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"Stuart!" shouted Hilly as she walked into the spare bedroom in her house.

Stuart had been staying with the Holbrook's ever since he found out Skeeter accepted the job offer in New York. He had been heartbroken for the second time. Ever since then all he would do was just get drunk. The only thing that he could think of was going back to the oil rig, going back to work would help him forget about this town and about those two bitches that left him.

Stuart ignored Hilly, instead covering his head with the bedsheets.

Hilly noticed this and walked over to the bed.

"Mister, what do you think you are doing" said Hilly as she pulled the bed covers off of Stuart.

"Hilly, leave me alone!" groaned Stuart.

"Stuart you can't just lay here in your own misery and filth" said Hilly as she walked over to a drawer where Stuart had put all his clothes in. She quickly picked out and outfit for Stuart to wear.

"What are you doing Hilly?" asked Stuart slowly opened his eyes.

"You need to get out and stop crying over that dumb little girl, so you are coming with me to the market, ever since that book was published it has become difficult to find good help" said Hilly as she placed Stuarts outfit on a couch.


"Ah, ah , ah, no excuses. You have five minutes. I will be waiting in the car" said Hilly as she walked out of the room.

Stuart decide to listen to Hilly and quickly change. He wasn't gonna get anything back by just lying in bed.

Stuart and Hilly arrived at the town shopping center. Stuart just followed Hilly and her little son, Billy, around just carrying the bags.

"Mom can we stop by and get a shake, please!" pleaded Billy to his mom.

"Well…okay" said Hilly as the three walked inside the local ice cream shop.

Stuart let out a sigh as he placed the bags he was carrying beside him.

"Hi, how can I serve you folk today?" asked the waitress, as the three sat in a booth.

"My son will have a chocolate shake, I will have a strawberry and you Stuart?" asked Hilly.

"I'll just have a vanilla" said Stuart.

"I'll get those right away" said the waitress as she quickly made her way to the kitchen.

"So Stuart, have you seen anyone you think you might be interested in?" asked Hilly.

"Nope" said Stuart as he ripped up a napkin into little pieces.

"Well I mean if you think you're ready I have a friend who I think you would love, Jacksonville has some of the most beautiful women and men you know" said Hilly, throwing her hair back.

"Yeah, I think I'm just gonna be single…forever" said Stuart.

Hilly just made a face and stayed quiet.

Stuart decided to just looked out the window of the restaurant and stare at the strangers that passed by outside.

Out of the corner of his eyes however he spotted a young man who seemed lost and looked out of place. He was in a pair of tight bellbottoms, his blond hair, and bright red knit shirt helped him stand out from the crowed.

"Wow!" thought Stuart.

The young guy walked into the ice cream shop lifting his sunglasses and showing his bright green eyes. He walked over to the front counter trying to find an employee to speak with.

"Hilly do you want some fries?" asked Stuart.

"No thank—" but before Hilly could finish responding Stuart had walked over to the counter area of the restaurant.

"Order of fries please" said Stuart, interrupting the waiter and the blonds conversation, as he took the seat next to the young blond.

The blond looked at the waiter and noticed that a customer wanted something so he decided to leave and not waist his time.

"Well thank you so much!" said the young man with a giggle reaching over and shaking the waiters hand. The waiter didn't shake his hand in return because he was in disbelief that a white man was shaking his hand. He didn't know if it was a prank.

The young man saw the look the waiter had but smiled in return.

The waiter walked to the kitchen to get the fries for Stuart. Stuart saw the young blond staring at the map that was now placed on the counter.

"You new to Jacksonville?" asked Stuart.

The blond looked up and smiled at Stuart, "Yeah, I came to visit my sister but I'm having a hard time finding the place, the waiter said he might now who she is so he was gonna make a call".

"Maybe I can help you find where she lives, my name is Stuart by the way" he said.

"My name's Declan" said the blond with a smile, his green eyes lighting up.

"What's your sister's name?" asked Stuart.

"Celia, Celia Foote" said Declan.

'That name sounds familiar' thought Stuart.

"I think my brother-in-law said they live on the outskirts of—" but before Declan could finish speaking he started screaming in joy.

"DECLAN!" shouted a woman.

"CELIA!" shouted Declan as he ran over to hug his sister.

"YOU'RE HERE!" shouted Declan, jumping with his sister in joy.

"Yeah, someone called the house and said you were here. Come on let's go back to my house" said Celia.

"Okay, let me just get my map" said Declan.

Declan walked over to the counter and folded his map.

"Well I guess my sister found me before I could find her. It was nice meeting you thou" said Declan.

"Yeah it was nice meeting you too" said Stuart as he extended his hand to shake Declan's.

Declan instead gave Stuart a quick hug. The waiter placed Stuart's fries on the counter so Declan to a second to grab a fry.

"I owe you a fry, bye!" said Declan as he ran out of the shop with his sister.

"Who was that?" Celia asked Declan as they both got into her red convert.

"Some guy named Stuart" said Declan.

"Well he was cute" said Celia as they pulled out of the parking spot and drove to the Foote home.

"I know, hope I get to see him again" said Declan as he put his sunglasses on to protect his eyes from the sun's rays.

Back in the shop, Stuart finally realized who Declan was related to. It was Johnny Foote's wife. The women almost everyone in Jacksonville out casted thanks to Hilly.

"Who was that you were talking to?" asked Hilly, with a raised eyebrow, as Stuart sat back in there booth with a basket of fries.

"I don't know, some new guy" said Stuart.

"Don't think I didn't see that hug he gave you. It seems like he was quite smitten by you" said Hilly.

Stuart just shrugged his shoulders in response.

Well did you see who he left with?!" said Hilly.

"Some girl, why?" said Stuart.

"It was that white trash women, Celia Foote" said Hilly with a look of disgust on her face.

Stuart just gave her a questionable look.

"Don't even think about getting friendly with that boy, by the looks of it he isn't good company" said Hilly.

Stuart ignored Hilly's comment and started thinking about Declan for some reason. He seemed different. Different from anyone he had dated, even different from anyone in the small town of Jacksonville, he was different but in a good way. But he knew he couldn't see him. If Hilly or his cousin told his dad about someone like Declan his dad would kill him for sure. It wasn't easy being the son of a senator. He decided to push Declan as far away from his mind as possible.