'Look, Michael knows that you've known Johnny Ola a lot longer than you said and Ellie's already asleep so i don't think that you'll get any information out of her.' Dominic says, trying to keep Fredo from going into the hotel room.

He did have a point, Noelle could be hard to wake up at times. The incident at the compound a few weeks earlier was a different story. Fredo felt like he couldn't shake that night out of his head either but he knew that protecting Noelle was more important than protecting Deanna at that moment.

(( 'It's alright, babydoll. They're just being loud.' Aldo says as he and Noelle try to tune out Fredo and Deanna's argument. It wasn't going to be much longer until the sun rose and all the younger girl wanted was to go back to sleep and pretend that this never happened.

'Easier said than done after nearly being killed!' Noelle thought, running her slender fingers through her raven colored hair. When she had trouble calming down, her unbreakable nervous habits would come out.

The shouting was giving her a headache but she felt worse for Mary and Anthony. Sometimes, it seems like yesterday that she was little and didn't understand why she and her dad were being shot at from time to time.

Watching Mary clinging to Kay broke her heart because she was too young to remember climbing up in her own mother's lap when she was scared. Now she was glad that Bruno Tattagila was dead. He had no right to keep on living after brutally murdering her mom.

'Fredo deserves better. I just wish that he would realize that.' Noelle says, resting her head against Aldo's shoulder, her blue grey eyes slightly red from exhaustion. She couldn't bring herself to close them even if she wanted to...))

(Sorry that it took some time but there's chapter four of Hidden Evil.)