Teaser: It's Christmas time in the April-san household. She wants to include her
'housemates' in the festivities. What can go wrong? Everything!

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The Gift of the Meiji
By April-san

Soujirou came skipping out of April-san's bedroom and stopped in the living room, in the
middle of a huge fight.

"It's not fair!" cried Yahkio. "I never get my way!"

"We are NOT watching Teletubbies, and that is final! By the way, my vote is for

"Not in front of the kids."

"But the kids love Rambo."

"No! Titanic!"

"We watched that one six times last week, Karou-dono."

"Well, I know a certain bunch of young men watched Lord of the Rings twice that many
times last week!"

"It's better than that Notting Hill you girls made us watch!"

"April-san needs to get more Anime…"

"Actually, I'm in the mood for a musical."

The entire male population groaned.

"No way! Something with blood and violence!"

"A plot!"

"A love story!"

"Then it's decided! A Monty Python movie!"

Half the room cheered. Half the room moaned.

"Ano?" Soujirou said, trying to get everyone's attention.

No one paid him any heed.

"Ahh, Gomen."

Still nothing but bickering.

Soujirou then did the most drastic and potentially fatal move possible: he turned off the
television. All eyes turned to him, many one blink from a murderous rage. "Ano, I just
thought you should all know. April-san is preparing for Christmas and she wants to
include us, this year."

The rage turned to absolute panic. Not a sound was heard as everyone held their breaths.

"We're going to exchange gifts!" he spoke with a huge smile.

"All of us?"


"Even us who are not technically alive?"


"Even us who believe in nothing but our own strength?"


"Neechan!" cried Enishi (the newest member to the April-san household), "do I have to
participate? Will you smile then, Neechan?!" He stared at the white wall for a long

Tomoe, sitting across the room next to Yumi, shook her head. "I think Enshi likes his
imaginary sister more than me."

"Okay, neechan," Enishi declared, suddenly. "But, I better get a good name!" He glared
at everyone around him.

Okita poked his head out from the bathroom doorway. "I have a bad feeling about

Names were exchanged, then exchanged again, and then re-exchanged due to some
tampering discovered when all the names read Sano, then Cho, then when someone
'accidentally' put all the names in the fish-bowl already filled with water and fish.

Shishio pushed his way to the front of the line. "The strongest go first!" he declared and
grabbed the first slip on the top.

Soujirou picked a slip of paper from the paper filled fish-tank and grinned openly at
Okita. Okita drew a name from the fish-tank and also grinned openly at Soujirou.
Everyone else sweatdropped.

Sano let out a little breath. "At least I don't have to worry about getting the smiley
boys." He pulled his slip from the tank and looked at the name. His jaw fell open and he
shook his head. "No…! Why do I always get the psychos!"

Shishio grinned. Saito's eyebrow rose. Aoshi ignored them all. Enishi softly chuckled
to himself.

"You first, Karou-dono."

"Arogato, Kenshin." She drew a slip and held it to her heart without looking at it.

The short red-haired man chose a slip and slowly opened it. "Orooo…"

Saito picked out a slip. He took one look at it and cursed. "Ahou!"

"It's our turn, Aoshi-sama! I hope I get you…"


"Ahh, my kind of holiday," spoke Amakusa Shogo, as an unknown light touched his
head, and he drew a name.

Yahiko dug to the very bottom of the bowl and drew the most crumpled name.

Hiko chose one and scowled as he looked at it. "Can I choose another?"

*"Did you get your own name?"*

"No, but-"


Hiko shook his head and poked Soujirou in the ribs. "Hey, kid, what would you get a

Soujirou just smiled.

One by one each member of the April-san household chose a name. Then the fun
continued…shopping for the gifts! Finally…the exchange on Christmas Eve!

Authors Notes:
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any comments or suggestions (I can't figure what to get my secret Santa in real life).
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