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From the exhibition room there was a small passageway that lead to the elevator in the back. Fire was already shooting up in various places in the rooms and hallways with the smoke rising to the ceiling.

Ran was waiting in front of the elevator when she saw Kogoro, Keiko, Ishimine, and Kumiko come running forward.

"Everyone this way!" she called.


"We're here already, get on the elevator!" Kogoro ushered his daughter.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her inside as Conan and Gotou appeared from a different hallway.

"Conan-kun, hurry up!"

The two jumped into the elevator just as the doors closed and the fire roared after them, flames licking at the doors.


Inside the rising elevator, Gotou put both his hands on his knees and was breathing heavily. Jirokichi put a hand on his back and gave a look around at everyone.

"Is everyone okay? No one hurt?"

"Yes, we all seem to be fine."

Kumiko answered. Ran looked at Conan.

"Conan-kun are you okay?"

"Yeah, more importantly," he turned to the oldest man, "Jirokichi-ojisan will the Sunflowers be okay?"

"There's a set up so that if any danger threatens the exhibition rooms then the safety mechanism will automatically activate," he explained.

Gotou straightened himself as Jirokichi continued.

"Don't worry, the program was working properly. If there are any tremors or excessive heat sensed near the paintings, then they will be encased in a water and fire-proof container, protecting them from any danger. Furthermore, the rail-shooter is hydrologically powered to send the cases to the surface, so there is no way they will get stuck inside the building."

"But, I thought I saw that the second and fifth paintings were…"

Conan started to say, then Kumiko knelt down next to him.

"It's okay, boy, the Sunflowers have already made it to the safe-house above ground."

But there's no mistaking it…I'm sure that there were two paintings that were left behind….

Conan reflected back on when he left the security room and what was shown on the monitors. He was sure he saw that the second and fifth Sunflowers were still stuck inside the walls.

If we don't act soon then the second and fifth Sunflowers will be burned to ashes…..


The flames and smoke continued to spread from the tube hallways into the viewing room. They were currently closing in on the fifth Sunflowers exhibition. In the midst of sparks, the fifth Sunflowers made some guttering sounds and shook a little from where it was hanging on the wall. There was a pole stuck in the space between the painting and wall, preventing the water and fire-proof case from being taken back into the shooter and sent down the railing system to safety.

Just then, someone kicked the pole, knocking it loose. It clanged loudly as it fell to floor, successfully allowing the case to be sucked back and taken to the safe-house.


Everyone got off the elevator, covering their faces from the smoke. They left from the back exit reserved for the transport trucks and made their way outside. There were still a large number of people on the grounds who were looking with unease at the building that was emitting black smoke.


As Kogoro was running, he looked up to see a single helicopter circling in the sky overhead.

"Hey, isn't that a Tokyo Metropolitan Police helicopter?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'd called Megure. Alright, we should head over there too."

Nakamori said as he and Kogoro ran over towards the landing area. Ran stopped in her tracks and looked around. She couldn't seem to find Conan, who had gotten off the elevator with them.

Feeling uneasy, she turned around and headed back toward the smoking building.


"Dammit!" Shinichi cursed as he continued to try desperately to free the pole that was stuck in between the wall and the second Sunflowers. Just like with the fifth one, the pole prevented the painting from being taken back to safety. However unlike with the other one, this pole wasn't budging. Shinichi was breathing heavily as more debris fell down from behind him. The room was completely filled with smoke and the flames were closing in as well.

"This is bad. If this thing doesn't give soon then the fire won't be getting just the Sunflowers, but me along with it."

Suppressing his panic, Shinichi clenched his fist and gave the pole a good knock before pulling at it again.


At suddenly having his name called, he turned around to see Conan dashing into the exhibit from the hallway.

"You! You came back!?"

"More importantly, what about the other one? Is the fifth Sunflowers alright!?"

"Yeah, I was able to pull out the stopper quickly for that one. This one here, however, is stuck in some weird place…"

KID, who was currently disguised as Shinichi, once again went back to trying to wiggle the pole free.

"If we don't hurry, the painting will start to melt inside there….." he said.

"KID, move!" warned Conan.

KID turned around, "Ah!" he exclaimed as he saw a knelt down Conan, turning the dial on his super-powered shoes.

"Y-You idiot stop it! This is the Sunflowers! This is humanity's treasure you know!"

Conan stood up, pressing the button on his belt to let loose a soccer ball. Pulling his leg back, his kicked at the ball on the floor with all his might. The ball shot through the air, curving a bit from the wind caused by the flames and nearly grazing KID as it smashed into the wall.

KID barely managed to dodge the ball, covering his head on the ground as debris from the smashed wall fell around him.

"Did it work?" Conan asked.

"Ow-ow-ow…you punk, you were aiming for me weren't you?" KID accused.


"This isn't the time to be saying that," Conan admonished.

Conan ran forward to look at the wall holding the painting. The wall gave way a bit where the soccer ball had hit it, but unfortunately the pole still wouldn't budge.

"It didn't work."


"That old guy, just how strong did he make this?"

As KID was saying this, from behind him came a voice, "Conan-kun!?" Surprised, KID and Conan both turned around.


Ran entered from the hallway, her eyes widening as she saw KID disguised as Shinichi. KID and Conan shared a look. As though coming to a mutual agreement, they both nodded at each other.

"As I thought you were here too. Are you listening? We have to hurry and get out of here! It's too dangerous!"

Ran came running towards them, avoiding some falling debris.

"Ran-neechan" "Ran!"

Both KID and Conan called out at the same time.

"Lend us your strength!" "We need your power!"

"Huh…What are you guys talking about!?"

Ran blinked, surprised.

"The Sunflowers is stuck in here!"

"To get it out, we have to break the wall!"

"But that's impossible!" she protested.

She looked around seeing more pieces of the place crumble. From behind them another part of the ceiling fell through. The fire was steadily closing in on the Sunflowers.

"If it's you, then it's possible…." Shinichi said.

"…Fine then. I'll give it a try," Ran finally gave in, "Shinichi, Conan, stand back."

The two backed away as Ran clenched her fist. She closed her eyes and let out a breath.

"Go for it!" "Ran!" the two boys cheered her on.

In an instant her eyes popped open and she pulled back her fist. "Haaaa!" she cried out punching with all her might into the part of the wall that Conan's soccer ball had chipped away at. As more rocks crumbled away a bit, Ran pulled back her fist, then spun her body around and gave a sound kick at the pole. The pole was flipped away from the wall, sticking itself into the ceiling and dragging the other poles that had been attached to it by a belt as well.

The Sunflowers was sucked back into the wall, becoming inserted into the water and fire-proof case before descending down the rail.


"I did it!"


In her joy, Ran hugged KID, earning a glare from Conan.

"Hey-Ran hold on a second there~"

As KID tried to gently pry her away, the pole fell from the ceiling. Rather than the other poles attached by the belt falling with it, a good chunk of the ceiling itself crumbled down instead, causing the fire to spread out and block the exits.

"What are we gonna do? The hallway is….!"

"It'll be alright, stand back"

KID pushed Ran back a bit, taking out the wireless communicator from his pocket and holding it up to his mouth.

"Jii-chan, can you hear me?"


In the skies above the museum was a hovering helicopter that carried Megure, who was repeating an announcement.

"Everyone please calmly make your way down to the parking lot area below. I repeat:…"

The guests who were standing on the grounds began to make their way toward the very long path that lead from the museum area to the parking lot downhill from the cliffs. Kogoro, Nakamori and the others stood on the observation deck about halfway down to help guide the mass of people.

"Please calmly proceed forward. There is no danger!" they called out.


Standing a bit away from the others was Gotou. He lowered his hand from his ear and headed for the corner of the observation deck. At the end of the railing was a giant pipe that connected to the water tank at the top of the cliff. Gotou put his hands on the railing and looked up towards the cliff area while pulling out a remote controller from his breast pocket and pressing a switch.


On the sides of the water tank, small bombs were set. The light on them changed from green to red, initiating a gigantic BOOOM as they blew up. An attaché case that had been floating inside the tank was suddenly swept away by large amounts of water.


Ran looked with unease at the fires closing in on them. KID suddenly wrapped his arms around her.

"Ran! Hold on tightly. Do not let go under any circumstance!" He warned.

There was a rumbling noise coming from above them. No way… thought Conan, looking up at the ceiling. Then all at once water came crashing down on them from above, swallowing Conan and the others. Caught in the heavy current, they were swept through into the tube hallways.


From the side of the cliff where the museum stood came a loud DOOOOOON sound as a flood of water suddenly burst through. Kogoro and the others looked up in surprised from the edge of the observations deck.


"It seems that the water was released from the water tank somehow…" Jirokichi speculated.

"Yeah," Kogoro nodded at him.


"In other words, don't you think the fire's been extinguished?"

Right then Genta and the others came running towards the men. "Oi!" they shouted. Now that Kogoro, Nakamori, Jirokichi, Sonoko, Charlie, and the five curators were all gathered, they began to look about them.

"Where's Conan?"

"Huh? He's not here?"

"You mean he's not with you guys?"

At being asked by the kids, Sonoko gave a huff and looked around her.

"Speaking of which, Ran's not here either…."

"Jeez, where the heck did those guys go to at a time like this?"

Kogoro grumbled, continuing to scan the area. Sonoko hurriedly pulled out her phone to call Ran.

"I thought that they were right behind us up until a moment ago…."

"Her phone's not connecting either. Ojisan, they might've gone on down ahead of us so I'm gonna go take a look." Sonoko announced.

"Alright, good luck," her uncle said.

Sonoko took off at a trot with the kids following her. Haibara stayed behind with a contemplative look on her face as she stared up at the museum grounds.

Kudou-kun, you couldn't be….


Having been washed into the tube hallway, Conan and KID stuck their heads out above the water, hanging on to the edge of the hallway.

"Are you alright, detective?" asked KID.

"More importantly, how's Ran!?" Conan asked.

Said girl's body was limp in KID's arms.

"Ran! Hang in there!" Conan cried.

"She's fine. She just swallowed some water and passed out."

KID put a hand to her face as she began to cough out some of the water. Conan put a hand to his chest and breathed a sigh of relief before reaching over to brush away a strand of her hair that was stuck to the unconscious girl's face.


The water sprouting forcefully from the cliff's side finally began to weaken.

"Hey, look! The water flow is coming to a stop!"

Kogoro pointed towards the lake. Jirokichi leaned over the railing to get a good look.

"The water from the tank is almost done emptying out. I'm worried about the Sunflowers. Let's go take a look!"

Jirokichi rushed forward. Kogoro, Nakamori, and the five curators quickly followed after him.



The water was thinning out from where Conan and KID were as well. It had lowered to about knee level. Kid and Conan climbed out of the water onto the flower-bed stands that had hosted the decorative sunflowers, pulling the unconscious Ran up with them.

"You- so you were aware of the culprit's plan?"

Conan asked to which KID replied with an affirmative "Ah," as he picked up Ran with both arms.

"I knew that if the line of sunflowers in the hallway were meant to be a fuse for fire, then the tubed hallway would make a good water drain to put it out."

"In other words, the culprit is the one who suggested to put a bunch of sunflowers in the tube…"

Conan pulled out his glasses from his pocket. Kid grinned.

"Yep, you finally seemed to have figured out who it is. – Now, it's time to get out of here. "

KID jumped down from the flower bed and pushed his way through the water. Conan followed after him.

"Hey! How are you planning to get us out of here?"

"If we follow the tube up then it will lead us to the topmost floor closest to the exits. We may then be able to climb through the elevator shaft."

"And so what was your original plan?"

Conan asked. KID turned his head and gave him a look.

"Your original plan for escape. It's you we're talking about so there's no way you didn't have one."

"In the back of the limestone cave I've prepared an exit to which I could easily fly to. But with this girl and you there's most likely no way to reach it."


Conan was honestly grateful that KID didn't abandon them.

By the sixth level, most of the water had drained away leaving sunflowers and debris scattered across the floor. In front of them was the attaché case, suspended in the air by poles that stuck out diagonally and embedded themselves in the sides of the tube.

"By the way, if you knew about the culprit's plan ahead of time, why didn't you try to stop it beforehand?"

"I knew the criminal's plan because I was able to steal the blueprints and data from their computer, but there was still a possibility of there being an accomplice. Also when I tried to stop the blackout, I was found by Inspector Charlie who chased me around before I could do anything. If somebody had solved the riddle and told the man a bit earlier, then something could possibly have been done about the situation, but…"

Conan remembered the KID card he'd given to Kogoro, and grimaced.

"…Well, sorry about that."

"Wait right here a moment. I'm gonna get set up to get out of here."

KID set Ran against the edge of wall of the hallway. He went up to the attaché case and pressed a button. There was a small box on the case from which the four poles protruded. The light on the box went from green to red, releasing the case with a click.


"I'm gonna go see if we can't get out of here through the elevator shaft up ahead. During that time, why don't you catch that criminal?"

KID took a spare wireless communicator from the attaché case on the ground. He threw it towards Conan.

"Got it."

"It'd be such a pain if they tried any more cheap tricks and all."

Conan put the communicator device in his ear. KID grabbed his blazer with one hand and forcefully pulled it off. He was returned to his traditional pure white suit, mantle, and monocle as he put on his silk hat.

"Well then, I leave it to you."

KID leaped up and climbed around the small mountain of stones. Leaning against the hallway wall, Ran mumbled in her sleep. "Shin…"

"Wait for me, Ran."

Conan stepped away a bit from the girl, and took out his voice-changing necktie.


Climbing his way around mountains of rubble, KID came closer to the elevator. Through the half-opened door he peaked up the elevator shaft. The wire had broken and was swaying lightly and there were bits of broken wall from which water was trickling down. From the darkness he could hear a steely grating sound.

"This isn't good…..from the time it took to extinguish the flames, the air pressure in here has dropped more than I thought. If we don't get out of here quickly, this entire place is gonna collapse…."


Jirokichi and the others were in front of a stone wall near the entrance of the museum. There was a panel that was camouflage inside the rock. Jirokichi opened it and punched in some numbers. A part of the wall rose and the shutter inside opened to the group. Beyond the shutter was another door to an iron-barred grate that was reinforced with glass. Natsumi and Kumiko ran to either side of it to pull it open.

In a room that was longer than it was wide marked the end of the railing system that carried the water and fire-proof Sunflowers cases.

"Yes! The Sunflowers are safe!"

Kumiko ran up to the cases and started counting them.

"One, two, three, four, five, six…that's strange, there are only six here!"


Natsumi also began to count the cases.

"She's right, we're missing one!"

"But how can that be!?"

Jirokichi went to the iron door on the other side of the rails. He operated the panel next to it which displayed the times that each of the paintings arrived inside the safe. Only the time for the second Sunflowers was not shown.


"The second Sunflowers…Ashiya's Sunflowers hasn't arrived!"

"Wha-!?" The group, as one, exclaimed. Sweat trickled down Jirokichi's forehead.

"Why!? Why only the Ashiya's Sunflowers….?"

Suddenly through the wireless communicators, a voice was heard. "Please be at ease."

"! That voice is….Kudou Shinichi!?"

Everyone put a hand to the device in their ears. That voice was of course Conan using the voice-changing necktie.

"You again! You're such a meddler!"

Kogoro shouted irritably.

"Now now, don't get so upset and listen. After all, I managed to protect the fifth Sunflowers and the Ashiya'sSunflowers from the traitor, Judah, who is still in your midst."

Jirokichi's eyes shot open at Conan's words.

"So there was a traitor after all…."

"Yes, but don't worry, I know their identity."

Both Kogoro and Nakamori frowned at this.

"What are you saying at this point in time?"

"That's right, we've already taken Azuma Kouji into custody."

"I'm afraid that Azuma-san was not the traitor."

Although everyone else seemed to be surprised, Charlie muttered "That's the truth."

"Azuma Kouji carried no motive to have the Sunflowers destroyed," Charlie explained.

There was no way, after all, that Azuma would allow the painting his grandfather died protecting to be destroyed.

Charlie repositioned his glasses and gave everyone a look.

"Also, when the sunflowers had begun to burn, Azuma was speaking with you all wasn't here. I think we ought to listen to the boy," he pointed out.


Jirokichi nodded, but Kumiko jumped in, "I don't think there's any need for that."

"There shouldn't be any traitor amongst us," she explained.

"Indeed. Everyone here is our comrade who did their best to protect the Sunflowers."

Ishimine agreed, to which Keiko nodded as well, "That's right."

"The one who initially said there was a traitor was Kaitou KID….it'd be stranger for us to believe the words of that thief."

"That's right! Right now we should be celebrating that the Sunflowers are safe!"

Natsumi exclaimed, looking at Jirokichi.

"Are you sure about that, Miyadai Natsumi-san? Especially after you went through all that trouble to light those sunflowers on fire…."


"Wh-what did you say!?"

Natsumi directed her gaze upwards, as though she suddenly grew tired for no reason.

"Your original goal was to burn the Ashiya'sSunflowers and the fifth Sunflowers. In fact, you've been trying to destroy the second Sunflowers since the very beginning."

"Don't say such ridiculous things! Why would I, of all people-"

"Very well then, let's go through this piece by piece."

Everyone casted their gaze upon Natsumi, who was looking a little shook up.

"Because of the ruckus that Kaitou KID caused at the auction hall, the security around the Sunflowers had been increased, so you could no longer make a move against it….So you gave up on destroying it while it was in America. Instead you aimed for when it was being transported to Japan. You bribed a worker to attach a bomb to a door near the plane's hanger. However, once again KID managed to protect the painting. So then you decided to change your target from the second to the fifth Sunflowers instead…"

Natusmi's expression gradually became more and more unreadable as Conan continued stating his theory.

"Once again KID just managed to see through your plan and thus sent a notice to the Mouri Detective Agency. Having already been undermined by KID twice, you sought to get one step ahead of him for once and placed the notice on the other side of the wooden lid at the museum when they were in the middle of preparing to move it. Your plan was to have it transferred to your laboratory…."

"Are you saying that KID played the devil's advocate in order to protect the paintings?"

Nakamori put forth. Kogoro raised an eyebrow at his words as Natsumi shouted out, "That's a lie!"

"You're just making this all up!" she accused.

"That's exactly right," Keiko said to give her support to her friend.

"Natsumi loves Van Gogh's Sunflowers more than anyone. There's no way she'd ever do such a thing."

Kumiko, standing across from where Natsumi was gripping the rail nodded, "Yes," in her agreement.

"In any case, why would there be a need to destroy only the second Sunflowers? Your amateurish theory has no backing to it whatsoever."

"That's true….I do not yet know why she would aim to destroy only the second Sunflowers."

"Such a disappointing detective show…"

Kumiko spat, looking unamused.

"Well, as for the reason I'm sure we can hear about that from Natsumi herself in just a moment. Now, let's continue to the core of the matter. Natsumi-san, I've heard that it was you who suggested decorating the Lake Rock's tubed hallways with sunflowers, is that right?"

Being a little self-conscious of everyone around her, she answered, "Y-yes."

"You took advantage of your position as an appraiser, using turpentine, a chemical that is used often for the restoration of paintings, and poured it into the sunflowers that stretched all the way from the top floor; using them as an ignitor for the fire.…"

"That just means that the culprit took advantage of my idea, that's all! Please stop trying to treat people like criminals based off of some vague accusations!"


Natsumi waved her right hand as if to brush away any doubt that was cast on to her. However Keiko, Kumiko, and Ishimine had begun to look at her uneasily.

"I see…truth be told I was hoping that you'd turn yourself in…..if you require more solid proof, I can show you later. That is, the data that has your detailed plan to destroy the second Sunflowers that's still on your computer."

Until he said that, Natsumi's facial expression had been serious. Now, however, she let out a surrendering huff, the corners of her mouth twitching up.

"It seems that there is no longer any way for me to blow this over…"

"You, in order to destroy the second and fifth Sunflowers, you joined my team then!?"

Jirokichi walked towards her. "That's right," Natsumi said harshly.

"However, because of a meddler called Kaitou KID, things didn't go as planned…"

"And because KID's interference became difficult for you, you decided to burn the entire Lake Rock museum in order to get at the second Sunflowers…" Charlie said.

"Yes," Natsumi admitted, confirming his theory.

"But at first I didn't plan for it to become such a calamity. I was just going to use the black out to take care of the second and fifth Sunflowers and it was all supposed to end there….but in addition to KID the security guards were also getting in the way…."

"But how were you planning to take care of them? If you so much as touched them, the safety system woud've immediately kicked in…."

Jirokichi asked, to which Natsumi raised her head and grinned.

"Easy enough if I just splashed it with the inflammable liquid I brought with me.

"Inflammable liquid….!?"

"A dangerous chemical liquid that can naturally ignite a fire even under normal temperatures," she explained.

Charlie recalled the small wrapped box that was sent to Jirokichi and had suddenly burst into flames.

"Is it the same chemical you used when you tried to murder Consult Suzuki?"

"What!? Something like that happened?"

Nakamori's eyes widened. "Yes," Charlie confirmed, nodding at him.

"If we made a big deal out of it, the exhibition would have been canceled, so we held back on informing you."

"So you are the one who tried to kill me then…."

Jirokichi and Kumiko both looked at Natsumi with saddened eyes. Kogoro thought about it for a moment. "I see," he said.

"If the sponsor were to pass away, then the opening would have been delayed or the exhibition would have possibly been canceled altogether," he thought aloud.

"But, why?"


Ishimine and Keiko looked up with almost painful expressions of comprehension.

"If this fire or the plane explosion had gone poorly, you yourself could've died, Natsumi!"

"I…I just love the Sunflowers that much…."

Natsumi clenched her fist she held in front of her chest, looking downwards.

"Rather than have that fake second painting be exhibited next to Van Gogh's beloved Sunflowers, I'd prefer death."


Conan muttered at the same time as Jirokichi asked.

"You're saying that Ashiya's Sunflowers and the fifth are counterfeits?"

"The fifth Sunflower should have been proven to be authentic by the dissertation from the Art Institute of Chicago and the Van Gogh Museum."

"That's right, did you forget? Gogh and Gauguin split the canvas it had been painted on. That, more than anything is proof."

Keiko and Kumiko criticized. Natsumi began to speak in a low voice.

"You know, Van Gogh would take the canvas the paintings were on and separate them from the frame, roll them up, and send them to his little brother Theo. However the fifth Sunflowers' paint, unlike the others, was much thicker ….if it was rolled up, there would have been cracks in the painting. But on the fifth painting, there were no such cracks!"

"There were such cracks on the fifth!"

"And depending on the state of the painting when it dried there are times that it may not crack so much."

Both Kumiko and Ishimine pointed out. "But that's not all!" Natsumi raised her voice.

"Only 'Ashiya's Sunflowers' and the fifth Sunflowers are too big, a size other than 40! And this second Sunflowers varies so slightly in size. Is it not strange that Van Gogh, who had no money, would make a wooden frame that could only be used once?"

"Cut it out already!"

Keiko interjected suddenly.

"It's not as if the fifth Sunflowers was a size 40 from the start right? It was originally a size 30. It was the third owner who added more to the canvas and made it a size 40….You should have been aware of this!"

"There's still other proof. In his letters to Theo. Among them there were no mention of the fifth Sunflowers…..why? Because that painting was never drawn, that's why!"

Voice raised, Natsumi brought her hands up, challenging the curators.


Keiko put her hands on her hips, giving her a fixed stare.

"It's not like Van Gogh wrote about all of his paintings in those letters."


"Another explanation is that he had already planned to give it to someone."

"Also it might have been because he'd just been admitted to the hospital and couldn't write about it….."

Ishimine and Kumiko put forth one counter argument after another. Natsumi's eyes opened wider and she unsteadily averted her gaze.

"There is no truth in your words."

Conan's harsh words cut through to Natsumi.

"While you said you'd rather die, you set the bomb on the plane to go off right before landing, and during this fire you calculated enough time to make sure that you, yourself, would be able to escape to safety after lighting the fire…."


"If you had planned with a true resolve for death, why did you not try to keep KID, who stayed behind in Lake Rock, from putting out the fire!? You're just a petty criminal who thinks and act purely on convenience for your own self. You most definitely don't qualify to be a curator!"

Not a curator, but a criminal – those words seemed to shock Natsumi, who, struck dumb, could only look down. Nakamori slowly walked up to her.

"To think it had been you the whole time…..put out your hands."

Natsumi resigned herself and obediently held out both her hands.


"Alright, let's go."

At the sound of handcuffs and Nakamori's voice, Conan let out a breath. Then-

"It seems you've taken care of everything on this end."

KID said from where he had returned on a mountain of rubble.

"Yeah…and on your end? Can we get through?"

"If it were just me, yeah."

"What should we do? Call for help?"

Sitting on the pile, KID slightly shook his head.

"We shouldn't bother. 'Cuz of the fire the air pressure in this limestone cave has dropped drastically. If the rescuers aren't incredibly careful, they'd unwittingly cause another disaster."

KID looked out over at the limestone cave beyond the tubed hallway. Suddenly a large stalagmite that had been knocked back started, bringing others with it.


KID hurriedly slid down the rubble mountain as water spurt forth here and there from the ceiling, dropping more debris and rocks onto the tubed hallway and building and causing the whole thing to tremor violently.

"Are you okay?" KID asked the kid.

"Yeah," Conan answered while supporting the still unconscious Ran.

"More importantly, about how much longer will this place hold?"


"About as long as 'it's kinda amazing that it's still standing' long. If even a small hole is opened in the roof of this place, the outside air will enter in here all at once and it'll cave in!"

Conan's face contorted at KID's words as he looked at the unconscious Ran.

"KID! If it were only Ran, could you fly out of here?"

"Hey, what kind of stupid-'

"Can you? Can't you? Which one?"

KID saw there was no choice but to answer seriously as the situation demanded it. He let out a small smile.

"Probably. However while avoiding falling rocks with the dropping air pressing, how long I can keep in the air is a different matter."

And right then another giant limestone rock fell from above, allowing light to shine through from the surface. A roaring sound could be heard throughout the cave as air was sucked in and rock after rock crushed though the spiraling tubed hallway-

At seeing the rocks come crushing down towards them, Conan rushed to cover Ran as much as possible. In the next second, the place where they were standing itself crumbled and they were thrown out, free-falling through the cave.


Conan cried while falling with the rocks. He grabbed her right hand, pulling her closer to him before flipping himself around to face upwards.


Conan used the momentum to throw Ran towards KID's fluttering mantle. KID caught her with both arms and in that instant opened his hang glider.

"I leave Ran to you-!"

Conan shouted, his form getting smaller and smaller as he continued to fall with the rocks and sunflowers

"Damn him, trying to act all cool- whoa!"

KID quickly dodged some falling rocks while holding Ran, his glider descending rapidly.

While descending at a high speed, Conan released his elastic suspenders. They quite luckily got caught on an extended rod that that had been a part of the hallway. The suspenders released sparks as it slid along the rod, finally coming to a stop at the very tip.

"Ugh….there should still be a way to get out of here for this small body of mine."

Dangling in the air, he pressed a button on the suspenders that were wrapped around his left arm, releasing one side of it.


KID dodged rock after rock, barely skimming the surface of the water all the while holding on to Ran. The rocks that fell into the underground lake caused wave after wave to burst up, assaulting his glider.

"Dammit, at this rate we'll crash! Where's the exit!?"

He searched frantically while trying to stay afloat in the air. Finally he spotted a light on the other side of a rock-!


"Is that it!?"

He spun the glider around, quickly shooting his wire gun- of which the wire thrusted through a rock and pulled on the glider. But just then the wings of the glider touched the lake and was about to be swallowed by a wave.

"Go-!" KID cried.

From inside the wave the hang glider sprung forth, shaking off drops of water as all at once it was pulled towards the light-.


From the hanging rod, Conan managed to fling himself onto the second-floor section of the tubed hallway. He dashed through the rocks and sunflowers that littered the hallway, the floor seeming like it would crumble at any moment.

In this small body of mine, I should be able to enter into that elevator that was reserved for the Sunflowers…

From behind him a gigantic rock crashed onto the hallway, causing it to creak as it began to break apart. Conan just barely managed to leap to the exhibition room in time. Right after, a dreadful burst of air pushed after him, causing more debris to fall from the ceiling.

"Dammit~~~!" Conan cursed.

Conan ran through the crumbling room, making his way towards the Sunflower's elevator. Just as he leapt in to it, the ceiling of the exhibition room came down all at once.

He slid down the shaft of the elevator, taking out a light from his pocket and passing the beam over the bottom floor. At the very end of the area the light reflected off of something sparkly. He saw that it was the surface of some water. Conan dropped into that mini-lake, splashing through the water as he trudge his way through. Right in front of him, on the rail, was a big case that had been caught. It was the fire and water-proof case that held the Ashiya's Sunflowers…


On the observation deck, Sonoko and the children were struck dumb as they watched the water tank that had been surrounded by smoke, crumble down.

"No way…the water tank…."

"We have to hurry and find those two….."

"This looks so bad….."

"Ah! Look!"

Ayumi pointed to an area that was a bit away from the building. From far they could here an ominous zuzuzu sound as cracks formed in the ground and multiple holes opened up. Around one gaping hole, as the ground around it crumbled, a cloud of dirt and dust burst into the air-

From behind them, Haibara stared at the cloud of dust in horror.

It can't be….you didn't stay behind in there or anything did you?….Kudou-kun….

And right then flowing out with the dust she could see a sparkling light.


KID burst into the open air with the cloud of dust. He spared a glance behind him at the museum area that had been destroyed by the fire and out a relieved breath.


"That was close. Waaay too close…."

In his arms, Ran began to open her eyes just a bit.


She muttered as she looked at KID's face in front of her.

"You came…to save me….."

"Yeah….everything's alright now…" KID said, pretending to be Shinichi.

He smiled for her as she let out an, "Okay…" and cutely smiled herself before closing her eyes once more.


Looking at the dust cloud, Haibara suddenly dashed forward. Mitsuhiko called out after her.

"Where are you going, Haibara-san!"

"KID and Ran-san are flying!" she explained.


"Seriously? Let's go take a look!" said Genta.

"Sonoko-oneesan! Ran-oneesan and KID are flying in the sky!"

Ayumi called out to Sonoko. Kogoro and the others who were nearby also turned around.

"Ran and KID-sama!?" cried Sonoko


Kogoro glanced around frantically.

Jirokichi and Charlie followed after Sonoko and the others.


"Dammit, that way is blocked too."

Conan's head burst forth from the water. From there he climbed up onto a duct space that was to his side.

"There're no more exits….at this rate I'll perish along with the Sunflowers…." he lamented.

Water suddenly burst forth from the ceiling, shaking the duct space. The air pressure was forcing the surface of the wall to give way, letting more and more water spurt forth. The sudden increase in water rose up and swallowed Conan.


Water had been streaming from the side of the cliff. Suddenly the side swelled up before exploding in of itself. The surface had been hollowed out into a sphere from which more cracks were forming. The museum grounds at the edge of the cliff and all of its accompanying buildings fell and crashed into the lake below.

"Holy shit….."

KID had landed in the forest and watched as a giant pillar of water rose up as a result of the drowning buildings.

"You did get out of there alright, didn't you? Detective…."



Haibara, the kids, and Sonoko had all rushed into the forest. "Ran~!" "Ran-oneesa~n!" they called out while looking for her.

"Ran! Where are you?"

Kogoro shouted out desperately as he rushed around. Then he saw her, on the bank of the lake leaning against a tree.


Sonoko and the others rushed up to her.

"Ran! Are you hurt!? Are you okay!?" asked Sonoko.

"Yeah….Shinichi came to save me….." Ran explained.


Sonoko stared at her blankly as Ayumi came up from behind her, "Nuh-uh"

"KID was the one who saved you!" she said.

"Yeah he came all flying in like this on his glider!" Genta gestured.

"Do you not remember?" asked Mitsuhiko.

"Huh…." At the children's words, Ran reflected. "Ah!" suddenly her cheeks went pink. So when she had opened her eyes at that moment, it wasn't Shinich, but KID who had been holding her.

"I see, so I….that wasn't Shinichi, but KID….."

A little apart from them, hiding in the shadow of a tree stood KID, who couldn't help but smile secretly while listening to the conversation.

"And so….what happened to the boy? Where is he?"

Kogoro asked. Ran's eyes opened widely.

"You mean Conan-kun isn't here!?"

"Yeah, the only one who KID was carrying was you."

"That can't be…."

Ran stood up, pale-faced and ran to the water's edge. She looked across the lake to where bits and pieces of the destroyed buildings where sticking out and the huge left-over landslide from the cliff.

"You mean Conan is still…!?"

The kids rushed to stand around her and looked at the once Lake Rock in horror.

"Wha-, no way!?"

"That can't be….!"

Haibara gripped the detective badge in her hand tightly….

The detective badge isn't getting through either…..What are you doing, Kudou-kun. Hurry up and come out of there…"


Conan was being suppressed into a small opening between rubble by the large amount of water. Still from here and there in the ceiling came spurts of water rushing down, steadily filling up the space.



He cursed, trying his best to get out from there, but his body was completely stuck. Already the water had risen up to his shoulders.

At this rate, forget getting out of there, in just another minute he'd die from drowning.

Conan painfully looked over the mountain of rubble.

If I use the soccer ball I could probably push back this slab of stone but there's no way I could keep from being submerged underwater…."

And just then an idea popped into his head.

That's right! The water!

He moved his head left and right, looking at the places that the water was flowing in.

Considering that this much water is coming in means that this place is already under the water in the lake. Which means that if I explode the fireworks ball in here, it will move the rocks enough to put off the balance of air pressure in here which would then push us out all at once into the lake…..

There was no time to debate over the effectiveness of his plan. He pressed the button that was attached to his belt buckle. Within the water, the inflatable ball burst forth, pushing aside the mountain of rubble.

Alright! I got out!

Having slipped out, Conan pushed the ball behind him and swam through the water.


Going through the duct space lied the shaft of the elevator for the Sunflowers. There he saw the case for Ashiya's Sunflowers that had been separated from the rail and was drifting through the water. Conan grabbed on to it.


The inflatable fireworks ball exploded causing colorful light to be let loose along with a strong current that pushed Conan and the Ashiya's Sunflowers forth together-.




The children called out their friend's name while crying and looking frantically around the edge of the lake.

"What are you doing, Conan?"

"Please! Come out from wherever you are, Conan-kun…."

Kogoro, Ran, Sonoko and the others were tensely looking across the lake.

"Dammit, what are you doing?"

From the shadows of the tree, KID unthinkingly stepped forward, stepping on a twig. It made a cracking sound that drew the attention of Charlie, who looked back.

Ayumi, who had been calling out Conan's name continuously, began to cry aloud.

"It-It'll be okay. It's Conan we're talking about so he'll definitely be okay! Definitely….."


Mitsuhiko tried to soothe her, but broke out in tears too as wiped them away with his arm.

"uuuuuuu…..Dont' die, Conaaaaaaaaaaaan~~~~~~~~!"

Genta, too, who had been trying to hold his tears back began to sob. From next to them Ran looked as though she were praying while gazing out over what used to be Lake Rock.

"Please….come out….Conan-kun…"

From the corner of her eyes welled up tears that ran down her cheeks and fell to the ground.


The bottom of the lake suddenly sunk down in a spherical shape. There was a big explosion as earth and sand spurt forth. From the midst of the dirt and sand, the Ashiya's Sunflowers case floated upwards. Barely hanging on to it was Conan. Together with the painting, having just escaped the limestone cave, they gradually floated upwards.


Just a bit more….just a little bit more…..

Having run out of breath, Conan tried to endure. But he finally reached his limit as his breath let loose and his hand let go of the painting-


Ran and the kids were looking out at the lake. Just then the surface of the water became disturbed.

"Ah! Something's coming up!"

With a splash, the Ashiya's Sunflowers burst forth.

"It's the Sunflowers!"

"Oh! It was safe after all~~~!"

Jirokichi's eyes sparkled as he leaned forward. Ran came closer to the edge.

"That Sunflowers, Conan-kun and I put it in its case! That's why for sure Conan has to be somewhere nearby. Everyone, look around for Conan-kun!"

At hearing Ran's voice, the kids and Haibara ran around the water's edge.

"Cona-n!" "Conan-ku-n!" "Edogawa ku-n!"

They shouted out his name desperately as Ran and Sonoko tried to peer through the water's surface.

"Conan-kun, Where….Conan-kun….Conan-ku-n!"

Ran cried out his name over the lake as the tears poured down her face.

Conan, who'd let go of the Ashiya's Sunflowers, was slowly sinking downwards in the lake, his hand floating weakly in the water.

From far away he could her Ran's voice calling for him.


He opened his eyes slightly.


He heard it. He was sure he heard it. Ran's voice-…

He moved his limp hand to his belt buckle and pressed the switch.


The surface of the water rippled and a shadow appeared beneath it. "Ah!" Ayumi shouted, pointing.

"Something's coming up!"

"What? Where!?"

"It's true! On the other side of the picture!"

The shadow grew bigger and bigger and then suddenly a gigantic soccer ball appeared.

"Ah~ Conan-kun~~~~~!"

Pushing the ball away, Conan's face appeared.

"Alright! Conan!" "Conan-ku-n!" "I knew you were okay!"

The children threw up their arms and cried for joy as Sonoko happily hugged Ran.

"Wait right there!"

Plugging his ears, Kogoro dived into the lake.

"Oji-sama, will you be okay?"

Sonoko looked worriedly at the man as from next to her Ran was wiping away her tears.

"Thank God…..Conan-kun….."

"Well done, boy! As expected of my Kid Killer!"

Jirokichi put an arm around Ran and waved at Conan. Haibara smiled quietly.


Conan grinned sheepishly at the celebrating group. Kogoro came up from behind him, carrying him out of the water.

"You okay, kid?"

"Uh, yeah."

"You did great protecting the Sunflowers. Excellent work."

Kogoro lifted Conan up onto the Ashiya's Sunflowers case that was floating on the water's surface and pushed it towards the bank.


KID watched Conan being lifted onto the painting from where he hid in the tree's shadow. He smiled.

"Jeez, making everyone sweat there for a moment…."

Just then from behind him he heard the click of the safety being released from a gun. Glancing behind him, KID saw Charlie pointing the gun at his back. KID humored him and put up both his hands.

"What's this? I see you've found me."

"There's still something I don't understand that I'd like to have you explain to me. How is it that you knew who the culprit was from the start? And why would you, who is supposed to be a thief, go out of your way to protect the Sunflowers?"


Without turning around, KID grinned.

"There was a request for me by voice message. They wanted me to steal the second and fifth Sunflowers," he enlightened.

"I see….being an expert in disguise, I suppose it was no great feat for you to identify the sender by their voice alone."

"As expected, you understand quickly, Inspector Charlie."

"But why was there a need for you to interfere with the culprit's plan? What was in it for you?"

"There is a person who I wanted to show the Ashiya's Sunflowers to no matter what."

"A person you wanted to show?"

Charlie asked, to which KID nodded lightly.

"On that day, in the midst of a fire rampaging from the air raid….The carpenter who held the secret love of a young girl entrusted the Sunflowers to her, right before he was burned to death before her very eyes."

"And why would you know that of something from so long ago?" questioned Charlie.

"I heard it from the man who'd witnessed everything. The worker who had been living in that mansion with them. That girl also happened to be his first love, and he was the one who requested my help. No matter what, he wanted to show her the Ashiya's Sunflowers….."

Standing slightly apart from them was an elderly man with white hair, balding at the top. He was Jii Kounosuke. Next to him was a mask of Gotou's face, fallen to the ground. Sparkling light blue eyes peeked over the old man's glasses in true happiness.

"I see….Now all the mysteries have been solved."

Charlie quietly lowered his gun.

"Are you sure? About not catching me?"

"I'll let you go this time.

KID grinned as Charlie turned around and slowly started to walk away.

"Aren't you just not the kind of guy who can catch me?"

"Well….let's just say that out of consideration for the sorrowful love of the man who requested you, I'm turning a blind eye."

"You know, I think I've misjudged you, Inspector Charlie."

Charlie stopped and turned around, only to find that KID had disappeared. He let out a small smile and continued to walk away.

Aaaaand in the move he says お互いだ or something which is along the lines of "And I misjudged you" and walks away and KID is seen standing on top of a tree looking out over the forest and Porno Graffiti's "O-! Ribaru!" starts playing and they show a bunch of credits with sunflowers and its all very classy. Best ending song in a while in my opinion.

Aaaaand the after credits scene is in the 10th chapter fyi. It's laaaaame. (cuz I wanted KID hahaha)


Comments about the story from my end, thus I expect comments from you too!:

So Charlie turned out to be pretty cool guy after all, much smarter and open-minded towards potential criminals than many real American police are these least he treats KID like human. Many police don't even treat non-terrorists like human...not even innocents like humans... I DIVERSE

ANYWAYS I wanna write a story with him, but considering how much I suck at seeing something through to the end, I doubt it's gonna happen. ;;

AAaaaaand it pisses me off how much Conan steals all the lime-light and still gets the crap beat out of him even though KID got away scratch free. Though when I asked a friend about that they said the producers prolly couldn't harm KID cause he's a guest character from a different series. Hopefully they'll make a KID movie one of these days with Conan as the guest and KID getting all beat up….

Aaaaannd what's with all the KIDx Ran shipping in the movies anyways? As I understand Movies are not canon, so isn't the fact that KID knows who Conan is, and all this KID x Ran stuff gonna start to cause problems for the manga later!?

Aaaaaand what the heck is the fireworks ball? Im supposing it's the same as the 'anywhere ball' the inflatable soccer ball. I mean, that's what it really was in the movie. Im just surprised they referred to it as the fireworks ball 花火ボール

I think if I had the chance to re-do this, I'd go back and make the writing more interesting. Japanese is interesting all by itself, but translated too literally and it becomes redundant and lacking in information when read in English. Plus there are no idioms or sarcastic remarks that English readers tend to see. Or maybe that's just me cuz I realized in this translation that Ran's entire character is based off of imagining Shinichi is everywhere all the time -_-;;

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