Hello people! for the fans who read my other fanfiction, don't worry! It will still continue. I very regrettably apoligise for the lack of chapters recently but hopefully this may make up for it. School is killing me and homework stresses me out so sorry! I should be on top of it now as long as i don't sink again. IT EATS ME! okay, enough crazyness for now... hope you like.

Victoria Black was not a girl you would like to cross. She had a glare that could shatter bones and make even the stubbornest people back down. Of course, this trait didn't come from either of her peace loving and all round goody-goody parents and neither of their family's had this trait either. Victoria had checked the family tree herself and asked around about everyone. She looked about ten generations back in every direction. No one had any of her unusual traits. Another thing was her paranoia. She didn't have anything mentally wrong or causing this, she just seemed to be unusually aware of anyone looking at her. Because of this she often got stage fright and did not have any inclination to stand out. She did her best to fit in, to hide. Although she had no idea why she seemed to do this, she certainly never cared what anybody thought about her. It was just an instinct.

But no matter how hard she tried, she always seemed to be noticed, everywhere. She always caught people looking at her. Not in the looking-over-the-shoulder-in-deep-thought kind of way, but in the looking-you-right-in-the-eye-and-memorizing-your-face kind of way. It's like the entire population was watching her, looking after her.

Other than the strange personality traits she had random pains in her back and sometimes her fingers. It freaked her parents out, even at fifteen when she gasped suddenly at the jolt of pain. It seemed to begin when she was close to turning thirteen. That was when she first started getting the pains and when she was obsessed with a particular book series called skulduggery Pleasant, When she lived back in Australia. When she moved though, her books stayed packed for a few months, sitting in the corner of her new room. After some new furniture being moved in, her books had a new home at eh back of her shelf. She hadn't really touched them since then and laughed at herself her her silliness when she was thirteen, being sure magic was real, that she was a sorcerer. She was sure of her 'proof' back then, but now? She had her reasonable explainations for it. Of course, that was until her sixteenth birthday drew near...