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Translator's Notes: This is an amateur translation of the novelized version of the latest Detective Conan Movie, Gouka no Himawari. I am not an experienced translator. My aim was to be as accurate and loyal to the original words as possible without noticeably obstructing clear comprehension of the content. I honestly don't think I succeeded completely in this, so I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism.

I did keep the page numbers and line breaks the same as in the book for easy reference. It makes for a little bit of awkward reading at times though, just to warn you.

Right now I have three chapters translated. There are ten total and my goal is to complete them by the time it comes out on DVD or online (September or so).

Anyways, consider this a teaser for the movie when it's finally released online. As it is the novel version, some dialogue, scenes, and scene orders may differ from the movie version. Also, fyi for those who saw and gushed over the trailers on Youtube, there are some scenes that showed up in the trailers that were not in the movie. Maybe they were deleted or something? ;_; Maybe they will show up in the book?

Lastly, needless to say, Major Spoiler Alerts. Read at your own peril!


A painting was discovered in Arles, France, and put up for auction. This painting appeared to be nearly identical to one of Vincent Van Goh's Sunflowers, specifically speaking, the Ashiya's Sunflowers, which was said to have disappeared. Sonoko's uncle, Jirokichi, also the Consultant of the Suzuki Financial Group, succeeded in obtaining this painting. That night he declared to all that he intended to open an exhibition in Japan that would display all seven of Van Goh's Sunflowers. Right then Kaitou KID appeared, causing great mayhem at the auction site! However, as KID merely flew about the building before vanishing, Conan begins to harbor suspicions. Afterwards, a notice from KID arrives at Kogoro's doorstep! Just what is KID's aim!?

Sunflowers of Inferno

Written by Mizuki Shima

Original Creation by Aoyama Gosho

Script Written by Sakurai Takeharu

Translated by bobbyneko



I am Kudou Shinichi, a high school detective.

When I went to an amusement park with my childhood friend, Ran, I witnessed a suspicious deal being carried out by men dressed in black.

I was so absorbed in watching them that I didn't notice another guy come up from behind me. The man force-fed me a poison. When I came to – I found that my body had been shrunk!

If those guys discover that "Kudou Shinich" is still alive, they may come after me again and put the people around me in danger. So I decided to follow the advice of Professor Agasa and hide my identity.

In the spur of the moment I told Ran that my name was "Edogawa Conan," and in order to gain information on the men in black, I found myself living with her and her father at their detective agency.

By the way there are some people other than Professor Agasa who are aware of my identity.

Haibara Ai. Her real name is Miyano Shiho.

She used to be part of the same group as the men in black, and she was actually the one who developed the poison that was fed to me: the Apotoxin 4869. However, Haibara's only sister was killed by the organization and to rebel against them she attempted to kill herself by taking that very poison. But like me her body shrunk, and she went to live with Professor Hakase.

And then there are two more who know my true identity: The Phantom Thief Kid and his assistant.

I have yet to bring them down, but I swear on my name of Detective, I will catch them!

With a small body, but the mind of an adult! A great detective who leaves no case unsolved! There is always one truth!



Arles; a small town in western region of Provence, France.

This old town is surrounded by vast fields of countless sunflowers. At one time, the painter Vincent Van Gogh immigrated to this town and there he created several great works of art.

Bathed in light as far as the eye can see, an endless carpet of sunflowers open their petals to the sunlight.

Within the huge bed of sunflowers stretched a small path where a single car was passing through, its tires wobbling harshly. From that unpaved road was a trail of fallen sunflowers zig-zagging away. Red spots continuously dotted the ground there.

At the end of that path lied a man. Like the sunflowers he was facing the sun. His breathing was rough and there was a large red stain in the middle of his chest. As his consciousness was dimming, he exerted the last of his strength; he gripped his gun and pointed it at the sun. Blood ran from his mouth and he let out a small breath, tightening his finger on the trigger.

Bang! The dull sound of a gunshot echoed and at once the crows all took flight.

About the fields of sunflowers that glowed like the sun itself, these countless crows soared in the sky.

The sight closely resembled what was said to be Gogh's posthumous work: Wheatfield with Crows.

"We like Japanese painting, we have felt its influence, all the impressionists have that in common; then why not go to Japan, that is to say to the equivalent of Japan, the South?"

(Vincent Van Gogh, Letter 500)