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On the wings of the tiger


The new made witch grabbed the crystal orb that now belonged to her after passing all the requirement tests. She knew exactly what she would ask first. "Show me the day in which Ranma Saotome will marry the woman he loves the most in the whole world," she ordered the sphere that reluctantly cleared the fogs within itself to reveal what this stupid recruit had asked. The object, that was called Maggie, even though her owner never bothered to ask, knew that this ditz would not be happy at the answer.

Shown on the surface of the sphere as if it were a television screen, appeared a pigtailed man in western tuxedo. Strange, thought the witch, I was hoping for a traditional Japanese wedding…but if that's the way he wants fine by me! She squealed happily, and Maggie, at her behaviour would have rolled her eyes…if she had any, that is. The boy in the image looked nervous, and he couldn't seem to sit still. The best men kept on stopping him from running out of the cathedral doors. You'll never change, honey! Always afraid of commitment. But I'll change you of that when you come back, don't worry. The girl thought happily to herself. A big sweat-drop appeared on the opposing side of Maggie's surface.

The wedding march began and the groom looked petrified, until he looked in the direction of the bride. He calmed down and actually smiled in nervous anticipation watching as she made her way to him. Her face was completely covered by the thick white veil, but the witch had to admit, the western style wedding dress was beautiful and looked great on her…but it also made her look a little different. Who cares? I still look good. The image jumped from the veiled bride to the exchange of the rings, but since there were no sounds she could not hear her beloved say that he would love to spend the rest of eternity with her.

Still, she was able to read the word: "YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE" clearly off the fat priest's lips. And her sugar lifted the veil to reveal a pretty woman with impeccable makeup…that was not her. WHAT???? She looked closer at the image but it still didn't look like her mirror reflection. She ordered Maggie to zoom in on her, but it revealed even more clearly someone else's face.

Blood began to boil in her wicca powered body as she released the loudest scream that the warlocks' Valley had ever heard. But she wouldn't let it end this way. She would have him. She and nobody else. No matter what the cost. She would be happy. And to hell everyone else. And Maggie was scared. Not just for herself, that would be stuck with this psycho till the day she died, but for the boy, the bride, and most of the people that would encounter the vengeful power of this maniac.

Author's ramblings:

BWAHAHAHAHA! My insanity is finally being shown to the world. Okay, I know most people who read this have understood who the witch is, and probably the bride too, but I don't care. Maggie, the crystal ball, will be a constant part of the story, and I'll probably turn her into the narrator, but I'll have to decide about that. I already wrote the first chapter of On The wings of the tiger, but I have to make some corrections and I have to incorporate new characters, and more details so it'll be probably about a week since I'm lazy and won't look at it for a few days. Did you like it? If so: CONTACT ME! Did you hate it? CONTACT ME! Do you have some suggestions: CONTACT ME! Do you want to praise me? CONTANCT ME! Do you want to flame me? CONTACT ME! Go ahead and I'll have a BBQ. In any case contact me. Email me:

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