Disclaimer: The characters are adapted from Naruto and were created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Chapter 13: Epilogue

It is, indeed, exactly ten years later when they realize their junior year English teacher kept her promise.

Sakura enters her apartment building, stopping by the mailroom to pick up their mail. It's late at night and she hurries because she's slightly paranoid; they live in the city, after all. She swiftly opens the locker with her key, reaching for whatever she can feel in the compartment (she's still short, okay, and the apartment owners just had to give them the locker on the topmost row).

As she's walking towards the elevator (it's been a long day and climbing two flights of stairs seems impossible right now), Sakura mindlessly shuffles through the bills, the advertisements for local landscapers, and...two letters? The handwriting makes her immediately stop walking because that's definitely her own handwriting. And the other letter's handwriting is definitely her fiancé's. For a second, she feels like she's living in a futuristic science fiction movie, getting letters from the past or future and she freaks out a bit, when the memory hits her all of a sudden: this was the writing project Sasuke and she had to do in high school once.

She scoffs in surprise, turning the envelopes back and forth in her hand, dumbfounded by what she was holding. Sakura could not believe her English teacher actually followed through with sending these letters ten years later. How did she even manage to find their new address?

Damn, it's really been ten whole years, she thinks as she finally starts walking again and gets into the elevator. She absentmindedly presses the number "3." It's second nature at this point.

Yes, in fact, it has been ten years. Sakura is about to turn twenty-seven, and Sasuke is twenty-six. And yes, Sakura still makes a point about how she's older every now and then. Sakura had finished medical school last year and has been at a residency program at the nearby hospital. Sasuke works at a trading company, where he's been a software engineer as well as their business manager for three years now.

They're both still together, going strong as ever, erasing their initial worries of being only high school sweethearts. This isn't to say they haven't had rough patches along the way. With being friends for so long and then lovers, that can only be expected. However, when fights happen, they try not to yell, they hold hands while discussing their feelings, and they eventually resolve their issues. It's tough, but it works. They make it work.

About a month ago, Sasuke finally proposed to Sakura. They have both always wanted to wait a bit to get married and so they plan for a wedding next year. They both prefer focusing on their careers before they start a family. Getting married was basically obvious at this point, even though it felt like they already had been for years. Sasuke realized one day he hadn't asked Sakura to marry him yet, bought the ring that very day, and asked her the following evening. Simple and natural. Like their relationship has always been.

Sakura practically runs to their apartment door, almost shaking in excitement to finally open the letters. She opens the door after putting the wrong key in twice.


Sasuke jerks from where he was taking a nap on the couch. Sakura stops and huffs. Residency demands insanely long hours. It's almost 9:30pm now, even though her day started at 5am, meanwhile Sasuke can work from home whenever he likes and here he is taking a leisurely nap. Sakura inwardly sighs. The struggles of becoming a doctor. She still feels bad for waking him up, though.

"Agh, sorry?" she winces. "But look, it's important!" She holds up the letters for him to see.

Sasuke rubs his eyes, slowly sitting up on the couch. Boruto, their dog, who was sleeping next to him also jostles from his sleep. Even though he is still a puppy, he's huge and takes up almost as much space as Sasuke. Sakura has wanted a golden retriever since she was little, and they promised to get a dog together when they finally moved in with each other.

"Huh? Welcome home, I guess," he grumbles, his voice all raspy from the sleep. Sakura laughs, putting her backpack down and shrugging off her lab coat, quickly walking to the couch. She kisses Boruto on the head, scratching behind his ear. Seeing his mom, his sleepiness falls away and he leaps off the couch, spinning in circles and whining happily. Sakura smiles at him and goes to sit down in between Sasuke's parted legs. She shoves the letters in his face.

"Look!" She squeals. "It's the letters we wrote in high school. Our teacher actually sent them!"

He's fully awake now, one of his arms around her waist and the other holding her wrist still so he can see what the outside of the envelopes say.

"Oh, shit. What? Are you serious?" He looks up at her. "Fuck."

There's a pause and Sakura sees red start to form on his cheeks. She calls him out for it, poking his right cheek.

"What? Why are you getting all blushy? What did you even write in here?"

"I…" he sighs, looking away. "Nothing, I just…" he groans. "I wrote about you, Sak."

She pauses, giggling a bit.

"Oh my, god. Are you serious?" He doesn't answer. "You are serious!" She gets up. "Oh my gosh, Sasuke! I...I wrote about you, too."

He smacks his hand on his forehead.

"We really were such dumbasses," he sighs, recalling how they danced around each other for a while before finally getting together. "Let me read your letter."

"What! No!" She gets up and clutches the letters to her chest, turning slightly away from him. "It's embarrassing."

Sasuke squints at her, trying to make out if she's serious.

"Baby...you know we're getting married, right? I'm sure this is not the most embarrassing thing I have seen."


"It's not my fault if you embarrass yourself on a daily basis."

"Sasuke," Sakura whines. "I don't wanna show you."

Sasuke cocks his head, looking at the woman he's going to be spending the rest of his life with (God, does that make him happy every time he thinks about it), wondering how they were ever going to raise children feeling like they were still children themselves. He opens his arms and gestures for her to come closer.

Sakura's eyes soften and her defensive posture breaks. She crawls back into his arms slowly like Boruto does after getting caught for stealing a treat and hides her face in his chest.

"It's going to be really embarrassing and cringey," she warns. "I was so stupid."

"I know I'm going to love it no matter what it says, baby. You wrote it, after all."

Sakura sighs and hands him her letter, keeping his letter for herself. They both sit side by side, their feet tangled, leaning against each other. Boruto settles down on the floor in front of them.

And they read.



It's me, Sakura! Oh my god, you probably know that, what am I even saying. You're literally me but 10 years older. Ugh.

Sasuke snorts. Classic Sakura.

I wonder how it's going to feel reading this letter in ten years (if our English teacher actually even ends up sending them). I bet I'll have grown so much! Or maybe not; some people say I have grown enough already. (But my boobs could use a little growing of their own). Sasuke's always making fun of my height, though. How is it my fault that I'm average height? He's the tall freak! Always patting me on the head like I'm a child. I'm a woman, dammit.

Sasuke smiles at this, because they still make fun of each other's heights. Sasuke's gotten used to calling Sakura "little one" nowadays which she always retorts with "I'm older, you giant!"

ANYWAY, I hope that I'm reading this as a successful doctor or at least a doctor in training. Oh, wait, I don't want to put too high expectations on myself. Sasuke says I do that a lot and it ends up making me insecure. So, I hope that I at least am doing something that I love to do. Which for me (17-year-old Sakura) has always been to become a doctor. I am pretty set on that, but it's okay if I switch. I know it's really hard, and I don't know if I'm cut out for that type of hard work and pressure haha.

A sense of pride and admiration fills up in Sasuke's chest. After many late nights, stress, panic attacks, crying, Sakura had made it. She finally made it. She had graduated from medical school and was in her final stages of becoming a doctor. She never faltered even though she always claimed she was too stupid to continue onwards, and she had finally made it. God, Sasuke was so goddamn proud to boast to others that his girlfriend, oops, fiancé, was a doctor. Of course, the demanding hours of her job made it hard, but they spent every second out of work with each other.

I hope that in ten years...I am happy. It's basic, stupid, and cliché. But I really hope I am happy. I have always struggled with self-worth and self-esteem issues, and I'm sure that will only get worse as I go into college and life gets harder. But I hope one day I am happy with myself and I am happy with my life. I hope that I have ideas and hopes for the future, and I hope that I'm trying my best to make my dreams come true. I know it'll be hard, but it's so important. So overall, as I said, I hope that I'm happy haha.

Sasuke's smile somewhat droops. He's not sure Sakura has accomplished being happy with herself, which confuses Sasuke to no end. How can the most perfect girl in the world not think that she's even a little bit amazing? It makes him sad to think about all the times she's expressed her self-hate and low self-esteem. It physically hurt to see his fiancé in tears. But they're getting there. They help each other, and they're getting to happiness.

Hmm...I don't really know what else to write. It would probably be nice to hear about what my life is like right now, so I can look back on it and feel all ~nostalgic~, right? Um, I'm in the 11th grade. It's almost December, so winter break is about to come up soon! High school SUCKS. I don't really like any of my classes, but I hope it gets better soon. Mom and Dad are great, too. I don't really see Dad, like, ever because he's always on business trips, but I see Mom a lot and I think we have gotten so much closer. I am definitely going to miss her when I move out for college. I wish I was closer to Dad, but I understand that he's so busy for our sake, and I admire him a lot for that.

Sakura and her dad are definitely closer now than they ever have been. Now that Sakura earns as well, she has been helping out her family with the bills, too. This resulted in her dad being able to go on less business trips and able to spend time with his family more. In fact, just now, her parents are on a flight to South Korea for a small vacation. They told Sakura and Sasuke about their impromptu trip a few days ago on their weekly FaceTimes.

My friends are great. I have a lot, actually, but I have three best friends who are probably the greatest people in the world.

There's Naruto, who's a goofball, but so cute and charming. He's amazing, honestly. I am excited to see where life will take him. People don't give him enough credit as they should. He's smart under all that spiky, blond hair. One MAJOR issue, though, is that he's always wearing orange and I really hope he grows out of that because it's quite jarring.

The dobe had definitely proved himself to all those who doubted him. He dropped out of college in his second year to start his own tech company, and it's been growing exponentially since then. He's the sole CEO and founder, having hundreds of people work under him. Sasuke was incredibly impressed, but still refuses to drop the nicknames.

There's Hinata. She is the best. Oh my god, I cannot describe her in any other way than literally the best person. She's such a genuinely nice person which is actually really rare nowadays. But don't get me wrong, she can also be super sassy and blunt when she wants to be. She's also incredibly pretty, but she'll never believe that.

Hinata had also started her own company in a way. After she graduated college, she opened a small art store where she works as a freelance artist and has other artists working for her as well.

Also, side note about Naruto and Hinata. They're totally in love with each other, but just never have made any moves. Everyone sees it except them two. Their personalities complement each other so well and I really hope they figure that whole situation out.

Sasuke scoffs, quickly glancing at Naruto and Hinata's "Save the Date!" wedding invitation on the fridge. If anything, they're more in love now than they were back then.

I really, really hope that I still have these friends. I...can't imagine life without them. Everyone always says that high school friends drift away after college starts and I really hope that isn't the case with them. I am sure we will all drift away slightly just because of distance and finding other friends, but I hope we still text and call and meet up whenever we can.

Again, Sasuke feels a sense of pride bubble up in him. Even though they had all gone to different colleges (especially Hinata, who got accepted into a prestigious art university in the USA), they never really lost touch. They all texted throughout the day, told each other whatever major events happened, had weekly facetimes, and met up during breaks. They were always each others' sense of "home" and whenever they met up, it felt like old times. There was never any awkwardness or distance between them.

There's also a friend I forgot to explicitly mention LOL. But I doubt we will ever lose touch. Sasuke! He's my best friend. Like truly, my best friend. I cannot even let myself imagine not talking to him; I tear up every time I do. We tell each other everything. He's always been there for me, in my ups and downs. And he's...perfect.

Sasuke's ears start to turn red.



I don't know. Should I write this? It's weird, because I'm literally at his house right now and we're working together on his bed.

I think. I like Sasuke.

Sasuke covers his smile with his hand, he doesn't want to embarrass Sakura.

Fuck, I really do. And it's so stupid and cliché and I honestly wish I didn't because having a guy best friend is literally amazing and Sasuke is just...SUCH an amazing person. I don't want to lose him because of a failed relationship or because he doesn't like me back. I could never give up what we have now.

But at the same time, it's unfair to him to like him secretly. It's like it's wrong, like I'm taking advantage of him and his friendship to get closer to him. But I also can't just ignore him or drift away because we're always in contact, always talking. Ughhhhhh.

It annoys Sasuke to read this, but it's also what he used to think back then, too, so he can't blame her.

I don't know what to do. I don't think he likes me back. There's no real reason to. I have never been cute or anything around him. Does he even like cute girls? I feel like he may prefer hotter girls. Which I'm definitely not, so FUCK.

Sasuke almost facepalms. He thought he was so obvious around Sakura: calling her beautiful all the time, staring at her, doing literally anything for her. Maybe Sakura was just too dense or too insecure to realize, because Sasuke knows anyone else would have been able to tell. And jokes on Sakura, she was cute AND hot as fuck.

I don't know. I'm so tired of feeling this way. I just want it to end or be resolved. I want to know, but at the same time, I don't think I can ever tell him. I don't know what will happen with us. I don't think I will ever tell him, but maybe my guilt will eventually make me.

There's so many things about him that I love that I can go on forever. I am not going to list it all out because if you're with someone else right now, this will be incredibly awkward. But just know that 16-year-old Sakura really liked (maybe even loved) Sasuke. It's weird, and it's wrong in a way. But...it's true.

Sasuke thinks back to the dance, where they kissed for the first time. The number of times he has thanked God, the heavens, the whatever, for that moment is uncountable.

Anyway, I wonder how much I'll cringe at this letter or look fondly back on my feelings and thoughts in high school, but either way, it's probably really cool to be reminded of who I was ten years ago. I hope you still have some of the 16-year-old me inside you now.

I love you, Sakura.


Sakura :)



We have to do this project for English in which we write to ourselves and our teacher is supposedly going to send these letters to us in 10 years, but I doubt that'll actually happen. Sak and I were going to do another writing project, but because we're both uncreative as hell, we decided to do this instead. It's easier anyway and honestly, it'll be pretty cool to possibly receive this letter later on.

Sakura smiles. It's funny how easily she can hear these words in Sasuke's voice. He writes exactly how he talks, honest and thoughtful. Her eyes linger on the casual mention of "Sak" for a moment, the friendship and familiarity between them seen even in this 10-year-old letter.

I wonder what I'll be doing in ten years. I don't have a real passion or career or idea of the future the way others do right now. I don't know what I want to be "when I grow up." It's crazy that the "when I grow up" stage is happening just next year now. We're growing up so fast. I still feel like I'm in middle school sometimes.

Sakura understands that all too well. Even now, she feels like she's just a child. She can't fathom the thought that the big "30" is coming up in just three or so years. Maybe this is how her parents felt, too, so uncertain of everything. Kids tend to see parents as invincible heroes, but they're just humans like everyone else.

Maybe I'll do something in computers? I always liked coding, but I don't know. I hate the idea of sitting at a computer and staring at a screen all day from 9-5pm. Too mundane. Business? I don't know. Medicine? Oh god, no. That shit is way too much work. Such delayed gratification, but huge props to people who follow that path. Sak is planning to go into medicine and I have absolutely no doubt that she can do it. If anyone can, it's her.

Sakura cheeks heat up. He was always so confident in her abilities, even when she wasn't. She remembers all the late nights he drove over to her dorm and made sure she was eating right, taking care of herself, helping her in any way that he could. She remembers how he would never complain if she was busy for a week or two without any breaks, just texting her a simple: It's okay. I know you can do it, baby. See you soon. I love you, with a purple heart attached. She remembers all the times that she broke down in front of him, sobbing that she was talentless, and not strong enough to continue in this field, and how he held her and reminded her that she was, indeed, capable. He always gave her encouragement, never actually doing anything for her or babying her too much, though. This is what she appreciated most, because in the end, it was her that had to do everything by herself. He helped her become independent.

Sakura's eyes start to water as she cuddles closer to him on the couch. Sasuke absentmindedly puts his arm around her and they settle against each other. The familiarity and expectedness of their embrace makes Sakura melt. Sasuke gently strokes her bare skin, where her shirt has ridden up a little.

Even in his own professional life, he was working so hard even if it didn't seem that way sometimes. She knows that it's extremely rare for someone his age to be the business manager at his company, and she's so, so proud. Being high up in his industry is hard, and she was incredibly proud for how far he had come.

Let's see. What can I talk about? What would I want to know ten years from now? Mom and Dad are fine. Itachi-nii-san is annoying as ever. We recently got a cat, Taro. He's so moody though. One day he'll sleep peacefully with me in my bed, but the next he's scratching the life out of me. I don't even know what I do wrong. All I do is fill his food bowl and give him toys. What else could a cat want? Sak takes care of giving him cuddles; he never scratches her. Maybe I should give him more cuddles? I don't really like cuddling with him that much because I'm scared, but I think it'd be nice to. Maybe.

Sakura laughs a little, remembering how many times she tended to Sasuke's small scrapes and scratches from the moody cat. Taro is still at Sasuke's parents house, quite old now, but still tries to be as energetic as he was in his younger days. Sakura always felt like back then Taro was like their little kid in a way.

What else? I wonder if I'll be rich in ten years. That, or I'll still be paying off college loans haha. I don't know. I'm excited to see what life has in store for me, and I'm sure I will be excited reading this letter. We're never excited about the present though, are we? I really need to get better at that: living in the moment.

Sakura smiles. Even at his young age, Sasuke has always been a deep thinker. He had a phase of where he wanted to pursue philosophy in college but ended up minoring it in instead.

The dobe is really good at that. He takes every moment as it comes and truly experiences it, having a carefree attitude about the future. Somehow, it always works out for him. Oh, btw, the dobe is Naruto. But I doubt I'll lose touch with him because even though I'll never say it out loud, he's really one of my best friends. Weird how opposites do, in fact, attract.

That is definitely one thing I want to learn from him. There's not much else, to be honest HAHA. But I feel like I'm always anticipating something, looking for a means to an end, or nostalgically looking back on memories. I never feel like I am happy where I am, in my time of life. Which is ironic considering you're probably wishing you were 16-year-old Sasuke again.

Sakura thinks that Sasuke is getting better at living in the moment. Instead of looking towards what their plans are tomorrow, he tries to focus on the present. She sees Sasuke just staring at her or looking around, silent. She knows he's not ignoring her, but instead trying to truly feel and sense everything he is experiencing that moment. She knows he's trying to really live.

Sometimes, they drive or hike up one of the hills that overlook the city. They just sit and think and breathe. No phones, no snapchat, no notifications. They've been trying to take mental pictures instead of real ones all the time. It's a nice break from all the business and hustle of life they go through, and they try to do something calming like this every couple of weeks, when life gets a bit too much.

Every time I introspect, I realize I have a lot to learn. And I have to start letting others help me do that. Like, the living in the moment thing I wrote about with Naruto.

From Hinata, one of my other really close friends, I would want to learn how she appreciates the beauty in the smallest things. I tend to be pretty cynical, unfortunately, always thinking the worst of every situation and every person. Which I know isn't healthy or attractive. I just tend to see humans as more negative beings than positive. Just take a look at climate change for fuck's sake.

But Hinata manages to see the good in every situation. Not to say that she's overly annoying about it, because "pain demands to be felt," (didn't like that book THAT much, tbh), too. But she never dwells on it for too long. She understands the sadness of a situation, experiences it, and grows from it, eventually seeing the situation as an opportunity for growth. I would like to learn to be more like her.

Sakura grins. Sasuke is still pretty cynical of people, and honestly, he has every right to be. But he tries to be more appreciative of the small things that people do for each other. Occurrences as pure as hugging each other as greetings, giving money to the homeless, or simply waving to strangers. He cherishes those as well and tries to not only think about the destruction of forests and pollution.

And from Sakura...wow. I don't even know where to start. I mentioned her before, but to formally mention her I guess is that she is The Best Friend (insert trademark logo here). My number #1. My go-to. My...everything? Damn, that sounds cheesy.

Sakura feels pride build up inside her. She loved being his "go-to person" and she knew he loved being hers.

I have so much to learn from her I could go on for like twenty more pages, but my hand is already starting to cramp. I have so much to learn from her, but as I look at her now, I can only think of one thing: I would love to learn how to love as much as she does.

It's funny because she's completely passed out on my bed after doing homework, mouth open, slightly snoring, hair everywhere. But she's beautiful.

Sakura's heart beats a bit too fast. Beauty is a strange thing. Even if she doesn't feel that she's beautiful at all, Sasuke thinks she's the prettiest girl he's ever seen. Sasuke is appalled when she tells him otherwise. He actually gets mad sometimes, so she has no choice but to trust him. It's hard, but him telling her that she's gorgeous everyday definitely has improved her self-esteem. It's strange how the cliché "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" really rings true.

Okay, I'm going to stop looking at her now. I feel like a creep. But it stands that she's so fucking pretty.

Sakura's pretty sure her ears are very red now.

Sakura loves with not just her heart or her mind, but with her entire being. She loves her friends more than anything, but she also loves pizza more than anything and Taro more than anything and watching the sun set more than anything and picnics more than anything. She loves all that she does with a great passion, and I want to have that same enthusiasm and complete love that she has. It's so admirable. To be able to give that much love.

Even though she just blinked away her tears, they now come again ten-fold. It still boggles her mind that Sasuke thinks so highly of her. She's just an average person, she thinks. It makes her so proud that someone thinks of her like this.

I hope that one day I can give her that much love. I hope to return the amount of love she gives me, even though I don't deserve it.

However, in the same way that she thinks she's not pretty, Sasuke thinks he's not deserving of her love. And even though it frustrates her that he thinks that way, she can understand because of her own insecurities. Although he doesn't mention it often anymore, when they're a bit tipsy or it's past 4am, he tells her this. Sakura spends hours reassuring him with words and kisses and her arms. She hopes one day that he won't ever question his worthiness of love.

If you haven't guessed by now, 26-year-old me, you love Sakura. No, scratch that. You're IN love with Sakura, and maybe you always have been, just a little bit. It definitely felt like love seeing her fall into the sandbox in 2nd grade, quickly wipe her tears, and act like nothing happened. It definitely felt like love when she courageously stood up to her bullies for making fun of her in middle school. It definitely felt like love when you were learning how to drive and she laughed every time you pressed the brake pedal too hard, but still trusted you enough not to crash the car. And it definitely feels like love now when you wish you could turn off the lights and sleep next to her.

Sakura loves the way Sasuke thinks and writes about her. She loves that they knew each other back then. She loves that they have the cliché love story of being with your childhood best friend. She loves all the memories of awkward growth spurts, puberty, elementary, middle, high school because they experienced them together. They don't just love each other for what they are now; they love each other for what they have been since they were kids and for what they will be in the future.

You're so completely head over heels for this maniac that you would walk around the entire high school in a handstand if she asked.

Sakura doesn't doubt that at all.

Oy vey.

I don't even know what else to write. Is it selfish and pathetic of me to hope that you're with her now? Or that you had been with her? Oh my god, wait, no I'd rather not been with her at all than lose her. I hope that you guys are at least still friends. There's no way you wouldn't be, after all that you guys have been through already.

Sakura worried about this, too, but even if they didn't become more than friends, she thinks they would have remained best friends anyway. They were soulmates, after all, even if the romantic part of it didn't work out.

You're so obvious with the way you feel about her, I don't know how she hasn't noticed. Is she really that dense? One day, you're just gonna blurt it out, I feel. You almost have before. Ugh, that would be embarrassing. The amount of times I have played out the different scenarios that could occur...and only one ends in a good way. Maybe two.

Sakura remembers when he walked in the cold to get to her house and they confessed their feelings for each other. It was embarrassing for both of them, to be honest, but it was a day she won't ever forget. She's so grateful that their scenario was the good one.

I don't know. Hopefully, you can figure this out because god, she looks even prettier than usual nowadays, and I can't handle it.

I'm going to go because her mom has been calling her, so I should probably drive her home now.

Good luck, I guess? I hope you're happy and I hope you're healthy.



They both finish reading around the same time.

Sakura again has tears in her eyes as she looks up at Sasuke.

"Is it possible that I love you more than I did before?" she whispers to him. The night is silent, and she doesn't want to break the tenderness of the moment. Boruto has fallen asleep again, too. His soft snores blend in with the slight rush of cars outside their apartment.

He softly shakes his head. Sakura can smell his shampoo and cologne and it warms her up.

"Not more than I love you. You've grown so much, baby. I'm so proud of you." He kisses her forehead.

"You too, honestly. The letter was so obviously you, but just in a different way? I don't know. You're still him, but so much more mature."

Sasuke settles the letters down and takes Sakura's hands, slowly tugging her up into a hug. His arms fall around her waist, pulling her into him and her arms loop around his neck. They stand there for a moment, entirely pressed up against each other, breathing each other in, until Sasuke murmurs, "Did you eat at the hospital?"

Sakura nods slightly, her nose rubbing against the side of his neck.

"Okay. You must be tired. Let's go to bed."

It's then that Sakura shifts, her hands sliding to the front of his body to settle at his hard chest. Sasuke leans back to see her face clearly. His eyes flicker down to her lips and back up to her eyes. Sakura self-consciously bites her lip and looks down. He still made her a bit nervous with his intimidating gaze, but she gathered up her confidence.

"I'm...actually not that tired, so..."

Sasuke pauses, shaking his head in disbelief as a small smile settles on his face.

Sasuke cheekily smiles and leans closer to his ear, where she knows he's sensitive.

"Come on then, show me how much you love me," she kisses his ear and leans back, watching it turn red. She loved that she still had this effect on him.

Sasuke, ever-so confident, took the challenge, quickly hooking his arms underneath her thighs and lifting her up, hands settling on her ass "for balance." Sakura immediately wraps her legs around his waist. The way his biceps bulge a little from under his shirt makes her lose her breath.

"Oh, I'll show you. Don't you worry, babe."

Sakura's giggles get lost in the night air.

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