Chapter 18

Taker continued to drag Crystal down the hall, as she tried to jerk free from his tight grip. They had looked everywhere for the notebook, and he wouldn't give up, he wouldn't believe she really didn't know where it was. She shouldn't have promised she'd give the notebook to him because it wasn't hers to give, what was she thinking?! How was she going to get herself out of this? He wasn't going to let her go until he got what he wanted, until the notebook was in his hands. he stopped dead in his tracks causing her to jolt back.

"That's her!" Taker stated firmly. Crystal followed his gaze which was locked on Writie, who had been walking down the hall in a hurry with her head to the floor. She hadn't spotted them yet. Taker darted forward, pulling Crystal with him.

"Wait." Crystal managed to squeak.

"What?!" Taker demanded infuriated. Luckily Writie was far away enough not to hear them. She seemed to be deep in thought anyway.

"She's going to know something is up if we approach her together." Crystal tried to reason.

"So What?!" Taker snapped.

"It'd be easier if I spoke to her on my own. We'd probably have more of a chance..." Crystal began.

"I'll force her to give it to me." Taker snickered.

"Can we please do this my way?" Crystal cried desperately as Writie got closer.

"You better not try anything funny!" Taker warned releasing her swollen arm and ducking around the corner. Crystal made her way toward Writie with a sigh, as guilt washed over her. She couldn't believe she was doing this. Writie didn't look up and notice her until the were inches apart.

"Crystal! Have you seen any of the others?" Writie asked.

"No, not really." Crystal shrugged.

"Where have you been?" Writie inquired.

"I could ask you the same thing. Shouldn't you be hiding?" Crystal asked with a puzzled look.

"Why were you looking for me anyway?" Writie replied curiously.

"I don't know. So where is your notebook?" Crystal continued.

"Good question." Writie answered with a shrug. That's exactly what Writie had been looking for. She just hoped the WWE didn't get their hands on it, there was no way anyone else would have taken it.

"What do you mean? I thought you guarded that notebook with your life. So, it's not in the attic and you don't have it with you?" Crystal questioned growing pale almost in disbelief. Taker was going to kill her, and he would destroy Writie and all of her other friends all because of her.

"No, I don't know where it is. I've been trying to find it. Why are you asking so many questions about my notebook?" Writie asked suspiciously cocking a curious eyebrow.

"So you don't even know who has it?" Crystal cried.

"No." Writie exclaimed.

"Are you serious?" Crystal repeated still not believing it.

Why do you want to know where it is so badly? You don't have it do you? Your not trying to play some kind of joke on me are you?" Writie smirked. "Ok, Crystal, hand it over." She grinned extending her hand. Crystal stared at Writie as panic took over her features. Writie's smile slowly faded. Something was wrong, there was something Crystal wasn't telling her. She had grown suspicious that something was up when Crystal wouldn't stop asking questions about the notebook, but now she was really worried.

"Crystal what's wrong?!" Writie demanded in a serious tone.

"Run! Writie, run!" Crystal yelled as tears welled up in her eyes.

"What?" Writie cried in confusion.

"Just run!" Crystal exclaimed. But before Writie could even move Taker had a hold of them both.

"Neither of you are going anywhere!" Taker growled. Writie stared at Crystal in shock.

"You set me up?" Writie uttered in disbelief, obviously hurt.

"No, it wasn't like that...I..." Crystal began emotionally.

"Shut up!" Taker yelled. Writie felt completely betrayed and Crystal could barely even bring herself to look at her. "If I don't get that fucking notebook it's gonna be your funeral!" He promised.


Meanwhile, back at the party Sam looked on in fear, as an enraged Matt Hardy, and equally angry Rachel attacked her to the ground. She let out a scream for help.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Shannon cried trying to help Sam. Rachel and Matt quickly shoved each other and raced to Shannon, who was completely baffled by the whole thing. What the hell was going on?!

"Shannon, I love you!" Rachel exclaimed.

"No, I love you!" Matt professed passionately with a huge smile.

"What?!" Shannon cried, and Sam burst out laughing. This has to be some kind of a joke.

"Shut up!" Matt yelled at Sam.

"I always knew there was something weird about you..." Sam teased with a giggle.

"Matt, I'm not...GAY!" Shannon exclaimed.

"Of coarse you are! There's no use in denying it. Everyone can tell." Matt replied with a happy sigh, caressing Shannon's arm.

"Everyone thinks I'm gay?" Shannon cried looking around the room, as his fellow wrestlers looked away from him as they whistled to themselves.

"Does Slash fanfiction count?" Sam asked innocently.

"You sick fucks!" Shannon cringed waving his fist in the air, damning all fanfic writer's.

"Of coarse He's not gay." Rachel insisted throwing her arms around him. "That would so ruin our wedding plans." She added with a smile.

"Get off my man bitch!" Matt yelled. Sam just couldn't stop laughing.

"Sam! Help!" Shannon cried with desperation.

"Sorry guys, but I had him first." Sam added, pushing both Matt and Rachel away. She took Shannon's arm.

"Pft, you had him first? Please, I've known him forever. I've watched him grow up into the sexy hunk of man he is today." Matt explained with a lascivious smile, running his hand down Shannon's chest.

"Oh god, Matt!" Shannon cringed looking sickly. Lita suddenly burst into the party. Shortly after followed by Rob, who carried his beloved coatrack with him.

"Splinters!" Rob uttered in pain touching his lips. Lita rolled her eyes as she looked back at him. He looked at the coatrack in alarm, he must have offended "her." "Oh no baby, it's ok." He insisted reassuringly caressing the coatrack.

"Oh my god, am I the only fucking one that's normal here!?" Lita screamed. A few mutters and snickers washed over the room. "Jeff! Your brother has gone crazy, everyone in this house is insane, and I've had it up to here!" She ranted as she spotted Jeff who was standing alongside Stacy Keibler, Trish, Caitlin, Mollie, and Paul Heyman. Mollie and Caitlin still clung to Paul.

"Get away from him!" Mollie complained.

"No, he's mine!" Caitlin insisted.

"Ladies, there's plenty of me to go around...all night long." Paul smiled with a sick perverted laugh. Everyone in the room, except for Mollie and Caitlin, let out disgusted groans.

"Oh god, and now their in love with Heyman! What's this world coming to?!" Lita cried pointing to Mollie and Caitlin.

"Hey! Don't talk that way about my snuggle bunny!" Mollie snarled.

"Paul is gorgeous!" Caitlin growled.

"Sorry Lita, can't help you out. I need to make a choose." Jeff replied simply.

"A choose about what?" Lita inquired.

"I guess all the ladies want me." Jeff shrugged with a grin.

"Oh great, so now Matt's gay, and your a lady's man?" Lita muttered. She turned her attention back to Matt and Rob. Rob was still admiring his coatrack, and Matt was fighting with Rachel over Shannon. They were pulling each other's hair.







"Well, this isn't going to solve anything. We're just going to go bald." Rachel yelled.

"That's it, Shannon choose, me or Rachel!" Matt demanded.

"Sam!" Shannon exclaimed as Sam smiled happily.

"She's not half the man I am!" Matt insisted.

"That's the point!" Shannon cried.

"After all I've done for you?! You bitch!" Matt yelled slapping Shannon in the face.

"You bitch!" Rachel repeated after Matt, slapping Shannon in the face as well. They both stormed out of the party. Mollie, Caitlin, and Paul retreated to a corner of the party. Caitlin began to rub his shoulders, while Mollie fed him grapes and lightly fanned him.

"Oh, this is great girls, and Caitlin when your done with my shoulders can you be a doll and rub my feet? Especially the corns? Their killing me." Paul asked with an innocent smile which still managed to look demonic.

"Anything for you Paul." Caitlin purred.

"No, Paul I wanna rub you corns!" Mollie whined.

"I have two feet." Paul smiled. Lita looked on and shook her head.

"This is so wrong." Lita muttered.

"After we get married we can buy a huge house, with a big pool and..." Rob explained to his coatrack in a fairytale like manner. Lita was still outraged. She was waiting for him to tell her he was joking.

"Give me a break, you can't really be serious! You don't want me, but you want a coatrack?! It's a coatrack!" Lita yelled enraged.

"She has a name!" Rob cried defensively.

"Really, what's that?" Lita replied annoyed. Over in the corner of the room Mollie and Caitlin had began rubbing Paul's feet.

"Gertrude." Rob smiled dreamily.

"That's an ugly name." Lita laughed.

"Shh...Your gonna hurt her feelings." Rob warned.

"It's a coatrack, it's not alive, it's not breathing, it has no emotions, and it can't love you back physcho!" Lita screamed.

"Apparently someone can't handle rejection well." Rob whispered to "Gertrude" with a giggle.

"That's it!" Lita growled grabbing the coatrack.

"No!" Rob yelled. They struggled pulling the coatrack back and forth, until Lita finally let go of it. "Gertrude" smashed into the wall. The coatrack broke into pieces.

"NO!!!" Rob cried in agony falling to his knees. "You murderer!" He sobbed.


Steph slowly began to wake up and She shook Kerry. This torment wasn't over, they were still trapped in the floor and Lance was on Chapter 20, in his same monotone voice.

"Do you ladies think I should write another?" Lance asked with a smile.

"NO!" They both yelled.

"I am going to kill Jericho!" Steph exclaimed.

"I am going to kill Writie!" Kerry cried. "Why is she doing this to us?" She whimpered.

"She must think it's funny. She probably did this for her own sick, twisted, amusement!" Steph proclaimed. "and I'm not gonna just kill Jericho, I'm gonna slowly torture him first!" She continued with an evil smile. Suddenly Katie and Edge came running up the hall.

"What the..." Steph began.

"YOU have the notebook!" Kerry cried. Katie looked at them in shock. She wasn't expecting to run into them and Big Show was hot on their trails.

"I am so going to kill you!" Steph threatened.

"No time to explain." Katie uttered grabbing Edge's hand.

"Well, can you at least write us out of the floor?" Kerry demanded.

"We don't have time!" Edge exclaimed.

"It's the least we could do" Katie reasoned with a shrug. Edge sighed and flipped open the notebook, writing as fast as he could.

"You can't run from me!" They heard Big Show growl as he rounded the corner. Katie and Edge fled from the scene and Big Show only paused a moment to look at Kerry and Steph. He cocked his head, were they stuck in the floor?

"What chapter are you on?" Big Show asked.

"Chapter 20." Lance answered.

"And they aren't sleeping yet?" Big Show laughed as he stormed off to destroy Edge and Katie.

"Hey, I'm a very interesting individual." Lance cried.

"YES!" Kerry and Steph exclaimed when they could finally climb out of the floor.

"Time to find Jericho!" Steph exclaimed.

"...and possibly John Cena." Kerry smiled.


Edge and Katie continued to run.

"I'm getting a cramp." Katie huffed.

"EDGE, I need to talk to you!" Rey exclaimed as he came walking down the hall.

"Not now Rey!" Edge cried running past him hand in hand with Katie.

"Have you seen Nidia?" Rey called.

"No! I'm too busy running from a big ape!" Edge yelled. Big Show shoved Rey out of the way and it became clear who they were running from. Edge and Katie were tried and their pace had slowed down. Big Show clobbered Edge when he caught up to them, and Katie let out a scream. Edge clutched the notebook tightly. Big Show grabbed Katie and threw her hard into the wall. She cried in pain.

Just as Big Show was about to destroy Edge and retrieve the notebook, he was attacked from behind by Rey Mysterio. Nikita had just gotten there and heard all the commotion. Apparently she had missed a lot. Big Show was pounding on Rey, Katie was curled up on the floor, and Edge had finally gotten back to his feet. Wait a second! Wasn't that Writie's notebook Edge was holding? Edge had his back to her and in one swift and gutsy move she swiped the notebook and ran up the hall. She had to return this to Writie.

"Hey!" Edge yelled but before he could fully react and do anything, was attacked by Big Show, who hadn't even noticed Nikita.


Shaaira and A-Train walked into the party hand in hand. They soon spotted Kurt who was on his knees begging Stephanie to be with him.

"Pathetic." Shaaira laughed as Kurt got to his feet.

"Please Stephanie, please! I love you, please!" Kurt whined. Stephanie's arm was interlocked with Brock's. Brock let out a chuckle, this was amusing to him, in a sad, pathetic, kind of way.

"I told you Kurt, Brock and I are together." Stephanie replied simply.

"Yeah, what happened to you and Shaaira?" Brock questioned.

"I found a real man." Shaaira chimed in, nuzzling her face into A-Train's hairy chest.

"Eww." Stephanie cringed.

"You lost her to A-Train!" Brock laughed hysterically.

"No, she lost me to Stephanie!" Kurt cried defensively.

"You don't have Stephanie you idiot!" Brock reminded shaking his head. K-9 crawled into the party on her hands and knees.

"Ok, now that's even weirder than you two." Stephanie admitted. K-9 barked and growled at her.

"Look Kurt, she's perfect for you." Brock taunted. K-9 suddenly looked around and stood up. What was she doing? All she remembered was having a stringed craving for dog food. Then she remembered Charlie. She and Charlie had really liked each other, then something weird happened and poof.

"Have you guys seen Charlie?" K-9 asked.

"Darn, no more doggie language?" Stephanie teased receiving a slight glare from K-9.

"He's probably somewhere around this party I'm sure." Brock added.

"Thanks." K-9 nodded heading off in search of him.

"I can't believe I ever loved Kurt." Shaaira admitted hugging A-Train as he let out a happy grunt.

"I've never been more happy." A-Train smiled letting out a manly fart. "Until now." He added.

"Oh, that's disgusting." Stephanie cried.

"Dude, that's sick." Brock exclaimed.

"I've never smelt anything more awful." Kurt coughed with a gag.

"My baby smells wonderful." Shaaira smiled.

"See? She likes it." A-Train grinned waving the fumes toward her as she breathed it in with a delightful expression.

"Isn't he just dreamy?" Shaaira cooed.


Shelton had Katy backed up against the wall.

"From the moment I saw you, I could just tell you were the one." Shelton said with a suave smile.

"Really?" Katy asked dreamily sucking in every word.

"Yeah, you have the most beautiful eyes. It's like I can see your soul in them." Shelton purred charmingly. Kerry and Steph walked into the party and quickly spotted Shelton hitting on Katy.

"Whoa, first me, then you, now Katy?" Steph remarked in disbelief as they looked from Shelton to Katy.

"What a player!" Kerry exclaimed.

"What a creep! Either he's a player or he sure as hell falls in and out of love quickly." Steph agreed shaking her head.

"I bet he's using the same lines have beautiful eyes." Kerry continued mockingly.

"Let's go warn her." Steph urged. But before they could take one step, Charlie Haas approached Shelton and Katy first.

"What the hell's going on here?" Charlie snapped. Shelton and Katy looked at him in shock.

"What are you talking about?" Shelton questioned.

"After all these years, I catch you cheating with some hussy? Has he told you have beautiful eyes yet? That's the lines that hooked me. You bastard!" Charlie cried emotionally.

"What?!" Katy replied with a laugh in utter shock, with a bit of amusement. Was he for real? And Shelton had used that line on her!

"Huh?" Shelton uttered scratching his head. Ok, now he was really confused. Who was he and what had he done with Charlie? Had he hit his head or something? "You feeling ok buddy?" He asked.

"Oh don't play dumb, I've been a caring, understanding, loving partner." Charlie answered emotionally.

"By partner, I hope you mean tag-team partner." Shelton replied cocking an eyebrow.

"I mean life-partner, soulmate, husband, companion, significant other, lover..." Charlie continued.

"Oh hell no! I'm not gay!" Shelton exclaimed as Kerry and Steph giggled at the scene.

"I think I should go." Katy admitted.

"No baby wait..." Shelton called as she walked off.

"It's better this way." Charlie promised touching Shelton's face.

"Don't touch me!" Shelton cringed utterly freaked out. "I'm straight and so are you! Dude, what's gotten into you?" he cried.

"Love" Charlie sighed. K-9 walked up to them when she finally spotted Charlie.

"You don't love him." K-9 insisted sternly.


Staci screamed as Bubba grabbed a hold of her hair. He hoisted her on his shoulders and prepared to drive her through the table.

"Bubba please!" Staci cried. Just as she was about to feel her body collide with the table an idea came to her. She bent down and smashed her lips onto his. Bubba was surprised by this and her legs slipped from his shoulders and he placed her on the ground.

"Uh..I...I..Don't know what I did to make you angry...but what ever it was I'm sorry. Your the last person I want to upset." She stammered her heart pounding from the rush. She had just kissed Bubba! She still had bit of fear in her eyes, he could still hurt her but for some reason she didn't think he would.

"I'm sorry." Bubba replied his voice so faint it was barely audible. "I don't know what came over me." He added not looking at her.

"It's ok, that's one of your most charming qualities." Staci smiled. Their eyes met and she instantly felt the connection she had been wait for. They slowly move closer, until there was no room between them, and he brought his lips down for a kiss. He softly brushed his lips against her and it was the most amazing feeling.

"Bubba." Spike called breaking the kiss. Damn! Why did Spike have to come now? "Would you please come back to the party I have an announcement to make." He continued. He and Staci looked at Spike then back to each other. They slowly followed and Staci still had a smile on her face from the kiss.

Spike stood proud in front of the whole room.

"Everyone, I'm coming out." Spike declared. There were a few murmurs. The Undertaker entered the party with Writie and Crystal on each arm. He slowly began to scan the room. Writie winced, she could only imagine why he had brought them there or what he planned on doing next.

"Coming out where?" D-Von asked in confusion scratching his head.

"Right here silly." Spike laughed as he and Rico engaged in a passionate kiss. The room erupted with groans. They held hands shyly afterwards.

"Hell no, not my brother! No way is my brother a freakin fairy!" Bubba cried.

"Were happy together" Rico smile.

"Hey, I thought you didn't like slashy fanfics." Tracy commented looking back at Writie, not noticing Taker. "If one more guy confesses he's gay I'll be sick." She laughed.

"I don't have the notebook but whoever did steal my notebook is one sick pervert." Writie replied. All eyes in the room averted to Paul Heyman, who had Caitlin and Mollie on his lap.

"Hey! I'm offended, I really am. Give me more credit than that. If I had the notebook Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson would be getting it on. That's just disturbing." Paul explained referring the Spike and Rico.

"Let's go, they obviously don't understand our love Spikey." Rico huffed as they left the room.

"Do you wanna dance?" Christian asked Tracy with a cocky smile.

"Sure" Tracy nodded taking his hand. She never thought she'd be dancing with "CLB"


Jade stood hand in hand with the Hurricane as they tried to help Jeff make a decision.

"You know what? I'll make it easy for you. I'm out of here." Stacy exclaimed storming off.

"Well, then I guess that's settled."

"Isn't that your friend?" Hurricane asked when he spotted Writie.

"Yeah." Jade nodded staring in the same direction as Hurricane.

"Why is she with Taker? That's not exactly safe territory." Hurricane reminded.

"I doubt she's with him by choice. Crystal is with him too." Jade remarked a bit confused as she noticed Crystal. "We have to save them!" She declared.

"What are we gonna do?" Hurricane asked.

"Well, your a superhero aren't you?" Jade questioned. He smiled as he took her hand.


Rey breathed a sigh of relief when he finally spotted Nidia.

"Nidia!" Rey called. She turned around and rolled her eyes at the sound of his voice. She quickened her pace as she walked down the hall. "Nidia wait!" he called again running up to her.

"What do you want?" Nidia snapped.

"We need to talk." Rey replied.

"What happened to you?" Nidia asked noticing torn up shirt, which had been ripped by Big Show in the brawl.

"I got started without you." Rey joked. She rolled her eyes and attempted to walk past him.

"Very funny." She muttered as he stopped her.

"Nidia, I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I shouldn't have treated you the way I did. I made a bet and you won. It's only fair that I hole up my end of the deal." Rey apologized.

"That's the thing, I'm not some slut. I don't want this to happen because you lost a bet and you have too. I want you to want to be with me, I wanted you to have feeling for me. I was stupid to think that was possible. Nidia admitted sadly.

"Nidia, I do want this to happen." Rey insisted.

"You do?" Nidia questioned.

"I have a chance to get out of it and I'm not taking it. Does that answer your question?" Rey asked. Nidia looked at him skeptically.

"What happened to you running away from me, not wanting to be near me, and think that I'm a stalker?" Nidia retaliated.

"I still do think your s stalker, a cute stalker." Rey grinned moving closer.

"So, your not just doing this to be a nice guy so that you don't hurt my feelings?" Nidia asked. Rey placed his hand on her face and softly kissed her. When he pulled away he didn't even to open his eyes and see her reaction because her arms were thrown around him and her lips were crushing his in a passionate kiss.


Nikita opened the door and walked into the attic.

"Writie?" Nikita called holding the notebook. "I have you notebook!" She yelled. Where was she? The attic was small so there wasn't much place for her to go, unless she left. Nikita walked over and picked up a pile of papers that were on the desk near the fireplace. They looked like they were old chapters to stories that Writie had written. Nikita jumped as she heard a loud noise and dropped the papers into the flames of the fireplace.

"Oh shit!" Nikita swore putting the notebook on the desk and desperately trying to save the papers that had already gone up in flames, but it was no use. Now what? The destroyed papers wouldn't be that big of a deal would it?

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