By: ChickenGoddess

Disclaimer: if I owned A! I wouldn't have to write fanfiction.

Just a Note: This is my first A! fanfic.  I had originally planned for my debut to be Warner-centric but I ended up with an idea for Rita and Runt.  Review if you think I should keep going… it was meant to be a stand-alone, but I'd like to continue if the readers enjoy it, so R&R and I'll love you forever!

* * *

They say that opposites attract.

Well, it doesn't get more opposite than us.

I think that if one of us needs our head examined, it's me.  I could have had everything I needed, all I ever wanted plus more, and I gave it up.  I let it go, just like that, all on account of Runt.

I really need a CAT scan.

Some kid found us this afternoon in an alley while we were looking for food.  She took us into her house and fed us well.  We thought we had it made… until her parents got home.  It wasn't that they were bad humans; they were fine with keeping me.  They didn't want a dog so they threw Runt out in the rain, just like that.  I could have forgotten all about Runt, maybe convinced myself that he got taken in, but that look of despair and hopelessness on his face as they slammed the door would have haunted me forever.  I let myself out the doggie door and jumped on his back.  The rain has lightened up considerably since then and it's not really all that cold.

"Gee Rita, why didn't you stay with that nice family?  At least you'd be out of the rain." Runt says.

"We're a team, Runt.  It's all or nothing." I replied.

"It was a nice home.  Definitely a nice home."

You are home, Runt. "Yeah… but still, a team's a team." 

Runt simply looks at me.

"Through thick and thin, rain and wind, we'll stand strong no matter how long, if you ever fall behind I'll be at your side, when times get hard don't look very far, I'll always be there for you." I sing, meaning every word of it.

"Wow… that was beautiful, Rita.  Definitely, definitely beautiful."

I sigh with a smile.  "Thanks Runt.  I luv ya." I wasn't lying when I said that opposites attract.

I know you're asking yourself: "How did a street-smart alley cat fall in love with a big, dumb dog?"

To tell you the truth, I don't know either.  Maybe it's his undying loyalty or how many times he's saved my life.  Maybe it's because he's always smiling that big doofy grin that no matter what makes me happy.  Maybe it's the way he says "definitely" all the time or always looks on the bright side of things. Maybe it's because of how much time we've spent together.  Maybe it's just because he's Runt.  Love is something that you don't understand.  You don't understand why or how or when… it just happens.  You find love when you're not searching for it, in sometimes the most unexpected places… or people. 

He's definitely one of those unexpected people.

But he'll never get it and I don't have the energy to explain.  He probably doesn't even know what love is.  Maybe it's better this way.  Unrequited feelings are easier to ignore.

"I luv you too Rita." He replies as he hangs his head and whispers something meant to be inaudible.  "I definitely, definitely love you."

He only 'luvs' me which means we're just friends not anythi- did he just say "love"?