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Chapter 1:

"Sasuke!" I call. "Wait up!" Running over to him, I hug my winter coat closer to my body.

Sasuke stops up ahead, turning back slightly, giving me a sidelong glance. "I told you I would leave you behind," he says, smirking.

I stick my tongue out at him and then look at him in disbelief - he isn't wearing a jacket. "How are you not freezing?!" I say dramatically, as we fall in step with each other.

Sasuke looks up at the sky, seeing small white snowflakes make their way down to the ground. I smile slightly at the snowflakes in his hair; they make him look like a child. Cute.

It's mid-December and really cold here in Konoha, where Sasuke and I live. My breath makes little puffs in the air as we walk. Sasuke has a car that we could take to school together - since we live near each other - but I like walking and so does he. I also don't have a car, not that I'm too young - but my mom is deathly afraid I will get into an accident while in it. She doesn't think I'm responsible enough, but I don't know why - it's not like I've done anything drastic before.

He shrugs. "I don't know. It's not that cold."

I gape at him. "It's like below freezing and all you're wearing is a long-sleeved shirt and jeans!"

Sasuke shrugs again and looks up ahead.

I shake my head at him and look ahead as well to where I see our school in the distance.

Sasuke almost never wears a jacket to school, unless his mother makes him. I side-glance at him to see his regular outfit, a dark-colored long sleeve shirt, dark jeans that are tucked into combat boots.

I smile at him - the weather really doesn't seem to affect him. He always wears dark clothing too, to which I tease him endlessly about being emo. Hehe.

Oh! I'm sorry! I totally forgot to introduce myself! Hi! (Wow, that was a lot of exclamation points) I'm Haruno Sakura. I'm sixteen and go to Konoha High School, the place Sasuke and I are walking to now. The guy beside me is my best friend, Uchiha Sasuke. He doesn't talk much, as you probably have noticed, but he talks more to me than anyone else.

He's a great guy once you get to know him. He's smart, funny, honest, nice, a good cook, caring, reliable - everything that you would want in a best friend. But there's one flaw with him. He's handsome. Like really good looking, but I would never admit that to him because he already has enough of an ego and it's kind of a weird thing to say to your best friend. Anyway, being handsome means he has fangirls. A ton of them. Literally. They follow him everywhere and since we hang out a lot, I get threats and other crap from them. Usually, I just glare at them or ignore at them, but many times Sasuke gets them to shut the hell up, somehow. Probably with that killer glare of his that could make grown men whimper and wet their pants.

We reach the school building and Sasuke opens the door for me all gentlemanlike. Suspecting that he's trying to make up from before, I roll my eyes, but play along anyway by curtsying a little. He follows me in and when we get to our lockers, which are a couple apart from each other, the five minute bell rings, which means we have five minutes left to get to homeroom.

We get our books quickly and walk together to our homeroom, where Hinata - my other best friend- is talking with Naruto - another (and my final) best friend. Well, more like blushing furiously while he rambles on about something unknown to me.

The thing is, Hinata likes Naruto. Like, really likes him. She blushes if just his name is mentioned. It's so adorable though. She has liked him since about the 2nd grade - and now, we're in 11th. You'd suspect the guy would notice, right? But no. That idiot Naruto has no idea of her feelings towards him, even though I'm pretty sure that he likes her too. Naruto is like my brother, but sometimes, he gets a bit annoying. Still, I love him as much as I love Sasuke and Hinata.

I bound up to them cheerfully with Sasuke behind me wearing a blank and stoic expression, like usual. I already hear the fangirls whispering about how "hot he is."

Naruto turns around and his face lights up. "Sakura-chan! Teme!" he yells. He's kind of loud. Well, more like really loud.

I smile at him. "Hey, Naruto." I take the seat in front of him and Sasuke sits down beside me, in front of Hinata - the desks are made for two.

We all make small talk between ourselves until the bell for first period rings.

"Bye, guys!" Naruto yells, heading to his next class.

Hinata, Sasuke and I have advanced math with each other first period. Even though we're in 11th grade, since we all know the curriculum - because it's so damn easy - the school put us in 12th grade advanced math. Since Naruto is not the brightest student, he's going to regular math this period. Sasuke walks behind us, giving us room to have "girl talk," as he and Naruto put it.

"So?" I nudge her, wiggling my eyebrows suggestively, keeping my voice quiet so that Sasuke can't overhear. "Anything happen with 'N-Naruto-kun?'" I say, imitating her voice. It actually sounds quite cute when she says his name, especially when she adds the "kun." She stutters, but even more so when Naruto is around her or we're talking about him.

"S-Sakura-chan!" she whisper-yells at me. "No!"

"Oh," I say sadly. I'm hoping for them to get together soon, but with Naruto's observations, it might as well be for naught.

I look over at Hinata to see her looking at her shoes, staying quiet - more than usual. I sling my around her shoulder lovingly. "Oh, Hinata," I say. "It's fine. Trust me, one day it's gonna happen. We just have to make that idiot see how awesome you really are."

She blushes happily. "Thanks, Sakura-chan."

I grin at her.

We reach math and since we can sit anywhere we want in this class, we sit down next to each other - Sasuke sits down on the other side of me.

The class starts a few moments after the bell rings and the teacher says "Good morning," receiving a few grumbles of the same greeting back. I like math, not only the subject, and definitely not the teacher, but because since Sasuke's fangirls are too stupid to be in this class. This is like my safe place, where I can actually enjoy a part of school.

I close my eyes and lean back in my chair, already knowing what the lesson is about - we're reviewing for our test tomorrow.

A piece of paper crumpled into a ball hits my forehead, making my eyes flutter open. I instantly turn towards Sasuke, but he's looking ahead at the board. Sighing, I sit up straighter and unfold it. It's from Sasuke, like I suspected.

Want to study together at my place after school? It says in his steady, clean writing.

I smile; I was thinking the same thing. We also have an English assignment that we decided to do together. I would've picked Hinata, but Naruto insisted on being her partner.

I pick up my favorite black pen and write neatly: Sure. Just please, tell your mom not to go overboard with dinner this time.

I fold it into a tiny ball before chucking it back at him, effectively hitting him in the head, making him glare playfully at me. I smile sheepishly at him.

Last time, when I went over Sasuke's house to do homework with him, his mom made a huge dinner - which, by the way, was amazing - even though I had asked for something simple. I love Sasuke's mom; she's really nice and cool.

I really like going over Sasuke's house. His family is nice, even though his dad is a little strict, but once you get to know him, he's funny. Itachi-nii-san is awesome too. That's Sasuke's older brother, but I call him "nii-san" because he's like the big brother I've never had. He's awesome. Itachi and Sasuke have a weird relationship. They joke around with each other sometimes, but other times they hate each other. But no matter what, they'll be there for each other whenever, which I think is really sweet. I'm an only child, so Itachi and Naruto are like my brothers - but they're more than what I could ask for. Sasuke…I don't know, he's my best friend ever, so I don't really think of him as a brother, even though I'm as close to Hinata as a sister would be. It's weird, I don't know.

Sasuke also has the cutest cat. It has big, blue eyes and is all black, except for his paws and part of his tail which are white. His name is Taro and it's about the cutest, fluffiest thing I've seen yet. It adores Sasuke and me (or would it be Sasuke and I? Eh, whatever), following us everywhere.

Another note hits me in the head and I glare at Sasuke. He's not looking at me, but I can see the hint of a smirk on his face. Damn you, I think.

I'll try, but you know how my mother is, he writes back.

I shake my head, smiling at it and crumple up the note, throwing it in my backpack. I twirl my pen between my fingers and try to concentrate on the lesson, but it's pretty hard considering the teacher's voice makes me want to jump out the window - it's so monotonous, like even he doesn't want to be here.

I look around the classroom. People are playing "rock, paper, scissors," talking, whispering, throwing notes to each other. The only person I see paying attention is Hinata, but if you know her like I do, you'll notice that her eyes are glazed over. She's probably thinking of something, or someone - like Naruto.

Periods fly by and soon, it's lunch time.

Hinata and I quickly go to our lockers and walk together to lunch.

As we sit down, Sasuke comes up behind me and pokes my right cheek softly as a greeting. He sits down on the other side of me.

I turn towards Hinata, "Hey, where's Na-?" Suddenly, a blur of orange almost knocks Hinata over.

"Hinata-chan!" he yells.

I try to refrain from laughing at her face. It's redder than ever before.

"Y-Yeah?" she says.

Naruto shoves a paper in her face. "I GOT A 98 ON MY ENGLISH TEST!"

Hinata's face starts to regain her usual tone. "T-That's great, N-Naruto-kun!" She had helped him with studying for that.

I smile at the two and Naruto sits down on the other side of Hinata and thanks her repeatedly for helping him study and how great of a teacher she is.

Hinata blushes happily and once again, I wish that Naruto would notice the way she looks at him - with such love and kindness.

The rest of the day is a bore. Same classes. Same, stupid fangirls. Another regular day.

Sasuke and I walk to his house when school ends.

"Sakura-chan!" His mom yells as Sasuke announces that we're home. She tackles me in a bear hug that I have no time to prepare for. It makes me lose my breath, but I hug her back anyway.

She lets go and pinches my cheeks. "You've grown so much since I last saw you!" she looks over me. "It seems like you're getting more and more beautiful each time I see you! You're so pretty, Sakura-chan!"

I smile. "Thank you, Mikoto-san." She saw me about two weeks ago, but I don't say anything - it would be rude.

She frowns at me. "I thought I told you, you can call me Mikoto. Just Mikoto."

I nod. "Okay."

She smiles. "I'm going to start preparing dinner!" and before Sasuke or I can say anything, she prances into the kitchen.

My cheeks are a bit sore from her pinching them. Sasuke chuckles at me rubbing at them. "Sakura-chan," he says in a mocking tone, poking my side.

"Shut up," I say irritably, slapping his hand away.

Then I'm knocked off of my feet and suddenly staring at the floor. What?

"How have you been, imōto?" a voice that sounds like Sasuke, but deeper says.

Only then do I realize that Itachi-nii-san has me thrown over his shoulder. "Put me down, Nii-san!" I struggle a bit, trying to kick him, but his arms are around my thighs and shins, holding me down, so I settle for pathetically punching his back. I can punch hard if I want to, but I know that he's only joking around with me.

"Nice to see you too," he teases, as he walks somewhere. He throws me on the living room couch.

I huff. "Nice way to treat a girl!"

He sits down beside me. "I know," he smirks, resting his arm across my shoulders. "So? How you been?"

"Great," I answer, leaning back into his comfortable arm. Ahhh, he smells nice. I want to give him a hug, but right now I just settle for being against his arm. He is literally the greatest person to hug - because of his huge frame. Even though he has muscles, and you would expect him to be hard and tough, he's actually really…I don't know, soft? He's like a big teddy bear. I giggle slightly at the thought. He can be really menacing if he wants to be, so comparing him to a stuffed animal is hilarious. "You?"

Sasuke walks in the living before Itachi-nii-san can answer and grabs my hand, pulling me up. "Let's go, Sakura. We have some studying to do."

"Oh, yeah," I say remembering why I came here. As Sasuke pulls me away, I turn back to Itachi-nii-san and wave. "Bye!"

He waves back, still smirking, like he knows something I don't.

Shrugging and pushing away the thought, I let Sasuke grab both of our backpacks from near the front door and let him drag me up the stairs.

When we get to his room, his cat meows from the corner of his room.

"Taro!" I yell. I open my arms and squat down. He scurries over and rubs against my leg affectionately before trying to jump up on my lap. It doesn't work, especially since he's still a baby.

I laugh and scoop him up into my arms, twirling around. "How have you been?" I ask him, holding him up in the air diagonal to my head. Getting no response - obviously - I continue to talk anyways. "My day has been great. How about your cat day? Is it fun to be a cat? I wanna be a cat," I giggle at Taro who is looking at me intensely while I talk, his big, blue eyes shining. "Maou," I say, trying to imitate a cat noise.

Sasuke looks at me strangely. "Sak…you do know that you're talking to a cat, right?" Sak has been my nickname by him for as long as I can remember.

My soft and loving gaze to Taro vanishes as I turn to glare at Sasuke. "Yes. I'm aware of that, Sasuke."

Giving a small kiss to Taro on his head, I put him down and watch him crawl over to his mini bed in the corner of the room. As he makes himself comfortable, curling into a little ball, I realize that he's actually pretty lazy - but almost all cats are anyways.

I plop down on Sasuke's bed on my stomach and open my books to start doing my homework before we start to study together. I feel Sasuke climb and shift around on his oversized bed before settling down too.

After a few moments, I feel something on my back. I turn my head slightly to see Sasuke's head on my back, using me as a pillow, while he reads his Social Studies textbook for homework.

I smile, ignoring the sudden weird feeling I'm getting in my stomach and chest - Am I getting my period? - and turn back to my Chemistry homework.

After we're both done doing our homework, we review for our math test.

Finishing that up quickly, we soon turn our attention to our English project.

"Okay. The assignment is to write a story," I say, sitting up.

Sasuke looks at me, sitting up as well. "What type of story?"

I shrug and look at the paper our teacher gave us. "Just a story. It says it can be about anything," I smile. "Free writing."

"Yay," he says sarcastically. He honestly has no enthusiasm, unlike me.

"What? You don't like free writing?" I say incredulously.

Sasuke shrugs. "It's okay, but I don't really know what to write about."

I sigh. "Well, that's the point," I flop back on his bed. "You can write about anything you want. A world where you decide whatever goes on. I think it's cool. It can be like a form of making something you want in this world to come true in another." I smile at the thought.

He doesn't say anything for a while, so I look at him to see him looking at me. "What?" I say.

He shakes his head. "Nothing."

"Okay," I say unsurely. I puff my cheeks. "So…any ideas?"


A silence ensues.

I gasp, sitting up. "I GOT IT!"

"What?" he asks.


He pushes my forehead lightly, and even though it's light, I don't expect it, making me fall back down on his bed.

"Idiot," he says.

"Hey!" I rub my forehead, sitting up again. "I'm serious!"

He shakes his head at me, but I see his ever-present smirk still on his face.

We're both quiet for a while.

"So…no intergalactic space aliens?" I ask hopefully.

He gives me a look and I sigh. "Fine, fine," I hold up my hands in mock surrender. I really did want to write about that, though.

"Ummm...then what else is there to write about?" I say.

"A lot. We just have to think," he leans against his headboard and I crawl next to him.

We sit - or more like lay - there for a while until Sasuke's mother comes in his room saying, "Dinner's ready!"

We both decide to put it off until after dinner and follow his mother down their large, winding staircase.

"I'm home!" a voice yells.

"Honey!" Mikoto-san shouts back. She runs the rest of the way down the stairs and hugs Fugaku-san, Sasuke's father. I smile at them, hoping that I'll be like that with my husband when I'm older. I don't ever want the love between us to fade. I want to be like Mikoto-san and Fugaku-san - they're so happy with each other.

"Hello, Mikoto," he says, hugging her back gently.

Then he notices Sasuke and me. "Hello, Sasuke."

Sasuke only nods as a greeting (Remember I said that he wasn't much of a talker?) and goes into the dining room, leaving me with Fugaku-san and Mikoto-san.

"Hello, Sakura. How have you been?" he asks, taking off his coat.

I smile. "I've been great, Fugaku-san. You?"

"Swell," he jokes. "Come on, let's go eat."

I nod and follow him to the dining room.

"Sit down, sit down!" Mikoto-san chants when we come in the room.

Sasuke and I gape at the food lined all across the dining table in awe.

"M-om!" Sasuke says, somehow managing not to sound whiny. I really don't know how he does that - I've got to learn it from him as Mom always thinks I'm whining when I complain. *sigh* "We told you not to go overboard!"

Mikoto-san looks offended, putting a hand where her heart is. "How is this going overboard?"

We both give her a look that she seems to understand as "Seriously?"

"Okay, fine! Maybe it's a bit over the usual, but not overboard. You teenagers and your exaggerations," she murmurs, waving her hand nonchalantly. "Now, sit, sit," she orders.

I sit down and Sasuke starts to take the seat next to me when Itachi-nii-san shoves him and plops himself down next to me instead.

"Hey, imōto," Itachi-nii-san says, ruffling my hair slightly.

"Uh… hey, Itachi-nii-san," I say smiling, smoothing my hair back down. I glance at Sasuke to see him glaring at his brother. Then, he goes to the other side of the table to sit across from me.

I raise one of my eyebrows at his behavior and when he looks at me, I give him a questioning look, but he doesn't respond.

Shrugging it off, I take a plate for myself. Mikoto-san hurries over to serve me even though I insist I can do it myself.

Throughout dinner, Fugaku-san and Mikoto-san question and talk to me a lot like they usually do whenever we come over. I don't mind though; it's fun talking to them.

Sasuke doesn't talk at all during the meal, even when I kick him under the table. He just smirks slightly and kicks me back. We have a mini kicking game, which ends once I get up to help Mikoto-san with the dishes.

I help wash the dishes even though Mikoto-san insists that I don't.

Afterwards, Sasuke and I go back up to his room to try and finish our English assignment.

We think for a bit longer until Sasuke says, "This is going nowhere."

"Yeah," I agree. I take out and look at the paper again. "Hey, Sasuke?" I say, only now noticing the back of the paper.


"Look at this."

He comes near me and leans over my shoulder to read the paper. "Wanna do that instead?" he offers. His breath tickles my ear.

"Yeah, it'll be way easier," I concur. Apparently, you could either write a story - individually or with a partner - or write letters to your future selves.

We both grab a pen and paper and start writing to our future selves. On the paper it says that the teacher will send us our letters 10 years from now. But I doubt that she'll actually remember to do so. Eh, whatever.

For the next hour, we both continuously write, stopping every once in a while to give rest to our aching hands. I didn't really know what to write about, so I just wrote about everything in my life that was happening. Nothing great, but I think it'll be interesting to read this when I'm about 26 years old. I also write about something that has been bothering me for the last couple of weeks. Well, I don't know if bothering is the right word for it, but I definitely have been noticing it more, and that has been bothering me. It's not that important, but I still wrote about it.

When I finish, Sasuke is still writing. I'm not completely done, as I still have some more to write, but I'll finish that at home because my hand really hurts.

I grab my book that I'm currently reading, from my backpack and lay my head on Sasuke's back this time, since he's on his stomach.

"Sak. Sak," I hear. I feel someone shaking me and my eyes shoot open. Sasuke is hovering over me.

"Y-Yeah?" I sit up, yawning and rubbing my eyes. "Did I fall asleep?"

"Yeah, not for long though," he says. "I finished writing only a little while ago."

"Oh," I hold back a yawn. "What time is it?"

He clicks on his phone. "9:42."

"Oh, damn it!" I curse. "I promised Mom that I would be home by nine," I say, throwing my things in my backpack.

He smirks. "Want a ride home?"

"Yes, please," I nod.

We leave after I say bye to Itachi-nii-san, Mikoto-san and Fugaku-san. Itachi-nii-san gives me a huge (bear - LOL) hug and I hug him back just as tightly. Mikoto-san gives me hugs that knock the breath out of me again, but I bear it. Then she tells me repeatedly to come over again. After I assure her that I will, Sasuke and I leave.

We're silent on the way home until I say, "So…whatcha write about?"

He glances at me. "Things."


"Why do you want to know, Ms. Curious?"

I shrug, blushing a bit. "I don't know."

"What did you write about?" he asks.

I smirk. "Things, Mr. Curious," I mimick.

He scoffs - or more like "Tch's" but I don't really know how to describe that so let's just call it a scoff - and we reach my house soon enough. After all it's only like five minutes away from his. Once I get out and close the car door after me, I lean in through the window Sasuke opens and say, "Thanks, Sasuke."

He smirks. "Anytime."

I walk up to the front door of my house and take out my keys. I can feel Sasuke's eyes on me as I unlock the door.

Turning around before I close the door, I wave goodbye to him as he drives off.

"HARUNO SAKURA!" my mother yells as soon as I close the door. I flinch. "Where have you been?!"

I turn around to face her. "I told you, Mom. Sasuke's house."

"Yeah, I know, but I thought I said to be home by nine. I have called you so many times!" she says, crossing her arms.

"I know, Mom. Sorry. Forgive me?" I say pleadingly.

I see her eyes flicker and after a while, she sighs. "Fine. But please, next time, would you at least call me to let me know you're staying a bit later? I was so worried!"

I nod. "I will. I just fell asleep for a while there."

She shakes her head at me. "Were you polite to his parents?"

"Of course, Mom. Duh."

She smiles a bit, rolling her eyes. "Go to your room," she says, laughing.

I smile, kissing her cheek. "Goodnight, Mom."

"Goodnight," she answers.

I go upstairs and into my room. Flinging my backpack into my desk chair, I change into my comfy pajamas and take out my phone. I see many missed calls - to which I sweatdrop, like seriously, I'm definitely not a light sleeper - and texts from my mom and a message from someone other than my mom. Hinata.

Hinata: Sakura-chan, Naruto-kun asked me to go to a movie with him! I'm so excited!

I smile. I'm happy that that doofus finally did. They deserve each other.

I text back: YAY! Go Hinata! What time?

She texts back a bit later: :) Friday, after school.

Me: Wait, like TOMORROW, Friday?

Hinata: Yes…


Hinata: Umm… I didn't really think of that. What do you think I should wear?

Me: Something sexy. ;)

Hinata: Sakura-chan! I can't wear something like that.

Me: Why not? That idiot has got to notice you and this is the perfect way to show off!

Hinata: I don't want to show off anything.

Me: Meh. Umm...why not that really cute plain white shirt you have tucked in with that maroon skirt you just bought? And, you can wear black tights underneath it if you "don't want to show off anything."

Hinata: That's perfect! Thank you, Sakura-chan!

Me: :) You're welcome, Hinata. Which movie are you going to see?

Hinata: Cat Ninja 2

Me: Cat Ninja? 2? What the heck is that?

Hinata: It's about an adorable kitten that is also a ninja.

Me: Naruto picked it out, right? Because I swear to God, Hinata, if you picked that out, you've got to stop hanging out with him.

Hinata: Yeah, he picked it. Isn't it the perfect choice? Naruto-kun has the best taste.


Hinata: What do you mean?

Me: *facepalm* Okay, whatever. You go be happy with your "N-Naruto-kun" and cat ninjas, okay? I hope you guys have a great time. You better tell me all about it afterwards.

Hinata: Thank you. And I'll tell you everything :)

Me: Okay. I'm going to go to sleep now. I'm really tired.

Hinata: Goodnight, Sakura-chan. Sweet dreams!

Me: Sweet dreams, Hinata.

I put my phone on the nightstand beside me and even though I am tired, I decide to quickly finish my letter to finish my letter to my future self.

Finishing it by 11:00, I then put everything away and flop down on my bed (I'm doing a lot of that today, aren't I?), thinking of Naruto and Hinata.

As much as I don't want to be jealous of Hinata, I kind of am. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled for Hinata that she's finally getting a chance with Naruto after so long, but…when is my chance coming? I feel like, recently, I have been thinking about this for a while. I know I'm only in 11th grade, but still. When is my chance ever going to come? If it is, of course.

Sighing, I climb under the covers of my bed and pull the sheets up to my chin. Closing my eyes, I wander off into dreamland with the ever-present question still in my head.

~I didn't even consider it, but you were always on my mind~

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