Title: Return To Tev'Meck (Sequel to 'The Sigournate Virus')
Author: Rose (buffybot76@hotmail.com)
Rating: R, possibly. Might not go that high.
Pairing: Dr. Lazarus/Tawney Madison
Summary: The crew of the NSEA Protector are summoned back to Lazarus' homeworld of Tev'Meck. But it is a bittersweet homecoming.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Galaxy Quest characters. They belong to Dreamworks and the writers of the wonderful screenplay.
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Chapter 1

Tawney, look out!

Tawney Madison barely had time to acknowlege the warning her mate had transferred to her using thier mental bond, before one of the Meechans that had attacked their landing party, grabbed her from behind. She struggled with her captor, managing to wrench herself away. Only to turn and find herself on the recieving end of a sharp right hook. Reaching up, she wiped away blood that trailed from the side of her mouth. The creature grabbed her once more, but with a sharp jab to the solar plexus, or whatever was located in the mid regions of their species, she was immediately released again. Spinning on her heel, she delivered a well aimed judo kick to her attacker's chest, knocking im away from her, and right into the sights of a very pissed off Tev'Meckian's phazor. With a bright flash, the Meechan was disintegrated into nothing but particles of moondust. Instantly, Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck was at Tawney's side, frantically checking her over for any injuries.

"You alright, love?" He asked her, a look of worry on his handsome face.

"I'm fine, darling." She said as she reached out to still his questing hands. "Go help the others." She nodded toward the other members of the crew who were at that moment in hand to hand combat with the ambushing Meechans.

Why did it seem that every distress call they answered, wound up being either a false alarm or a trap? It never failed. Lazarus gave her another once over before nodding, kissing her cheek, then jumping back into action. He joined the fray just in time to pull off a Meechan who was in the process of strangling Ensign Wingate. He deftly slipped up behind the creature, capturing it's head at just the right angle, and with one quick twist, snapped the thing's neck. It fell over to the side of the Ensign, who lay gasping for air. Lazarus extended a hand to help her to her feet.

"Th-thank you, Doctor." The woman managed to gasp out.

Lazarus retreived the Ensign's phazor which had been knocked from her hand during the struggle, then motioned over to where Tawney was firing upon another approaching Meechan. "Go watch Lt. Madison's back." He ordered tersely.

"Yes, sir." The Ensign saluted before taking her phazor and rushing to take up position at Tawney's back.

Feeling that Tawney was now adequately covered, Lazarus began to search for Commander Taggart. He found him fighting with the Meechan leader.

Lost the shirt again, I see. Lazarus noted as the bare chested Commander recieved a vicious upper cut to the chin. Lazarus winced.

"All right, *that's* it!" Taggart raged. He was done playing. With a series of sharp kicks and punches, the Meechan leader soon went down hard. Taking the opportunity, Lazarus called out to Taggart.

"Peter, head's up!" And threw his own phazor to the Commander, who caught it deftly, and positioned it under the Meechan leader's chin.

"Now, call them off." Taggart said evenly, motioning toward the other Meechans who were still entangled in battle with the rest of the crew.

The leader hesitated a moment, but quickly relented when Taggart applied pressure to the creature's throat with the muzzle of the phazor.

"Zaripo Pto!{Back down!}" The creature called out. Immediately the other Meechans stilled, backing away from thier opponents and turning to see their leader in a dire predicament.

"Good." Taggart said, jerking the Meechan he held to his feet, keeping the phazor trained on him the entire time. "Now, tell them to stand back and allow us to go back to our ship."

"Mogifta Pto. Met tula te. {Stand back. Let the humans go.}" At their leader's command, the Meechan began to file back into the shadows from which they had emerged when the whole fiasco had begun.

"Alright, everybody assemble at the designated conveyance spot, now." Commander Taggart ordered his crew.

Immediately the landing party scrambled to regroup at the coordinants the Digital Conveyor on the ship was locked onto. Lazarus, who had moved back to Tawney's side after tossing his phazor to the Commander, was assisting the slighty limping woman back to the group. As soon as everyone was assembled, Taggart roughly shoved the Meechan toward where the other of his kind had now effectively disappeared. Taggart kept the phazor trained on the Meechan until he had rejoined his party. Clicking open his communicator, he contacted the ship.

"Okay Chen, digitize us."

With a sparkle of lights and slight distortion, the group was back onboard the ship. Wasting no time, Lazarus immediately swooped Tawney into his arms and stalked out of the Conveyance room.

"Laz, what are you doing?" Tawney asked in an amused voice. "I said I was fine." She began to wiggle out of the Tev'Meckian's arms, only to find that he tightened his hold.

"You could barely walk, and you're bleeding. I say you need medical attention." Lazarus argued, not faltering in his stride toward the Medic Bay.

Sighing, Tawney stilled in her struggles only to change tactics, as she began to stroke Lazarus' scalp in just the right spots with her fingertips.

"I believe I would get well much faster back in our quarters than in any silly old Medic Bay." She purred seductively into Lazarus' ear.

His steps did falter then, but only for an instant. Once he regained his resolve, which had nearly gone out the nearest window port, he turned an exasperated look on his mate.

"That's not going to work this time, and you know it." He looked at her with an amused gleam in his eye.

Knowing he wasn't going to relent on this one, Tawney threw up her hands in surrender. Heaving a heavy sigh, she attempted to plead her case one last time.

"Oh, come on, Laz. You know how I hate it when you faun over every little nick or cut I get." She tried to sound stern, but feared she came off as sounding whiney.

Lazarus couldn't help but chuckle at her antics. He loved to fuss over her like he did. She was his life mate after all, he couldn't have her going off and getting deathly sick. He had nearly lost her once, and that was one time too many in his honest opinion. No, he was not taking any chances when it came to Tawney Madison's health.

"Hey, guys!"

They had arrived at the entrance to the Medic Bay, and Lazarus was just about to step through the doors when Commander Taggart caught up to them. Lazarus paused in the doorway and turned to face the commander.
"Yes, sir?"

Taggart's face held a look of concern as he took in the sight of Tawney in Lazarus' arms.

"What's wrong? Tawney, are you hurt?" He asked as his eyes grazed discreetly over her body, as if trying to indicate any damage.

Tawney heaved a sigh. "No. At least, not anything life-threatening. But you can't tell Mr. So-Overly-Concerned-It's-Rediculous, here." She joked, nodding to Lazarus, who had a somewhat pained expression on his face.

"But love, I'm just looking out for your well-being. You could get hurt so easily, and it's excruciatingly painful for me to even think of anything happening to you, hence all the being overly concerned."

Tawney was instantly contrite. "Oh, Laz. I was just joking, honey. I understand, really." She cooed as she began stroking his fins and applied a tender kiss to his lips.

Neither of them noticed that Taggart's face had taken on a slightly nausious expression at the affectionate display before him. He was still not resigned to the thought of Tawney and Dr. Lazarus being bonded. And just watching their public showing of the fact was almost enought to make the commander wretch. Quickly wiping the look from his face Taggart addressed the still kissing couple.

"Alright, you two, knock it off." He tried to sound teasing, but it came out strained. Tawney and Lazarus broke their kiss, turning to look at Taggart as he continued to speak. "Laz is right, Tawney. You need to be checked out." Then his voice took on an authorative tone. "If you don't mine, Dr. Lazarus, once Lt. Madison is settled in, I'll need your help in relaying the information of the attack on Delos 5. I'll be on the Command Deck."

With that Commander Taggart turned and walked back down the corridor. Tawney and Laz looked at one another with a curious expression on their faces. The commander had been acting strange for a few weeks now, ever since the whole Sigournate Virus episode had been resolved. Although he didn't say anything, he gave the impression that he was displeased about something. But neither Laz nor Tawney could figure out what it could be. Shrugging her shoulders, Tawney kissed Laz again as he finished his entrance into the Medic Bay, walking across the white room to one of the med slabs and placing his precious cargo onto it. The med tech who had been looking at a chart as they had entered, came over to them.

"Lt. Madison, what happened?" The concerned med tech asked as he instantly began taking vital stats.

"Nothing serious. Just a few bumps and bruises, and I think I twisted my ankle." Tawney said, wincing slightly when the tech began to probe said ankle.

"It appears to be a bit swollen, but I'll run a skeletal ray on it just to make sure it's not fractured or anything."

Tawney thanked the med tech before he turned to get the equipment ready, then she turned to Laz.

"Honey, why don't you go ahead and assist the Commander? I'll be fine here." Lazarus looked as if he were about to argue, but Tawney shot him a look that said 'don't even think about it'.

He instantly nodded before leaning in to kiss her quite thoroughly. When he leaned back, Tawney's eyes were still closed and her expression was dreamy. His kisses never failed to do that to her. He took the time to study her beautiful face and issued up a prayer to Ipthar, to thank the diety for seeing fit to bless him with such a delectable creature as Tawney Madison for a life mate. Her eyes drifted open then, and she smiled.

"I'll be back as soon as I'm done, then we can go back to our quarters so that I can tend to you properly." His velvety voice held a bit of seduction in it as he whispered this statement in her ear.

At her entranced look, he smiled wickedly before turning and swiftly leaving the Medic Bay. Tawney let out a shuddering breath. He always got to her that way. She could not figure out how she had been so lucky as to be bonded to a man as incredibly sexy as Dr. Lazarus. She didn't have time to dwell on it for long though, because just then the med tech returned with the skeletal ray and began to do a total read out on her. She thought it was a bit much, but didn't protest. The sooner this was over with, the sooner she would find herself in her Tev'Meckian's arms.


Lazarus had just walked onto the Command Deck when an overwhelming sensaton of sadness and loss swept over him. Back in the Medic Bay, Tawney felt it through the bond, and instantly leapt up. Ignoring the pain in her ankle as well as the med tech's protests, she ran out of the room. When she came up onto the Command Deck, she found Lazarus sitting at his console, his head in his hands. Within a few quick strides, she was at his side and laying a hand on his shoulder.
He looked up at her in surprise.

"What do you think you're doing? You should be in sick bay." He chided.

Tawney shook her head sharply. "No, I should be here with you. I felt it too, you know."

His look instantly turned to chagrin. "I'm sorry, love. I should have known. It just came on suddenly, it was a bit of a shock."

"So, it *was* what I thought it was." Tawney stated in dismay.

Lazarus nodded. "Yes Tawney, it was. That was the feeling of my mother's life force slipping away."

Tawney felt the grief that threatened to overwhelm her mate fill her with dispair, and she struggled to hold back the tears threatening to spill from her already moist eyes. She noticed that Taggart had a confused look on his face, as well as Laredo, Chen and the other crew members presiding on the bridge. Turning to the Commander, she asked in a steady voice.

"Do we have any other missions set up for the following days, Commander?"

Startled, Taggart went over the missions log and shook his head in the negative. "No. We are clear for the next two weeks. Why? What's going on, Tawney? What's wrong with Dr. Lazarus?"

Tawney turned back to her distraught mate with a look of concern, then glanced back to Taggart. "It's the bond that all Tev'Meckian children have with thier parents. When one is hurt or sick, then the other can feel it. Similar to the mating bond Laz and I share. He's feeling his mother through the bond now."

Tawney paused at this, not sure whether she should tell them or not. She glanced at Lazarus in askance. Sensing her hesitation, he simply nodded slightly, head still buried in his hands. Reassured, Tawney turned back to the Commander, who was looking at her with a look of mixed impatience and concern.

"He feels his mother through the bond. She's... she's dying."

Taggart jolted at this revelation. He felt bad for his first officer and friend, and wanted to do something to help.

"What can I do?" He asked instantly.

Almost as if she had known what he would ask, Tawney's answer came immediately.

"You can take us back to Tev'Meck. Right now."



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