Chapter 1

Monday morning – 8:45 am: the bane of any students existence, the oh so relaxing weekend has come to a close and what lies ahead is five days of pure boredom, written words that hold no meaning and challenging arithmetic which has no purpose outside the confines of the classrooms four walls. The sound of footsteps scraping across the hallways, lockers being unlocked and closed, students conversing with one another, and gossiping in hushed whispers. Without a doubt this meaningless cycle would be pointless without the final exams which would determine the future of all its participants.

'Yep, that's school in a nutshell' a raven haired girl thought to herself.

Said girl eyed all her students critically watching how they interacted with one another, whether it is with open arms in true mateship, or what seemed to be harboured resentment, and listening to the drivel that more popular groups would talk about to pass the time. All the while she made mental notes about what she was able to witness and overhear, as was the true behaviour of an aspiring senior detective. Without this hobby of hers, the girl would likely go insane from boredom and she doubted even her two friends would be capable of keeping her grounded.

As if on cue, or perhaps just an extremely coincidental moment of chance, the aforementioned 'friends' decided to make themselves known, approaching their raven haired comrade as she completed the menial task of retrieving the required text books for the next two hours.

"Videl!" the blonde girl called out to her.

The voice was recognisable to Videl from kilometres away, the high pitched squeak and bubbly tone was always present when the blonde was in a state of happiness. Turning to the girl in question, Videl gave her a smile and nod in recognition.

"Hey Erasa, how was your weekend?" Videl asked while giving her friend a once over. Sure enough the girl was wearing her usual style. A lot of skin and very little covering, almost too much for Videl's liking. Erasa was dressed in a green tube top with vertical black lines that left very little to imagination. Coupled with the shirt was a pair of stylish three quarter jeans.

"You don't want to hear about it" Erasa responded.

Videl just breathed a sigh of relief, she knew full well that Erasa had a date with some guy from the schools track team, and when things like that happened she had a tendency to give every little detail about her date, taking up nearly a full hour to finish her stories.

Before Videl was able to respond, she felt a long muscular arm snake over the length of her shoulders, instantly her demeanour changed to one of frustration, knowing full well who the culprit was.

"Hey ba-" the person said only to be cut off by a sharp elbow being driven into their midsection. After removing the arm from Videl, the victim allowed an audible gasp escape their lips from the pain they were being subjected to.

"Don't ever try that again! Got it Sharpener?" Videl roared at the blond jock who was now trying to ease his pain.

"Point taken" he managed to gasp out. Although he had said it, both he and Videl knew it was a hollow acceptance to the girls warning.

"Whatever" Videl sighed in frustration at her so called 'friends' attempt of seduction. "Let's just get to class"

9:00 am – Homeroom: The resounding noise of the school bell signalled the official start of the school week. Many students groaned and held their hands to their ears as the infernal noise reminded them of their surroundings for the next five days.

After the ear piercing noise ceased the teacher of these pupils entered the room holding a large pile of books and papers under one arm, and what looked to be a bucket of shredded paper in the other. This odd object seemed to capture the attention of a few students; unsurprisingly the one who seemed most intrigued was Videl Satan. There were a few whispers exchanged through the classroom as to what the contents of the bucket were.

"Good morning class" greeted the teacher, his voice clearly fatigued due to decades of teaching. The teacher was older man in his mid-fifties clearly indicated by the grey hairs that littered his head; he had a moustache above his upper lip and the thickest set of glasses that were on the market. There were a few broken mumbles from the students acknowledging their teachers presence. Placing the contents of his hands on his desk, the teacher turned back to his pupils.

"Now before we begin today's lesson, I have some very exciting news for you all"

That definitely got the attention of the whole student body. Anything that added a twist to the dull life of school was most welcome to all students in an effort to liven up their lives.

"I have just been in contact with the principal and he has provided me with some interesting news. It would seem that you have been chosen to participate in a new program the school will be conducting"

The teacher then paused gauging his student's reactions and was pleased to see them almost bending all the way over their desks in anticipation.

"You have been asked to participate in this year's apprentice program"

Now there was a loud outbreak in chatter, mainly consisting of the students asking one another what this 'apprentice program' was all about.

"Please settle" The teacher pleaded.

Once his class had settled, the teacher proceeded with his explanation.

"As I was saying, this apprentice program is unlike anything we have ever done at Orange Star High. What it entails is that you will be split into groups of three or four and sent to work as apprentices for some of the country's biggest companies and headquarters for four weeks"

That definitely threw the teenagers for a loop; the idea of working wasn't really the ideal solution for curing boredom. However the opportunity to witness the inner workings of some big businesses and be a part of its function was certainly a daunting but also exciting change of pace.

"What exactly will we be doing sir?" asked the always inquisitive Videl.

"Well Miss Satan, that is dependent on whatever location you are assigned to, you may be working behind a desk as a telemarketer or doing practical work at the Satan Zoo"

Resting back into her seat, Videl began to wonder what kind of potential job she could be involved in for the next month. As it seemed did many others, some seeming to have to imaginations going a little bit far. One student seemed to think he would be sent on a trip to space, while another girl was convinced she would be a model for one of the world's top modelling agencies.

"Right, before we go any further I ask you all to split yourselves into groups. You are only allowed a maximum of four people and a minimum of three so we can fill all the positions. I'll give you a moment to do so"

After the teacher was finished explaining, students began looking all over for their closest friends in order to be paired up. Videl merely had to give Erasa and Sharpener a quick glance and could already see them nodding their heads in agreement; they already had their group together. Although it did take longer than was necessary, the students were finally paired up in the right numbers, with a few adjustments being made by the teacher.

"Ok, now that everyone is in a group it's time to find out where you pupils will be working" the teacher announced as he grabbed the mysterious bucket from his desk.

"In order to keep it fair, I will call each groups name and will draw a piece of paper from this bucket; on that paper it will say the destination and the position of the person who will be your mentor. Everyone understand?"

After getting a collective sea of nods from his students the teacher began calling names from his roll and pull paper from the bucket.

"Ray, Jason, Sera. You will be managed by…" The teacher said as he dug around the bucket before coming out with a single piece of paper "The Senior marine biologist at Satan City Aquarium" There was then a synchronised shout of "Yes!" that came all the three of the group, obviously pleased with the result.

"Rumour, Paige, Ping and Pong… Sport's director at Satan City Sport Stadium" both Ping and Pong gave a shout of approval and pumped their fists in the air at the prospect of being involved in the preparation of this week's Baseball game, while Rumour didn't seem to mind either way, and Paige groaned in displeasure.

The next few minutes seemed to continue in a similar manner, with both roars of excitement and noises of disgust. Banks, Car dealerships, National Parks and Shopping Centres were all called out, with the trio of Erasa, Sharpener and Videl all awaiting their names to be called, and then the moment finally came.

"Sharpener, Erasa and Videl…" The teacher paused. Videl could feel her heart practically jumping out her chest as the teacher seemed to take his sweet old time in reaching into the bucket. After unfolding the piece of paper the teacher raised both eyebrows and looked to the three in the back row with a big grin plastered on his face.

"My, aren't you three lucky? Executive director of science and inventing at… Capsule Corporation"

The jaws of all three students seemed to drop in disbelief. Had they really just been given the opportunity to meet the one and only Bulma Briefs and work alongside her for a whole month? It was almost like a dream, no scratch that, not even in their wildest dreams would that even believe this would happen.

While Videl did a fairly decent job of containing her excitement in an effort to uphold her 'tough girl' persona, she did have difficulty when both Sharpener and Erasa seemed to leap ten feet in the air pumping their fists in the air and exchanging high fives with one another. All the while most of the class looked on in a mix of amusement and jealousy.

Once Videl had managed to knock some sense into her friends (Mainly by punching Sharpener in the head while he tried to hug Videl) the teacher finished up the job of announcing names and positions and handed each student details retaining to their timetable and location.

"That's everybody. Now the Apprentice Program is effective from tomorrow morning. You will no longer report to school, for the next four weeks you will be expected to arrive at your designated location at whatever time your sheet says. Now I warn you all, this is strictly educational, we will not tolerate anyone acting out of line. If we receive a single call concerning your behaviour you will be forced to complete theory work I set for you to do here. I am clear?" All students nodded their head, seeming to take this very seriously and dreading the idea of being forced back to school alone for an entire month.

"Good, now back to work"

1:30 pm – Lunch time: Videl, Sharpener and Erasa all made their way to a lone table under a single tree with their spirits as high as ever.

"I still can't believe we get to work with Bulma Briefs" Erasa exclaimed feeling giddy with anticipation. Sharpener nodded his head and couldn't prevent a large smile making its way to his face. Videl however seemed slightly in doubt.

"I don't know Erasa, I mean didn't Mr Rowe say we were working with the executive director or something. Isn't Bulma Brief the CEO?" she questioned.

"Yeah, but Mrs. Brief is the one who invents everything right? So maybe she's both in charge of the science area and company"

Videl seemed to understand Erasa's point of view and found it difficult to fault her logic. "I guess you're right, I mean I don't think I've ever heard of Capsule Corp. ever having an executive director, so it must be Bulma Briefs"

Tuesday – 9:06 am: Erasa and Videl stood gazing at the behemoth of a building feeling slightly intimidated at the task that lay before them. This would be there second home for the next month and had to make sure they didn't make complete fools of themselves while they were there. It didn't help the fact that Sharpener was already 6 minutes late, certainly not a good first impression on the most influential woman in the world.

"Hey!" yelled Sharpener as he approached the two girls, he was dressed from head to toe in a khaki blazer and pants with a black tie and white undershirt, along with some black dress shoes.

"Where the heck have you been" both girls yelled in unison. Taken aback by the venomous tone the two employed, Sharpener grew more and more afraid under the intense glare of Videl and powerful stance of Erasa. If there was anything Sharpener knew about women (Which wasn't much, despite being a self-proclaimed 'ladies' man') it was to never, under any circumstances get a girl mad, it could only end in disaster.

"I was getting my suit ready for the big moment. And then I went to the flower stall in the city, but they didn't open till nine thirty" Sharpener said defensively.

"What on earth did you go to the flower stall, and why are you dressed in that idiotic suit?" Videl demanded, taking an intimidating pace towards Sharpener making him back up.

"I wanted to impress Bulma Briefs. She is one of the sexiest women alive after all" Both Videl and Erasa couldn't contain their frustration which was clearly evident on their faces.

"So you're saying you kept us waiting so you could try and carry out a plan to flirt with Bulma Briefs?" Erasa asked, each word becoming more and more heated.

"Just forget it for now Erasa" Videl said as she checked her watch. "Were already late as it is, well talk about it later, we can't afford to waste any more time"

With the decision being unanimous the three finally made the daunting walk to the front doors of Capsule Corporation. Awaiting them was an intercom making each of the three look at one another reluctant to be the one to announce their presence. Fortunately Videl being the most daring decided she would have to take charge. Pushing the glowing red button, Videl brought her face to the microphone, just as a voice was emitted from the small box.

"Welcome to Capsule Corporation, do you have an appointment?" came a cheerful and practiced voice not too dissimilar to that of Erasa's.

"Yes, this is Videl, Erasa and Sharpener. Were students of Orange Star High, were here for the Apprentice Program" Videl informed.

"Just a second" Came the voice once again. There was then a small pause before the female voice addressed the teenagers once again.

"Please step right in" the lady said before an audible clink could be heard from the front door. Obviously signalling the door being unlocked. Stepping inside the three were met with a large gust of air conditioned breeze. Despite only being in the reception, the three couldn't help but marvel at the cleanliness of everything.

"Hello there" came the same voice as earlier. Sitting behind the desk was a girl in her mid-twenties; she had dark brown hair and green eyes, with red lipstick and large dimples on both cheeks that were present with her extremely broad smile.

"Hello you three, my names Maria. Firstly I would like to welcome you to Capsule Corporation and I hope that the next four weeks will be an enjoyable experience for you. I've contacted Mrs. Briefs for you, she will be in shortly. Please have a seat in the meantime"

This was it. This was the moment of truth, Bulma Briefs, the smartest and most powerful woman on planet earth was about to stand before and tutor these three teens for an entire month. None of the students could stop the butterflies in their stomachs, it was the single tensest moment Videl had ever felt. Sure she had risked her life for the police force on countless occasions, but making an impression on your idol was a one shot deal, no second chances. After what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the door in the corner opened, revealing the blue haired beauty with the intelligence that outclassed nearly the entire world. Bulma Brief.

The woman in questioned carefully gave each student a once over. If Vegeta was any indication, she was very good at gauging a person from first impressions. "Hello you three. Sorry I'm late" Bulma apologized. She then watched with some interest as the two blondes began stammering incoherent gibberish, obviously feeling way in over their heads. Luckily Videl was on hand to provide some redeeming impression.

"Miss Brief it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Videl and that's Erasa and Sharpener" Videl said with the most amount of confidence she could muster.

"Nice to meet you all. And for the record it's Mrs. Brief, but don't worry with the formality. Just call me Bulma, it rolls off the tongue a bit better don't you think?"

Videl nodded her head in agreement, but inside she was having extreme complexities in shaking with fear. Sharpener too seemed the same, that was evident when he began laughing hysterically for no reason whatsoever almost frightening everyone in the room.

"Yes… Well anyway, I'd love to sit and talk, but we've got a lot of work to get done. So I'll get you guys set up as soon as possible. Please follow me" Bulma requested and she proceeded to lead the three students to an elevator which took them up three floors.

"Here we are" Bulma announced as the doors opened to reveal a long, wide hallways which housed multiple rooms off the both sides. She then led the three all the way to end of the hall where a singular door stood awaiting them.

"Are you all ready?" Bulma asked. However before Sharpener or Videl could answer, Erasa jumped in front.

"Before we go any further Mrs- I mean Bulma, I just want to say what an honour it is to have you as a mentor for the next month" There was then a long silence, while Bulma processed the information.

"Wait, you think I'm managing you guys?" Bulma asked genuinely confused. All three then shared looks with one another.

"You mean you're not? I thought we were under the guidance of the executive director or something. That is you right?" Videl asked bewildered at Bulma's obvious confusion.

"No I'm not the Executive Director, in fact that is why we're here" Bulma said gesturing to the door in front of them as she pushed the green panel sliding the door out the way so everyone could see what the room contained.

"Videl, Sharpener, Erasa. Allow me to introduce to you the executive director of science here at Capsule Corporation, my god son, Gohan"

Oh dear left on a cliff hanger, in true Dragon Ball Z style. Dare I say it?

Find out what happens, in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Z!