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A New Player

Chapter 1

I never thought as much about reincarnation. And then I died. I was just walking home from school when I heard someone scream, so I turned around and for a split second had a front row seat to see the front end of a semi-truck before it splattered me across its window. At least I think it splattered me, I couldn't tell because I was, you know, dead. It was kind of funny, I knew I had died but I wasn't panicking. I just floated in semi-consciousness until I felt the darkness surrounding me wrap around me like a blanket, eventually sending me into blissful sleep. When I woke up I was in the middle of a grassy field, fully clothed and looking like there wasn't a mark on me. I briefly wondered if I had just dreamed getting hit by a truck, or I had been hit by the truck, survived, and was currently either sedated or in a coma in a hospital. I didn't really know which one it was, but I knew that I didn't want to go through it again.

Standing up, I looked myself over, and saw I was still wearing the same red t-shirt and black slacks over pale skin before reaching up and tugging out a few strands of my mostly light brown hair that was often accompanyed by a few streaks of blond. Lifting up my foot to see I was also still wearing my black-and-white sneakers, I placed it back on the ground and looked behind me to find my back pack, I walked over and opened it. Out of all four compartments, I could only find an unopened can of juice and the half eaten sandwich I had for lunch, and two 1000 yen bills (AN: 100 yen = approximately $1). Sighing in relief that the few things I had bothered to bring to school today were still with me, I sat down on the grass and was about to open the can of juice when something stuck out in the back of my head. Yen bills?

My hand flashed to the bills as I dropped the juice and began looking over the bills. Holding them up to the sun light I concluded that yes, they were Japanese yen bills. So this lead to a new question. How the hell had my two $10 bills turned into a pair of foreign bills. That caused me to stop and smile. Of course, I was in a dream. Chuckling to myself, I stared lazily at the bill for a few seconds, wondering where this dream would go from here, when a blue box popped up in front of my face and startled me, causing me to stumble back and trip over my backpack, sending me to the ground. Shaking my head, I began to sit up when a small flash of pain from my arm where a nail sticking out of the ground scratched it caused me to flinch in shock. I had felt pain and judging from the feeling of a tiny amount of liquid developing on the side of my arm, I was also bleeding. Which meant this was real. I felt the urge to scream well up inside me when a rush of calmness fell over me. Okay, so if the bills are anything to go by, I was somewhere in Japan, I was somehow alive, and I don't have anyway to get home. I seriously doubt I could go to the authorities, they would just think I'm insane. Shaking my head, I looked up from to the floating, semi-transparent blue box and read it.

You have created a new skill through a special action.

'Observe' has been created

Your eyes don't lie. All you need to do is look and you'll find answers.

Observe (Active) Lv: 1 EXP 0.0% - Allows the user to obtain information on the targeted person or object. The higher the level, the more information is learned.

What the hell? It looks just like the boxes from the Manhwa "The Gamer". But that's impossible. Then again, I was somehow transported to the other side of the world with out a scratch on me after being run over by a semi-truck, so who am I to judge what's impossible? For all I know "The Gamer" was really a biography in comic book form. Besides, it should be pretty cool to have the "Gamer" ability.

"Status." I watched as a new, larger blue box took the place of the old one at the command of my voice. I looked it over as the words ran across the box.

Kyle Wilson

The Gamer

Title: None

Level: 1 Exp: 0/200

HP: 125/125

MP: 125/125

RP: 300/300

STR: 5

VIT: 5

DEX: 5

INT: 5

WIS: 5

LUK: 5

Points: 3

Status: Intermediate Martial Artist (+1 STR, +1 VIT, +1 DEX every second level, Learn Hakudo/Martial Arts based techniques +25% faster)

I looked up and down what the world had apparently decided my stats and status would be, I almost whistled at my 'Statuses'. I thought Hakudo sounded familiar, but I decided to discard it. Mulling over my stats some more, I decided to wait before spending my points. After all, the main character from 'The Gamer', Han Jee-Han, used his first points on his STR before he decided to become a mage, and I wanted every last one to count. Wondering if the stats had the same functions as in 'The Gamer', I pushed a question mark in the top right corner of the box and I found myself staring at a new screen.

Health Points (HP):

How much damage a person can take before they die. The amount of HP and rate of regeneration is based on VIT and relevent buffs.

Mana Points (MP):

Mana is the energy used by mages to perform supernatural feats such as spells and other magical techniques. The amount of MP and rate of regeneration is based on INT and relevent buffs.

Reiryoku Points (RP):

Reiryoku is the energy used by both spirits and living beings to perform Kido and other spiritual techniques. The amount of RP is equal to all attributes combined multiplied by ten plu any relevent buffs. Can only be regenerated via resting, certain skills, and certain items.

Strength (STR):

The Strength attribute determines the person's raw physical power. This attribute affects the amount of damage a person can inflict. It also affects a person's ability to reduce damage when blocking and affects the amount of weight they can lift, or throw.

Vitality (VIT):

The Vitality attribute determines the person's overall health. This attribute affects a person's ability to regain health outside of combat and resist damaging status effects such as poison, paralysis, burned, etc. For every VIT point, health regenerates 0.5 every five seconds and increases by 25 points.

Dexterity (DEX)

The Dexterity attribute determines the person's speed and agility. This attribute affects a person's precision, evasion, stealth, subtlety, and ability to land critical strikes. It also plays a large part in the use of weapons.

Intelligence (INT):

The Intelligence attribute determines the person's overall ability to think quickly and innovate. This attribute affects the strength of their Mana, how much they have, and how fast they can recover their Mana. For every INT point, Mana regenerates 0.5 every five seconds and increases by 25 points. Mana is not applied to spirits.

Wisdom (WIS):

The wisdom attribute determines the person's common sense, perception, overall control of their Mana and Reiryoku. It also affects their ability to learn, memorize, retain information, and determines how smart they are. Wisdom also plays an important role in learning certain skills and defending against mental attacks.

Luck (LUK):

The Luck attribute determines the person's overall chance. Luck is unique compared to all the other attributes as it is capable of influencing anything from finding or looting random items and winning money while gambling, to frequency of random critical hits and random events.

As I went over the information I had just been given, a few words stuck in my head. Reiryoku? Kido? Why did those words sound familiar?

Shaking my head, I closed my current window before saying "Skills." As the blue box flickered into existence, I briefly wondered what people would think if they saw a foreigner talking to himself in the middle of a field. Deciding to save my thoughts on my current social standing later, I looked to my new box.

Gamer's Mind (Passive) Lv: Max - Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind. Immunity to psychological status effect.

Gamer's Body (Passive) Lv: Max - Grants a body that allows for the user to live the real world like a game. Sleeping in a bed restores HP, MP, RP, and all status effects.

Observe (Active) Lv: 1 Exp: 10.0% - Allows the user to obtain information on the targeted person or object. The higher the level, the more information is learned.

ID Create (Active) Lv: 1 Exp: 0.0% - Allows the user to create Illusion barriers. The higher the level, the more dungeons one is able to create. Allows those within the barrier to perceive spirits.

ID Escape (Active) Lv: 1 Exp 0.0% - Allows the user to escape Illusion barriers. The higher the level, the higher the chance of escape. Some barriers cannot be escaped from until certain conditions are met.

Well it's not much but it's a start. Closing the box, I looked at the can of juice on the ground.

"Observe." Upon the word leaving my lips, a box appeared between me and the can.

Can Of Apple Juice: A can of juice you can buy from almost anywhere. Restores 25 MP.

I closed the box before looking towards the sidewalk and spotted a man in a business suit.


Business Man

Lv: 1 Exp: 45.80%

HP: 50/50

MP 75/75

Smiling a bit I looked around for something else to use Observe on, spotting my sandwich and back pack.


Half-Eaten Sandwich: A partially eaten beef and lettuce sandwich. Restores 25 HP.

Kyle's Backpack: You've had this thing for two years and it's got a little wear and tear, but it's still in good condition.

I read out the information before a new thought popped into my head.


I smiled as a new box with a blank column on the side of a 10x10 square grid and a corner that read '0 yen' popped into existence. Picking up my backpack, I moved it towards the grid. There was a small flash and then the backpack was gone, with one of the squares in the grid now filled with a picture of my backpack. Picking up my money, sandwich, and can of juice, I did the same to them as I did with my pack. Now three squares were filled and the corner read '2,000 yen'.

Closing the box, I briefly wondered what to do next before I remembered the Illusion barriers. It's not like I could get hurt just from creating one. Nodding to myself, I lifted my hand to the sky.

"ID create." Like a shockwave the world suddenly became empty of people and the sky turn into a mixture of orange and purple, bathing the field in a sunset-esque glow. I looked around before I did a fist pump.

"This is so cool! I have got to do this more often." I grinned before I reached to the sky and yelled "ID escape."

Nothing happened. Confused I did it again, only for a pink box to appear in front of my face. Wondering what was going on, I read it out.

Cannot escape Illusion Barrier.

Just as I was about to complain, I heard an animalistic growl come from behind me. Feeling the sweat beginning to form on my skin, I turned my head. The thing was standing hunched over yet still a few feet taller then me, with light purple skin and closed fists that looked like they were wearing large white gloves. But what really drew my attention was the hole in its chest and the large white mask that was reminiscent of a Tiki mask, a full life bar floating over its head. Shaking, I felt Gamer's Mind calm me down.


Tiki Mask Hollow

Power Type

Level 5

HP: 300/300

RP: 360/360

A very low class Hollow, its soul was that of a weak will person who could not handle the thought of being dead. Because it was so close when an inexperienced Illusion barrier was cast, it was unintentionally pulled in.

Hollow. Now it all made sense. Kido, Hakudo, Reiryoku, all of these things were from Bleach. I was in the world of Bleach. I wondered if the reason I wasn't freaking out was because of Gamer's Mind or the fear of the Hollow in front of me just caused my brain to shut down. Or if it was a mix of both.

As the information was entering my brain a second box appeared in front of me with a ping.

Observe Leveled up!

Observe is Lv: 2 Exp 55.0%

Recalculating information

I watched as the box that contained information on the hollow became static for a second before it enlarged and cleared up.

Tiki Mask Hollow

Power Type

Level 5

HP: 300/300

RP: 360/360

STR: 15

VIT: 12

DEX: 9

INT: 2

WIS: 2

LUK: 6

A very low class Hollow, its small Reiatsu and low over all strength often cause it to go unnoticed by the shinigami. Because it was so close when an inexperienced Illusion barrier was cast, it was unintentionally pulled in.

I barely had time to take in the new information when the hollow screeched and charged at me. I barely managed to dive out of the way before the spot that I previously occupied was smashed into by the hollows fist. Getting up as quickly as I could, I made a mad dash for the tree line and ducked behind one of the tree trees as I heard the hollow screech again before it started randomly attacking any where it seemed to perceive me.

I think it was safe to say that the reason I couldn't leave the barrier was because of that hollow, so the only way to get out was to defeat it. And after that I was going to sprout wings, fly, and become the new Soul king. Those were just as likely to happen as me killing that hollow. Calming myself, I took a deep breath in before I clenched my fists. If I was going to die again, then I'm going to go down swinging, chances of winning be damned.

I waited for the hollow to turn around to destroy a random tree before I leapt out of cover and jumped at it. Twisting my body, I kicked out and felt my heel impact the hollows back, sending it stumbling forward. As it did so, I leapt on to its back and started wailing on the back of its head, where it wasn't protected by its mask. No way in hell was I going to break my knuckles hitting this things face.

Rearing back, the hollow began to trash about as I held on for dear life, its arms flailing about. After several minutes of me holding on and getting the odd hit to the back of its head, it gave a particularly strong twist, sending me flying into the air before one of its arms caught me in the side. I felt the air rush out of me as I was sent skidding across the ground. I held my side as the hollow roared, unaware that it had knocked me off.

Looking up, I saw that its life bar was only a tenth of the way down. Pushing myself up, I brought out my status window and looked at my HP.

HP: 65/125

Damn, that thing took almost half my health with one hit. I needed to recover, at least for a little. Pulling up my inventory, I just barely managed to stuff my sandwich in my mouth before the hollow took notice of me. Screeching, it charged at me as I rolled away and dashed towards the park exit/entrance. I almost made it when the hollow landed in front of me and reared its fist back. I barely managed to duck under it before I shoulder checked it, sending it stumbling back before it tripped on the metal bars that lined the park exit/entrance. Taking this as my opportunity, I ran into the building across from the park. Closing the door behind me, I waited out of sight as I heard the hollow screech outside. Sighing, I waited there a few seconds before a box flashed in front of my face.

A special skill has been created through a special action.

'Stealth' has been created.

Blend into the shadows and corners of a room.

Stealth (Passive) Lv: 1 Exp: 0.0% - By crouching, the user becomes 10% harder to detect. Overall ability to remain hidden is effected by light available and line of sight. While in Stealth, user cannot walk, run, or jump without breaking Stealth. Crawling can be done, but it reduces rate of detection from 10% to 5%. Stealth does not affect non-visible and non-auditory ways of tracking.

Well, that's helpful. Now I just needed something that could actually hurt the hollow. I looked around the building, hoping to find something that could help me when a box flashed in front of me.

A new Quest has been created.

First Encounter!


Find a weapon in the building

Defeat the hollow

Success: 200 Exp, ID Escape unlocked

Failure: Death

Bonus Objectives:



50 Exp added per bonus completed

My first quest. I would be happy if not for the fact that it's pretty much asking me to kill myself. Still, the bright side is that I know there is a weapon somewhere in this building. I got up and began looking up and down the empty aisles, trying to find anything that might be of use while glancing out the shop window, my onyx eyes reflecting in the glass as I made sure the hollow wasn't nearby. Near the middle aisle I spotted something poking out from beneath one of the aisle shelves. Reaching down, I grabbed and pulled out about five to six-and-a-half meters worth of iron chain.


Iron Chain-Crafting Item

A long iron chain. A crafting item that's uses are far and few between, but are often surprising. Can be used as a weapon. Base Damage: 6

I might be able to use this, but there might be something more useful around somewhere. Depositing the chain in my inventory, I continued down the aisles. You'd think because it was a store it would have a little more in it. At least I think it's a store, I didn't see a sign when I ran in but the aisles are a pretty good indicator.

I walked down the final aisle, looking at the shelves that surrounded me before I caught a glint of small glint of metal on one of the top shelves. Reaching up, I pinched it between my fingers and pulled it down.


Broken (Handle) Kitchen Knife-Crafting Item

A kitchen knife with a busted handle, it's best to either repair it or use it as a crafting material. Can be used as a weapon. Base Damage: 4, minus 4 user HP every attack

Another crafting item? I get the feeling Gaia is trying to tell me something. Or would it be the Soul King? Either way, there's no harm in trying.

Bringing out my iron chain, I wrapped the end of it around what was left of the knife handle before tying a knot it, which is a lot more difficult with a chain then a rope.

I finished tightening the knot as best I could when the items flashed. When the flash died away, the chain was fused to the dagger handle and a box popped in front of my face.

A special skill has been created through a special action.

'Crafting' has been created.

Using hands and tools, you create something new.

Crafting (Active) Lv: 1 Exp 0.0% - Allows you to learn crafting recipes and/or craft freely. The higher the level, the stronger the objects created.

I didn't have time to close the box when another popped up in front of it.

Crafting successful!

Crafted-'Make-Shift Chain Dagger'- Can you even call this a chain dagger? It's basically two pieces of junk stuck together. Requires 8 DEX to wield. Base Damage: 10

Learned 'Make-Shift Chain Dagger' crafting recipe.

Damn, you mean I have to dump all my points into dexterity if I want to use this thing? Can't I just swing it around?

Sighing, I opened up my status and hesitantly dumped my points into DEX. I looked around status when I noticed a new tab at the top the read 'Equip'. Pressing it, I was greeted with a screen that held a 2-D mannequin with semi-transparent boxes that individually covered its chest, legs, feet, arms, hands, and head, with four more boxes above it's head, labeled 'Accessory'. Inside the boxes on the main body were the exact same things I was wearing. Curious, I scrolled over each of my clothes.

Red T-shirt-Defense: 2

Black Slacks-Defense: 2

Black-White Running Shoes-Defense: 1, Running Speed: + 5%

Nodding my head, I took the chain dagger in my hand and measured out about two feet of chain that was connected to the knife before I gave it a couple of practice twirls. When it finished a new box popped up. Surprised, I skimmed over the small amount of text.

Bonus Objective Completed!

Create a crafted weapon with objects found within the store


50 Exp added per bonus completed

Cool, I got a bonus objective. Now I just needed to complete the quest.

Taking a few deep breaths, I slid out of the store, making my way to where the hollow was, or where I assumed it to be based on its screeching. Squeezing up against the wall of the building I was next too, I glanced around the corner and saw that the hollow was looking around and screeching occasionally. When it turned its back to me, I quietly walked out of cover and began twirling the chain dagger above my head, lengthening the chain as it got faster. When I was sure it was going to reach the hollow, I curved my swing and sent the knife part of the chain arcing towards it. I held my breath in and time seem to slow as I watched the blade travel through the air, moving closer and closer beforetime returned to normal and the blade mimicked grey lightning as it carved a slice clean down the hollows back, inciting a pained scream to erupt from it. As I pulled the chain back, two new boxes popped in front of me.

Critical Hit!

Rear Hit!

144 damage dealt!

A special skill has been created through a special action.

"Chain Dagger Mastery" has been unlocked.

Capture or kill, you've got the best of both worlds. Just make sure you don't tangle yourself in your own chains.

Chain Dagger Mastery (Novice) (Passive) Lv: 1 Exp: 0.0% - Allows user to unlock Chain Dagger skills.

A special skill has been created through a special action.

'Surprise Slash' has been created!

It's not cowardly, it's just good tactics.

Surprise Slash (Active) Lv: 1 Exp: 0.0% - Can only be used if an enemy is unaware of users' current position. Causes 20 base damage. Always results in a critical hit if successful.

I barely had enough time to read the second box before I rolled out of the way of the hollows fist. Jumping up, I swung my chain at it and caught its arm before I ran down one of the nearby alleys, the hollow close behind me. Taking a sharp turn, I spotted a lamp post next to the alleys entrance. Before the hollow could come out of the alley, I swung my chain around the lamp post and pulled, turning the chain into a trip wire that sent the hollow rolling across the concrete when it came out of the alley.

Pulling my chain free, I began to back up while twirling the knife, watching as the hollow got up and let out an ear splitting screech before charging at me again. I swung the knife at it as I jumped out of the way, missing the hollow by a few inches. As I pulled it back, I ducked underneath the hollows fist and swung at its side, creating a good eight inch gash across its side. I almost smiled when the hollow swung its arm and caught me on the arm. I bit back a scream as I clutched it and regained my footing.

I looked up at the hollow as it gave another screech.


Tiki Mask Hollow

Power Type

Level 5

HP: 98/300

RP: 360/360

Good, its only got a third of its life left. But I need to find a way to pin down its arms. If it had intelligence I might be able to recognize a pattern in its attacks but its just swinging wildly.

I dove out of the way of its charge when I remembered how I wrapped my chain around the light post. Hoping to whatever deity ruled would listen, I began to swing the chain over my head, letting out more and more as the hollow reared back and began its charge again. Dodging out of the way of its charge, I lengthened as much of the chain as I could before swinging it in a wide arc around the hollow.

I watched as the chain twirled around the hollows body, immobilizing its arms and undoubtedly pissing it off even more. I stopped myself from letting go of the chain and covering my ears as it let out its loudest screech yet. Finishing its scream, it charged at me, but with its arms immobilized its balance was shot to hell and it rammed its head into a building wall. I didn't bother suppressing the laugh that erupted from my throat as I watched its life bar drop to a quarter before two new boxes appeared in front of me.

A special skill has been created through a special action.

'Chain Bind' has been created!

You're not going anywhere without me!

Chain Bind (Active) Lv: 1 Exp: 0.0% - Inflicts Upper or Lower Body Paralysis on target or group of targets. Strength of binding is dependent on durability of chain, users STR, and level of skill.

Bonus Objective Completed!

Create a crafted weapon with objects found within the store

Learn two new Skills before defeating the hollow

50 Exp added per bonus completed

I didn't have a chance to celebrate because apparently the hollow didn't like being laughed at as it began to thrash about, dragging me closer and closer each time.

If it wants to play rough, then I'll play rough too. When I saw it begin to give an exceptionally powerful pull, I let myself get pulled along with it, launching me towards it and allowing me to tackle it with enough force to send it into the ground. Grabbing the knife-part of my weapon from the concrete street, I sat on top of the hollow and brought my knife back and stabbed it into the hollow as deep as it could go before I pulled it back out, repeating the process until its life bar dropped to nothing.

I jumped off as cracks began to cover the hollows body, continuing until they covered its entire body before it gave one last crack and shattered, leaving behind a floating white light, a pile of yen and three links of dimly glowing chain. I watched as the light took the form of a young boy before he looked up to me with a smile.

"Thank you." He said disappearing.

I breathed a sigh of relief before a box appeared before me.

Level Up!

Level Up!

Level Up!

Kyle Wilson

The Gamer

Title: None

Level: 4 Exp: 200/800

HP: 175/175

MP: 125/125

RP: 390/390

STR: 7

VIT: 7

DEX: 10

INT: 5

WIS: 5

LUK: 5

Points: 9

Status: Intermediate Martial Artist (+1 STR, +1 VIT, +1 DEX every second level, Learn Hakudo/Martial Arts based techniques +25% faster)

I suddenly felt all my injuries vanish and my energy return as I deposited my Chain dagger into my inventory. Picking up the cash, I deposited it into my inventory which to my delight now read 12,000 yen. Finally I picked up the chain and used Observe on it.

Soul Chain Link-Crafting Item

A soul's essence given form. It's useless on its own, but can be used to create other things.

I read the description before putting the chain in my inventory and raising my hand to the sky.

"ID escape!" I yelled as the world seemed to pulse before the sky returned to normal, though there were now rainclouds beginning to cover the sun. Walking out of the alleyway and onto the sidewalk I watched as, to my relief, people moved about their daily lives, unaware of what just occurred. I spotted a building with clothes in the window. I noticed that the sign was in Japanese letters that I couldn't understand. So that meant I will probably have to learn Japanese. Oh joy.

Crossing the street with a sigh, I walked in and began browsing the racks until I came across a cheap gray zip-up hoodie. Taking it off the rack I approached the woman at the counter.

"I would like to buy this." I told her, hoping she understood English. She looked at me with a smile as she reached for the hoodie.

"Alright, that will come to 4000 yen, would you like a receipt?" she asked. Okay, so either she's very good at speaking English, or my brain comes with a verbal translator. Either way, I'm happy. I handed her the money I discretely pulled out of my inventory before taking off the tag and zipping the hoodie up, I walked out of the store. I knew that I had to find shelter, and then I had to find out where I was, and when I was in the timeline of Bleach.

"Well, no matter what happens, I know this is going to be interesting." I said to myself as I pulled my hood over my head and began my search for shelter.

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