A lonely man, wearing a white shirt and pants several sizes too large, lay in a clearing. His backpack lent against a large rock, a few meters behind him. He observed the sky and noticed it was rather cloudy. This led him to imagine how it felt to be a cloud. Surrounded by others like yourself, floating around at your own speed, never truly caring about people's opinions of you. This made him smiled. How amazing it would be if he were born a cloud. He lifted himself to a sitting position and noticed a colony of ants rummaging around for food. He had read a few books on these creatures and knew they lived in colonies, working together to supply a queen with all she needed to produce more children. This prompted another question. Is the life of an ant better than a humans? They are surprisingly similar to humans and they only live short lives, but they are always focused on the same task, until they die. Can you honestly compare humans to ants? Does the life of an ant hold more merit than that of a human?

He was constantly thinking of these things, never believing his cursed life could amount to anything. He remained alone and forgotten, not a soul knew he existed and he preferred it that way. But, he would always envy the people he saw: Lovers walking through town, children following their parents and friends traveling in groups. His life could never be like theirs… and the empty feelings inside of him created a hollow shell. If he began his life a human, he could no longer be considered one any longer. He was 24 years old and had only caused pain and misery wherever he went. His life was sinful and he felt like it served no purpose.

He sighed and gently rose from the ground. Thinking about his life like this would only serve to depress him further. He walked towards his backpack, but, before he could reach it was startled by a tall man wearing a red suit of armor, the man was also armed with an unusual weapon. His heart was pounding and he stared at the stranger in front of him. He assumed the man in armor was a knight and, judging by his actions, was looking for something. He panicked, thinking that he might be here looking for him, and quickened the pace towards his backpack… until he stepped on a branch.


His face turned to sheer horror as he the branch broke beneath him, sweat pouring down his face at an alarming speed. He slowly turned around to find the knight standing behind him.

"Where do you think you're going?" the knight asked. His method of speaking was peculiar, as he prolonged the punctuation in a singing manner.

"I… uh…hmm…" The man could not speak he was terrified; he turned around to run away, but, the knight simply grabbed the collar of his shirt, subsequently making the man fall on his butt. The knight seemed unhappy at the lack of cooperation the man had given him and dragged him back to his camp.

"I'll let the captain decide what to do with you" he singed. "I'm sure he'll find something useful out of your information".

The man sighed, "Great… look at the mess you're in now Escanor", Hopefully his captain is a decent man and will realize I have nothing he wants". Even though his life was going nowhere, he had a sudden realization… perhaps this was a good thing? If his captain found a use for him, then perhaps he might gain a purpose? A smile began to grow on Escanor's face, for the first time, his perspective on his own life had changed

"I may not have the greatest life, but, I have the ability to change it and make my own decision. It's impossible to have a perfect life, you will always find something you desire that you can never obtain. You need to experience hardship in order to truly show compassion. You need to understand love in order to show it and you need to consider yourself more important than others sometimes". He smiled from ear to ear, as he thought about this. His adventure began today, the journey from a lonely wanderer to the Lion's sin of Pride.