It was a breezy, chilly night. Completely silent. There were no cars, no people, nothing. Just the sound of the winds rushing through the few trees. Completely peacef-


well... almost peaceful. A rather chubby, glowing, small man who we must presume to be said Box Ghost, floated quickly across the park, an also glowing as well as flying teenager with snowy white hair and glowing green eyes, wearing a black jumpsuit with a D across the chest, hot in pursuit.

"Would you just give up already? I have homework you know!" Said the white haired boy mentioned seconds earlier in your reading. He shot a green ball of energy at the other, who blocked it with a cardboard box, which was lying on the street moments before.

"YOU CANNOT CATCH ME! I am the Boox Ghooost! Master of all things four cornered and cube shaped!"

"Yeah, I KNOW. You say it enough, you know? Now just.. get in the thermos." The boy took out a silver and green thermos and pressed a button, pointing it at the Box Ghost. The thermos let out a large beam of blue light, which pulled Boxie into the contraption, him shouting at the boy in protest and anger the entire time.

"You have not heard the last of the Box Ghoooooossst..."

The teen sighed as the ghost disappeared into the device and he closed its cap. "Yeah. I know that too... you'll just be back next week to steal from the storage of some unsuspecting family again..."

The teen descended to the ground with the thermos that now held a very frustrated Box Ghost, and he relaxed, hoping tiredly for a night full of relaxation and sleep. Because, well, homework could wait for tomorrow, couldn't it? But this would not be the case. Unknown to Danny Phantom (for of course that is who he was), a sinister being was sneaking up on him from behind... should we tell him? Nah, no messing with the story... not THIS time.

Danny's POV

Danny was tired. He was searching for that stupid ghost for HOURS. Who knew fat ghosts who haunted nothing but boxes could be so stealthy? Not Danny. Oh how he was longing for that sleep... "maybe the other ghosts could wait... i've got to rest up for the test tomorrow." He thought, then slapped his forehead with his gloved hand. "Ohhh I forgot to study again! Why me..." Danny was just about to retire for the night and head to his house to sleep, but a cold, metal, LARGE arm grabbed him from behind and put him in a headlock.

"Miss me?" Said a deep and smug voice. "Skulker..." was the only thought running through Danny's head, and before he had time to react, he felt a sharp jab in his side and felt the end of a gun-like weapon pressed into it, a excruciating pain in his entire body, and then everything faded into black...

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