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On top of a cliff overlooking the lake, one could see a cone-shaped building. That was the entrance to Lake Rock Museum. The building extended from the surface of the cliff descending into the limestone cave, giving off the air of a strong fortress. A part of the building even stuck out over the cliff.

Helicopters flew about in the air above the terrain where the opening ceremony was taking place. On the ceremony grounds were the hundred guests for the day who managed to overcome the astronomical odds of winning a ticket to enter the museum. Sonoko stood on a stage with Jirokichi and the other curators. She took a step forward to the mic placed in the center of the stage.

"Everyone, thank you for attending this day which marks the opening of 'Japan's Most Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition.' Now, let us hear from the initial proposer of the exhibit, Suzuki Jirokichi, as he delivers the opening declaration!"

Sonoko lead the applause and stepped back to allow Jirokichi to come forward. "Well then…" he started, bringing his face closer to the mic.

"You all, who have been drawn here -spellbound by the faint fragrance of the Sunflowers, are you ready!?"

The attendees gave forth a great cheer all at once with a round of applause in the midst of flickering press cameras.


"Very well! Let the opening of 'Japan's Most Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition' begin~~~!"

With his words, magnificent fireworks were shot into the sky.


As the opening ceremony came to a close, the visitors to the museum began to line up at the entrance. Conan and the kids were there with Ran, who was speaking with a member of the staff.

"Excuse me, we're here on special invitation so…"

"Okay, please show me your tickets."

"There're six people total."

Ran presented the tickets to the staff lady. "Please enter from over here" she guided them to a belted off area and opened it for them. The kids immediately ran through.

"We're the first ones through!" "Awesome~!" "Ran-oneesan, hurry hurry~!"

Ran and Conan, followed by Haibara came up to the children who had trotted ahead of them to wait in front of the automated ticket gate.

"Are you all together?" Another staff member asked.

"Yes," answered Ran.

"Very well then would the leader of the group please insert the tickets into the wicket."

Ran put all the tickets together into the gate…the machine made a jangling sound as it sucked each ticket inside.


Each ticket that was entered into the automated machines had a picture of their owner's face and name show up on a large monitor screen in the security room of the museum.

"Huh!? Why are those brats here!?"

Korogo, who was surveilling the monitor with Nakamori, had his eyes go wide upon seeing Ran and Conan and the others.

"You mean you're not the one who brought them here with you?" inquired Nakamori.

"Er, no…"

"It was me."

Surprised, the two men turned to see Jirokichi enter the room from the double doors with Charlie and the five curators.

"I invited them," Jirokichi repeated.

"Well, if you're fine with it then I guess there's no problem, but still…"

"More importantly, is everything proceeding smoothly with the admissions?"

Jirokichi asked. Gotou, who had been sitting in front of the monitor, turned around in his chair, "Yes."

"The surrounding area is clear and both security systems are running perfectly."

"I see, then will everyone except for Gotou please return to your designated area?"

"Yes, sir!"

Three men who were dressed in black responded promptly before heading together out the door. Kogoro knitted his brows at seeing only Gotou of the security team left in the room.


"Hey now," stated Kogoro, "is he gonna be okay overseeing this by himself?"

"Don't worry about it, the system has an automate function installed. And it's better to limit the number of people who can enter and leave this room to just a select few."

"Well, that's true…"

Kogoro turned back to the screen. "Ah!" he exclaimed suddenly.

"What's wrong?" asked Nakamori.

"Uh, never mind…."

"You're sure a noisy fellow aren't you?" commented Jirokichi.

Ignoring the peeved Nakamori and Jirokichi, Kogoro turned once again to the monitor and sighed.

You've got to be kidding me, that guy came here too? he thought silently.

The screen showed Shinichi walking through one of the X-ray security machines. Nobody other than Kogoro seemed to have noticed his presence.

"Gouto! Have there been any persons displaying suspicious behavior?"

"The first group of people have entered the exhibit room of the first Sunflowers, however, it seems that there is a single person who has headed straight for the second Sunflowers. I'll bring the footage up on the monitor."

Gotou operated the panel, bringing up the display of the interior of the second Sunflowers exhibit layout and opened a new window. From the surveillance camera it showed the form of an elderly woman standing in front of the second Sunflower.

"What's this? It's just an old lady."

"That's strange of her to start viewing the Sunflowers from the second painting…"

"Can you close up a bit more on her?"

Gotou continued to stare at the screen, however, as though he didn't hear Jirokichi.



Gotou came back to himself and operated the panel. The screen flickered a bit before featuring footage of the lady from a surveillance camera that was shooting from a below-diagonal position. On the screen showed the same elderly lady who had been always staring at the Sunflowers from Sompo Japan Nipponkua Art Museum.

"Huh? Is she crying!?"

Nakamori's eyes widened at seeing the close-up of the woman. Tears were forming in her eyes as she stared intently at the second Sunflowers.

"She must have really wanted to see the second Sunflowers…"

Kogoro commentated, to which Jirokichi nodded.

"It means that this exhibit was well worth it. Even if she ended up being the only person who came here, it was worth it."


"Counselor," Charlie called from where he stood next to the man.

"This is clearly not KID, let's return to the general screen view."

"Ahh, yes that's right. Gotou, please resume."


Gotou dropped his gaze to the panel, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. On his cheeks, something sparkled and slid down his chin.


Conan and the others had finished looking at the first Sunflowers and were now walking down the tube towards the second one. The children stopped in front of the decorative sunflowers that lined the edge of the tube.

"Wow! They're so beautiful!" Ayumi exclaimed.

"But they seem to be fake."

Mistuhiko narrowed his eyes at the flowers. "Well, naturally," Conan interceded. "If they were real then they'd be wilting."

"It doesn't matter if they're real or not, but I wish they gave off a better smell."

Genta commented bringing his face close to the flowers. Sonoko folded her arms, "That's strange…"

"The sunflowers were Natsumi-san's idea, but she didn't suggest anything about adding any fragrance to them….Oh well, this smell isn't all that bad either. More importantly, let's go view the second Sunflowers that officially belongs to the Suzuki plutocracy."

"Alright!" "Let's go!"

The children proceeded ahead with Ran, but Conan stayed behind by himself. He brought his face closer to give them a sniff himself. However he ended up spotting the miniature surveillance camera that was attached to the stem. Looking around at the other sunflowers he saw that there were many more placed in areas that wouldn't stand out.

Surveillance cameras huh….They seem to be set up all throughout here….

"Conan-kun, what are you doing? Let's go!"

Ran called back to him. "Oka-ay!" Conan replied obediently before trotting after her.


There was a small group of people standing in front of the second Sunflower, staring intently at the painting.

Unlike the other Sunflowers, this painting had a deep blue background with five bright sunflowers clearly outlined in orange. This vivid contrast really brought out the life force of the sunflowers.

Shinichi was among the visitors who were viewing this painting.

"Hey! I can see it!"

Sonoko called out from the tube hallway. The children immediately dashed forwards. Shinichi quickly made his distance from the Sunflowers and headed towards the tube that lead to the next exhibit. He nondescriptly took a white card from his pants pocket, letting it glide to the floor.


Sonoko, who was entering the exhibit from the tube hallway, managed to catch a glimpse of Shinichi's retreating figure.

"Ran! Hurry over here! I saw Shinichi!"

She gestured to Ran, who had been walking at a slower pace with Conan and Haibara, before trying to follow after Shinich. Conan dashed forward with Ran a little behind him.

They stopped in front of Sonoko's disheartened face.

"Sonoko, where's Shinichi!?"

Ran aske, but just then "Please keep your voice down," a man dressed in black scolded from where he was standing near them.


"We're sorry."

The man noticed the apologizer was Sonoko and said, "O-oh, my lady. Excuse me." Before making his retreat.

"Where's Shinichi?"

"Sorry, I lost him."

"Was he really here?"

Conan asked. Sonoko put a hand to her chin in thought.

"Now that you mention it…It's not like I got a good look at him…."

"Maybe you mistook someone else for him?"

Ran said, but Conan knitted his eyebrows in though.

It'd be nice if that was the case, but thinking back on the kind of security they have to get in here…all belongings were thoroughly checked and considering there were X-ray scanners there was no possibility of someone being able to enter with a disguise. Which would mean that for KID, the only option left would be to disguise himself as me, whom he naturally looks similar to…."

At that moment Conan raised his head and noticed the card-like thing on the floor. He ran over to it, picking it up.

Hm? What is this note….?

On the card was some kind of math formula written. He turned it over to see a KID mark-!

As I thought, that guy's here disguised as me…!

"Is everything okay?"

Haibara asked him. He showed her the card then ran over to Ran.

"Ran-neechan! Sonoko-neechan!"

"Conan-kun, be quieter."

"Take me to the security room! I found a KID card!"

He held it up for them to see. The girl's expressions changed drastically.

"Kaitou KID is already inside Lake Rock…!"


Jirokichi, Charlie, Nakamori, and Kogoro surrounded the desk in the security room which the KID card that Conan had picked up was placed. The rest of the curators were standing behind Jirokichi.

"Unfortunately we couldn't discern who dropped the card through the surveillance cameras…"

Jirokichi lamented as Kogoro narrowed in on the formula that was written on the card.

14 = (11人+1人) + 2人

15 = (11人+1人) +2人 +1人

*人= person/people*

"Well, if we want to force an association of this formula with the Sunflowers, there are paintings that Vincent Van Gogh did that have 15 sunflowers on them…"

Charlie stated, to which Kumiko gave a light nod.

"The 4th, 5th, and 6th all have 15 sunflowers…"

"So then, is there one with 14 flowers?"

"There shouldn't be any."

"There is a theory that having 14 flowers is the same as having 15 for Van Gogh's Sunflowers."

"14 flowers being the same as 15?"

Jirokichi turned around. "Yes," Natsumi nodded.

"In one of his letters to his brother, Theo, he wrote that a painting which had 15 flowers actually had 14 flowers." She explained.

"What, could the guy not count the number of flowers he drew himself in his own painting!?"

Charlie questioned. Natsumi shrugged.

"Maybe, but the truth remains a mystery…"

Charlie turned back to look at the formula in deep thought.

"So if this has something to do with the number of sunflowers in the paintings….what do these numbers after it mean?"

Kouji opened his mouth.

"The theory goes that in the case that Van Gogh recognized there were 14 sunflowers, he was equating each flower to Christ's 12 disciples plus Theo and Gauguin."

"That's right! That must be it!"

Natsumi agreed enthusiastically. "Which is supposed to mean what, exactly?" Jirokichi asked.

"Show me the card one more time please. '11 people + 1' refers to Christ's 12 disciples. The '+2 people' would be Theo and Gauguin. Altogether they make 14 people. And then for the formula with 15 people, the final '+1' would be Van Gogh himself."

"I see…" said Kogoro, folding his arms. Nakamori lifted up his head.


"So why are Christ's 12 disciples suddenly brought in to this equation again?" he asked.

"Because Van Gogh was born in a pastor's house," said Natsumi.

"Which is why he may have selected the 12 disciples," explained Kouji.

Charlie's thoughtful expression did not change even after hearing Natsumi and Kouji's explanation.

"Even if your interpretation is correct….the problem is what is for what purpose is this formula written?" Charlie wondered.

Sonoko cocked her head from where she stood next to the desk.

"I wonder why KID-sama wrote such a difficult to understand notice…" she pondered.

"Never mind that, could this even be called a notice…?" commented Ran

Conan listened to Ran and Sonoko's exchange. It was true they may have been jumping to conclusions assuming it was a theft notice….

If the formula is referring to the Sunflowers, then why is it that the 12 disciples have gotten all mixed up in there? If we can understand his intention behind that, then I have a feeling we'd be able to understand what KID is really trying to tell us….

Conan was lost in his thoughts when Jirokichi finally stood up, "Oh well!"

"We'll know exactly what KID was trying to tell us once we capture the man himself and ask him directly – Inspector Nakamori! It's clear that KID has snuck his way into the building. Take action please."

"Ah, yes."

"Gotou! Have all our visitors and staff exit the premise!"


Gotou turned and nodded before facing back to the monitors and started to operate them. Kogoro glanced at his watch, "Oi oi" he started.

"An hour hasn't even passed since you opened the place. If you close it already you might cause an uprising you know."

"Don't worry about it. One never knows how things will turn out the first day, so the only people who are here today are by invitation, like company staff and Sonoko's personally invited friends and whatnot."

Jirokichi grinned. Kumiko then called out to him, "Counsellor."

"We will go stand at our assigned posts as planned," she informed.

"Good, I'm counting on you all, seven samurai."

Jirokichi said and looked at Kogoro.

"That's right, there were emergency procedures in place after all." Kogoro said.

Kogoro and Charlie stood up, forming a circle with the rest of the seven samurai.

"Okay then, just as planned if you need to leave your post, contact us first."

Kumiko instructed and everyone immediately place a wireless-communicator to their ears and left the security room.


"The emergency situation alarm device has been activated. Everyone please follow the instructions of the nearest security guard and calmly leave the premise. We repeat:…"


As the broadcast was being played inside the museum, security guards dressed in black clothing began to guide the visitors to the elevator.

"Everyone, there has been a disturbance in the area. We apologize, but please calmly make your way to the elevator."

The children who were resting on a bench in the second Sunflowers exhibition room looked about them.

"I bet KID showed up!"

"It's time for the Boy's Detective Group to do their stuff!"

Haibara rained in on their little parade quickly, "No," she said.

"KID has been too dangerous recently. You absolutely must not leave my side you hear!"

"Yes ma~am"

The three replied and dropped their shoulders in disappointment.


"You don't need to send them through the X ray scanners. Return to them their belongings and have the guests leave the museum area," instructed Jirokichi.

"Hey! If you do that then KID will be able to run away!"

Nakamori said turning to Jirokichi. "Don't worry about it," assured the older man.

"You know as well as I do that he's not the type of guy to make a run for it with his object of desire right in front of his eyes."

"…..Yeah, knowing him he'll remain inside the museum."

"Exactly. We'll seal off the exits and that guy will be trapped."

Jirokichi said, clenching his fist.

"The fact that he's entered Lake Rock means that KID is not in disguise and he doesn't have any of his magic tricks at his disposal. With KID the way he is now, we'll definitely get'im! My own trusted twelve will remain inside the building as well."

The 12 people Jirokchi was referring to were the five curators, Charlie, Kogoro, Nakamori, Gotou, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan.

Trusted twelve people huh…

Conan suddenly recalled the painting of The Last Supper that was hanging up in the hotel room.

So that's it. Instead of writing '12 people' to refer to the disciples, KID wrote '11 people + 1' which would probably mean that he's singling out…Judas….


Conan's face lit up and he looked up at Jirokichi, "Jirokichi-ojisan!"

"When you said your trusted twelve, that's the same number as the 12 disciples that was written on KID's card, right?"

"Your point, kid?"

"I've been wondering why KID didn't just write '12人' this whole time…could it be that there was only one person who was different from the rest?"

At Conan's 'innocent' statement, Ran's face lit up in understanding.

"That would be…Judas wouldn't it?"

"Judas the Betrayer?"

Sonoko clarified. Jirokichi and Nakamori turned to them abruptly.

"So KID-sama was trying tell us that there is a traitor in our group…" said Sonoko.

"You mean there is someone other than KID who is after the Sunflowers!?"

"Yeah!" Sonoko nodded. Nakamori put a hand to his chin in thought.

"Well certainly this has been the kind of criminal behavior you wouldn't normally attribute to KID….Consult Suzuki, I think we may need to once again take a look over the profiles of the Seven Samurai, but…"

"That guy may just be trying to cast doubt on our trust in each other and throw our security measures into confusion."

"So don't tell them the curators we're re-looking into them."

"True, then there's nothing to lose by doing a little more research."

"Very well then, let's start with those who may have some sort of connection with the recently targeted second and fifth Sunflowers."

Nakamori picked up a nearby phone. The large monitor screen showed pictures of the emptied exhibition rooms and the tube hallway. A new window appeared that featured a man wearing black and holding a phone.

"This is front gate security speaking. The visitors and staff have all finished exiting the premises."

"Good, start blocking off the exits immediately."

"Got it, block off commencing"

Gotou operated the panel. Reinforced walls slowly began to close in from the sides in front of the automated security gates, sealing off all escape routes.


The security guards dressed in black ran forward towards the main entrance where the fortified walls were closing in. They stopped in front of the large number of visitors who were standing outside.

"Everyone please step back!" "Get back!"

The men in black made their way outside as even more fortified walls began to close.

The media that were broadcasting from the outside took in the view of the mass of visitors and staff leaving the museum. A reporter holding a microphone stood in front of the camera.

"We see a continued stream of visitors and employees leaving the Lake Rock Museum. What in the world has occurred inside?


The guests who were in the building said that they haven't heard anything either."

The TV staff moved the camera around, catching footage of Haibara and the children walking away. Next to them one could see the figure of an elderly lady walking away as well.


Charlie had exited the security room and began exploring the areas that looked as though they could be missed by the surveillance cameras. However, no matter where he went, he couldn't find any sign of KID. He put his gun away into its holster as he finished searching the restrooms, sparing a glance to the cameras on the ceiling.

The only other place there weren't any cameras were the server room and the power station. However, only a very limited number of people knew about those places.

Let's give it a try shall we? –Charlie thought, pressing the switch on the communicator device in his ear.

"This is Charlie. I've checked all the surveillance camera blind spots. I haven't found KID yet on the premise."

"Roger that"

Gotou answered from the other end. Charlie broke out into a trot, passing through and taking a left at a roped off section that was labeled No Trespassing.


"Nobody is left within the building. Everyone please return to your stations."

Concealing himself by lining his back to the giant switchboard that was in the electric control room of the power station was Shinichi, listening to Gotou and the other's conversations through the wireless communication device in his ear.

"It seems to be about time, huh."

He checked his watch -and just then there came electrical beeping noises from the door. Shinichi discreetly glanced around the corner from where he was hiding behind the switchboard. The person he saw enter was Charlie.

Charlie had drawn his gun from its holster and was checking left and right before proceeding forward slowly. Kata-kata! He suddenly heard the sound of running footsteps! He rushed forward to see Shinichi on the other end of the room running away from him. He aimed his gun, but the boy quickly turned the corner, away from his sight.

"Dammit! Wait right there KID!"

Just as Charlie himself rounded the corner, the door once again began to beep….and opened.


A black shadow entered the control room, checking left and right…before lifting up its cheek cockily and walking forward. It approached the same switchboard where Shinichi had been previously hiding and opened one of its cabinet doors. Inside the case were numerous cords and circuits clunked together. The shadowed person took off the lid to the glass bottle it was holding and poured some sort of liquid into the cabinet.

The electric circuit began to spark, leading to a small explosion that set the switchboard on fire. The black shadow made to leave the power control room. At that same moment all the lights in the building shut off.


"Kyaaa!" Sonoko let out a scream, surprised when all the lights abruptly went off.

"A blackout!?"

The room had become pitch dark, only dimly lit by the small monitor in front of Gotou.

"It'll be alright. Immediately activate the emergency power system!" Jirokichi ordered.


Conan ran up to Gotou's side, "Prioritize the Sunflowers' monitors!" he told him.

"I got it."

Gotou operated the panel in front of him. A countdown for the emergency power supply appeared. "The screen's coming up!" he announced.

With the restoration of the monitor, the screens featuring each of the Sunflowers appeared.

"Good news, the Sunflowers are fine!"

Nakamori confirmed before turning around to nod at Jirokichi, "Yes!"

"Change the picture to this monitor over here, Megure has some information for us."


The next moment the lights turned back on in the security room. Though it was just minimal light, Ran and Sonoko both let out a sigh of relief.

"Gotou! What in the world happened!?"

"It seems there was some trouble in the power control room. The lights, main elevator, and surveillance cameras have all stopped functioning. We'll keep an eye out on the second and fifth Sunflowers."

Gotou went back to operating the panel. A thoughtful look came over Jirokichi's face as he stared fixedly at the big monitor.

"That KID….As we thought he stayed behind inside the building."

"Actually, this may not be the work of KID after all….!"

"What!?" Jirokichi looked in surprise at Nakamori.

"What do you mean?"

"We took another look into the seven samurai and found a suspicious person.

"Huh?" "No way!" exclaimed Ran and Sonoko.

"This person's older twin brother apparently died in Arles, France, where Van Gogh had painted the seven Sunflowers."

Through the communicators, Nakamori's voice also reached the seven samurai. At once Charlie, Kogoro, and the five curators who were spread out through the building put their hands to the devices in their ears in anticipation.

"According to the local police, the man had a bullet wound in his chest and gun powder on his right hand. In other words, it was determined to be a suicide.'

"So then, that person…."

Nakamori had a dark look on his face as Jirokichi leaned forward.

"….That person's name was Azuma Kouichi."


"Azuma you say!?"

"Yes, the man in charge of the restoration of the paintings, Azuma Kouji's older brother."

"It wasn't suicide. I'm the one who killed Kouichi."

Kouji's voice suddenly came through the wireless communicators. Everyone lifted their heads at his proclamation. "Everyone look!" Ran shouted, pointing at the monitor.

"Look at the monitor! The monitor of the second Sunflower!"

The monitor depicted Kouji standing in front of the second Sunflower, facing the camera.

"Why? Why did you kill your own brother?"

Nakamori leaned forward toward the monitor. Kouji continued to stare straight forward at the camera and opened his mouth.

"Kouichi-niichan had always been looking for Ashiya's Sunflowers, but upon finding it he had a change of heart."

"Wait, you say you found Ashiya's Sunflowers….?"

Conan looked surprised at Kouji's words. Jirokichi squared his shoulders, taking a few steps towards the monitor.

"What are you talking about!? That Sunflower was destroyed in the fires during the war wasn't it?"

"No….That is not the truth."

Kouji shook his head lightly.

"That day….August 6th, 1945- there were air raids in the town of Ashiya, turning the city into a hellish inferno. The merchant family that had purchased the Ashiya's Sunflowers had hired my grandfather to work for them as a carpenter. To prevent theft, the Sunflowers painting had been fixed into the wall. So when the building began to burn my grandfather rushed into the building by himself to retrieve it."


In the skies above Ashiya appeared the large-sized American bomber planes, the B-29, that began to drop shell bomb after shell bomb. In no time at all the town of Ashiya was encompassed in flames.

As fires began to erupt here and there around the mansion that housed the Sunflowers, the family members, live-in students, and helpers all rushed outside to save their lives. Of the lot, there was a single person who ran in the opposite direction as they, jumping into the raging fires. That man was the carpenter Azuma Kiyosuke.

He ran through the smoke encumbered halls, kicking down the door to the reception room and only shrink back as a piece of the ceiling came tumbling down. He spotted the Sunflowers through the fires on the other side of the room and dashed towards it. Again a part of the ceiling – a larger part this time- came falling down, bringing the chandelier with it. Kiyosuke stepped around the pieces of the chandelier and continue toward his destination. He took a bar from his tool bag that he'd brought with him and began to desperately hack away at the wall surrounding the Sunflowers painting. He then slipped the bar into an opening that had form by the frame and pushed with all his might.


Just as the Sunflowers came free from the wall, a woman's voice called out from behind him. He turned around in surprise to see the daughter of the businessman, Umeno, and a worker of the household standing there.


"Azuma-san, what are you doing?"

"Don't come any closer!"

Surprised, the worker stopped in his tracks as Kiyosuke took the painting he'd freed from the wall and threw it towards him. Still in the midst of his surprise the worker managed to catch it. Standing next to him, Umeno sucked in her breath.

Kiyosuke was kneeling down in the middle of the flames and debris. Stalks of wood had pierced both of his legs and a large amount of blood was flowing from the wounds.

"My Lady! I leave the Sunflowers to you!"

"No! Azuma-san! Azu-"

Crying out, Umeno tried to dash forward, only to be pulled back by the worker. "Look out!" he cautioned. Just that moment more debris from the roof crashed down into the space between Kiyosuke and Umeno.

"My Lady! Hurry up and get away from here!"

"No!" She screamed, trying to shake herself free of the worker's arm.


Still kneeling in front of the wall, blood was running down Kiyosuke's head as he let out a cough.

"Even if we lose this war…..we can't let that painting be taken away…."

"Azuma-san! Azuma-sa-"

"My lady, we need to hurry!"

The worker had wrapped the Sunflowers in his jacket and was holding it. Umeno had fallen to her knees, reaching out a hand toward Kiyosuke who sat on the other side of the smoke and flames. Kiyosuke let out a small smile, reaching out his right hand as well.

"This time for sure in Japan….a museum such as the one that Mushiyano Kouji-sensei spoke of…..for people of all the world to see…that Sunflowers….."

The worker came back to grab Umeno, carrying her out into the hallway just as the flames burst higher in the reception room, swallowing the figure of Kiyosuke…..


"This is the story that my father had always told us kids…."

Kouji had a faraway look in his eyes as he finish telling the story of his grandfather.

"It wasn't long before my brother became an art dealer and I myself a restoration professional. After my father's death we continued to search for Ashiya's Sunflowers, relying only on the words of the worker who had recieved the painting from our grandfather at that time…"

"The words of the worker?"

Conan asked, to which Kouji nodded wordlessly.

"He said that in order to keep it from being confiscated by the GHQ (the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers), the painting was passed off as a counterfeit and secretly sent to Europe."

Jirokichi's eyes widened as he stared at the monitor, "Th-that can't be!?"

"So the Sunflowers I purchased at the auction….that was Ashiya's Sunflowers…!"


Ran and Sonoko looked at each other in surprise.

So Ashiya's Sunflowers wasn't destroyed in the fire after all.

"Yes. My brother and I discovered the painting tucked away in the attic of an old cottage in Arles….however, after many long years of searching and having finally found it, my brother had a sudden change of heart…"

Facing forward, Kouji lowered his head a bit and closed his eyes forcefully.

"He said that the Sunflowers must stay in the land of Arles that Van Gogh loved so much, otherwise he'd destroy it. That my brother would say such things that betrayed the wishes of our father and grandfather….I couldn't forgive him….."

Azuma clenched his fist to his side.


Summer, half a year before. Kouji and Kouichi were driving through a small path in a field of sunflowers. The Ashiya's Sunflowers that they had discovered in the attic of an old cottage was placed in the back seat of the car. Kouichi was sitting in the driver's seat, continuing his assertion that the painting should stay in the town of Arles.

"It was our father's wish for the painting to be returned to Japan. Think of our grandfather who even gave his life to protect it-" Kouji shouted.

"Japan is the country that allowed this painting, a treasure to all of mankind, to be burned in the flames of war!" Kouichi rebutted.

"It's not like Japan itself burned the Sunflowers…."

Kouji, sitting in the passenger seat, stopped talking. Kouichi had turned around to point a handgun towards the painting.

"Van Gogh loved this Sunflowers. Rather than have it be taken from the land of Arles-"

"Brother stop!"

Kouji reached forward to grab ahold of the gun in his brother's hands.

"Rather than have it returned to the country that had it so detestably treated, it'd be much better off being torn to pieces in Arles-"

"Please stop this! STOP"

In the instant he managed to take the gun from his brother, it went off. Surprised, Kouichi looked down to see his chest being died in red…


Kouji turned pale as his brother started to gasp for breath. Kouichi grasped at his chest as the blood spread forth.



Kouichi opened the door, staggering outside. One hand holding onto the gun and the other onto his bonnet, he walked forward, making his way into the field of sunflowers.



Kouji hurriedly stepped outside of the car.

"You…run away…."



Kouichi waved his hand at him as if brushing away a moth. Under the bright sun Kouichi staggered forward, drops of red splattering on the yellow sunflowers.

Kouji clenched his teeth and shook his head. He closed the door to the passenger side and ran around to get into the driver's seat, pressing his foot on the acceleration pedal. The car sped off as Kouichi collapsed into the field of sunflowers. He then pointed his gun toward the sun in the sky.

Within the sunflower field rang the sound of a single shot, sending a flock of crows all at once into flight…..


A black-shadowed figure stood in the tube hallway in front of the proudly blooming sunflowers, listening to Kouji's story through the wireless communicator in its ear. An evil grin raised its cheeks as it tilted the bottle it was holding, pouring some kind of liquid onto the sunflowers. In the span of mere seconds flames began to erupt vigorously.


Kouji opened his eyes, looking straight back into the surveillance camera again.

"…..It was after that I learned about 'Japan's Most Beloved Sunflowers Exhibition' and decided to participate as a curator. Thanks to you I have been able to witness the Ashiya's Sunflowers' return to Japan. The wish from my grandfather's era has finally been granted. That's why, after this exhibition was finished I intended to turn myself in. It's a bit early, but I don't mind turning myself in now."

"Understood. Megure of the Metropolitan Police Department is on his way here. You'll come peacefully won't you?"

Kouji gave a small nod at Nakamori, "Yes, of course."

"However, I'm not the suspicious person you guys have been talking about."


Conan's eyes widened dramatically as Nakamori leaned forward.

"What are you trying to get at all of a sudden-"

"Oi! The sunflowers are burning!"

Kouji cried out, looking at something beyond the line of vision of the camera.

"Don't try to evade the question-!"

"No, they're really burning!"

Came Kumiko and Natsumi's voices from the communicators.

"This is bad, there's a fire!"


"Hurry and put it out!"

On the monitor that featured the fourth underground floor level, flames could be seen. On the other floors flames began to make themselves visible as well.

"Hey! What's going on here!?" cried Nakamori.

"Gotou, what do the Sunflowers heat sensors say?" asked Jirokichi.

From the monitor that showed a layout of the building, cautionary words against the rooms' rising temperature levels began to appear. Also, there was a notification that the emergency escape shooters were on standby and ready to be used.

"They're reading signs of unusual temperature levels. It seems that there really is a fire breakout."

"Can it be extinguished?"

"It's impossible. The disaster prevention system is down due to the power outage."

At Gotou's report, Jirokichi clenched his teeth in anguish.

"It can't be helped. Everyone, we need to get to the roof! We must evacuate! Gotou, open up the surface doors and I'll get the elevator ready."


"Let's go, everyone follow me!" ordered Jirokichi.

Nakamori, Ran, and Sonoko ran after Jirokichi.

"Conan-kun, let's go!" ushered Ran.


Almost as soon as Conan left the security room, he pulled back at seeing the fire closing in. Already the smoke was filling up the room. Gotou was standing up, still typing furiously on the keyboard.

"Oji-san hurry up! The fire has already reached here!" he shouted to the man.

"I understand, I'm almost done.

Conan looked at the upper-left part of the monitor that displayed each of the Sunflowers viewing room. The third, fourth, and sixth were already evacuated safely as the first and the seventh were being loaded into the shooter. The second and the fifth, however, remained as they were.

"Got it, let's go kid."

Just as Gotou turned around, flames began to spout down from the ceiling.

Gotou took Conan's hand and lead him towards the door. All at once the flames burst forth causing a part of the ceiling to come crumbling down.

Yeah, um stopping here for now. Got like 30-40 ages left still…sigh. But at least there will be lots of sweet action coming up! And a really long dialogue part as Conan will have to verbally corner the bad guy and what not.

So who do you thing is the black shadow person thing?

Alas history repeats itself with fire and burnable paintings. How will the Sunflowers make it out this time? It was a little weird translating Azuma Kouichi's reasons for wanting to destroy the painting. The way he talked about it was like the painting had thoughts and feelings….which kinda makes sense in Japanese since pronouns aren't really used, but felt too off to translate it that way exactly in English.

Speaking of which, isn't Azuma Kouji's grandfather a little suspicious? I mean, he and that Umeno chick clearly had something going on, but Kiyosuke then died, yet he had children still…and judging by how the story is told, Kouji and Kouichi are definitely not related to Umeno. Plus I asked one of my friends about it and she confirmed that it's very unlikely that a carpenter and the daughter of a rich merchant coulda been together. Forbidden romance from afar though…sure, but was it like one sided on the girl's part? I mean, if not then Kiyosuke was cheating on his wife or something? _ so confused.