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It was a Sunday. The cool air blew through the neat, organized lawns, of Privet Drive.

Petunia Dursley was waiting for her father to come visit her. Her husband Vernon was making sure there son of one year of age was ready to meet his grandfather for the first time.

"What is it your father is coming for again Pet?" Said Vernon with a questioning tone.

"Oh don't you remember me telling you last night? He wants to see if our little Dudders will be as smart as him." Said Petunia.

Before Vernon could respond to his wife they heard a knock on the door.

"That must be him now, now remember Vernon he is almost always drunk, but he is still my father and possibly one of the most intelligent men on the planet. Do not insult him" She said with a very serious tone.

Petunia walked to the door and opened it. On the other side of her threshold was her father, he was a older man with with a uni-brow and hair that went in every direction, he wore a white lab coat with a light blue shirt underneath with brown pants. It made it look rather like a mad scientist.

"Hey Petunia, where's the little brat?" The man said. Petunia shot him a glare "I meant kid, jeez still a bit of spoil sport?" His answer was received with yet another glare.

Upon further inspection Petunia could smell her father smelt heavily of alcohol.

"Dad please come inside" Petunia said with a forced smile. She was only putting up with him because even though she was sure her Dudders was as smart as her father, her father still wanted to check.

He stepped inside number four Privet drive, and pulled out a small silver box with a pole sticking out of it.

"Ah shit Petunia where is Derry? no.. um Dudley. Where's Dudley?" Petunias father said.

"He's in the sitting room with my husband, and Dad, please refrain from using such language around my son, he's rather smart he'll probably remember it." Petunia's father nodded his head and walked into the sitting room.

Vernon looked away from his son, and looked to his Pets father.

"Ah! Rick it's been a good year since I've seen you!" Vernon said with a smile.

"Yeah..Look I need to to this fast dude got one more grandkid to check after this." Rick said.

"One?" Vernon said with a questing tone.

"Yeah, Petunia's got two sisters both had kids around the same time,I already checked Beth's kid he's not gonna be very bright, but I got check all of em', You were closer than Lily so I came here first." Rick said.

Petunia and Vernon looked at the man in shock.

"Dad, you know Lily's been dead for a few months now right? She was killed by those freaks in some explosion in her home." Petunia looked disgusted at the fact that she mentioned the word 'freaks'.

Rick looked disgusted at his daughter's mention of the word freak as well.

"What Am I? Some sort of monster? Of course I know she was murdered by that magical terrorist, I thought you didn't know because I didn't see shit of either of you at her funeral." Rick said.

"It's not my fault Dad it was a service held by them so I didn't go." Petunia said.

"Oh yeah I forgot you hate them for no reason." Rick said

"Dad do it and leave." Petunia said.

"Fine". Rick pressed a button on the device he pulled out from earlier and pointed it at Dudley.

A light flashed red from the box.

"Well he's not Rick smart, or really smart at all probably gonna be dumber than beth's kid." The two parents looked very offended then the light on the box flashed green.

"Strangeā€¦" Rick said.

"What is it?" Vernon said.

"You have another kid in this house." Rick said

"No Dad we don't we only have one son." Petunia said with a worried tone.

Rick started to walk away towards the stairs. And before anyone could stop him he opened up the cupboard door and he dropped the device. In the cupboard was a under wait one year old boy with black hair and green eyes.

"Why wasn't I informed you had my other grandson?" He said as he turned around to face Vernon and Petunia.

"And more importantly why is he sleeping with the brooms?"
"We keep him under our roof out of the kindness of our heartsā€¦" "And out of the kindness of your hearts you have been leaving to starve under here? What is wrong with you people?" Rick said his eyes narrowed at the young couple.

Rick picked up Harry from the cupboard and his device and put next to the boys head, it flashed green.

"And he's gonna be just as smart as me. That's good." He said.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." Rick mumbled to himself. "since I'm the only one in the universe capable of taking care of him I'll be taking him. Also expect a summons from the council of Ricks for crimes against Rick kind." He said. Before they could retort Rick pulled out a gun looking device from his pocket and shot it at the wall a green vomit color mass appeared on the wall and with Harry in tow he walked through it.

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