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"Demonic/other-worldly voices or thoughts"

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Chapter 16: Hail to the King, Part 2.

Danny had been to Pariah's Keep three times, yet this was the first time when he had truly just marveled at the corridors and chambers within. He mused to himself that, as expected, it surely was a palace fit for the King of All Ghosts he walked past several rooms, such as a lavish banquet hall, a massive library, and a fully furnished study. Yet as he entered the main hall he couldn't help but frown slightly at the open and empty sarcophagus. He felt a slight ache from his mechanical eye as he recalled the bit of metal that was embedded into his socket. The socket was the new home to a glowing cybernetic eye of his design.

Another memory flashed in his mind when he set his eyes on a glowing green sword that was stabbed right through the top of a Jack-o-Lantern. He had first come here to steal the Fright Knight's sword to try and make his haunted house better than Dash's, his old school bully. Now here he was, about to use it to awaken the being that may prove to be his strongest ally. He mused to himself at how time has changed as he pulled it from its sheath. As he did, a vortex of swirling energy emerged from the hole as lightning flashed in the chamber before an imposing spiral of green mist erupted.

"RAAAAAAAARGH! I LIVE AGAIN!" Roared a tall dark being wreathed in purple flames. Small green eyes on a featureless void of a face instantly locked onto him. "You," he snarled, pointing at the sword. "Return me my blade or you will be the first to taste its bite!" He ordered as he held out his hand.

Danny could only smile as he held the blade up to inspect it. "That's all? No 'Who are you' or 'what do you want' or even 'how did you get past the traps?'" He asked.

The ghostly knight approached him, clearly annoyed. "I don't care for such things, I have my own goals and..." He said, stopping as he got a closer look at what he can of Danny's face. "'re familiar to me..."

Danny pulled up his hood and his face covering to reveal himself fully. "How about now?"

The Fright Knight studied him before those small eyes grew bigger with realization. "You! The Ghost Child!"

Danny nodded. "Though I prefer 'Fenrir' these days. Or I guess I should start with 'Fenrir, King of All Ghosts' from now on."

"'King'?!" The knight stated, offended at his remark. "I see no king! Just a naive child who thinks they could claim such a title and-."

Danny lunged towards him, Soul Shredder in his hand before thrusting forward. The point was just inches from the center of the Fright Knight's face when he stopped. The look of shock and surprise made the half-ghost grin. "Look behind you. And tell me what you see," he ordered.

The Fright Knight merely looked at his own blade and then back at Danny a few times before obliging him. As he turned he gasped and turned completely to the sight of the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep lying open and his ruler nowhere in sight. "B-But how?! That can't be!" He muttered to himself before turning back to Danny. Those red eyes and the gem in the center of his forehead glowed brightly as a red aura bathed him.

"Pariah Dark was beaten by my hands and I swallowed his soul, absorbing his power to make it mine. By that right, I claim his title and his inheritance as 'King of All Ghosts'," Danny proclaimed as he once again brought Soul Shredder's blade towards the knight. " you wish to challenge my claim? Or..." He said as he shifted his hand so the handle could be towards the knight. "Will you pledge your loyalty to me as your king? Oh, Great Spirit of Halloween?" He asked as the aura faded away.

Fright Knight looked at the blade being offered to him before looking at Danny. Silently he took Soul Shredder from Danny's hand and took a knee while bowing his head. "You have my sword, Lord Fenrir."

Danny smiled softly. "Thank you," he said as he offered his hand. The knight looked at him in confusion at first before taking it and being baffled at Danny helping him to his feet. "Now, for your first order," Danny said as he pulled out a sheet of paper and gave it to the knight. "These are names of ghosts who are of interest to me. I want you to find these individuals and bring them here. I want you to spread the news that 'Their King Fenrir has returned'."

"As you wish my liege. And what will you do?" Fright Knight asked as he went to a nearby pumpkin. Picking it up, he tossed it to the side, causing it to explode into the same green mist and summon his winged and fanged horse.

"At the moment?" Danny said while looking around the massive hall. "Redecorating." He started to hover into the area. The Fright Knight watched as Fenrir closed his eyes and with merely a thought started to change the reds and greens of the chamber into grays and blacks.

The knight's horse started to neigh at the sudden changes. "How is this possible?!" The knight called out before sending his beast into the air.

"I told you, I absorbed his soul. What was Pariah's is now mine to do as I wish. Including all of his former dominion," Danny merely answered.

From outside the castle, various ghosts could only look on in wonder as the once infamous keep of Pariah Dark was changing seemingly from the inside. The red stones turned black and the castle shrunk in on itself and twisted around, becoming taller and taller as the Fright Knight fled out of the shifting keep on his horse. "BEHOLD!" The Knight cried out, "THE VOID LEFT BY LORD PARIAH HAS BEEN FILLED BY HIS INSURGENT! BEHOLD!" He said as he pointed to the castle undergoing the change from a red keep to a black fortress with a massive spiraling tower rising from its center. "THE RISE OF LORD FENRIR, THE KINGSLAYER! NOW, KING OF ALL GHOSTS!"


Batman stood on the rooftop of an apartment complex. Hub City may not be as infamous as Gotham City or Bludhaven, but it had its fair share of corruption and criminality. As he overlooked the city, the door leading to the roof behind him opened as a faceless man in a blue overcoat with a matching hat came towards him. He turned to face him. "Thank you for coming to met me. Oracle said you have the information you wanted to share with me?"

The mysterious man merely tipped his hat towards the dark knight. "I am surprised you came out here to meet me, most people think I'm a crackpot." He said as he pulled a large manila folder from a pocket inside his jacket and handed it to the Caped Crusader.

Batman opened the folder and was greeted with a photo, blurred by motion but the shape of a large sword along with glowing red eyes could be made out along with a male form.

"The assassin you're looking for is an anomaly," Question started. "He appeared on the market one day, boasting about getting the job down no matter how hard it was." Batman listened as he shifted through the maps and photos and notes about the hired killer. "His first job was the former Greek prime minister, Evripidis Michelakis, at his estate. Lots of people ended up dead and injured but no traces of the killer himself, save for some knives that were partly made from an alien metal." He stated as Batman turned over and saw the photo of one of the weapons. The design was clearly a simple throwing knife but the lab results with the photo showed that it was made of various metals. But the one that stood out the most was Nth metal, a material only found on Thanagar.

"After the Thanagarian invasion was repelled, they took most of their Nth metal weaponry with them. What was left was taken by various world governments before we could step in. The only way someone could get enough material to make a weapon out of it would be if they had a lot of connections." Batman stated.

"Yes," Question agreed, "which is why the story of this 'Fenrir' may be more disturbing." He said. "I think our assassin is connected to Cadmus."

Batman frowned as he looked over the documents more intently now. While he wouldn't put it beyond the anti-meta Cadmus to create such a thing, this Fenrir assassin had been spotted in too many places and in various locations where the US government has no involvement. "A rogue agent?" He asked.

Question merely shook his head. "I don't know, but I do know this. Some time ago I made contact with a scientist who called himself 'Innen' on the Dark Web," he started. "German for 'Inside.' Now, Innen was afraid because his employers retrieved something from a government facility. He was trying to be vague because he was concerned for his safety, so while he never flat out explained to me what it was, he kept referring to the subject as 'He' or 'Him'. And his employers kept wanting to try and improve 'Him', To see if 'His' abilities could be enhanced. He was scared that this 'He' was growing too strong. Before he went silent, Innen said that 'He' was getting ready to be put in the field. Unfortunately, he made a mistake because he gave me his last name which is how his employers must have found him and dealt with him because he addressed himself as 'Ville'. I looked up the name and it just so happened that a Doctor Kortz Ville was a missing person case. And Doctor Ville was last known to be working at Lexcorp as a specialist in abnormal genetics."

Batman felt a sudden chill enter his body as the only thing he could whisper was a horrified, "Good God."

"There's more," Question said as he gestured to an article of the Greek Prime Minister's death. "Do you think it's a coincidence that right when we were starting to look into Michelakis's death, this 'Stag Man' attacked Dakota City, forcing our attention to it and this new ghost threat? Or furthermore after Alva Industries gets ruined and dealt a death knell, it gets bought out by unknown third party?"

"Caduceus Medical," Batman stated. "I heard. They supposedly specialize in prosthetics but they have been pretty silent and not a lot of waves have been made."

"Yet here is the CEO having dinner with Virgil Hawkins and his family a few months after he was crippled." Question said, pointing to the photo taken in through a window of the Hawkins family at the table with an unknown young man with black hair.

"Any idea who this man is?" Batman asked.

"No, yet he must come from money if he is able to buy out most of Alva Industries with very little trouble." Question went on. "So, I think if you're trying to get to Luthor and Fenrir, you may have to see if our friend here," he said as he pointed at the unidentified face, "is our best chance."

At Titan's Tower

Starfire sat on the edge of her bed, her usual spot when there wasn't an emergency in Jump City, looking at one of her various photos of her dear Danny till someone knocked on her door. With a deep sigh she placed the photo away before slowly standing and heading to the door. "Yes?" She asked as she neared it.

"It's me, Jinx." Starfire smiled gently to herself when she heard that. Since Argent and Jinx had confronted her about Danny the two of them came by fairly regularly. Most of the time it was to ask questions about Danny for the 'records' they were keeping to eventually turn to the League's Inner Circle so they could detain the members and thoroughly interrogate them about Danny's disappearance. Though there were times when they just kept her company and talked. It was admittedly nice. Almost like back when Danny was still here and everyone was just friends.

As she opened the door, she was met with the uneasy look on the pale misfortune manipulator's face. Starfire's smile instantly faded away. "Is something wrong?" She asked.

Jinx turned to look back as if she was being watched before turning back to Starfire. "Argent got a message from someone on the Watchtower. They want to talk to you about Danny."

Starfire eyes went wide from that comment. "B-But why would they-."

"You remember that girl that came by? The Ghost Hunter?"

"'Red Huntress'?" Starfire asked, remembering the girl in the suit who had asked several questions about Danny all while updating them on some ghost activity that had occurred, including the destruction of the GIW.

"Yeah, well...when we got alone with her, Argent may or may not have told her that you and Danny were together before he disappeared. Now someone close to the inner circle wants to talk to you." Jinx explained.

Starfire shuddered uneasily. "B-But why?! I-I can't possibly-."

Jinx placed her hands on the alien girl's shoulders. "Look Star, I know you're afraid but trust me. You're going to talk to this person, tell them what happened, and I am sure they will overlook what happened to you and everyone else will get what's coming to them. You didn't do anything wrong, they did. I am sure even Danny will forgive you." She gave her a comforting smile.

Starfire's bright green eyes shifted side-to-side as a million thoughts raced through her mind. Danny's face flashed through her eyes, the last smile he ever made before he was gone from her life, the gentle touch of his lips against hers before he vanished, with the faint caress of cold kissing her chest as she placed her hand over the necklace made of un-melting ice Danny had made her before her so-called friends fed him to the wolves and her cowardice kept her mouth shut. Well not anymore. With newly found determination steeling her spirit she nodded. "I will, where and when should I meet them?"

Jinx smiled at that. "Star City, a week from now. Her name is Supergirl. Apparently, she was a close friend of Danny before he became a Titan so she and Hawkgirl have been taking Danny's disappearance as a special case."

"Why so long? Why not now?" She asked.

Jinx shrugged. "Apparently she had something to look into, something very serious." She responded but she made a wide smile along with her cat-like eyes that made her look like a Cheshire cat. "Everything is coming together."

Back in the Ghost Zone

Hordes of ghosts gathered around the newly formed black tower that stood where the red ghost king's keep once stood as numerous ghostly soldiers walked along the structure preventing any from getting too close. Ember McClain was one such ghost; the undead teen rock idol heard the announcement of the Fright Knight just like so many before her. As she marveled at the new structure, she caught something at the corner of her eye, turning her attention over to a couple with a motorcycle. "Kitty!" Ember called out getting the attention of the biker girl.

Kitty turned to her. "Ember! You heard about it too?" Kitty said as she hovered over to the rocker.

"Yeah, you heard about it too? This 'Fenrir' guy calling himself King?" Ember asked as Johnny 13 came over on his bike, his shadow nearing close by.

"Yeah! We were at home when the Fright Knight came riding on through." Kitty said.

"Yeah, but then we saw him go to the Prison." Johnny 13 said, his shadow making a low growl as if confirming its master's statement.

"The Prison?" Ember asked, "Why did he go there?"

"Don't know, we saw him go in and he left out with the Warden. He went on his way while the Warden came here." Kitty said. "And they just...let him on through."

Ember seemed surprised. "He just went in? They didn't stop him?"

Johnny nodded. "Yeah, and I think I saw that sexy geni-OW!" He yelped as Kitty elbowed him hard in his side.

Kitty glared at him. "Scumbag!" She hissed before turning to Ember. "But yeah, we think we also saw Desiree go in with no issues."

Ember turned to the black tower as Kitty went to smacking her boyfriend with her purse for eyeing up the ghost genie. "Did you guys see Skulker anywhere?" She asked.

The biker couple stopped their little fight. "Your Ex?" Kitty asked. "No, haven't seen him. Though I guess that is a bit odd."

"Yeah, you would think he would be the first one here." Johnny said as he rubbed his head. "We did see those creepy one-eyed guys showed up and try to go in. But those skeleton punks blocked them out. Apparently, this new ghost king doesn't want visitors."

"The Observants?!" Ember turned back to the two in shock. The two nodded as they both looked back to the tower. While Ember wasn't as well-advised in the ways of the Ghost Zone as her ex-boyfriend, he did tell her about the Observants. Ghosts who can see the past, present, and future and pass judgment onto those who cause too much devastation in either the Ghost Zone or in the living world. If they tried to get an audience with this new ghost king, then he really must be the real deal. Her train of thought was broken when she looked overhead and saw the Fright Knight riding upon his steed heading straight to the keep. The horde of ghosts made a path for the knight as the soldiers guarding the keep bowed and made a path as well as he rode into the keep.

Ember, Kitty, and Johnny 13 stared on. "Guess the Fright Knight is done with telling everyone the news. Do you think we should stay here?

Kitty shrugged, "We don't know what this guy is going to be like; shouldn't we at least stick around and see if anything happens?"

Ember crossed her arms as she stared at the black tower. She had a feeling that if this new ghost king was allowing certain people to just walk in then she had a feeling that Skulker's absence was the reason for this. And she was going to ambush that metal-headed hunter and get every bit of information she can out of him.

In a large room within the tower, three ghosts sat in designated seats around a large circular table. One was a ghost wearing a suit as pale and deathly white as his face, only opposed by the blackness of his fedora and tie. The other wore a long black coat with a small cape along with white hair combed back into a mullet. The last one was ghost with long black hair that reached past her hips and wore a blue crop top and dress bottom that encompassed her ghostly tail where her legs should be.

"...So..." the silence was broken by the ghost of technology as he adjusted his glasses, "does...anyone know why we got called here?" He asked. Walker and Desiree looked between each other as if expecting someone to speak up and give a theory.

"None, I was busy with my prison when the Fright Knight came to me. Said that the 'new king' had called for me." Walker explained.

"Same to me," Desiree answered. "I was at my realm, enjoying one of the few moments of peace till he came calling for me. Threaten to wish me here in chains if I didn't go willingly." She said with an annoyed frown.

"AH! So none of us know!...Well, at least I am not alone on this one." Technus said just as the door to the chamber opened. The three turned to the door to see the aforementioned knight come into the room led by a skeletal Roman soldier. The three remained silent as the knight took his seat next to a larger more ornate seat that was clearly meant for the new king. "And speaking of whom, care to actually explain why we are here?" Technus asked.

"King Fenrir sent me out to retrieve you and to spread the word of his return to the realm. If you want to know then ask him yourself when he arrives." The Fright Knight explained dismissively.

"'Fenrir'?" Walker repeated.

"You mean the rumors of Pariah's defeat were...true?" Desiree asked her eye not hidden behind her bang wide in shock as she looked around the chamber. "Then is this...was this-?"

"Was it the Keep of Pariah Dark?'" Another voiced finished her statement causing the table attendees to turn to the door where a hooded robed figure with bright red eyes stood. "Yes. You would be correct, Desiree." He said as he walked behind her to the large seat between her and the Fright Knight.

"How do you know my name?" Desiree asked uneasily.

"I know a lot about you," He said as he faced her, his red glowing eye fixing her at a glance before turning to the others. "All of you." He confirmed as Walker narrowed his eyes in a stern glare and Technus looked back and forth between the other ghosts at the table and the king. Fright Knight merely sat still, his hands on the table, and watched his king continue. "Let me formally introduce myself," he said as he placed his hand on her chest. "I am Fenrir. As I bested the former King in battle and absorbed his soul, I claimed his titles and his realm as my own. And as King, my first act is the formation of this council. Each of you will have a duty to me and this kingdom and I picked you for your skills and talents to help my rule within this zone." He said as he turned to his immediate right to the Fright Knight. "You will serve as my Marshal and my right hand, the high commander of my armies when I am not here, as well as serve as my personal champion."

"As you say, King Fenrir." The Fright Knight said with a slight bow. Fenrir nodded as he turned to Technus, who was on the Fright Knight's right.

"Technus," he said making the scientist ghost spin stiffen, "your technical expertise will be invaluable. As my Head Researcher, you will be in charge of any scientific endeavors our Kingdom will need."

"That...does make sense for me." Technus admitted.

"I am sure it would be an offer you would like. Especially since if you serve me, I can grant you access to any technology you would want from the human world." Fenrir said, causing the eccentric ghost to smile and nod excitedly as the new king turned to the ghost next to him. "As for you Walker." He said coldly. Walker responded by clenching his fists. "Whether I like it or not, you and your prison have been the closest thing to law enforcement this realm has had. When my new laws are written, you and your forces will enforce them."

"NEW LAWS?!" Walker shouted as he stood up in anger, green pupil-less eyes glowing with anger. "THERE HAS BEEN NOTHING WRONG WITH THE LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE!"

"Oh?" Fenrir merely said as held up his hand and with a slight flick of his wrist, the rule book in Walker's coat jacket pocket came hovering towards him, surrounded in a red aura. Walker tried to make a grab for his book only for the Fright Knight to bring his sword downward, nearly cutting the Warden's hand. Walker glared at the knight as the armored warrior glared back. Fenrir opened the book, flicking through it for a minute. Each second passed causing Walker to become immensely more annoyed. "'Ghosts spotted outside their realm for any longer than an hour without engaging in any social activity is punishable by imprisonment?'" He repeated before turning to Walker, "Really now? Loitering in such a vast empty space is punishable by jail time? And knowing you, this imprisonment sentence would have been permanent." He said as he tossed the book up into the air and fired a red beam from his hand that charred the book into ash much to Walker's horror.

"Y-YOU PUNK!" Walker shouted. "I refuse to work for some two-bit despot with no respect for the law!"

Fenrir rose to his feet as various shadowy tendrils formed around him as ice started to form around the windows of the council room, forcing even several of the ghosts to shudder from the sudden change as his red eyes flared in anger. "OUT OF EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM, WALKER, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS NO CHOICE! You WILL be the Sheriff of my Kingdom and the laws YOU WILL ENFORCE will be ones of my approval! Refuse me and not only will you lose your prison, but you will be the first prisoner when I find someone who will! Now sit back in your chair!" He bellowed.

Walker stared on in wonder and fear as he shakily sat back down. Fenrir's glare lingered for a moment as he sat back down, the cold finally escaping the room as the tendrils faded back into the darkness. "Excuse me," Desiree spoke up. Fenrir's attention turned to his immediate left to her. "I don't see why I am here."

"You will be my Vizier, you will aid me with the politics and intrigues of the court and when I am not present you will be in charge as my regent," Danny said, causing Desiree's mouth to drop in shock as the Fright Knight looked at the genie ghost in astonishment. "In short, when I am not here, you will be in charge in my place and the members of this council will answer to you." He clarified causing Technus and Walker to stare at Desiree in either bewilderment or envy.

Desiree stared in blank amazement before stuttering. "B-But I-I am not qualified for such a role!" She started.

Fenrir turned to her. "Desiree, I know of your past. You may have started off as just another woman in the Sultan's harem, but he saw something in you that earned you a Kingdom." He said. The Genie could only remain silent at his words; drifting off to the happiness she once felt when that kindly man first said those words. "You may think that it was just because he had some affection for you, but I think he saw something more. If he just wanted to please you in an attempt to earn you love, what was preventing him from just giving you jewelry? Or fine clothes? Or if titles then why not the title of being his second wife? To be a queen and the potential to have any children you sired with him be as legitimate as any of those he had with his first wife? No. I think he saw the potential within you, and that potential is what caused his wife to drive you away." Fenrir said. "That is the reason why I granted you that title, if you wish to keep it."

Desiree remained silent for a moment as she contemplated his offer. It may not be a kingdom entirely of her own, but for someone to put this much faith in her was too much to give up. Desiree nodded. "Very well, I accept."

"Good." Fenrir said. "Now, any questions?" He asked.

Technus raised his hand. "Yeah! I got two!"

A slight smirk could be seen past Fenrir's lowing face covering. "Go on.

"First, who's the empty seat for?" Technus asked as he pointed towards the only empty chair next to Desiree. "Second, how do you seem to know so much about us?"

"That seat is for Skulker." Fenrir answered. "His knowledge of the history and organizations of the Ghost Zone will be very useful in ruling over it. For now, he is doing a job for me. So that is why he isn't here with us now." He explained. "As for the second," he said as he took off his hood to reveal his white hair and the glowing green gem in the center of his forehead and lowered his face covering to show his light smile. "Well, we all met before. Remember?" It didn't take long for his old enemies to recognize him.

"CHILD!" Technus shouted in shock.

"YOU!?" Walker growled in anger.

Desiree merely stared at him, an uncovered eye looking over him quickly as if trying to pick up any traces of her former enemy in this new figure but finding it hard to remove her sight from his face.

Danny made an amused sigh. "Oh come now, did you truly think I wouldn't come back?" He asked. "After you heard that Pariah Dark was defeated, did you really think anyone else could have done it?"

The other members of the council looked at each other, waiting for the others to speak up. Save for the Fright Knight as he merely sat in his chair with his arms crossed. "It's just that you look so..." Desiree started.

"Different," Technus answered before getting a mad glint in his eye. "Wait a that eye and arm mechanical?!" He said as he almost shot up from his chair in excitement.

"They are and if you try anything I will chew on your soul," Danny warned him with a stern glare causing the tech-obsessed ghost to sit back down, disappointment clear on his face.

"What happened to you that made you like this?" Walker asked. "You were just some punk, now here you are trying to claim sovereignty in the Ghost Zone? This isn't what the old you would have done, ghost child." He went on glaring more harshly at him.

Danny glared back. "Let's just say that the last time I saw any of you, I had some rough years...the past recent ones being some of the worst." He said as he rose from his seat and walked over to the window. Staring out into the massive horde of ghosts still waiting around the tower and off into the void. "I lost everything I cared for because of one man's greed, only to think I finally found something to care for again. Only lose that thanks to people I thought cared for me. So…having to experience the hell of loss...TWICE and a hellish bout of suffering, I came to the conclusion that the world of the living needs to undergo some...radical changes. Yet I couldn't do that alone." He said as he turned to the others. "For now, we start here. Build our forces, conduct our studies, and plan our strategies. Then, we make our moves against the living world."

"You're planning to conquer the living world?" The Fright Knight asked.

"Yes, for the world to change for the better. They must remember that no matter where they are from, who they are, what they believe in, when or why or how they die. Their fate is interconnected to us." He said with a smile. "We are all brothers and sisters in death in the end."

In Gotham City

In a high-rise apartment located in Downtown Gotham, a young woman with her long orange hair kept in a strict ponytail sat in a wheelchair typing vigorously away at a keyboard. Her aqua eyes scanned over various monitors as information flew by, peering over anything that caught her eye. "Oracle," an older man's voice spoke through her headset, causing her to place a hand against the side of her headphone for a second. "Anything new on the flower I picked up at the asylum?"

"Nothing really useful." She said as she went back to typing. "Just that it's called a Blood Blossom, it's a rare flowering plant native to the North Eastern United States. Apparently, it also goes by 'Ghostbane' because old folk stories say that it would repel vengeful spirits. Similar to how Wolfsbane was supposed to be a cure for lycanthrope and poison for werewolves. Outside of that, nothing. Your scans back at the cave haven't really brought up anything interesting." She went on. "It could be that it only reacts in the presence of these so-called ghosts but that's just a theory. I'm sorry."

"You don't need to apologize." Batman said. "Have you got into contact with Nightwing or Batgirl yet?"

"Barbara is already waiting for you back at the cave. I haven't been able to reach Nightwing yet." Oracle responded. "Batman, Bruce...I am sorry about Tim. I never had a chance to say anything about it but he was a good kid."

"We will make sure we avenge him." Batman said. "When was the last time you slept?"


"Sleep. Now."

"But what if-."


"I understand." She said reluctantly. "Good night and be safe."

"You too." Batman said before going silent. Jasmine shut off her computer as she rolled away from her desk and over to her bed. With a little effort she managed to push herself out of her chair and into the bed. Being crippled from the waist down meant that the 'Oracle' for the bat family had to work out her arms a lot. As she laid her head on her pillow she slowly closed her eyes, trying to let the days of sleeplessness take her. Yet as soon as she closed her eyes a headache flashed through her mind as the image of a bright green explosion appeared causing her eyes to shoot up.

The accident took her memories...took her legs. She could only remember her first name, 'Jasmine'...'Jazz' for short. Nothing else. Though sometimes she could recall faces, a large man with a goofy smile. A woman with kind purple eyes. A teenage boy with black hair. Faces that must have meant something to her but now are just memories of a past she can't remember, due to the trauma of the event. It used to be a lot worse, when she first woke up in the hospital she had no recollection of herself and the doctor tried to explain that the explosion lodged a piece of metal into the lower part of her spine taking away any function below the waist and the trauma gave her amnesia.

The headaches were the worst part; when she tried to sleep she would get them. Maybe it was her own mind trying to help her remember something from that past. Eventually, Bruce Wayne, the big multi-billionaire, came into the hospital, apparently donating money to those affected by the explosion. Jasmine never fully knew what it was about her that made him take her in, help pay her university expenses, get her this apartment, and now let her help him and his crime-fighting as the 'Oracle.' It also helped that the others were so supportive and kind to her as well. With time the headaches eventually stopped.

Yet now, they were coming in full force. Jazz eyes closed and opened a few times as she tried to fall asleep. When they finally remained closed, when sleep once again started to come to her, the headache came again and forced her awake. This time, the image was of that ghost...that 'Onryo' that she saw on the security feed. The one that killed Tim. She turned her head over to her desk, the screens dark but still beckoning to her, to go back online and find the answers. She turned away while massaging her aching head. Why did that...thing came to her mind? Why did it seem so...different yet so...familiar?