"Got It!" She said, than she turned to Auggie and hugged him very tight wishing him the best luck in the world and making him promise to stay in contact.

He told her that he'd always be there for whatever she needed and she shouldn't hesitate to call him whenever she wanted.

She called McQuaid and asked him to meet her at the botanic garden near the hydrangeas. "I'll be there in a few minutes"- he said.

When he arrived he said teasingly "Hey, so you want help to get away so that's why you called me here?", She laugh and kissed him holding his face close to hers and standing there just for one moment appreciating how good he made her feel. "Ryan, this is the place that I first made a commitment to you to be there for you, this is the place that I gave my soul to you, that I placed all my trust in you. So I think this is the most appropriate place for this talk." She was not one to not going right to the point but she wanted him to know exactly how she was feeling.

"Walker…" He kissed her one more time. She parted the kiss and took a breath.

"No let me finish, Ryan I love you, and you get me, you're the only one that never asked me to quit, that pushed me forward and never hesitated to tell me how it is, you're the best partner I could ever ask. And it will be an honor to marry you". He opened a big smile "I love you too. And I think I own you a ring. So let me do this properly". He bended in one knee and proceeded to say: "Anne Katherine Walter, will you marry me?". She just opened a huge smile and said "Yes, but wait, how did you know to bring the ring?" "I'm a spy Annie, I imagined what you had in mind when you asked me here".

When they arrived at his place minutes later she told him that she wanted to keep working for him. She loved the CIA but the things she loved the most there were Auggie, Joan and her team. And even if she came back now everything would be different and she wasn't sure how her new handler would deal with her heart condition. They spent the rest of the day in bed making plans for a future filled with adventures.