"Ah, that stings." I said flinching from the alcohol swab.

"Sit still. I'm almost done." My father said holding my head to keep me from moving. "I suppose there's no way to keep you from riding that skateboard, uh?"

"Nope, but I'll make sure to watch where I'm going next time. Who knew a rock could do a lot of damage." I said getting my dad to chuckle.

"I knew I saw blood on the pavement." A sarcastic female voice said. "A rock did this?"

"It was a big rock. It got caught in my front wheels and flying I went." I told her as my dad put a bandage on my head. "The two of you going out?" I asked noticing that they were both dressed up.

"We're going to go check out a couple of venues for the wedding. Your father didn't think you would want to go."

"He would be correct. But the game's on…"

"You'll just have to keep me updated kiddo. This was the only time we could get in. I'll make it up to you, I promise." My father said placing a kiss on my forehead.

I'll make it up to you… Little did he know that they weren't coming home. I didn't even realize that they never came home.

I was sitting on the couch after school the next day, my dad and his fiancé didn't usually come home until 6-6:30, there was a knock on the door when I opened it there were two men in suits; one a federal agent and the other a consultant. They found my dad and his fiancé dead in his car. Turns out he was working a case and used his wedding as an excuse to check it out. The federal agent, Peter Burke, was kind enough to let me stay in his home with him and he wife until child protective services could take care of me.

"Emily?" I looked up from looking at the picture of my dad. "Do you know what your dad was working on?" Peter asked sitting across the table.

"Don't you?" I spat. "Dad never brought work home," I managed to recover my attitude, "It was him and I when he got home no work. Then he met his fiancé and it became all about her and the stupid wedding." I tossed the picture on the table and walked out to their patio.

I sat in the corner of the bench, stuck in my headphones, and laid my head against the wood wall.

I don't know what my father was doing. I don't know who killed him. All I do know is that I don't want to identify him and his fiancé… Can't the do a DNA test or something?

"Yeah, that's him." I said annoyingly.

"And is this his fiancé?" Neal asked placing the picture in front of me.

I forced myself to look at it and I'm glad I did. "That's not her. She's as blonde as blonde can get, this person had a tint of red and she doesn't have a tattoo on her neck."

"Are you sure?" Peter asked.

"When someone comes into your life and does everything to exclude you in anything, you tend to make note of every single feature Agent Burke."


"Paper and pencil coming right up." He rushed to his desk.

"When he gets back tell him every detail you remember." Peter said rushing to his office.

And that is how I was put under witness protection. My new full name is Faith Alexis Burke, I live with the Burkes but when times seem to be complicated then I'm put somewhere else for the night. It's been two years and the FBI still hasn't found her.

Haven't quite decided if this will come out as a story or just a one-shot with a cliffhanger. I guess we'll find out in the next few weeks.