Crossover: Mediator and 1-800-Where-Are-You? Fanfiction

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Meg Cabot, I only own the storyline.


Oh! Susannah, Oh don't you cry for me,
For I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee.

I had a dream the other night, when everything was still;
I thought I saw Susannah dear, a coming down the hill...


I sigh when we get back to the hotel with Rob, exhausted from both the flight and meeting a certain Miss Susannah Simon. I knew she only agreed to spilling her guts to me because of the drugs in her system – trust me, I know their power – but I also knew that a deal is a deal. The thought of being 'in' a dead body again didn't make me feel all that comfortable but something tells me I won't like being in the other guys head either. Something about the way she talked – and the mention of the gun – had me...hesitant.

I typed in the name 'Marcus Beaumont' into my computer first as I knew it would be easy to find and got a good look at him. Reasonably good looking (for an older guy) with blond hair and average features. Good. Now onto the dead guy.

As I thought, it took a while to find it, but when it did my mouth dropped open.

I shook my head then looked at his picture more closely as if it would change by my will alone. Hector de Silva looked exactly like Jesse! How was that possible? He must be a direct family member with really good luck. What? The guy was good looking. Almost as good as Rob, but then again I'm a bit bias.

I spent a while longer looking at the picture before once again looking at Marcus' profile. I then closed my laptop, changed into my pj's and jumped into bed where my man opened his arms for me to crawl into his (thankfully bare) chest.

"Mmmm," I moan as I sink into his heat and breathe in his manly smell. I am so smitten.

"How'd it go? Find them both alright?"

"Yeah. I'm not looking forward to it though. Whatever this Simon chick prepared for me is a test, I know it. Not just in the 'prove you can find people in your sleep' test, but the 'prove what you are made out of test.'"

Rob smiles and kisses my forehead. "I'm sure it's nothing like that. No one's that crafty, especially on the kind of pills she was on."

We both grimace as we remember what we call the 'mash potato incident.'

"She is, I can tell. There's something about her..."

"How about you just go to sleep and stop worrying? Whatever it is, you'll know by morning, ok Mastriani?"

"Fine, fine."

I snuggle deeper into his chest, placing one hand on his abs and the other by his shoulder, and drift off to sleep.

Suddenly I'm not in bed anymore. I'm running over rough terrain, but I can barely see where I am. Panic and fear are constantly circling around my brain and I can't make sense of anything. My brain is completely jumbled. Suddenly I witness something out of the corner of my eye before a chill floods my body, contrasting with the boiling heat of the sun as is continues to hit my already burnt and battered skin. I open my dry mouth to scream –

I now stand in a small, modern bathroom, running my hands through my crisp, short hair. I then tug on it, as if it will help deal with the frustration I feel. The desperation over how I can't keep her safe. The fact that I had almost lost her. Again. This woman, who not only gave me my life back but made the whole thing worthwhile, had almost been forced to have the same fate as I had for the last 150 years. I knew she'd stay for me and I'd never be able to let her go. I then look in the mirror, wondering –.

I spring up awake and breathing heavily.

Holy Mother of...

"Hey there sleepyhead," Rob says as he walks into the room carrying a plate of bacon and eggs.

I don't reply, just stare at the beige coloured walls that surround the hotel room which is slowly growing smaller and smaller by the second.

"You don't look so good." He studies me a bit more. "Are you ok? What happened? Was it really that bad?"

"It was...the first much terror. He's lost somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And the dead guy? Not so dead."


"Yeah. His alive and living in an apartment here in Carmel. dating Suze."


"I'm not joking! Hector de Silva is JESSE FRIGGIN' DE SILVA!"

"How is that possible?"

"I...I don't know...I mean Dr K said something about talking to the dead – not bringin' em' back to friggin' life! I have to talk to Susannah!"

I go to run out of the room but Rob grabs onto my arm.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Eat something first, then see the crazy girl in the hospital bed. Trust me, she'll be there for a while."

"I need answers!" I yell as I move to get off the bed againonly to be pushed back.

"You can get them after you eat."


I woke up to find Jesse and Paul standing at the foot of my bed.

"Suze asked me to, cowboy. Jeeze, calm down. There are a few still out there."

"Did she say how many?"

"No, but according to the news paper the rival gang to the one she vamoosed lost a few members. It could be worse, but they won't be easy to find. I haven't heard from them at all."

"Maybe they've moved on?'

Paul gives Jesse a look to say his lost his marbles. "When does it ever work in our favour?"

Jesse suddenly turns hits the wall he is next to, cracking the plaster. Paul jumps back but once again relaxes when Jesse's hand stays glued to wall, as if it would take too much out of him to move it. I want to cradle his hand and tell him everything will be fine, but I can't find the strength in me to move just yet.

"In case it has escaped your notice Slater, Susannah is lying in a hospital bed after being tortured for three days! It was only a stroke of luck that she got out alive! Surely we can have at least one good thing happen!"

"That's not what I – "

"Please shut up!" I manage to growl out. Finally. Ugh. My head. When will it ever stop throbbing? At least the lights aren't as bright today.

"You're awake!" Jesse rushes to my side.

I groan and clear my dry throat. "Yeah."

"I brought the shit you wanted." Paul drawled. "It'll keep the bad spirits out, but allow the good ones through. Just in case we wanna send someone to check up on you or if I want to pop in myself."

"I'm not a child." The thought of him popping in, as well making me feel incompetent, also made me sour as Paul was always better at spirit projecting than I was and I hated the reminder. At least I was better (slightly) at telekinesis. Though we had only just started experimenting with that.

"I know." He sighs. "But please. Father Dominic agrees with us too."

Of course he did. I roll my eyes.

Jesse smartly changes to convocation. "How are you feeling Amor Mio?"

"Fine, if you start speaking English again."

He smiles and begins to brush through my hair with his fingers, but otherwise ignores me.

"Hey, third wheel over here. Do you wanna get this protection thing done any time soon?"

"Sure," I say sarcastically. "Do you want me to lend a hand? Both are a little bandaged right now and I'm kinda trapped in this bed...Perhaps I could use a foot to hold something for you, oh Mighty One?"

"Shut it, Simon."

He gets it done in no time.

"Well, that's me. Try not to scare the nurses to much, Ranger. I'll be back later."

Jesse looks confused. "Why would we scare the nurses?"

I blush. "Ignore him, Jesse. Bye Paul."

"No thankyou kiss?" He looks at my face. "Ok, ok. I'm going."

He walks out the door mumbling about Rick Springfield having the right idea and something about cowboys.

Jesse gives me a small kiss once Paul leaves but, alas, it seems luck is not with us.

"Mornin'" the girl from yesterday says as she strolls in. Her fiancé follows and nods to me and Jesse before grabbing Jess' hand, as if lending support.

"Ever heard of knocking?"

"Yeah, but you miss out on all the best things if you give people time to hide their secrets."

I shake my head. I'll have to remember that one.

"Did you do as I asked?"

"I did...but, um, about Hector..."

"Marcus first."

"I can't give you a place name as he's in the middle of nowhere, but I can give you coordinates?" She hands me a piece of paper, her hand shaking slightly.

Jesse leans into me. "You asked about Marcus?"

"You wouldn't tell me."

He leans back with a frown now marring his perfect face.

"And Hector?"

"That's when it gets interesting...His...His standing right next to you."

Huh. Impressive. This chick might actually be telling the truth. "Next to me? A guy who has been dead for over a 150 years is standing next to me?"

"Don't act like you know nothing about it!" She loses her nervousness. "Dr K is interested in you for a reason and obviously this has something to do with it, Little Miss I-Bring-Dead-People-Back-To-Life!"

"See?" I say smiling, "You didn't need me to tell you my secret after all."

Their faces dropped.

"You're serious?" She asked.

"Well, the whole dead to alive thing was kinda recent though. Nice to meet you Lightning Girl, Dreamer of Missing People. I'm Suze Simon, Mediator, Shifter, Personal Maid to the Dead. How do you do?" I tip an imaginary hat almost laugh as their faces stay in the same expression of shock.

"Querida," Jesse scolds. I grin as I find a way to further add to the sass. What? Lying in bed gets tiresome.

"Oh yeah, and this is Hector Jesse de Silva, former ghost and my boyfriend."

Rob speaks up. If you can call it that. "Huh."

"Is that all you can say!?" Jess explodes. "Huh?"

"Honey, you dream of missing people in you sleep and have worked with a group of people who can do God knows what, under a guy who could easily double as Professor X. Nothing should come as a surprise to us."

She begins to laugh. "Oh God. So now there are ghosts, nice to know."

"Yeah. One was shadowing you yesterday."

Both of them look at me at that.

"There was?" Jesse asks. "Why didn't you mention it?"

"He didn't look bad, ok? Just...lonely."

Jess looks close to tears even though she's trying to look tough. "H-he? W-what's he look like?"

I describe him even though I have a feeling she already knows. When I'm done both of them look down sadly.

"Nate Thompkins."


"That is...that was his name."


"Do you wish for us to speak with him for you?" Jesse asks, politely.

Jess looks up with tears in her eyes. This Nate must have been important to them.

"Cou-could you?"

Jesse looks at me expectantly and I'm tempted to ask for one of those boards people use to 'communicate' with the dead just as a laugh, but I realise what a big deal it is to them and don't want to show them any disrespect in what will obviously be an emotional time for them.

I call out his name, making sure to make it sound commanding. I've discovered ghosts won't often come when you make it a suggestion. In less than a second he appears.

"Hello, my name is Jesse and this is Susannah. Your name is Nate?"

"You can see me?"

"Yes, I understand this is difficult to understand but we are here to help." Jesse nods his head to where Jess and Rob stand with peculiar looks o their faces. "Is there something you wish to tell them before you move on?"

The ghost, I mean Nate, open and closes his mouth a few times before nodding his head and addressing Jesse. "Yes. Can you – can you tell Jessica that it wasn't her fault and not to blame herself."

Jesse repeats the message.

"But it is my fault! I could of saved him!"

"You didn't know he was in danger, Mastriani." Rob goes to hug her. "He was probably killed quickly. Even if you looked for him as soon as you knew he was missing Nate could have already been dead."

"But I didn't even try!"

"Enough Jess!"

I butt it. "That was the message." I look over to Nate. "Anything else?"

He tells me before he begins to fade away.

"He also wants to tell you that he approves of your brother, whatever that means."

Jess and Rob smile tearfully at that.

"My brother and his sister are...together."


Jess looks down, but suddenly her body begins to shake and her hands tighten into fists. She stalks forward.

"Why didn't you bring him back?"

"Back? To life?" I ask, shocked once I got her meaning. Where did this come from?

"You raised yourself a friggin' boyfriend, why can't you give a perfectly innocent man his life back, huh? Or isn't he good enough for you? Who gave you the right to decide who lives and dies?"