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Nobody moved. This included Danny, the now human Danny, who was still passed out on the even-dustier-than-before-and-slightly-tinted-red-and-green-with-blood floor. Everyone had slightly different reactions to the scene. Harry was shock still with wide green eyes, Hermione had her mouth frozen in an "oh" expression, Lupin looked positively panicked and incredibly guilty for his own reasons, Sirius still didn't really know what was going on (is this kid a demon or something?) And Ron looked incredibly confused and kind of angry.

"Okay," the ginger said loudly. "What? What?! What's going on? Why is everyone actually someone else? Can I catch a bloody break! Rats turning into wizards, dogs are actually wizards and wizards are actually dogs, murderers are actually innocent and pets are actually murderers?! What?! And now- and now- Danny's actually ALIVE?!"

It was with that statement that everyone finally fully comprehended what this meant. Lupin rushed over to Danny and started checking his pulse, while Hermione kneeled next to the pale boy and just kinda stared at him in a panic. Harry had to actually sit down and put his head in his hands for a few moments before joining Hermione, and Ron was pulling at his hair and muttering long streams of curse words. Sirius, being the only one who hadn't had any context to the situation, was only looking slightly startled. But that was only by the fact that the boy was thought to be dead in the first place. Sirius thought that he himself looked more dead than that kid.

Lupin grimaced.

"His heartbeat is pretty fast and his breathing is shallow. He needs help now."

Everyone was now worried for their halfa friend, as they now knew that he could apparently die.

Because he was alive.

Merlin, this was screwed up.

Lupin picked Danny up carefully, and the pale teen didn't react. This was both a relief and a cause for worry. Black floated Snape behind him and just decided to drag Pettigrew on the ground as he walked. They all made their way out through the ginormous wreck which used to be part of a shack, and they started walking along towards Hogwarts.

None of them really thought through the possible reaction of the teachers when they'd see a supposed escaped murderer next to Lupin on a full moon, with Snape floating unconscious behind them and Pettigrew also somehow there and alive, with the added bonus of a bunch of defenseless children including Harry Potter and an unidentified also unconscious child lying unmoving in Lupin's hold.

Fortunately (or unfortunately…?) the group wasn't greeted with that awaiting chaos.

No, they were introduced to a whole new level of stupid.

It turned out that Lupin took on the challenge to somehow make this night even worse, and remembered that he was, in fact, a werewolf, and he had forgotten to take his werewolf medicine.

If Danny was still conscious, he probably would have knocked himself out by now.

Lupin had began his transformation. He dropped the limp form of Danny onto the ground and howled in pain. After a minute of panic and wolfenizing, a large snarling werewolf was towering over a very pale and very unconscious Danny Fenton.

"GET BACK!" yelled Black as he dropped and turned into his animagus form. He leapt straight at Lupin and sank his teeth into the wolf's scruff, effectively distracting him long enough to allow Harry to jump in and get Danny away from a very painful and brutal death by werewolf teeth. The two furry balls of canine fury tumbled out of sight as Harry debated on what he should do. Should he keep an eye on Danny with his friends, or leave the halfa with a bound long lost murderer and their debatebly unstable potions professor. A howl was heard splitting through the air somewhere in the forest, and in the heat of the moment, Harry raced after where he had heard the sound. Ron called to Harry and chased him into the woods as well, leaving Hermione all alone in not the very best company.

Hermione panicked quietly while muttering some rather colorful language under her breath as she knelt beside Danny. Ron would be very proud. Another howl sounded from the woods and Hermione looked up fearfully. This is not good. Who would watch Danny and Pettigrew if she were to leave. Unfortunately (or fortunately) Danny chose exactly that moment to gain consciousness. Hermione's head whipped around faster than a speeding bullet to check on the now gasping in pain Danny, and Pettigrew, who had apparently also gained consciousness who knows how long ago and was ever the one to take advantages of distractions, turned into his rat form and scurried away faster than a speeding bullet on caffeine.

Hermione acknowledged that with a faraway look in her eyes, as if she was only now realizing what Danny had been feeling earlier. Danny himself was currently collecting himself and attempting to grab his head, leg, and arm all at the same time. It was a mess. Hermione decided to ignore this latest disaster in order to comfort Danny as he frantically spazzed out all over the place.

"Danny! Danny calm down! It's okay just- just calm down!" Hermione, of course, was only too aware that the situation they were currently in was completely not okay in any way possible. Danny was also very aware of this, but he decided that calming down was probably his best option at the moment. It was then, yes, then, when Danny noticed that the hair hanging down into his eyes wasn't white. It was very very dark, and it almost mocked him with its blackness.

But if his hair is black… then that must mean…

Danny's eyes widened. And he looked down at his now casually clothed self. Oohhh that's not good. That's NOT GOOD.

He then proceeded to freak out again, while clutching at his hair and shirt, muttering "nononononooo" while Hermione watched his panic from her kneeled position next to him.

"Danny…" Danny briefly paused his heavy breathing to glance at her warily.

"Danny, why didn't you just tell us…? We could've helped you… we thought you were dead! Well, alive dead, and you're actually just- and you've been- you've been here!" Hermione was beginning to lose her cool as well. "You-you're alive, and we all thought you weren't and- and the minister- oh god."

It was now Danny's turn to be the reassuring one.

"Hey, hey 'mione it's okay! I'm- I'm fine! No worries… I mean, yeah, this kinda sucked but hey, what can you do? Right? Hermione…?"

Oh dang she's crying.

No this is exactly what Danny didn't want to happen. Danny pat her back in a reassuring manner as she held her face in her hands and sniffled. Danny then saw a flash of silver light somewhere in the distance.

"Uh… Hermione?"

She lifted her head up and looked at him with a confused expression. Danny just pointed off to where he saw the light. His eyes then widened and his hand slowly fell back to the ground. Silver light arced in the distance and briefly illuminated the night sky, where hundreds of dementors were descending from above. Hermione seemed to come to a conclusion first, as she muttered "Harry" under her breath. She stood and ordered Danny to stay under the tree as she sprinted off into the forest.

Danny was pretty unsure whether or not he wants to follow her. He reasons that she can probably handle this. Yeah, definitely.

Okay, he wasn't fooling himself. Even though he was injured, human, and terrified of dementors for some reason he doesn't understand, Danny still got up and trudged as fast as he could in the direction if the dementors, muttering all the way about how everything always has to happen to him, etc. He briefly paused to catch his breath and he once again entertained the idea of going back to where he was before. But before he could switch directions, a rock hit him in the shoulder and he cried out, whipping around to find the source. He looked up and saw a weak flash of light brighten up the dementor infested night sky. He looked at it and an expression of determination was set across his features. Danny stumbled in the direction of the dementors as fast as he could manage.

The first thing Danny saw when he stumbled into the clearing, was the faces (or lack of) of thousands of dementors, turning to look exactly where he was standing. Danny wondered for a second why they had all collectively turned their attention to him, but he decided it was because everything always has to happen to him of course haha why not. Danny considered jumping back into the woods for a second before he was distracted by the sight of Harry, weakly fighting against a dementors, and losing. Hermione was also fighting, though she wasn't doing much better, and Ron was trying to ward the dementors away from Sirius's unmoving form. Danny pretty much leapt over to them and blasted a weak ectoblast at the dementor. He then, within thoughts of his other woes, lamented upon the fact that this took a lot more out of him then he thought it would. He fell onto his hands and knees and Harry fell not long after him, with Hermione still desperately fighting off the incoming horde of dementors and Ron just trying. Danny saw darkness at the edges of his vision, and he heard the crackling of fire and a familiar laugh, but before he could fully collapse on the ground, a bright flash of silver light overtook his vision and the dementors were driven away.

Danny was, miraculously, still conscious as the last of the dementors disappeared. Hermione was checking on the unconscious form of Harry, and Danny stumbled up and tried to ignore the little bursting stars appearing in his vision. Danny stayed awake long enough for teachers to show up, and when they did, they all collectively gaped at this spectacle. A child, very suspiciously resembling Phantom, was standing unsteadily next to an unconscious Harry Potter, a frazzled Hermione Granger, and a very pale Ron Weasley kneeling next to the very unconscious form of Sirius Black.

Danny was now accepting his fate. The teachers now obviously recognized him. Oh goodie, he's screwed. Danny stayed awake long enough to mutter out an "It wasn't me" before his eyes rolled up in his head and he fell backwards, not even feeling himself hit the ground.

Danny slid gradually into consciousness with the rhythmic pounding in his skull being the first thing he noticed. Danny processed the feeling of warm bedsheets beneath him and the comforting weight of a bedsheet tucked around him.

Well that certainly wasn't normal. Danny had an internal battle on whether or not to open his eyes, but his curiosity soon won over his need for more sleep. He opened his eyes just a tiny bit to find that the room wasn't exactly uncomfortably bright, but there was some nuisances in his immediate surroundings. The freaking out from Harry's end was certainly not something he wanted to wake up to, but another problem was found in the freaking cuffs holding his arm to the bed.


Danny gave the offending piece of enchanted metal the best glare he could with his current squinty eyed demeanor. He then looked up to see Harry, Ron, and Hermione talking to Dumbledore. Wait, when did Dumbledore get in here? Where did everyone else go? What?

Danny found that he voiced that very last thought out loud, as all of the heads I the room turned to where he was. The trio rushed over to his bedside while yelling "Danny!" in unison the likes of which Fred and George could envy. Danny sat up and winced at the dizziness that immediately overtook him at this. He was about to put his hand to his head, but one hand was cuffed to the bed and the other one was attached to a broken arm, so that plan was scratched. Hermione and Ron noticed, them both looking angry and incredulous, respectively, but Harry just took to asking Danny how he was feeling.

"Uhh…" Danny replied very intelligently, of course. "I feel very… not good. Does anyone have any chocolate?"

The trio all looked to the enormous slab of chocolate next to Danny's bed. "Yes," Harry replied. So Madam Pomfrey was not caring the slightest amount about the whole 'half ghosts who might've maybe have blown up half of the shrieking shack and been involved with Sirius Black this whole time' dealio. Someone held the chocolate up for him and Danny took a bite out of it gratefully and smiled weakly at the warmth he felt from it. Hermione frowned thoughtfully.

"So Danny," she said as Dumbledore walked over to Danny's bedside. "Do you think you might be up for some, um, running? By any chance?"

Danny looked at the ceiling for a bit in contemplation. He then looked at himself and the cuff around his wrist, the cast around his arm, and the bandages around his leg, and tried lifting up his leg, which ended in unsatisfactory results.

"I'm going to have to answer that with a definite no."

Hermione bit her lip and turned to nod at Dumbledore. Dumbledore said something about turns (?) And some other stuff that made zero sense, before winking at Danny and leaving the room. Danny muttered a weak "what..?"

Hermione turned to Ron and Harry, who also looked pretty confused, and she took out a necklace with an hour glass on it, turning it a few times and looping it around all three of their necks. She looked at Danny and said "don't worry, we'll be right back." Danny said "wha-" before they all just disappeared into nothing.

Danny was greeted then by a completely empty room and a very annoying itch on his nose that he just couldn't scratch. Well, there was only one thing to say in this type of situation.

"... What."

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