Carlisle's Secret: The Lost Cullen

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Epilogue – Second Chances

Ottery St Catchpole, Devon – England - 2007

Edward grinned in amusement as his brothers flew past him, tackling each other to the ground in a blur of limbs. Laughter filled the air as Alice and Esme watched the mock fight from the sidelines. Even Rosalie had given up trying to hide her smile.

It was a beautiful day out; the sun was shinning, the sky was blue and the garden and forest were alive with bright coloured flowers and green leaves glowing in the light. It was hard to believe just twelve years ago to this day there had been so much pain and grief in his family.

Forks, Washington – America - 1995

Edward paced the tree line with his siblings, listening desperately for any sign that Carlisle and Harry were coming back. By now it seemed the whole town had gathered here to watch as the forest burned. The fire department had come rushing in and attempted to put out the flames with little success. There were talks of aerial water bombers being called in to sort out the problem.

Esme had disappeared further only the edge of the forest. Edward felt really bad for her. She was feeling absolutely frantic right now with her mate missing and had out right refused to wait with them. He wished he could make her feel better; give her some reassurance that everything was fine. Truth was though he had no idea what was happening or where his missing family members were.

He glanced to his left where Jasper was standing. His brother's eyes were pitch black right now and it was taking Alice's best efforts to keep him from bolting into the woods. Edward wasn't surprised though. Jasper hated feeling useless and he knew his brother had quite the bond with Harry. With their new little brother in great danger Edward was honestly quite impressed Jasper was keeping it together, even if just barely.

Chief Swan pulled up in his police cruiser right next to the fire trucks. Edward watched as the officer scrambled out of his car and began firing off questions at the fire chief. Edward sighed as he picked up on their thoughts. They had no idea how to tackle this. He wasn't surprised though. There was something very off about this bushfire. It defied all the laws of physics in the way it behaved. Edward and the rest of his family were all thinking the exact same thing. This had to have something to do with the wizards. Chief Swan stepped closer to the forest, using a pair of binoculars to observe how far away the fire was while the fire-fighters went back to planning a new way to combat the flames.

This is getting us nowhere!

Edward forced himself not to jump as Jasper's frustrated thoughts slammed into his head like a sledgehammer. Edward glared at the blonde, knowing the former soldier had done that on purpose. "I know," he muttered too quite for humans to hear, "but what can we do? We have no idea which way Carlisle went and even you would have no hope of tracking them in there. All we can do is wait and…"

Wait! Jasper shot back at him.

Edward frowned. "What?"

Do you hear that?

Edward turned around and faced the forest, searching the area Jasper was looking at for any signs of movement. Sure enough, he quickly picked up the same thing as Jasper. Someone was running through the forest, fast, and headed straight for them. Edward felt a thrill of excitement as he ran to the edge of the trees with Jasper. It had to be Carlisle! No one but a vampire could move that quickly!

The person was getting closer and closer. Now Alice, Rosalie and Emmett had also heard the thundering steps and had joined them by the trees. The person was nearly here and Edward was sure they would be able to catch the scent any second now.

Suddenly, who ever it was veered to their right, racing along the edge of the forest just out of sight.

"What are th…" Emmett didn't even get to finish his sentence before Jasper sprinted into the woods. Edward swore as he looked around, making sure no one had seen the obvious display of superhuman speed before taking off after the soldier.

Now that he was flying through the trees after the person it became obvious right away that it was not Carlisle they had heard. Jasper was fast but he was quicker and it only took him four seconds till he was running shoulder to shoulder with the blonde and six seconds until he overtook him. Edward could easily see the person up ahead now and leant forward, pushing himself to his absolute limits. He recognised the cloak they were wearing right away and if the Volturi were here it could only mean trouble.

The dark-haired vampire ahead of him, quick as a flash, turned left in a bid to shake them off his trail. Edward may have been faster but Jasper had a lot more experience in a chase then he did. His brother took off after the Volturi Guard member without a hint of hesitation or surprise and before Edward could blink he had the vampire on the floor with an arm around his throat and the other pinning one of the guy's arms behind his back.

Edward skidded to a halt beside them and scanned the strangers face. There was no doubt he was a member of the Volturi but as to his identity? Edward honestly couldn't remember having ever seen him before. He had dark-brown wavy hair and a very handsome face. His scarlet eyes, typical of a human blood-drinking vampire, were glaring furiously into his.

Jasper twisted the guy's arm harder behind his back, drawing a pained hiss from between his teeth. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Jasper demanded, wasting no time with pleasantries.

"Why should I tell you?" the Guard member snarled before grimacing as Jasper tightened his other arm around the man's throat.

"Want me to give you a reason?" The former solider growled. Edward was impressed. He hadn't seen Jasper's military side very often but it was always quite amazing to see how intimidating his brother could be when he needed to be.

The stranger flinched slightly, seeming to way up the pros and cons of talking. Finally he relented. "My name is Stefano. I am a member of the Volturi Guard; one of Lord Aro's most trusted soldiers." He added smugly, as if that declaration alone would save him.

Jasper narrowed his eyes and shoved Stefano into the ground, hard enough to break a fair few bones had he been human. "That answers one question. Now, why are you here? Have you seen anyone else in the forest? A blonde-haired vampire or a black-haired human teen?"

Stefano smirked. "I don't answer to you, Cullen."

Jasper gave no warning but a slight twitch of the eye before tugging Stefano's arm, hard. Edward winced in only slight sympathy as the limb tore free. Jasper chucked it to the side, ignoring the vampire's screams. "Really? Cause I think you do. It's 'Hale' by the way. Now, answer me or I remove another limb. Refuse again and your head will be clean off your shoulders. Got it?"

Stefano glowered but nodded his head as much as he could whilst Jasper still had a hold on his neck. "Fine. If you really want to know, I was here on business with a… mutual friend of ours." Stefano replied with a wolfish grin. "You know; old, long white beard, power hungry, a little unhinged. Ring any bells?"

Edward growled. "Dumbledore."

Stefano smiled tauntingly. "Yeah, that's the one."

Jasper and Edward exchanged a worried glance. This couldn't be a coincidence. Harry's 'friends' turning up, Dumbledore being here and now this guy?

"What did you do? Where are our family members? Where are Carlisle and Harry?" Jasper snapped, done with any secrecy. This guy obviously knew what was going on.

Stefano's chuckle rumbled in his chest followed by a broad, delighted grin. "It won't matter if I tell you. You're too late. I must say though, I'm glad you mentioned Dr. Cullen. I hadn't been sure if he had fallen for the bait as well. I'm glad to see he has."

Edward felt no sympathy this time as Jasper snatched the Volturi Guard's other arm and ripped it off. Stefano howled in suffering before releasing a low, steady growl of rage.

"Talk!" Jasper bellowed, finally fed up. They needed to know what this bastard had done, needed to know if Harry was still alive, before they could act. The longer they stood here waiting for answers, the less chance their brother had.

Stefano sniggered, clearly enjoying their distress. "Alright, alright. You're wasting your time but if you must know." He sighed overly dramatically, pausing to 'gather his thoughts' before continuing when the two Cullen's growled. "Dumbledore wanted Carlisle Cullen out of the way and another….associate of the Volturi wanted Harry Potter gone. What mattered to me though is what Aro wants."

"And what is that?" Edward queried.

Stefano looked him straight in the eye. "He wants Carlisle Cullen to suffer and I made sure he would." He didn't wait for Jasper and Edward to reply as he continued. "I kept Harry busy while Dumbledore set that magical fire. We knew Carlisle would come looking for his son and would run straight into the flames to find him. Of course, Dumbledore wanted me to take Harry to safety once we knew Carlisle was out there but that could have been counterproductive. No, if Carlisle got out it would have all been for nothing. If Harry didn't make it though…well, he would certainly suffer then, wouldn't he? Aro would name me a leader for that for sure. I'm done with the minion work. I deserve just as much respect as Aro, Caius and Marcus do!"

Jasper closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he felt the surge of rage from Edward clash with his own fury. This….monster was the reason Harry and Carlisle could be hurt or worse right now! He had to pay.

Edward sprung to his feet and bolted into the trees after nodding to Jasper. No words needed to be said for them to understand. He dashed back towards the others, grinning at the sound of Stefano's dying screams behind him. He got what he deserved. He should be grateful we didn't get Esme involved he mused as he spotted the others. Enough waiting, it was time to find their missing family.

Ottery St Catchpole, Devon – England - 2007

"Alright guys, break it up! We're going to be late if you don't hurry. Go! Go get dressed!" Esme called amusedly.

She smiled as the boys got to their feet, grumbling half-heartedly, as they trudged into the house after Edward and the girls to get cleaned up. She couldn't wait for this evening. It would be the last celebration they would have here before they had to leave again. She was really going to miss this house. It was one of her best. Very similar to their old place in Forks but bigger. It backed onto the forest, had a large pool off the back deck and had a magnificent flower garden. It was truly a shame to leave it but a few friends of theirs would hopefully be taking the house so it wasn't like they could never visit.

Esme glanced back over her shoulder as two sets of footsteps thumped down the wooden stairs. She shook her head in fond exasperation as Fred and George paused at the bottom of the stairs, shirts untucked and ties undone, arguing about who owned the brown dress shoes and who owned the black. It had been a shock to say the least when she learnt that two new additions would be joining them all those years ago but the twins had fit in straight away and now she couldn't imagine the family would ever be the same without their antics.

Forks, Washington – America - 1995

"Dad? D-Dad?"


Cold… cold.

"Wake up!"

Shaking? Was someone shaking him?


Now there was light, swirls of colour swooping and swirling through the dark. Someone was definitely shaking him now. He frowned, or at least he thought he did. Why were they shaking him? He just wanted to rest. He was tired. So, so tired….

"This is a-all m-my f-f-fault!"

That voice….they sounded so upset…and familiar. He felt the cold become icy. He didn't want that person to be sad.

He could hear crying now. That shaking sensation was back but…different this time? Yes, they weren't shaking him. It was someone shaking…against him? Were they cold too…? The crying got louder.

"…I j-judged you b-before I e-even got to k-know y-you a-and I w-w-was w-wrong!"

Who was this person? What were they wrong about? The lights were getting bigger now and more intense. The cold….it was starting to go now. He felt….strange. He wasn't warm but he wasn't cool either. There was something under his arm too. It felt…soft. What was it?

"You….you are a great dad and I…"

He definitely knew that voice. It was… was someone important to him. They needed him. He knew that. He needed to do…something? But what….?

The colours had become a solid mass now. The darkness was nowhere in sight. He was sure now it was grass he could feel under his shoulder. He didn't feel tired anymore either. He just felt peaceful. He could stay like this forever but….that voice….

"….I love you."

I love you too, son. He shuffled in confusion. Why did he think that? It felt right though. Instinct. There was no question to it.

He couldn't explain the next sensation. It felt like something had moved away from him. There hadn't been anything touching him in the first place but it was like a presence. It was comforting, familiar, warm. And now it had gone.

The darkness was creeping closer again. The cold. The exhaustion. No! I need to get out of here! I need to get back to…back to…..



Carlisle Cullen's topaz eyes snapped open just in time to see two flashes of green light up the clearing.

Ottery St Catchpole, Devon – England - 2007

Jasper grinned as he made his way down the path towards The Burrow. Fred and George bolted ahead, eager to reach their childhood home. Uncle Arthur, as he insisted they all call him, was setting up tables in the backyard for the celebration alongside Charlie, who was busy chasing off the stray gnome. Percy and his wife, Audrey, were bringing out silverware and dishes for the few human members of the party. Sirius, Remus and his wife Tonks had gone to The Burrow early to help and the latter two were just levitating some fairy lights around the garden, nestling them into the bushes and trees. Their ten-year-old son, Teddy, was busy carrying out the first course of the meal with Percy and Audrey's eight-year-old daughter, Laura and 6-year-old daughter, Lucy. Sirius was trotting round the corner as Padfoot; dragging a box behind him filled with what, Jasper had no idea.

Esme beamed as she reached the lop-sided house, placing her black forest cake on the table and greeting Tonks with a hug. Fred and George had already vaulted over the fence and were busy talking to Charlie about the latest additions to the Romanian Dragon Preserve. Laura and Lucy had squealed in delight the moment they saw Alice and Rosalie, racing over to the two vampires and demanding they come see the newest dresses they had gotten for the party later. Emmett was heading towards Teddy with a mischievous grin set firmly in place. Jasper had no doubt they were going to plan some prank for later.

Edward and Jasper exchanged amused looks as they headed for Arthur to help him with the last minute preparations. There wasn't much to do but it would be rude not to offer.

Tonight was going to be a great night. Things had to be perfect.

Forks, Washington – America - 1995

Carlisle blinked in shock as he leapt back to his feet. He couldn't believe what had just happened. He remembered the twins had been bitten, Harry had attempted to kill Aro, he had stopped him, they had been heading for the bushes when….

Ah, yes. The crazed snake-like wizard had sent a spell at Harry. He had jumped in front of his son, been struck with the spell and then…passed out?

No, I couldn't have…could I? Vampires don't sleep. We don't ever loose consciousness. So how….?




"Avada Kedavra!"

Carlisle whipped around as the sounds of spell fire got louder, deciding to ignore the fact it seemed his hearing had been temporarily gone, and was sure had his heart been beating it would have skipped a beat at the sight before him.

A large dome of what looked like gold-tinted liquid had cut off Harry and Voldemort from the rest of the people in the field. An extremely quick look around had him confirming that all the vampires that had survived the fight were long gone. Sirius and Remus were busy fighting with the remaining Death Eaters. Two of them, a man with long platinum blonde hair and a woman with orange hair, had already been caught. The Weasley twins were nowhere insight and Carlisle assumed they were still hidden away in the bushes. By the lack of screaming it would appear they had thankfully passed out.

Carlisle prepared himself to run to Harry who was immersed in a battle with, from what Carlisle had heard, was the darkest wizard of all time. However, a scream to his right drew his attention to Remus who was withering on the ground as a woman with long, black hair and a high-pitched cackling laugh held him under an obviously painful spell. Carlisle only hesitated for a millisecond before he practically flew across the field to the werewolf's aid.

Carlisle lunged forward, grabbing the witch before she could so much as blink, and threw her to the ground, snapping her neck in the process. He didn't like killing but had no problems doing so if he had to. In order to protect the one's he loved.

Remus gasped as the curse ended with the death of its caster. Carlisle crouched next to the man and gently grabbed his shoulder. "Are you okay?" he asked gently.

"B-Been better." The werewolf panted before doing a double take. Carlisle would have found his expression hilarious any other time. "Y-You're alive?"

Carlisle pulled the man up and sat him against a tree. "Well, not really. Back to the usual? Yeah." He replied cheekily.

Remus gave him a thankful smile before glancing around the clearing. Sirius had caught another Death Eater and was busy facing of against the last one.

"Alarte Ascendare!"

"Everte Statum!"

"Avada Kedavra!"

Carlisle glanced back over his shoulder and watched as Harry narrowly dodged the same bright green light that had hit him before. His son was looking awful; hair a bigger mess than ever before, sweat covering him from head to toe, limping heavily on one leg.

Carlisle got to his feet and was about to head over there when Remus grabbed his hand. "Don't." he whispered, voice solemn.

Carlisle glared at him in shock. "What? What do you mean 'don't'?"

Remus sighed. "I don't like it any more then you do but it has to be Harry."

"But…." Carlisle began.

Remus cut him off. "You trust him, don't you?"

"Yes, of course I do!" Carlisle replied defensively.

"Then trust him to do this." Remus implored simply.

Carlisle sighed as he watched Harry dodge another spell. He didn't like it one bit but at the same time, there was a strong, determined gleam in Harry's emerald eyes he had never seen before and deep down he knew, he just knew, Harry could do this.

Ottery St Catchpole, Devon – England - 2007

The half moon had risen and the fairy lights cast a cheerful glow around the garden. The kids were running around, playing a game of tag with Emmett, Sirius, Alice, Fred and George. The others had all congregated around the dinner table, sharing stories and generally having a good time while they waited for the guests of honour to arrive.

Tonks had just called the kids back when Jasper saw her. Angelina Weasley nee Johnson came flying down the path, her golden topaz eyes glittering in elation as she set her eyes on Fred. Fred grinned as his mate ran into his arms and pecked him on the cheek. George made a mock gagging motion as she turned to the others.

"They're coming!"

Jasper smirked. "Places everyone!"

Forks, Washington – America - 1995

Harry winced as he staggered to the side, just barely missing a slicing charm to the knee. This was getting out of hand. He needed to end it, now.

"You cannot win, Harry Potter. Give up, join me and I will spare you." Voldemort offered in a sinister whisper.

"Never!" Harry croaked back. "Stupefy!"

Voldemort side-stepped the jinx and sent back a killing curse that Harry dodged. As he leapt to the side however his ankle rolled.

"Fuck!" Harry cursed as he hit the dirt. He swiftly scrambled on the ground, attempting to get his feet back under him with no success.

Voldemort chuckled as he approached the downed teen. "You're a fool Harry Potter. Or is it Harrison Cullen?"

Harry raised his wand and cried "Expelli…."

Voldemort flicked his wand and the one in Harry's hands flew through the air, landing outside the dome.

Harry watched as his last chance flew out of his reach, feeling an odd sense of numbness wash over him.

"You could not possibly have thought that a mere child could ever defeat me? Now, do you have any last words?"

Harry raised his chin defiantly, opening his mouth to tell the man to 'go to hell' when something landed at his feet. Looking down, he was surprised to see his own wand there amongst the grass. He looked over his shoulder and cried out in disbelief. "Dad!"

Carlisle beamed at him from the opposite side of the shield, Sirius and Remus at his side. "You can do it son. I know you can." He said, voice full of warmth and trust. Sirius and Remus both nodded to Harry, knowing no further words were needed.

Harry flashed them a quick smile before snatching the wand and slowly pulling himself up. "If you're going to kill me Voldemort, it'll be when I'm on my feet. Just like my parents." He exclaimed, glancing out the corner of his eye at Carlisle to gauge his reaction. The vampire merely smiled, knowing what Harry meant.

Voldemort sneered. "Very well. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Harry met the dark lord's eyes and returned the spell. "AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The two spells smashed in the middle in a brilliant burst of light so bright even Carlisle had to squint. Harry and Voldemort's spells pushed against each other, trying to shove the other back towards its caster. Harry could feel his legs quaking and lungs shrieking as he struggled to hold the spell. He closed his eyes and thought back to just a few hours earlier. He had been so sure back then he was going to die. The amount of anguish he had felt then, not just for himself but for every one else had been terrible. He also remembered just a half hour earlier, when he had woken up, how he had told himself he was going to talk to his father. He still hadn't apologised and then he nearly lost him for good.

He wouldn't make that mistake again. He wasn't going to die here today. Not like this. Not without making amends.

Focusing on his loved ones, he pushed all his magic into that curse and watched as his spell slowly but surely shoved Voldemort's back. As his spell got closer, Voldemort's wand began to crack. Finally, with one last look of disbelief and terror, the curse struck Tom Riddle in the chest.

The whole forest seemed to fall silent as the older wizard stagged back before dissolving into ash. The dome surrounding him and Harry dissipated and before Harry could even catch his breath he was being tugged into a hug by not just Carlisle but Sirius and Remus as well.

The four were vaguely aware of the arrival of the rest of the Cullen's, who found Fred and George and saw to it that the Death Eaters were taken care of. However, they ignored it as the reviled in the victory that took place there that day. Not just a victory for wizard kind but a victory of a much more personal nature.

A victory born from forgiveness and the power of love.

Ottery St Catchpole, Devon – England - 2007

Harry and Carlisle raced through the English countryside, energized from their hunt and the thrill of competition.

"Come on, old timer. Can't you beat me in one little race? You even got a head start!" Harry taunted playfully as he pulled out ahead, his now golden eyes glittering in mischief.

Carlisle snarled back in mock outrage. "Old-timer? You just wait till I get my hands on you, you cheeky bugger!"

Harry laughed as the cool night air whipped through his hair. The two vampires crested the ridge leading towards The Burrow. Carlisle smiled as he pulled back slightly, content to let Harry have this one.

As they reached the front-yard, Harry arriving first with a noticeable lead, the younger vampire couldn't help but notice that it was unusually quite.

"Hey," Harry called softly as his father pulled up beside him, "where is everyone?"

Carlisle was about to answer when another pair of footsteps approached them. Turning around Harry beamed as Ginny and George's mate, Katie Weasley nee Bell, met them at the front door.

Ginny grinned as she ran to Harry and leapt into his arms. "Hey you." She whispered fondly.

Harry smiled lovingly back and pecked her cheek. "Hey."

Ginny stepped back, taking Harry's hand; the two unaware of the smug looked passed between Carlisle and Katie.

Ginny turned to Harry with a questioning look in her topaz eyes. "Do you have any idea why everyone has been acting so weird today? Katie practically dragged me out of the house this morning, demanding I go shopping with her for a birthday present for George."

Harry shook his head. "No idea, Dad asked me to go on a hunt with him this morning and took me all the way out to the base of the mountains before he said we could stop to catch something."

Ginny was about to reply when suddenly the lights flared to life and a huge group of people leapt out from all around screaming "SURPRISE!"

Harry and Ginny both shouted in alarm, coaxing a wave of laughter to escape the group.

Harry was the first to recover and stuttered out. "W-What's all this?" as he noticed the path round to the backyard glowing from the fairy lights and all their friends and family, including Neville and Luna, dressed in their fanciest clothes.

Alice skipped forward, wearing a beautiful strapless red dress. "What does it look like? Its an engagement party for you two!"

Harry and Ginny both stared at the group of their closest friends and family in bewilderment before catching sight of Charlie and Jasper. "You two told everyone?" they accused together.

Jasper and Charlie grinned, looking much like a pair of Cheshire cats. "Yep!" Charlie announced unashamedly.

Jasper crossed his arms smugly and pointed out. "Even if we hadn't Alice would have seen it eventually."

Harry and Ginny tried to keep up annoyed looks but cracked and gave everyone dazzling smiles. "Thanks everyone!" Ginny relented.

Harry nodded. "This is wonderful, really."

Fred and George both snagged one of Harry's arms and began to drag him round to the backyard, much like they had once done back in his third year. "Come on mate!"

"You two haven't even seen the best part!"

Everyone chuckled at the sounds of Harry's spluttered protests at being hauled away by the twins and followed the trio around to the party.

Harry smiled wistfully as he sat atop a hill overlooking The Burrow. The party below was still in full swing despite it being well past midnight. The little ones had been ushered away to bed by Esme, Rosalie and Audrey and Emmett and George were keeping the party going by starting an arm-wrestling competition amongst the vampires.

The party had truly been amazing. Everyone got up and spoke about him and Ginny, some people like the twins, Emmett and Sirius sharing some rather embarrassing stories about them in the process. Then there had been a good two hours of dancing, with Edward playing the piano for most of the songs, followed by games and chatting while the humans in the family enjoyed the food that had been prepared. The whole night had been filled with fond memories, hilarious jokes and the overall serenity and joy that could only be found with family.

He didn't fail to notice though the people who weren't there. Molly, who Arthur had divorced shortly after the defeat of Voldemort. Bill, who even though Harry had forgiven many years back still felt too ashamed and awkward around his family. Ron and Hermione who had gotten married two years ago in private. They never spoke to the rest of the Weasley's anymore, only to Ron's mother, and wanted nothing to do with them.

Harry had felt guilty for a while, feeling it was his fault the family was broken. Now though, as he watched Alice cheering after beating George out of the competition along to the rambunctious shouts and applause of everyone watching, he realised the family was not broken. It was just different now; bigger, stronger, closer.

It had taken a long time for things to get back to normal after everything that happened. There had been a lot of uncertainty after Fred and George had been turned. They all had to move away from Forks, as per the tribe's orders, for a whole year while the twin's adjusted. Harry, Sirius and Remus had spent a lot of time at The Burrow with the rest of the Weasley's during that year, as it was too dangerous to be around newborn vampires. Arthur, Ginny and Charlie didn't blame any of them for the accident though, saying it was no one's fault but the Volturi. Fred and George had ended up both receiving the same gift; the power of invisibility. Although they were initially devastated to have lost their magic they grew to accept it and used their gift all the time; much to the chagrin of the human members of their family.

In 1997, Remus and Tonks had gotten married and had baby Teddy in the same year. They had initially been living with Fred, George, Sirius, Harry and the Cullen's but got their own place, a wedding present from Carlisle and Esme, not too far from The Burrow. Sirius moved in shortly after. They had ended up naming Harry Teddy's godfather and Rosalie his godmother, much to the eternal gratitude of the blonde. Also in that year, Percy had apologised to his father for his attitude, introducing his fiancé Audrey to everyone and re-joining the family.

Two years later Harry had accepted the bite, believing the time was right. The transformation had been horrendous, at least ten times more painful then the cruciatus curse. It had been worth it in the end though. It turned out he got his father's strength of will and even though it had been very difficult, he never once drank from a human and was able to see Sirius, Remus and the Weasley's for short visits just three months after his turning. Harry suspected his own gift had allowed him the chance to escape the bloodlust though and that was what helped him too in the end.

Harry learnt Ginny was his mate very quickly and after a further two years of dating she had asked Carlisle to be turned with her father's blessing. Fred and George also found their mates and they too became vampires in the end. Sirius had been offered the bite on multiple occasions but refused; not wanting to leave Moony behind and pointing out that 'an old dog' like him was better of remaining the way he was.

The family slowly grew over the years with the Cullen coven now consisting of Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Harry, Ginny, Fred, Angelina, George and Katie. They ended up moving to a new house built by Esme just down the road from The Burrow.

It had been a wonderful few years but now it was getting close to the time when they would need to move on again. Harry was going to really miss being this close to everyone but knew it was for the best. Besides, Esme was going to offer the house to Arthur, the Lupin's, Sirius and Charlie. It was a huge house and she hoped they would all like to live there together.

Harry broke out of his musings as the wind shifted and he sensed Carlisle approaching up the hill. He glanced over his shoulder as his father sat next to him; the lightning-bolt shaped scar, a perfect match of Harry's, he had gained from Voldemort's killing curse standing out on his forehead in the light of the moon.

"What are you doing up here?" Carlisle asked, not accusingly, merely curious.

Harry smiled as he replied. "The party's great. I just needed a bit of fresh air is all."

Carlisle nodded understandingly. They sat together for awhile, just enjoying each others company, as they watched Sirius drag poor Arthur into a human's only round of arm-wrestling.

"Do you ever miss it?" Carlisle asked.

Harry frowned. "Miss what?"

Carlisle looked at him out the corner of his eye. "Your magic."

Harry sighed before looking up at the sky. "Sometimes but it was a small sacrifice to make in the end." He paused before turning to stare straight at Carlisle. "I never did thank you, you know." Harry finally spoke, breaking the peaceful night-time quite.

Carlisle stared at him curiously, waiting for him to elaborate.

"For never giving up on me. This, all of this," he continued, gesturing down to the party, "I never would have had any of it if it wasn't for you. So, thank you."

Carlisle just shook his head. "Harry, you're my son. Of course I was never going to give up on you. I love you, you know that right?"

Harry grinned, nodding. "Yeah, I love you too Dad."

They sat together for a little while longer before Carlisle told him he was heading back to the party.

Harry waved him off, telling him he would be there soon.

As Carlisle walked away Harry looked towards the moon, thinking about just how lucky he was. Standing up, he shifted into his wolf animagus form, his own vampire gift, and raised his head to the moon in a long, joyful howl.

He was home at last.

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