"Not here! Not here! It's not here!"

Conan and Haibara had returned to the professor's place and was watching the man tear apart the place with a pale face.

"Where? Where did it go? My ticket~~~~~~!"

He shouted while throwing the books from his shelf one by one. Conan and Haibara looked on apathetically.

"Should we tell him the exhibit's been cancelled?"

"If he just watched the news he'd figure it out.

Haibara said coldly. Conan cringed.

"Are you still angry at him for lording it over you and the kids?"

"Not really."

She answered bluntly.

"Considering I've searched this much and it's still not showing up means….it must have been stolen by somebody….."

Agasa-hakase dropped his shoulders in disappointment, tears leaking out of his eyes.

"Who~? Who could've stolen my ticket~~~!"

He looked up towards the heavens, grabbing his hair. On his back was taped a KID card. Conan grinned.

"I see, the mystery has been solved."

He glanced at Haibara, who quickly looked away.

"What? What's with the attitude?"

"It seems that if I look too long you then I will deeply regret my life."

Haibara said, before turning her back on him and walking away. Conan followed after her.

"Oi! What the heck does that mean?"

"I got an advice from a nice old lady."

Haibara recalled the words of the elderly lady she'd met at Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum.

"Where is it~? My ticket~~~!"

Agasa-hakase's cry echoed throughout the house.

[The End]


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