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"Dad, he's here again," Saito said, peeking through the blinds. "And he brought his wife this time"

"Every day will be the same" Tatsuo said, taking a slice of toast. "I will not allow him into my house, let him wait"

The door was kicked down.

Tatsuo dropped his slice of toast, Saito could only gap at the mighty person that stood where the door used to be.

Juliena Hizuri, with Kuu, trailing pathetically behind her.

"Um, dad. I just remembered. I've forgot something at work" Saito quickly made up an excuse on the spot and his father gave his son a look of pure betrayal as Saito walked as casual as possible, passed Juliena and Kuu and into the driveway.

He got into his car, a fact that made him proud to not no end, he would never forget his father proud face when he passed the driver test and his uncles came over just to celebrate his accomplishment, it was like when he was a kid, it brought back so many memorable memories for him, it made him go down memory lane as he started the car before driving off, to leave his father to his doom.

Tatsuo watched in disbelief, as his son drove off, to think his son would abandon him so easily in the face of danger, did the years raising him, amount to nothing?

"Now we are going to have a family lunch, between adults" Juliena said, dragging Tatsuo by the arm and shooting the man a look, daring him to object, long ago she had passed her limit on how much she could tolerate her husband going out with a hopeful gleam in his eyes in the morning only to come back with a look of rejection and no animalistic looking man trailing behind him for her to officially meet and talk to it.

It was time to put her foot down.

Tatsuo for some reason felt like he was about to hurl when he heard 'Lunch', the fact that his stomach had sensed some kind of danger associated with that world, he know he might die from eating the food.

Kuu was too happy to give his newly found brother, a look of apology for breaking down his door and dragging him out of his own house.

"Fine, I will go with you," Tatsuo said, placing a grip on the hand Juliena used to drag him with, effectively stopping her movement.

"However " he began "You will pay for the damages to my door. I spent money and I expect to be paid back double" putting two finger's up for emphasis.

Both Juliena and Kuu blinked owlishly at the man.

Ch 23: A dinner between adults

Tatsuo sat silently inside the car that wasn't his own, he didn't say a word and only gave short replies whenever Julie or Kuu wanted to start up a conversation to fill in the extreme awkwardness that had fallen upon them like a god.

Damn it, Tatsuo. Your acting like K2! Tatsuo thought, he didn't know why he suddenly felt like sulking like a hormonal teenager, when he was old enough to be either Julie or Kuu first grandfather, he just wanted to stomp his feet and be as stubborn as possible.

"Where here!" Kuu said, trying very hard to lighten the mood despite his new found brother attitude of making this as uncomfortable as possible.

Tatsuo look out of the window and saw a really grand scale looking hotel, he was never someone who took particular interest in buildings, so a building was just shelter to him no matter how luxurious it looked, he got out at the same time Kuu and Juliena did, he just wanted this to be over and done with.

Juliena and Kuu exchanged looks, this was not how they thought everything was going to work out, they just hoped that when they got to their room and had some dinner that he would open up a bit more and they could have an actual conversation with the man.

Kuu and Juliena were immediately greeted at the door, once the bellboy noticed them and eyes lingered a bit on Tatsuo who clearly didn't want to be here and looked like he was moments away from bolting.

You would think teaching humans and not just humans, teenagers, would make him used to being around humans who didn't run away screaming or frozen in fear once they saw him but no, almost twenty years was nothing to a billion year old demon dragon such as himself.

He followed Kuu and Juliena to their room, again he didn't feel the strong sense of jealous that should have been there for someone who's only lived in a simple house all his life and just looked around like it was an average apartment and not a penthouse.

"So where do I sit?" Tatsuo asked, almost bored and slap himself immediately inwardly.

"Why don't you and my husband, set up the chairs and the table?" Juliena said, thinking how she could get Kuu some alone time with his brother.

Kuu gave his wife a grateful look while Tatsuo merely shrugged and asked where the forks and plates where while Kuu was filled with happiness.

Too bad, the happiness didn't last because they prepared the table in silence and Kuu couldn't have been more happier when his wife showed up with a massive pot followed by other miniature ones.

Julian revealed the dishes one by one and Tatsuo survival instincts kicked in, once he saw the food, he know instantly that he shouldn't eat it or it could mean instant death or spending the next few days in the bathroom, either barfing or trying to get rid of the food through another method.

"It looks great, dear" Kuu said, blind to the danger that was his wife cooking and taking a folk and took a huge chunk out of the deceptively harmless meat, Kuu looked like he thoroughly enjoyed eating it but Tatsuo wasn't going to start doubting his instincts now and looked at the deceptively harmless pot of rice in front of him.

It was then he noticed two pairs of eyes were on him and looked to find both Kuu and Julie looking at him expectantly, he know instantly what he had to do.

He would take one bit and then reject it, it was the only way to be polite about it.

He picked up the folk that could lead to his end and took a scoop of rice and hide the weariness in his eyes before, mentally preparing his body for what was to come.

He wasn't prepared enough.

One bite.

That was all it took for him to almost run to the toilet and hurl the nice lunch he had earlier, his brain started shouting at his stomach to digest the hellspawn while his stomach was crying out in pain but finally digested it and he plastered the best god damn smile he could muster and said politely.

"Your cooking is very unique" he said, while his intestine was trying to decide if it should send the chunk back up to the stomach or release suffering onto his blood system. "However I just had a big lunch so it seems that was all that I could eat out of your wonderful cooking"

Kuu plate was piled high and he was eating it like, it was the best food he had ever tasted and Tatsuo stopped himself from staring at him in amazement and awe, anyone who could eat such cooking and enjoy it, deserved his respect.

Juliena looked both happy and sad at the news and said. "Well that's sad to hear" and Tatsuo heard his organs shout 'Hallelujah' for not having to take on another bite.

"So, Tatsuo-san" Kuu said, sadden that he didn't know his brother well enough to call him casually by his name. " What do you do for a living?" he asked, trying to bring up a conversation, Tatsuo had the strong urge to answer with one word and shut the conversation down before it even starts, until he realised, he was an adult so why the hell was he suddenly being so childish for?

If Mikk and K2 could see him now..

"Nothing at the moment" He said and Kuu eyes lost a bit of their shine. "however" and the shine was back brighter than ever and Tatsuo wanted to stop talking just to see the reaction. "I am thinking about writing my own book and becoming an author, it's pretty much the only job I haven't done"

Juliena saw the opportunity for a conversation and took it, like a true master. "Jobs? why would you do some many?" she asked, it was now clear to her and her husband that Tatsuo said words differently like the rest of Japan, meaning he wasn't born here or just moved here.

Tatsuo paused and said. "Well, to support Saito of course. It was just me and him, of course some close friends to help too" he said, telling them half truths, like he had done so many times to be a Pro at it.

Kuu and Juliena minds immediately went back to the two men sitting beside their newly discovered Nephew.

They both looked quite young, the black hair one, looked the youngest of all and as if, reading their minds, Tatsuo said.

"Don't let their outer appearance fool you, they are much older than they look, we go year's back, way before my son was born" they didn't need to know what K2 called Saito or the details that would horrify both of them.

Both Kuu and Juliena filed the information away.

"And what about, Saito?" Kuu said, "where have you been until now?" he asked, hoping Tatsuo didn't sense the desperation in his voice.

"Japan" Tatsuo said, almost laughing at both of their disbelieving looks. "Before Saito turned six, we were travelling a lot and staying with my two friends but after he turned six, we know, the law would force Saito to go to school." he let out a loving chuckle that had both of their eyes grow wide at the sound. "That was such an interesting day, I dreaded the day, my son would go out into the world and leave me but it turns out, Saito was dreading the day that he wouldn't be by my side but didn't know it until we arrived at the gate. I had to give a pep talk. You know that feeling when you see your child off"

Juliena and Kuu did know that feeling, the first day of school was always the toughest on a parent unless you've done it four of five times and there is a baby on its way, than you feel nothing, they got the feeling that both Tatsuo and Saito were close but it wasn't until now that they got a taste of how deep it was.

"It was certainly odd, to see my sweet and adorable child grow into a teenager who made me what to kick him out of the house" Tatsuo said and both Juliena and Kuu looked horrified, their son was never such a trouble maker even as a teenager, they hadn't realised what they had was a blessing that many parents dreamt of.

"And the talk, I had to give him, when he started noticing girls" Tatsuo said, he remembered that particular memory and so did Kuu when he gave Kuon the talk, of course it was the 'birds and the bee's' talk but Tatsuo gave his son, a very descriptive version of the talk, he made sure not to leave anything out and didn't sugar coat it like most adults and the result was Saito living in fear of girls for a couple of months afterwards, he couldn't even be in the same room as them. He was a demon, did Saito expect him to sugar coat it like a human?

"Do you want to see some photo's?" He asked, feeling a bit more comfortable now and Kuu and Juliena could feel Tatsuo relax a bit and agreed. Tatsuo got out his wallet and produced pictures, of Saito as a child, he always kept to remind him of the good and fluffy days.

Both Juliena and Kuu looked at the pictures, one was Tatsuo and 4 year old Saito sleeping together, Saito was wearing a dragon Onesie with a plush toy in his arms while he buried his head inside his father chest and Tatsuo wrapped his arms around him.

They had to admit, the picture was adorable and just by looking at it, they could feel the bond between the two and for the first time, they thought they saw a small piece of Saito.

They didn't know that, Tatsuo had been searching through K2 room one day and found the photo and instead of killing the demon, he demanded copies for his wallet.

The next was Saito looking up innocently in a ten gallon hat, that too was too adorable.

The last was Saito wrapped in his father's arms, protectively wearing a big grin on his face with Mikk and a reluctant looking K2 at the side, Kuu and Juliena didn't know why but they felt like they were looking at something not seen every day.

It was like the picture, conveyed their spirits, or something.

Maybe it was the eyes, but it was clear that they all loved the little boy with the strange hair a lot.

"Can we ask, who these people are beside you and Saito-kun?" Juliena asked and Tatsuo nodded and pointed to Mikk. "This is Mikk, this guy is the one who is very good at handling money and living expenses. While this guy" pointing to K2 and pushing down the urge to insult the demon. "Is probably the most childish guy you would have ever met"

"All three of us, taught Saito, everything he needed to know" Tatsuo said with obvious pride. " Of course it helped, he had some friends too" and both Juliena and Kuu had to agree, everyone needed a friend especially if you were a little kid.

"But currently, he's scared" Tatsuo admitted, Saito still needed him. "No, more like flustered."

"He seemed fine to me," Kuu said, clearly remembering the way Saito spoke and act.

"Well as a father I can see it and that feeling is directed at your son or should I say my nephew" Tatsuo said, frowning at that.

"What did Kuon do?" Juliena said, exchanging looks with Kuu, wondering what their perfect son had done.

"Well he insulted the family name for one and has yet to even apologise for that" Tatsuo said, "Everyone always learns in the end, you cannot simply get away with insulting the name, even if he didn't mean to. I've taught my son to be proud of such a name simply because that was the first name, that was truly mine when I was younger and wondered around with no name" it was true, he was basically the 'Red dragon' to all. " My son, had avoided yours because he can't stand being in a room with a person who seemed to have forgot the insult and not apologised for it. However, Saito patience is wearing thin so there will be a confrontation between the two. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it's happening right now"

"And how do you know that?" Kuu asked.

Tatsuo paused and grinned, showing his canines and they shone as the light hit them.

"Because he's my son"

Koun Hizuri was reading a script he just got, when he felt an intense stare being sent his way, he turned to the culprit and was surprised by who it was.

Saito Ka-Ryuu.

His cousin and when their eyes met.

He know he was in for a long talk.

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