Author: Writie

Characters: Trish Stratus, Brock Lesnar, Stephanie McMahon, Bubba Ray Dudley, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker, Jericho, Torrie Wilson, Rey Mysterio, Maven, Edge, Nidia, Stacy Keibler and many other stars

Description: WWE superstars trapped in a house all because of a certain fan fic writer and her reviewers. Hook ups, fights, and more! PLEASE READ AND REVIEW.

Trish quickly grabbed her black duffle bag as she heard the horn beep for the third time. She slammed the door and ran down her driveway to the big black van that had been waiting for her. She had no idea where they were going or what this was all about. All she knew was the Vince McMahon ordered that most of the WWE superstars were to be picked up. She climbed into the van. She wasn't the only WWE superstar to be picked up so far. She sat next to Bubba Ray Dudley. His brother Spike was on the other side of him. Jeff Hardy, Torrie Wilson, and Rey Mysterio sat in fron of them and behind them was Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesnar and Edge.

"What's going on?" Trish asked. Everyone shrugged.

"I don't even know" Stephanie admitted.

They arrived at a big dark, creepy house, where the other vans had already stopped. They all got out of the van and slowly walked in. Trish walked over and sat down on the old dusty couch. Most the wwe stars were there, other than herself, and the ones that had been in the van with her, she saw Jericho, Kane, Stacy keibler, Undertaker, Maven, Nidia, and a couple others. Suddenly Vince walked in the room with a smile on his face.

"I'm glad you could all make it" Vince smiled.

"Not like we had much choose" Undertaker grunted.

"Yeah, you did say or else" Rey agreed.

"Daddy, what was so important that you had to drag out here in the middle of no where?" Stephanie asked.

"Oh please, like the little princess doesn't already know" Jericho laughed finding it hard to believe Stephanie would be excluded from such information.

"Excuse me?" Stephanie asked defensively.

"Oh god, here we go again." Vince sighed.

"Stephanie, trying to act innocent, we all know the truth. Everyone knows you've been had plenty of times." Jericho laughed, making some of the other guys chuckle. "So, come on just tell us what's going on" He added.

"You must really wanna be slapped!" Stephanie yelled angrily.

"Or your just looking for an excuse to touch me" Jericho joked "But who can blame you? Look at me!" He added with a grin.

"Ugh!" Stephanie cried in disgust.

"That's enough. Stephanie doesn't know why your all here" Vince chimed in. he knew he had to break it up, those two could go at it for hours. "The only person who knows why your all here is me" Vince smiled.

"What's going on?" Brock demanded growing impatient.

"Were we brought here for some kind of promotional thing?" Bubba asked.

"Close, but not exactly. This won't be televised. The WWE writers have been in somewhat of a rut. So I figured what better way to get the creative ideas flowing then to put most of our valuable WWE superstars in one house just to see how your personalities clash" Vince exclaimed as he clasped his hands together. Many of the wrestlers began to mumble to each other, some in disapproval. "This won't be like some type of sleepover, there will be a game involved just to see how you interact with each other" He continued.

"What kind of a game?" Jeff asked. Vince pulled out a knife, and many of the wrestlers eyes widened. Had he gone crazy? He stabbed himself in the stomach and the blade went in, when he pulled it out there was no blood.

"It's fake. The plastic blade moves in and out so it looks real. The object of the game is to kill as many of each other as possible." Vince explained.

"This is stupid, I'm out of here!" Brock snapped angrily as he walked toward the door.

"Everyone will participate in this, like it or not, or their fired." Vince yelled. Brock angrily walked back in the room, got in Vince's face and then sat back down.

"This may seem pointless to some of you, but it's very important for character development." Vince reassured. He began to pass out the fake knives. Trish held the plastic knife in her hand. This was so stupid! Couldn't the writer's get past their writer's block like normal people do?

"I assigned groups, if your in a group and you want to split up, that's fine" Vince added.

"Can we switch groups, or.well, members?" Rey asked realizing who one of his partners was.

"No, but remember, I'll know who participates and who doesn't. this is being done for a reason.!" Vince warned before he left. Brock grabbed his bags and began to walk upstairs. They had been given papers that said which group they were in.

"Where are you going?!" Stephanie demanded.

"To sleep!" Brock grunted.

"Jericho, you and I are in the same group. You heard what he said!" Stephanie explained.

"Screw what he said. This is stupid!" Brock yelled.

"Do you really wanna lose your job junior?" Jericho asked. Brock slammed the bedroom door. Jeff ran up and stabbed Stephanie.

"You can't do that!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"Yes I can!" Jeff replied.

"The game hasn't even started yet!" Stephanie insisted.

"Yes it has" Jeff replied "your dead" He added.

"No I'm not! We haven't even looked around the house yet! The game starts now, everybody go!" she ordered.

Jeff ran to catch up with his group. He had been paired with Trish, Bubba, and Stacy. Stacy smiled at him flirtaciuosly and he gave her a sly grin and a nod.

"This is so stupid" Trish complained.

"Vince is brilliant. Nothing he does is stupid. He does everything for a reason" Stacy disagreed throwing another smile at Jeff.

"I have to agree with Trish" Bubba replied. Trish was so happy when she found out who she was grouped with. She hoped she and Jeff would have a chance to be alone. She threw a quick smile at Jeff.

"Maybe we should all split up. We'll have a much better chance of finding people to kill that way" Trish suggested glancing at Jeff.

"Great! Lets' go Jeff!" Stacy exclaimed as she grabbed his arm.

"But..." Trish began.

"Good luck you two" Stacy smiled at Bubba and Trish.

To readers: The plot may seem stupid but please give it a chance. It's kind of. The description will make sense later on in the story. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!

Preview: The other groups. Plus who wants who and who can't get along.