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Hi! This is my first Pokemon fic as well as my first AAML fic. Actually, this isn't going to be all fluff n' duff...yet. It's more like humor plus fluff mixed with a bit of everything! The beginning is a little different because it starts with a new character who, if you continue reading, should be interesting...I hope. Anywho, please review at the end! Thanks!

Main Summary: Misty runs in to her old best friend Serena. The two drag the boys back to Cerulean City where the annual ball will be held and there, humor, matchmaking, friendship, and romance ensues!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of the characters. The people I own are Serena and anyone else I create for this fic.

Dedication: Since this is my first AAML, this is dedicated to one of my best friends, ~*PrincessMiyako*~. I know you luv AAML and I know you've written sum, which btw are terrific, so this is for you gurl! This is also dedicated to another friend, Angel Kitten who has written a really great AAML and basically, that's how our friendship started.


Misty - 14

Serena – 14

Ash - 15 (I'm making him, like, a month or two older than Misty just because I like it that way)

Brock - 16

Another little note:

Italics are thoughts

Words in brackets are telepathic messages.

A Few Helpful Pushes Chapter 1: Reunion

A young girl around the age of fourteen sat by a small creek in a clearing, washing her face. Scattered around her on the green, forest grass, were items of her possession: notebooks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other things. She began wiping her face with a small face towel when suddenly she whipped her head around to gaze upon the bushes behind her.

Shaking her head, she said, "I must have heard something." Turning to her things, she began to stuff everything back inside her orange backpack. But again, she turned to face the bushes.

"Now I'm sure I heard something." She stood and walked cautiously towards them when all of a sudden she saw two yellow ears poke out. "Oh! A Pikachu!" she exclaimed, recognizing the ears.

And it was indeed a Pikachu. Pretty soon, with the girl's kind coaxing, the Pikachu finally revealed itself and was quite enjoying the massage that the girl was giving him when his ears perked up at a sound.

The girl noticing this, looked up to hear better and heard a male voice. "Pikachuuu!" and right then, a boy's head appeared out from the trees.

He looked at the girl with his brown eyes and exclaimed, "Hey! What are you doing to my Pikachu?"

Standing up, the girl looked at the boy defiantly, not intimidated by him though he was taller. "Your Pikachu just appeared and I was just playing with him, not harming him!"

"Well you could be a Pokemon thief for all I know," the boy shot back.

The girl could now see that this was a Pokemon trainer not just because he had a Pikachu but also because he wore an official Pokemon League cap upon his head which covered wild, black hair. He looked somehow familiar but now was not the time to think of when and where she had seen him. She tossed her long black hair back and glared at the other teen.

"Why would I need to steal your Pikachu when I've got my OWN Pokemon?" she said to him, still glaring with her dark eyes.

Now the boy half-smirked, half-grinned. "Oh so you're a pokemon trainer huh? Well then, I challenge you to a battle!"

The girl now grinned maliciously. "Fine then. I accept your challenge. But don't expect me to go easy on you just because I'm friends with your Pikachu."

"Ha! Just you don't expect ME to go easy on YOU because you're a girl," he taunted back.

This comment fired up the girl to beat this twerp. "Cut the talk and let's start. How about two on two?"

"Fine with me," came the reply.

Seconds later, the two opponents stood facing each other across the clearing. The girl took out a pokeball and tossed it. "Rapidash go!"

Instantly, a figure emerged from the ball, a fiery Rapidash, its high flames indicating its readiness to fight.

"A fire type," the boy said smugly. "Too bad my water pokemon will turn your pokemon to charcoal dust." He threw his own pokemon and at the same time said, "Squirtle, I choose you!"

"Let's see who turns who to charcoal dust buddy," the girl replied coolly. Then to her Rapidash, she said one word. "Wait."

The boy however gave his pokemon an immediate command. "Water gun now, Squirtle!"

The tiny-turtle pokemon prepared to shoot out its strongest burst of water. One, two, three...BLAST!

"You know when to jump Rapidash!" the girl cried. Without replying, her Rapidash just watched the stream of the water gun come closer, closer, almost at his chest and then he jumped. Clear leaped over the water gun.

"Now! Fire spin!" the girl commanded. Immediately, Rapidash, still high in the air but on his way down, let out a magnificent tornado of fire which circled Squirtle until it finally engulfed the poor pokemon before either he or his trainer knew what happened. And then, the smoke cleared and Squirtle was seen knocked out. Rapidash stood opposite him, ready to battle longer if needed.

Upon seeing her first-round victory, the girl said, "Squirtle is defeated. This round goes to me. Good job Rapidash. Return."

Across from her, the boy knelt beside his pokemon, congratulated him, and returned him. "Okay so you won. Nicely trained Rapidash. But let's see if you can take on Pikachu." The yellow pokemon's eyes glittered with pre-battle energy.

"All right then. I choose," she threw a second pokeball. "Abra!" And instantly, a small, sleeping pokemon appeared.

The boy recognized this pokemon. Only once before had he had to battle an Abra and that was years ago at a certain gym. And the experience had not been all that exciting. His Pikachu seemed to also remember the same thing as his trainer. He shuddered at the recollection of what had happened last time he battled an Abra but he was stronger now. He would do it for his trainer.

"An Abra. How cute. I hear you actually have to have psychic abilities to be able to control one properly," the boy said.

The girl smirked. "Well then, you heard right."

"Huh?" the boy said. The only thing that made sense from what she had just said was that either she could control her Abra without psychic powers or she did have psychic powers. He tried not to shudder and returned to the battle at hand. "Whatever. Let's get going. Pikachu! Thunderbolt now!"

Pikachu's red sacs filled with electricity and he let it fly. Now awake, the Abra was staring straight ahead. In a calm voice, the girl said, "Abra, reflect it." And suddenly, her eyes glowed.

The boy noticed this and gasped. She was psychic! And with her eyes glowing like that, he noticed that she looked so much like the gym leader Sabrina from Saffron City. In fact, he hadn't realized it before but she looked like Sabrina's slightly younger and shorter self even without the glowing. Her long black hair, her smile, dark eyes, and everything. And she had an Abra.

But he turned his attention back to the battle once more. Too many thoughts were distracting him. "Use your Agility Pikachu!" he shouted seeing that his little buddy's thunderbolt was heading straight back for him. The psychic powers. Same thing Sabrina had done.

"Abra, don't move. Concentrate, hold the electric jolt with your mind and then attack," she said, her eyes no longer as bright though they still glowed. He watched as the girl and Abra had the same look of concentration, Pikachu's thunderbolt frozen mid-air, held like that by the psychic pokemon, and Pikachu, still circling Abra very fast. Maybe it was something about the girl that made him not think properly or maybe he was just too tired but he ordered his pokemon to stop.

As soon as he did, Pikachu was hit. "Now Abra! Use psychic!" the girl yelled. Abra focused and glowed just like his trainer's eyes and suddenly Pikachu was flying in the air. With a thump, he landed, unable to get back up.

Running to his pokemon, he cradled him. "You're a good trainer." He said to the girl, acknowledging defeat.

She grinned and he noticed that her eyes had stopped glowing. Abra was gone, probably in his pokemon. "You're not too bad yourself. Here," she walked to her backpack which sat propped against a tree and pulled out a bottle. "Use this Potion on Pikachu."

He allowed the strange trainer to spray the stuff on his pokemon and watched her walk back to her bag. He stood and she lifted up her bag. "You know, I don't know your name or where you're from." She finally said.

"Ash from Pallet Town," he replied.

She stuck out a hand. "Nice battling you Ash. I'm Serena from Cerulean City."

This answer surprised him as he shook her hand. "Cerulean? I was expecting you to say-"

"Saffron," she said finishing his sentence as she let go of his hand.

He nodded.

"Well, let's just say it's a long story. Too long to explain now but anyway, I've got to get going. I'm looking for someone. Heard she was around here," Serena said. "Maybe you know -"

She was cut off by two voices calling out Ash's name from within the forest.

"Here! Over here guys!" he called back and soon, two figures appeared from the same direction Ash had.

In front a pretty redhead with a small Togepi following her and behind her, a tall boy with tan skin and slanted eyes. His spiked hair stood out and in his hands, he carried potholders.

"Ash!" cried the redhead. "Where were you?"

But at that moment, her eyes fell upon Serena and Serena's on her. They stared at each other for a moment and then,

"Oh Serena! Is it really you?"

"Misty! Oh my gosh I can't believe I found you!"

Both girls hugged each other tightly and tears of happiness streamed down their faces. Meanwhile, Ash and the other boy stood off to the side in bewilderment. What was happening? One minute, he was talking to this psychic girl, the next, she and Misty are acting like they're long-lost friends, Ash thought.

"Excuse me!" he said loudly but the girls ignored him. "Hello!"

"It's no use," said the other boy.

"What do you mean Brock?"

Brock just eyed the younger boy. "It's obvious that once girls get all emotional like this, nothing will break their attention. Just sit and wait for Misty to finally remember us and then we'll find out what the heck is happening here."

Sighing, Ash took the advice of his older friend but turned his eyes back to watch the babbling of the two teen girls.

"Where have you been? I have been looking for you forever!" Serena cried.

"I've been everywhere and that's not an understatement, trust me," Misty said with a laugh as she wiped her tears away. "Why have you been looking for me and where have you been?"

But before Serena could reply, the boy with the spiked hair that she had seen behind Misty wedged himself between them and took her hands.


Obviously, Brock had not seen the girl's face too clearly but he had stood behind Misty to see her and was, as always, transfixed by the pretty girl.

"Hello my lovely. What a nice day it is. You're so beautiful. Your hands feel so soft against mine and-" before he could continue, he was suddenly pushed back by an invisible force so hard that he fell. At first, he thought it was Misty pulling him by the ear but when he looked, she was nowhere near him.

"Wha-what happened? Who pushed me?" Brock asked wildly.

"I'm sorry," said Serena looking quite apologetic.

"But, you didn't push him. I didn't see you," Ash said confused at why she was apologizing.

Serena smiled. "Umm...you didn't see me because I did it with my mind. Even after all these years, I still have trouble controlling my powers." She reached out a hand to help Brock up which he took eagerly. "I'm really sorry Brock. I didn't mean to but you uh...freaked me out a little."

"She knows my name!" Brock said excitedly to Ash and Misty not even appearing to have realized that this girl had powers. "You've probably been asking around for me."

To Ash, it looked like Serena was trying hard not to laugh. "Actually, I battled you for a Boulder Badge a few years back. That's how I know who you are but you probably don't remember me because I was ten."

"Oh," Brock said dejectedly and walked back to Ash.

Now Misty finally seeing that Brock was out of his zoned out look, she walked back to Serena. "I'm so glad that...that we're here together finally! I've missed you so much!"

Serena smiled. "Me too." The two friends embraced once again and now, Ash couldn't take it anymore.

"Excuse me but what is going on here? How do you two know each other and I'm still curious as to how you're from Cerulean City when the psychic people are from Saffron."

"Oh Ash! Just wait. We'll explain over dinner. Come on, you've got to camp with us," and with that Misty pulled Serena back into the forest to where she, Ash, and Brock had set up camp. An angry Ash followed, angry at being ignored, with Pikachu, slightly better on his head and a still dejected and rejected Brock at the end.

Author's Note

::looks at readers:: Well, what'd ya think? Helpful criticism and tips most appreciated. I'm always willing to learn more and improve my writing but be nice. I know that there's not much romance yet but we're just getting started! Trust me, as we get nearer to Cerulean City, there will be more Ash/Misty along with other couples! ^_^ And please do me a favor and review! Thanks!


Short Summary of Chapter 2:

Ash and Brock ask to know more about Serena while Ash and Misty tell Serena about them.