pain."

The doctor shudders slightly under his gaze and I send a look of thanks to Jesse while trying not to flush at him calling me "querida." It's a stupid reaction I have that I haven't been able to get rid of since he started calling me that.

"Very well, Mr..."

"De Silva."

"Very well, Mr De Silva."

He then turned towards me again and sighed quietly.

"Miss Simon?" he asks looking pointedly at the mini-flashlight in his hand.

I look at Jesse again before nodding to the doctor and allowing him to shine the pesky light in my eyes. I still didn't like him. But then again, I never liked doctors and they never liked me.

After a few more tests (involving him poking and prodding my sore body) and him scribbling the results down, the doctor and his nurse left and Jesse came back to kiss me again. More softly this time though.

"I thought you had died when I saw you lying in that bed, when I had first saw you. Please stop doing this to yourself Amor Mio."

I go to ask him what he said in Spanish (he knows not to do that...though I do except "querida"...because I know what it means...not that he knows that I know what it means...whatever) and tell him that I'm far too stubborn to die when my mother walks in. With Andy, Sleepy, Dopey, and Doc. Whoopee! My head begins to throb.

"Suzie! Oh Suzie! Oh! They wouldn't allow us in before, and I have no idea how Jesse got in here, but – oh! It just matters that you're awake!"

I roll my eyes as my mother rushes towards me and tries in vain to flatten out the creases in the hospital sheets as she knows she can't touch me without causing me to flinch.

"I'm fine, mum, really – "

"Fine? Young lady," Andy starts in monotone, "do you have any idea how worried your mother was? That we all were?" He starts to pace. "You were gone for days! Days! Before we got the call from the bloody hospital, and you say you're 'fine'?"

Wow. Wasn't expecting that.

I go to open my mouth but Andy interrupts.

"I'm only going to ask this once, Suze: Where were you?"

I see Sleepy open his mouth, probably going to spurt out some story about gangs (though he'd be closer to the truth than usual) and I quickly come up with the best thing I can: "I can't remember?"

"You can't remember." Andy states in a dead-pan voice.

"I...I was walking home...from the beach..." (the best lies are always based on the truth) "...when...something...hit me over the head. That's the last thing I remember, other than the feeling of being in pain...before waking up here."

He doesn't look like he believes me, but an older man with an egg-shaped head in a suit (in this weather?) walks in before he can say anything else.

"Miss Susannah Simon and her family, I believe? My name is Dr. Krantz, and I have a few questions for Miss Simon, if she is feeling up to it."


Amor Mio = My Love