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Chapter 100

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Kakashi stared.

He couldn't help it. In front of him sat Shiroheki in white haori and hakama with red detailing on his left shoulder. He had never seen those red flower octagons before but…

His son looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Mah. I'm sorry it's just… you look like my father… your grandfather. Red and white have always been Hatake clan colors and he preferred to relax in hakama and haori during his days off."

Shiroheki's eyebrow returned to his normal place and he absentmindedly nodded.

"Hatake Sakumo…" the eleven year old genius mused, "The White Fang. I read about him."

Kakashi felt his heart clench when he thought about his father, his proud father and the depression that cursed mission had plunged him into. And how proud he was today, no matter how the pain was still catching him off guard at the strangest moments.

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Shiroheki pouring them the jasmine tea Yuna had brought them.

"I read he was a powerful shinobi on level with the Sannin, and that he specialized in kenjutsu." Shiroheki said non-committal while he held out one of the cups.

Kakashi accepted the tea and pulled down his mask while he stared into the slowly darkening evening sky.

"That he was; Konoha no Shiroi Kiba. But he was not only that. He was a very proud and loyal person who put his comrades' lives before his own, especially one time which resulted in mission failure. The failure of the mission was used as an excuse to start the Third Great Shinobi War. My father couldn't bear the shame and he committed seppuku to salvage his honor."

Shiroheki nodded at that, his eyes on the horizon too.

"He would be proud to know that there is a kenjutsu user in the clan once more." The last part was said slightly choked; his father was still a sensitive topic for Kakashi.


Several days later, his Otou-san pressed a sword into his hands with a simple "Here, try this."

Shiroheki stared at the sword in his hands.


Beside him his father hummed in clear satisfaction, "You feel it, don't you? This was the white chakra saber of my father; his chakra is still pulsing inside it - as is my own."

Shiroheki turned the short sword slowly in his hands and then consciously sent a bit of his chakra through the sword. It lit up and something pushed against his senses, a warm feeling not unlike a welcome.

"This is part of the Hatake clan Kekkei Genkai." Kakashi explained, "For generations now the kenjutsu users in our family have helped during the forging of their swords. They provided their white chakra and once the sword was finished, only clan members could channel chakra through it. I helped with the repairs of this one, that's why my chakra is in it too."

Shiroheki just continued to stare at the blade in his hands; he had finally found a way to recreate some of the attacks he had possessed in his first life.

His eyes wandered up to his father's "Teach me how."

Kakashi's lazy dark eye held his for a moment before he chuckled warmly, "I have already set up an appointment for a sword forging in two weeks. Until then I will show you how to channel the white chakra as steadily as possible for the whole process."


There was something thrilling and utterly satisfying watching Shiroheki channel his chakra into the red gleaming steel rod the smith was hammering.

His eldest had taken to practicing and channeling white chakra with a zeal that Kakashi hadn't expected. It was clear that Shiroheki wanted this desperately - Kakashi wasn't sure why but he wasn't going to stop him. There was some relief in the knowledge that this clan art would be passed on and not die with him. He had never felt the need to continue his line but his decision was always coupled with a strange regret that his clan specific techniques - which generations of Hatake's before him had perfected - would cease to exist with his death. Well, now they would continue on for at least one more generation, Kakashi could definitely live with that.

"I think that's enough for now Shiroheki-dono." Takaba-san said with a somewhat pressed smile.

Sweat was running down his face and neck, preparing the metal for a Hatake sword was not an easy task. It took concentration, and more than just a few sessions, until enough chakra had pervaded the material to turn it into a metal that was able to conduct their special chakra.

Kakashi had to suppress a grin; the old man had taken one look at Shiroheki's bearing and had started to call him dono without any prompting. While he had been Hatake-kun until he had returned to the shop with the intent to repair his father's broken sword; only then he had become Kakashi-dono. Not that Kakashi had minded either way - Takaba Hiroshi was a proud man and a master of his craft. His family had settled alongside his own in Konoha, and had been making Hatake clan swords for generations before that, he was entitled the censure.

Since then, Kakashi had had two more short swords made by this smith and they had never disappointed him in a tight spot. Shiroheki, who was predominantly a kenjutsu user, would hopefully be just as satisfied.

It took three more sessions in the following days for Takaba-san to be satisfied with the raw material which he would create the sword with. Kakashi knew from experience that a forging of this kind of sword would take between a month and four – it all depended on the size, density of the chakra and how much the sword would be used. As Shiroheki explicitly stated that he preferred Kenjutsu in his fighting style, this sword was going to be one of the best.