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"AaaaAAaGgggHHhH!" Came the strangled terrified cry of one Sawada Tsunayoshi. Clammy hands clutching the pillow with such force as he could do nothing but watch horrified as the woman before him is brutally massacred by an otherworldly disfigured being. Reborn however looked at him like he was an imbecile.

"How can you be scared of a stupid horror movie?"

"It's not just any horror movie!" Tsuna protested, eyes still refusing to leave the screen as the next victim carelessly roams empty dark halls. "The thing is set in a house!"

Reborn raised an eyebrow. "So?"

Incredulous honey brown stared back at equally incredulous obsidian. "I live in a house." The teen emphasized the 'I' with the urgency of the apocalypse. Reborn sighed. A voice in the brunette's head sighed with him.

It had been a weird day for them. Honestly the hitman was still trying to come to terms with it all- the unusual reaction the the bullet, the fact Tsuna had another personality that apparently comes out during his Dying Will mode and just.. Tsuna in general. The teen in question however had already moved past it and was currently entranced in some haunted house horror film.

"So let me get this straight." The hitman began. The brunette rolled his eyes and sighed, pausing his film on his laptop. "You have another personality-"


"-That you have named-"


Just let Reborn finish dammit.

'But he's repeated this like twice already! Like oh my god can he get over it? He is literally being such a baby!'

You Sir Kettle, are the worst pot abuser I've ever seen.

'Oh sod off.'

To the hitman's credit he was showing an impressive amount of self restraint by not threatening to shoot Tsuna's head off. Most people at this point would have at least tried to mimic strangling gestures behind his back, or maybe look way too thoughtful not to mention dangerously wistful when staring at a sharpened object.

"Yes." The infant conceded with a clenched jaw, "Natsu. As I was saying, you are telling me your other self Natsu just.. 'comes out' when you got shot."

Tsuna hummed thoughtfully. "I don't think other me is technically the right way to think about it. More like a.. secondary persona residing in me? We have different tastes and views and such so I don't think in a sense we are exactly two perfect halves. Maybe two overlapping shapes that coincidentally make a full circle if you really want to be all poetic about it."

Reborn couldn't help but be intrigued at the explanation. He's met many different people but never had he come across someone even remotely like Tsuna. Of course Tsuna didn't have to know that. "What do you mean different tastes?" He demanded in an attempt to hide his curiousity.

The brunette tilted his head and shrugged, already antsy to get back to his movie. "Ummm.. Well Orange is our favorite color but my second favorite is violet while Natsu's is indigo. We both like honey and chocolate flavored things but not necessarily the same food types it should be smothered in. And we both trust you to a certain extent, you know, as much as a guy who shot us can, but I personally like you more than Natsu at the moment."

"Natsu doesn't like me?"

"You're kinda rude."

Very rude.

"Right, sorry, very rude."

Reborn raised a vaguely amused brow, Tsuna grinned.

"And you like me?"

The teen rolled on the ground where he'd been laying on so he was flat on his back. Caramel brown eyes glued to obsidian black.

"You seem fun. I like fun. Ergo I rather like you." The hitman could not help but chuckle, in truth he wanted to throw his head back and laugh but he had better control than that. Needless to say Sawada Tsunayoshi definitely was a strange boy who holds an even stranger view of the world and its inhabitants. Not to mention very different opinions to his previous student.

"Dame-Tsuna you're turning out to be not so bad yourself."

"Dame-Tsuna you're turning out to be terrib- no, the worst student I've ever had the displeasure meet."

And Reborn at the moment truly meant it. Tsuna just cackled like it was the world's biggest joke. Reborn wished he was an adult again just so his hands were big enough to throttle the teen.

"Is this really your notes?"

The brunette smiled innocently, a sight that could rival honey in its sweetness. Unfortunately the poor state of said notes was enough to ground the hitman to reality.

"It's burnt."

"That it is Reborn. You really should've been a detective rather than a hitman." Tsuna drawled. It really spoke wonders about the arcobaleno that he didn't even twitch at the jab.

"Why is it burnt?"



"To see if a book covered in ink would burn faster than one that's not."

"Covered in i-" the infant flipped open the burnt book and stared. "You scribbled over your notes."

The teen had the absolute nerve to giggle. He didn't even look sheepish about it. For the first time Reborn wondered what it would feel like to bash his head against the now very appealing wall.

"Do you even have your textbook?" The hitman tutor asked exasperatedly, choosing to dismiss his current, and hopefully, temporary obsession of the wall with his head.

Tsuna hummed in the affirmative, rummaging through a very messy bag for a few seconds to take it out and pass it on. Reborn looked critically at it like he thought it might very well explode in his face. Or burst into flames. Oh, that would be cool, Tsuna would rather like to see that.

"And this is your own textbook on Biological systems?"

"Yes." Tsuna huffed indignantly. "I even got notes and stuff in the margins thank you very much!"

"Then why, inside the front cover, is Annabella Madeline-Felicity Jones signed there?"

Tsuna flinched. Damn.

"That's my nickname." He replied.

Nice save idiot.

'Thanks asshole.'

The brunette groaned as he dragged himself and his bruised abused body to school. A smirking appeased infant weighing his head down smirked a little wider at the sound.

"Worst. Tutoring. Session. Ever."

That's what you get for burning your notes, I told you but did you drop the lighter? No. Serves you right.

'Shut up. How the hell was I supposed to know I would be getting a tutor who owns an electric chair and was unafraid to use it against sarcasm?!'

And yet you just kept going.

'Hey, if you think a little electrocution is going to stop these beautiful pink gums from flapping than you are sorely mistaken.'

Tsuna scowled as he heard laughter echo in his head.

Then he stopped.

Reborn looked down to see the confused face of his student. "Why did you stop Dame-Tsuna?" He demanded. To his surprise there was no change in the teen's usually expressive to the point of dramatic face. Just puzzlement.

"Kyouya's not here."


The brunette didn't answer, too busy shaking his head, eyes searching the school yard and gates.

"Kyouya's always here." He muttered mainly to himself.

"Kyouya?" Reborn repeated. Tsuna gave a suffering sigh like the hitman was asking a question beneath a worm's intellect rather than the sensible question it was.

"Yes, Hibari Kyouya! Neigh high, gorgeous steel grey eyes, skin almost white as snow, always pleasant to be around, very tolerant and patient not to mention, hot as hell!"

Students that had been close enough to hear the description blanched, obviously they did not share the same opinions as a certain crazy brunette. Which either meant to the hitman that Tsuna had either left some very important information out or had completely skewed his words just for a laugh. The end result was that Reborn was not putting any faith in those words. Even a first class blood hound can't function without the correct scent after all.

Turns out Tsuna didn't require a bloodhound. Or a hitman. First class or otherwise as he ran purposely into the school knowing full well where he was going.

Bursting through the doors of what was indicated to be the Disciplinary Committee office Reborn actually had to grip onto the brunette's gravity defying locks to stop himself from falling at the sudden halt in movement. Tsuna hissed in pain but for his part ignored it, too focused on finding this Kyouya.

From the look on the brunette's face it was hard to recognize the lighthearted, laid-back, crazy teen just a few minutes before.


At that one word Tsuna's hardened features practically melted back into a child-like cheery smile. The hitman decided it was now a good time to leave the appeased teen and scout the school area for potential hiding spots and guardians. This Hibari Kyouya sounds promising. He'll look into the skylark later.

"Kyouya! Geez~ where were you? Paperwork again?" The brunette teased playfully, voice all sunshine and nonchalance. Reborn probably was the only one who noted a glimmer of relief laced into those words. Tsuna giggled. "Oh, oh- that reminds me! I'm going to be a mafia boss in training now! Isn't that freaking awesome?! Though I'd always imagined being more government secret agent or one of those rebel forces on the Death Star or whatever but hey, can't exactly pick out your own destiny, though it would be pretty sweet if you could, personally I would like to try out the whole Pokemon schtick. Ooh I think my starter would be a fire type, cause ya know, I'm so hot right? Lame pun. My bad. Anyway-"

The brunette looking back now, knew he should've noticed something was wrong. That something was off. He should've been more subdued. Should've stopped his rant and actually notice. But he didn't. And by then it was too late.

His words were cut off as suddenly Tsuna found himself slammed into the wall, tonfa at his neck and air struggling to reach his lungs. "How dare you!" Hibari seethed.

The brunette answered back with a confused, strained wheeze. He could barely get his mouth to form a single word much less a question. Fortunately the skylark was feeling uncharacteristically in the mood to speak and continued.

"How dare you come back like nothing happened! I saw you almost die, no, I saw you die, right before my eyes!" Tsuna had never heard the older male ever raise his voice so loud, ever looked this vulnerable. "And then suddenly you bounce back up and you did.. that to me..."

He faltered a bit at that, a flicker of embarrassment which instantly reminded the younger male exactly what that implied. If his blood was allowed circulation to his head it would have all rushed up there in a furious blush. Too bad the raven haired prefect still wasn't done. Tsuna really would love some oxygen just about right now.

"Then you just left." The skylark's grey eyes were piercing with anger and hurt and pain and so many more things that it almost physically hurt to look directly at them. Tsuna had to lower his eyes just so he didn't have to have direct eye contact. That however only lead the teen to notice the slight eye bags around the other's eyes, it didn't take a genius to figure out the skylark had been worrying over him for the whole night. Hibari probably had been expecting him to call or text or anything. It made Tsuna's gut twist with guilt. "You just left and now you burst back like nothing happened, cracking stupid jokes and lies and.."

Hibari breathed in a shuddering breath, Tsuna had never seen the prefect so overcome with emotion and Hibari probably had never experienced such an onslaught of it either, never felt so exposed and confused and to be honest, a little broken. Maybe that's why the skylark said the next few words that made Tsuna's blood go cold and his heart feel like it had dropped six feet under.

"..and that's why, I no longer wish to deal with you anymore."

With those soft, quiet yet cold, so, so cold and painful words the raven haired teen pulled back and left the room. Left Tsuna, who had dropped onto the ground panting for air and tears forming from his eyes either from the backlash of near strangulation or something else he didn't know. What he did know was, the tonfa may have been removed from his neck but it still felt like he couldn't breathe.